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My brother and I have always been as close as two burly guys in a phone booth. We aren’t burly, but we have pretty much been within arms length since we were toddlers and where one was you could find the other, usually sharing everything and working together as a two-person team. What I had was his and anything he owned was as good as mine. We played two man volleyball on the beach in college, and we opened a service station a year after we graduated with two degrees in philosophy.

As everyone knows a degree in philosophy prepares you for absolutely nothing, and a gas station is as good as anything when it comes to degrees that you can’t use. We teamed up for doubles in tennis, and we worked well at the station, him doing the books and me handling the mechanic duties in the auto repair bay.

He was always too busy for much of a social life, so when I got married there was no one who could be my best man other than Jeremy. After the wedding we had the reception in a large hall in a hotel near our home, which we shared. When the after-wedding party was over I took my wife’s hand and motioned to my brother. “Come on,” I said, “our room awaits.”

He gave me an incredulous look and made a face. I had told my bride I shared everything with my brother and her face lit up. She smiled. “Everything?” she said with a knowing grin. I nodded. “Okay,” she said. She liked Jeremy, and if I hadn’t asked her out first, she would have been going out with my brother, at least I knew she would have wanted to if he had asked her, which he hadn’t because he didn’t have time for women. He liked them well enough, but he was busy doing other things so his social life was nonexistent.

“You okay fucking my brother?” I had asked her a week before our wedding.

“If you’re okay with me doing it,” she said grinning.

“I share everything with Jeremy,” I said, “even you, if you’re willing.”

“I’m willing if you are,” she said with that naughty grin of hers that I love.

We had camped together, skinny dipped together, and– except fucking her–we had done just about everything together with the woman I was engaged to: danced, camped together for three days in a three-person tent, waterskied, and spent four days in hotel rooms with one bed in Canada on a car trip to three cities in our neighboring country to the north.

I considered us a threesome, and except for sex, we pretty much were always together, other than our time at work. We were usually inseparable. When she and I went dancing Jeremy went too. We danced with her about the same number of dances and we got drunk with her, showered with her, and other than at work and sleep, we each pretty much spent the same amount of time with her. Dinners were always for three, and while he and I lived together she was at our house or we were at hers.

I don’t think it was a surprise to her when I said bahis şirketleri I was inviting him to our honeymoon. In fact, I think she would have been disappointed if she didn’t get the chance to fuck him sooner or later. I had decided long before the wedding that I was going to offer him the chance to fuck my bride the night of our wedding.

We did everything together, shared everything, so sharing my wife was only natural. It excited me to think of her fucking him, and I had planned on seeing him fuck my bride since shortly after I asked her to marry me.

After the idea came to me, after all we did everything together, I began planning the evening and imagining the scenario, fantasizing about how things might go. It was while she and I were having sex that the idea came to me, and I pictured him fucking her as I watched. My brother is taller than me and has much more in the male equipment department, so I knew he would satisfy her. I also knew she liked Jeremy very much and figured she would jump at the chance to have his big dong inside her. Claire has a great body and I was sure he’d had the hots for her for years, so the honeymoon thing was a natural.

I know it may sound strange, but whenever I admire my wife’s naked body, which I do a lot, I always think of how much my brother would like seeing her that way. When I gaze at her luscious shaved pussy, I will think of how much he would like eating it, pushing his tongue into her pink depths or sucking on the sensitive bud of hers, moving his lips around her clit and sucking hard on that little nub and driving her crazy with his mouth. He’s my brother. I share everything with him.

I rented the room, made sure it had a king-sized bed and a jacuzzi. I figured we’d soak, then flip for her and let the loser watch the first go round. I always figured he’d win and I would watch him consummate our threesome with a cowgirl, with her bouncing on him until she screamed a violent climax and came with my brother’s cum shooting into her newly-married pussy, filling her with his spunk until his balls were empty.

If I won I would fuck her and let her suck him while I watched. She had seen his cock many times, and I knew she admired its size and would love having it inside of her.

She had never told me that, but the look on her face as we skinny dipped left little doubt in my mind.

At the reception we both danced with her and I wondered if anyone realized he and I would be sharing more than a dance with her later that night. It excited me to think that some may have gotten that Idea, made it exciting to think about. It made it just naughty enough to make it thrilling.

I knew my brother well enough to know he had wanted to fuck Claire for years, and giving him the chance was my opportunity to fulfill one of my brother’s fantasies. I figured he most likely would Jack off to thoughts of bahis firmaları her, so giving her to him was my way of thanking my little brother for years of brotherhood and closeness.

When we left for the hotel the three of us climbed into the limousine we had rented and people looked at one another. “What the….?” some of them probably said, looking at each other incredulously. Claire had her wedding dress on and I knew she had no panties under it. She kissed us both and her kiss with Jeremy had lots of tongue and lasted nearly a minute. I saw she was getting to the idea of fucking my brother.

She lifted her dress so he could see she had no panties and to give him a good view of her bare pussy. He smiled and she took his hand by the wrist and guided it between her legs. My brother looked at me and I nodded my consent, then he cupped his hand over her pussy and slipped a finger into her.

When we pulled up at the hotel the chauffeur opened our door and the three of us went in as the driver watched my brother and I lead ‘our’ bride through the front door. I knew he had watched us in the backseat, and I knew he had seen him finger Claire’s pussy. We checked in and got lots of looks as the two people at the front desk watched two guys follow the blushing bride toward the elevator. I told him in the elevator that we would flip for her in the room and the winner got the bride first.

Claire blushed as we talked about who would be going first, and I took a quarter out of my pocket and held it up. Once in the room, I flipped the coin and said, “Heads or tails?” He called heads and it came up heads.

“You won yourself a bride,” I said, putting the coin back in my pocket. My saucy wife took my brother by the arm and said he was a lucky best man. “Not only did you win her, but you get to decide how you fuck her. On top, from below, eating pussy, or getting your knob sucked.”

Claire grinned and pulled him to her. “This may be the best honeymoon ever,” she said with a dreamy look. Once inside the room I went to the corner and sat down, crossing my legs and preparing to watch some hot sex.

“So, you want top, bottom, oral, or a BJ?” I asked.

“What do you want?” he politely asked Claire. She said it was his choice and he chose eating pussy. My wife sat on the bed, lifted up her wedding dress, and opened her legs. My brother got on his stomach and scooted up on the bed until his face was close to my bride’s splayed and eager pussy.

He didn’t need coaxing and put a hand on each of her inner thighs and spread them apart. As if he had dreamed of this moment for years, he began licking and sucking her pussy lips like a rabid dog and pushed his tongue deep into her, then focussing on her clit and shaking his head rapidly back and forth with her hood in his mouth. I was excited by seeing him do her so well and I could see by the smile on kaçak bahis siteleri her face that she thought so as well.

Claire came with a shout, then they moved and he crawled between her legs and she guided his erection into her with her right hand, moving it around between her pussy lips to get the tip wet, then he pushed his hips and squeezed his cock into her lovely pussy. Jeremy fucked her without pause for thirty minutes until he came and emptied his balls into her, grunting as he shot spurt after spurt into her. If she got pregnant that night I wanted it to be either from me or my brother.

When he rolled off of her she kissed him and thanked him for a good fucking and a great pussy eating. I took his place and with his cum inside of her I easily slipped into her, finding her well lubricated vagina slick with my brother’s cum. That excited me to think about.

Claire and I fucked for twenty minutes before I climaxed and emptied myself into her. After we rested, Jeremy and I did a double, with him fucking her pussy and me slipping into her ass. She screamed her orgasm as she came with two men in her two holes and a huge smile on her face.

We drifted off and went right to sleep. I was awakened by movement on the bed and woke to them next to me, her on top, cowgirl style, with my brother’s cock thrusting up and into my new bride with an energy I had to admire. He rapidly drove into her and they fucked hard and fast for another thirty minutes. As he fucked her, my wife smiled at me, her body jarring with each of his powerful thrusts and her tits bouncing each time.

I couldn’t imagine a nicer wedding night. At midnight we fucked her again and once again she came with a squeal each time she had an orgasm. We slept until eleven, then she simply rolled over and opened her legs, waiting for whoever got there first. It was Jeremy who slid into her first, so I scooted up and began kissing her and sucking on her nipples.

The limousine picked us up at three and on the way home Jeremy fucked her sitting in the seat with her straddling him, facing him, a leg on each side of his hips, holding her dress around her waist. The driver adjusted the mirror so he could watch and I smiled at him in the mirror as he observed my brother fuck my wife in the backseat of the limousine.

“Hope the bride enjoyed the honeymoon,” he said over the intercom.

“She still is,” Claire said as she moved up and down over my brother’s lap. When the limousine let us out at our house, we left the long car with smiles on our faces. Claire took each of us by the arm and she walked between us into the house. We have, since that night, shared Claire on a regular basis, fucking her together once or twice a week. On the other days she splits the week with each of us, spending three days with me and three days with Jeremy and one or two of those nights with both of us.

Claire loves the arrangement, saying what woman wouldn’t like two husbands who dote on her and fuck her like any whore would love to be fucked. We have been living this way for five years, and Claire says she couldn’t be happier.

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