Breeding 101

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Breeding 101Wife and I have bantered back and forth with good friends of ours, Ozzy & Pat who are black, or as Ozzy says his ancestors are from “darkest Africa”, because he’s very dark about Ozzy impregnating my wife for an interracial baby and I impregnating Pat for their interracial baby. This remained friendly banter for probably 5 years, until the two wives hatched a plan. Both wives turned 34 and decided their eggs will soon become old. My wife is a magnet for black men, she’s always being hit on by them, she’s 38DD-32-39, curvy, all natural, long flowing blonde hair with stunning blue eyes. Whenever we hit a nude beach black guys ogle her, some actually tell her about her full free hanging breasts with veins showing, her hairy bush with clearly visible large pussy lips. She likes the attention, but it can get a little much. Pat and her hatched a plan to see if Ozzy has changed his mind about them having interracial babies. Here’s their plan:Pat sent Ozzy over to our house just after 11:00, he just walked in, which was normal for us four, we never knocked at each others door. Ozzy figured I just stepped out and would be home shortly. My wife on purpose just finished having a shower, noticed Ozzy’s car pull up and park in our long country driveway. He came in called out, then headed for the kitchen, hot summers day he’d probably pour himself a cold one. She heard a kitchen table chair move, so knew where he was.My wife didn’t dry herself, she only combed her long blonde hair, then came walking downstairs very wet and was going to pretend she didn’t know Ozzy was in the kitchen. She briskly walked into the kitchen all soaking wet and gorgeous. Ozzy almost spit his mouth full of beer out, wife pretended to be embarrassed. She then lowered her arms and said it’s nothing you haven’t seen before then proceeded to put the kettle on. She had her back against the counter top giving Ozzy a full frontal view, hairy bush, big breasts and all! Their conversation flowed freely, she noticed him checking her out though, good sign. My wife turned her back to him to reach for some herb tea bags, Ozzy laughed a bit. Wife laughed, turned around and asked what’s so funny? He said nothing is funny, but he loved how at the top of her butt check it isn’t a straight line, it curves a bit, he thought that’s really cute and adorable. Both laughed, then with my wife facing him again he commented on how great the veins in her ample breasts looked, he said he’s always loved veins in breasts. Then also commented on how nice her nipples facing straight down look. Wife knew this was going well! He then asked with her nipples facing down is that easier or harder for breast feeding, wife couldn’t miss an opportunity. She held one in her hand and demonstrated how she’d fed our k**s when they were breast feeding, his stare was intense, so she demonstrated with her other breast. Then playfully moved her breasts around, squeezed ısparta rus escort them together, quickly bent over to show how far down they hang, both laughed. He asked if she prefers a bra or having them hang freely like they are now, again, she didn’t miss an opportunity. She said when they hang freely, she feels free and wiggled them, pushed them a bit. They laughed some more, she thought this is going very well!Next she walked around in the kitchen, getting something from the fridge, cupboard for a minute or two, always moving up and down, giving Ozzy an excellent view of her breasts swinging sideways, hanging as she bent over a few times. Then she came back to the same cupboard with her back against the counter giving him a full frontal nude shot again. She started gently rubbing her belly, she read there’s something about that motion being irresistible to men as it subconsciously represents a woman’s fertility. Ozzy became fixated on her rubbing motion then intently stared at her large pussy lips. This was another opportunity for her, she reached down and scratched her pubic hair then pretended she was scratching an inch on her right pussy lip. Ozzy rose up and asked her to sit down. With my wife sitting he came up behind her, massaged her shoulders, neck, back. She loved it. He came around to her front knelt on the floor, lifted her leg up and massaged her legs and feet, he repeatedly stared at her hairy bush and pussy lips, wife loved he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her assets. He then moved behind her and asked if she’s embarrassed being nude, she replied not at all, he said good, as she’s very beautiful, more beautiful than he had imagined. He slowly started to move his finger tips up and down over the veins in her breasts, my wife said she liked that. Next he kissed her neck while gently feeling her big breasts. Next he asked her to stand up, he lifted her up on to the counter top and said wait here. He went upstairs and came back down a couple of minutes later. She saw him walk along the hallway, was floored, loved what she saw! He stood in the doorway to our kitchen completely naked. His arms were raised against the door posts. She loved his package! Wife said his penis hung straight down, probably 10-11″, was very thick and veiny with an extra large head. What she absolutely loved about his penis was even though he was circumcised his penis and penis head were all even darker than his skin tone, she doesn’t like a black man with a fiery red penis head, so Ozzy was a very pleasant surprise. Next, as she wanted his baby she focused on his sperm count. Said he has two very ample balls, even though his penis is very thick, his balls naturally were showing about two inches to each side of his penis plus his ball sack was hanging about 6″. Wife commented on what a lovely pair they were! Ozzy laughed, said his wife Pat had said previously ısparta rus escort bayan most men deposit 100 million of sperm but her husband probably deposited a billion sperm per shot with his huge load. Wife loved that!He approached my wife still up on the counter top, she was slightly embarrassed as her stomach has a little extra to it, when she stands up it’s fine, but sitting, she doesn’t like it. Ozzy moved her hands and said to be proud that she’s had 5 healthy c***dren, soon to have her 6th! Wife threw her arms around his neck, passionately kissed him and thanked him for the compliment. She asked if he meant his comment about her sixth c***d? He said of course, but only if she wanted it. She passionately kissed him again and said more than ever! He moved back from her a bit, started to massage her pussy lips, clit and tease her vaginal opening. Wife had an orgasm, heavy breathing and all, loved it! He stopped massaging her pussy lips and asked what’s this green dense liquid, wife smiled, winked at him and said that’s her mucous coming out as she started to ovulate that morning. She said her mucous would kill his sperm, but with it all coming outside her vagina his sperm could swim freely, both laughed! Ozzy reached inside her and hooked with two fingers a large gob of mucous, he cleaned her out. They both laughed they wanted his 1 billion plus sperm to swim cleanly to her waiting egg!Ozzy then said he wanted to admire my wife, moved back to the doorway, said how incredibly beautiful she is! My wife then noticed he was oozing pre-cum. His penis was still hanging 10″ straight down but now there was this long, thick and glistening fluid hanging almost to the floor, my wife commented on how great it looks glistening in the sunshine coming through the window. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it! He walked back over to her, reached down, put a good amount of pre-cum on his finger tips and moved it towards my wife’s lips, she sucked it and said it’s sweet. Next, he took another large amount on his finger tips, but this time he rubbed it inside her vagina, pressing firmly against the top on her inside vagina wall, g-spot! Wife came again. He took another bunch on his finger tips, this time he rubbed it deep inside her against her cervix, she was in paradise, came again. She kissed him passionately again, wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder, she was exhausted having come a few times already. He then held her face in his hands and asked if she wanted his c***d? She said she wants her interracial baby, her baby with him!! But, her legs are mush right now she’s in ecstasy. So Ozzy laid her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs to bed. He lied her down on her back, moved between her legs, lifted his hips and only using his penis head started to slide it between her pussy lips, rub her clit and tease her vaginal rus escort ısparta opening. Wife couldn’t move, just moaned in sheer delight, she loved every minute of this!He put just his penis head inside her, leaned back and moved his hips sideways, causing his penis head to rub her g-spot inside. She screamed when she came again. She said her eyes rolled back, breathed heavily and was super sweaty as she couldn’t stop coming, it was the way she wanted to feel at the start of her 6th baby! He bit his bottom lip, stiffened and unloaded inside her. She could feel him blasting her inside vaginal walls and cervix, and the load was massive. He then pulled out lifted her hips up and started to fist her, she wiggled, didn’t know if she could fit his hand. He was patient and gentle, got his hand inside. He then massaged her cervix, she came a couple more times. Couldn’t get over how great it felt having his hand massage her cervix with a billion of his sperm inside her! He gently pulled out, lowered her to the bed. My wife couldn’t believe she didn’t have any sperm oozing out, all was sucked up by her cervix because Ozzy fisted her to massage it. She rubbed her belly imagining her baby just starting. Ozzy slid his massive penis fully inside, she loved how it pushed against her cervix, he started to pump her. She asked him to stop, it was her turn. She started to rotate her hips slowly in a circular motion while sliding her nails up and down Ozzy’s back. He couldn’t last long, over the next hour Ozzy made three more deposits of grade A, vibrant and healthy black sperm!! They took a break, grabbed a beer, couple of sandwiches, wife had her energy back now, she was in full baby making mode, told him she wants him to make sure there’s a black baby in her oven!! They walked outside totally naked, good thing there’s no neighbors! Proceeded down to the pond, wife said they have two more hours before the k**s come home from school. They ate, made love, swam, made love, suntanned, made love, swam made love. k**s would be home soon, had to head back to the house shortly. Ozzy and my wife were lying on their backs beside each other. my wife asked him to place his hand on her belly, she put her hand on top of his, she started to rub her belly with their hands saying I want you to feel our baby just starting on his journey in life! Ozzy said do they have time for one more deposit of sperm? Wife wasn’t going to say no, actually this was set up with my approval, so I was home for the k**s and took them out. Ozzy and my wife made love non stop for the next 3 hours, he couldn’t stop pumping, she loved it.When I came back with the k**s Ozzy was gone and my wife walked very gingerly. When the k**s weren’t around I asked her why, she looked at me like dud………… She said he gave her about 12-14 loads of sperm, but she knew after the first massive load her waiting egg was already swimming in a sea of his sperm, insuring pregnancy! She thanked me for letting her have her black baby! Wife developed morning sickness, oh great! No more periods, that all adds up to one lovely baby conceived in love on the way! Ironically, she had a white baby, go figure. But everyone knew who the father really was! We were all very proud of our shared baby!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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