Business trip takes unexpected twist

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Business trip takes unexpected twistI got to the hotel 2 hours later than expected it had been a long day and I just wanted to chill out on my bed and watch TV. After an hour or two of lazing on the bed hunger and boredom got the better of me so I decided a beer and a meal at the hotel bar was in order. After a quick shower I left the room jumped in the elevator and headed for the hotel bar. It was 9pm on a Wednesday so the bar was quiet, a few tourists at the bar chatting to a young bartender but other than that it was just me and my steak dinner. I was glad of the piece and quiet to be honest I had a long day and was in no mood for company. The plan was one more quick drink and then head for bed as I had a 6am start the next morning. I returned to my table after a quick visit to the rest room and I noticed that now sitting alone at a nearby table was a casually dressed slim looking lady. She had a glass of white wine which she gulpled down rather quickly. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who had had a stressful day. As she got up to order another drink I got to behold the full beauty of this goddess. She was tall, much taller than the average lady, wearing a short black skirt that clung tight to her perfect behind. A black casual shirt with the buttons down far enough to take in enough of her cleavage to raise a few eyebrows. Long amazing legs that were covered with see through tights. She had long jet black hair and beautiful blue eyes that lit up the dull atmosphere in the quiet bar.My nature is very shy, quiet and unassuming and normally I would never have the guts to approach such a beauty. But in this case I just had to grow some balls and at least say hello. I was trying not to stare while I was working up the courage but it was near impossible to avert my gaze and after a few awkward glances I decided to chance my luck. As nervous as hell I approached her table my legs were shaking! Hi I said you look very lonely perhaps I could join you. She flashed a look at me, her eyes cutting right through me and her response was no nonsense and stern: No thanks you can go back to your table. I was mortified I could barely stutter a response. I pathetically muttered something like sorry and retreated back to my table. I don’t take rejection well especially when I’m the only bloke in the bar. I could see the barman grinning he obviously heard and look pretty amused. I was just so embarrassed I sat back in my chair staring into my near empty pint glass with my cheeks flushing bright red with embarrassment. I was staring at the exit door terrified to even glance at the lady sitting just a few tables away. I was just waiting for my moment and then I was going to make for the elevator. But then just as I was about to leave she stood up from her chair as if to leave but instead of heading for the exit door she made bahis firmaları a beeline for my table glass of wine in hand. I was expecting another volley or worse case scenario maybe the rest of her wine poured over my head. But instead she confidently sat down on the chair at my table and apologised for her harsh words just a few mins ago. Listen she said I’m sorry for snapping I can be a bit bitchy sometimes I got let down by someone earlier and I took it out on you. My name is Jenny she said as she reached her hand across the table to shake my hand. My hand was shaking as I took her hand, my name is Mark I responded as I struggled to even hold eye contact. For some reason around this goddess I was a bag of nerves, a bubbling unconfident mess and she knew it. Its pathetic I know but in some strange way I think she kind of liked it.She pretty quickly took up a conversation and ordered up some more drinks. She ordered a bottle of white wine with two glasses. I’m not a wine drinker myself I would of preferred more beer but I got the feeling I didn’t have a choice. But it didn’t take me long to relax she had this uncanny way of putting you at ease with just a few words. Her voice was eerily hypnotic or maybe even erotic very soft and sensual. And now that she had put whatever had annoyed her to the back of her mind she seemed somewhat giddy, her eyes and smile lit up the whole room.She explained she had been let down tonight she was planning to meet a friend and they where planning to let loose. She said she had not had any fun for 2 weeks and was looking forward to some release and was frustrated now her plans had met a dead end. She looked at me differently now her eyes flashed up and down scanning me from head to toe with a devilish look in her eye. Mark she said I was planning on having some fun tonight and I always get what I want so you are coming back to my room and we are going to play a little. It was the middle of the summer but for me xmas had just came early.As we made for the elevator I could already feel my cock starting to throb. I was nervous though praying that I wouldn’t let myself down trying to think of anything that would help me contain the growing erection in my trousers. But there was no stopping it the more she looked at me the more my cock just got harder and harder. She took control as soon as we entered her room. Grasping me by the neck she forcefully pushed me up against the wall kissing me deep her tongue expertly exploring my mouth. My cock was so hard it was hurting pressing up against my tight jeans. My hand went instinctually for her skirt it was slapped forcefully away. With one hand still around my throat and one hand directing me by the hair she lightly but forcefully guided me across the room and sat me down on a large hotel chair.She pointed at my shirt and I knew kaçak iddaa instinctively I should take it off. Next it was my jeans and as I pulled off my jeans and boxers my little 5 inch cock finally sprang loose. I was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Jenny looked at my stiff little cock and gave me a small somewhat wicked grin. Still fully dressed Jenny was walking seductively around the chair. She raised her leg put her foot on my chest and forcefully pushed me back into the chair. As i tried looking up her skirt I could feel her heel digging into my chestbone but that just made me hornier. She then turned away so I was facing her backside. She seductively and slowly pulled her skirt down just exposing the top of her ass. Grasping my hair in a tight grip she bent over forcing her skirt down even lower finally revealing her majestic butt in all its glory. I was so hard I was ready to explode the slightest touch and I would be over the edge. I could feel the pre cum oozing from my cock. Jenny still grabbing my hair pushed my face deep into her buttcheeks. This was out of my comfort zone I tried to kiss her buttcheeks to appease her but she pulled my hair even harder to show her displeasure. I knew I had to please her and that I was no longer in control now so with one more forceful tug of encouragement form her I stuck my tongue deep into her gaping hole. A bitter taste at first but before I really got round to figuring out what it tasted like I could hear the first moan escape this goddess. She doubled the pressure behind my head and pushed my deeper into her backside. Knowing she liked what I doing I redoubled my efforts sticking my tongue as far as I could up her asshole and I started to ferociously tongue fuck her ass. She was pushing her ass back into my face and I could feel her squirming and I sensed she was rubbing her clitty. My cock was aching now I wanted nothing more than to cum but first I had to please this goddess. I reached around to play with her clitty but my hand was once again slapped away and I was forced back into my chair.She now had a wicked look on her face. Jenny hasn’t cum in 2 weeks she whispered in my ear. She pointed at her skirt giving me permission to remove it. I was so hard now the thoughts of her clitty was driving me insane. I dropped to my knees and ever so slowly pulled down Jennys skirt my tongue ready to pleasure her clitty. But there was no cliity instead I found a monster 8 inch cock. I looked up shocked, frightened there was no way I was putting that in my mouth. Even if I wanted to there is no way it would fit. She could see the shock and fear on my face. But she had that wicked seductive look on her face. She pointed to my cock grinning. Even now faced with putting a cock in my mouth for the first time my little cock was still rock hard. Jenny gave me a kaçak bahis little slap on the cheek and pointed to her cock. I knew I couldn’t deny her I moved my mouth slowly towards her flacid cock. I lightly kissed it at first gently running my tongue around the head of her cock. Then I parted my lips and took the head of her cock deep into my mouth. I could feel her growing bigger and bigger filling the inside my mouth and the back of my throat as she got harder. At first I started to gag but I as I adjusted it became easier to accommodate her. I started to bob my head and suck running my lips up and down her cock as far as I could take it. With my left hand I started slowly jerking the shaft of her cock as she fucked my mouth. I could hear her moaning and knew I was doing something right. That encouraged me to reach around and start caressing her ass. As I sucked and stroked her I plunged my finger deep into her gaping asshole. She must of liked it because she let out a deep groan and started to fuck my mouth even harder and she pushed her cock even deeper down my throat.She was moaning now even louder then before, her breaths getting faster and faster. Then without warning I felt a large explosion of cum splashing against the back of my throat. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and started furiously wanking her own cock as another large wad of cum splashed across my face. She kept cumming and cumming and her seed was all over my face, my hair, my eyes and lips it was everywhere and I loved it. I had no idea I could be such a little cum slut.Once she was done Jenny put her skirt back on and without saying a word walked in to the bathroom. I was thinking she was getting me a towel as I had cum all over my face and dripping down on to my cock. I didn’t think it was possible someone could shoot that much cum. Jenny walked out of the bathroom the skirt and black shirt was gone and was replaced with a short black leather dress and the most amazing set of heels. My cock nearly exploded right then and there. She commanded me to lie on the bed and I gladly did as I was told. Close your eyes she whispered seductively in my ear. I closed my eyes, I could feel her running her hand softly up and down my thigh. My cock was so stiff and I could already feel the cum coursing through my balls waiting to just burst out. She gently blew on my cock causing it to jerk slightly in anticipation for what was to come. Then suddenly I could feel her hand on my cock. She gently ran her hand up and down the shaft of my little erect cock. This was it I didn’t care anymore I just had to cum one or two more stokes and I would be in heaven. Then just as I’m about to pop I hear a click. She just locked my cock up. Jenny lies down beside me waving a small key in front of my face. She draws close and whispers in my ear. If you want to cum tonight slut you will do exactly what I tell you. She laughs gets up and picks up the phone. Room service could you send up a bottle of champagne with one glass please. Part-2 cumming soon: Mark gets humiliated

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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