Breaking In….

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Breaking In….I am not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you shall understand. See, I have been working overtime at the managerial aspects of my work lately, so my sleep schedule is completely broken. But at least that night I am getting a nice, relaxing sleep. It is the first one I had had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sleep by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs. Here is what happened that night…..Hesitantly, at that moment, I gaze over at my alarm clock, barely making out the digital numbers through my half opened eyes. I need not bother, i know it is two in the morning instinctively. I always seem to awake at two in the freaking morning! Still somewhat groggy from sleep, I shrug it off. After all, it is probably just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen. But, since I am up anyway, I figure I may as well go to the bathroom.It is when I arise that I notice, Orange Oliver, the cat is comfortably curling up by the foot of my bed. SHIT! If he is sleeping there this whole time, then who is making all of that noise downstairs? Quickly I toss on Adidas sweat pants and run down the stairs. Despite my better judgement, I am more than a little angry about confronting a robber… even if it is a potentially armed robber!Sure enough, there is a dark figure lurking around the shadows, going through my stuff. The front door is wide open, so he must have just broken in or something. He must have heard me coming down the stairs, because he quickly turns around and heads straight for the door.”Freeze you little sack of shit,” I shout in the sternest, most authoritative voice I could muster.The figure stops, slowly putting his arms up. There is an uncomfortable moment of silence as we both stand there, neither of us quite sure what to do next. To be honest, I do not have a gun. But I want this burglar to think that I have, if only so that I could keep him from killing me, running off and/or something.As I walk over toward the light switch, I sense that the burglar is a little smaller than I would have expected. And he appears to be panting or breathing heavily, as if he is just as nervous as I am. Suddenly I flip the light switch, flooding the kitchen with blindingly white fluorescent light. At first I squint my eyes, they require a moment to adjust. It is only then that I realise that my burglar is in fact a woman! No, not a woman, a teenaged girl, not more than eighteen or nineteen at the oldest…And underneath her blue jeans and dark hoodie, she also appears pretty shapely, at least from her back side. Her ass looks as nice and round as my ex girlfriends. I lick my full lips at that thought.”You just hold it there while I call the police,” I command the intruding tea leaf.”No,” she says in a distinct North Californian accent, “Please don’t do that!”That voice! I recognize the voice…”Turn around,” I command the young home invader, “Nice and slow. Let me see your face.”The girl hesitates for a moment. Then while slowly turning around, she keeps her hands still up in the air. I am right! Sure enough, it is, Lisa, the teenaged daughter of a family that lives up the street. She is a cute girl with pale skin, deep blue eyes, wavy blonde hair and a curvy young body.”Lisa,” I forcefully exclaim, my voice no doubt full of both shock and anger, “What the hell are you doing breaking into my house in the middle of the freaking night?””Hey,” she says, “You don’t have a gun! What the fuck?”This is not the same girl I remember living next to for all these years. Her family is really nice. They had invited me over for enchiladas a couple times. I find it hard to believe she could have changed so much. But, since she are going to put on this attitude, I figure that I may as well respond with some sarcasm of my own.”No shit,” I retort, “But I do have a phone and I bet I could ring the filth and have them over here before you could even walk home.””Fuck you,” she barks defiantly.”Or maybe,” I speak coyly, “Maybe I should just call your parents instead… I bet they would be real happy to hear about you breaking into my house and trying to steal my stuff. What do you think they would do? Possibly ground you or maybe send you to live with one of your uncles?”A sneer creeps over her face when I put that out. It is a look of disgust, sheer disgust… exactly the same look that my ex girlfriend gave me when she told me that she had cheated and wanted to break up.”All right,” I say as I start to dial my phone, “Police it is…”And that is my moment of weakness, for right then and there a truly evil idea comes over me. You have got to understand that since my girlfriend left me, I have not really met a lot of womyn. Living by himself, a man gets… well, certain urges. Staying up late and jerking it to computer porn just does not do the trick. I can only imagine what I must have look like to little Lisa when I ask the question…”Hey Lisa,” I call out to the young white woman, “How old are you anyway?””What’s it to you?” she snaps back at me.”Eighteen? Nineteen?”She does not answer right away, leaving another uncomfortable silence as I stare at her tight young body.”Eighteen,” she finally admits.”Eighteen,” I state with a wicked grin on my face, “I see… you know that means you will not go to juvie for this, right? Nope, you are legally an adult now and that means that if I ring the pandas, you are going to jail!””Yeah,” she shoots back, “I can handle that!”I roll my eyes. I have no idea where she picked up this bratty attitude. As I recall she was born into an upper middle class suburb and her family is one that is well educated. Her parents are both white collar professionals. Her mom is a city councilwoman and business owner. Plus, her dad is an accountant for crying out loud! Despite her dress kadıköy escort and affectations, she is hardly a poster c***d for urban crime.”Yeah,” I ask her sarcastically, “Do you really want to find out, cause I am willing to bet that your sexy little ass would not last fifteen minutes in jail with the real hard asses. It would not be any problem for me to make that call, but I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, you would be willing to change my mind.””Oh yeah,” she says, “And what would you get out of that?””All I want is a small favour from you…””What kind of favour,” she inquires, still not quite getting it.It takes Lisa a while, but she finally figures it out when she notices the way I am lustfully eying her sexy, young curvy body. Even d****d in her dark hoodie , blue jeans and trainers, she could not really hide her feminine curves. Her eyes go wide when she concludes what I am thinking, though I do not know whether it is from fear or anger. Either way, it makes her look that much more like a victim… and for some reason, I find it quite arousing.”Oh hell no,” she shouts, “No way that I’m going to let some horny old black guy fuck me! Fuck it! I’d rather go to jail!””That can be arranged,” I intone as I pick the phone back up.”Wait,” she pleads, now almost on the brink of tears, “What… what were you thinking of doing to me?”The rebellious tone that she has been affecting up until now is gone, slowly replaced by fear. She realises that she has gotten herself in over her head. She is looking for any way out of it, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Unfortunately, I am still undecided as to what I actually wanted to do to her. She does have a nice little ass on her. I seriously want to fuck it. I just am not sure how much I will be able to talk her into. Still, she seems pretty pliable for now.”Hmmm,” I exhale as I ponder it, “I really have not decided yet. Let’s see what I have to work with. Take off your clothes and let me have a butcher’s.”She peers at me further, that same look for fear in her eyes… those deep, ocean blue eyes…”All of them,” she asks me, “Down here?”Looking her straight in her flashing, Aryan eyes.,”Yep,” I calmly respond, “If you’re going to break into people’s houses in the middle of the night, then you can handle getting fucked on the kitchen floor. Little wanna be gangsta bitches deserve as much.”Damn! Looking back on it, I was really being an asshole that night was I not? But it is true. If Lisa longs to be a little brat, then I am more than happy to oblige her. She is going to get used and abused on the kitchen floor like a common Hilby street whore!Reluctantly, Lisa places her hands around her waist and begins to pull up her tight, little black hoodie. As much as I love the sight, I have to stop her. “And one more thing,” I direct, “Take them off nice and slow. Let me enjoy it.” Like I stated before, I was being a real asshole that night.Lisa creates another face, still obviously annoyed with me, but not wanting me to ring the pandas either. That is good, because it forces her to be nice and compliant. Starting to pull her snugly fitting black hoodie up over her head, she is doing a little dance to show off her sexy curves. Once she has the hoodie over her head, she tosses back her long blonde mane, letting it fall straight across her back. I have got to admit, her large boobs are nice. They are perhaps a little larger than I expected, but still very firm and perky. Immediately I understand why she does not need to wear a bra underneath her top. I admire the eighteen year old’s pale coloured skin as she is in front of me, now completely topless.”Mmmm,” I appraise as I lick my lips, “Very nice! Now let’s see that sexy little teen ass of yours.” I am being sarcastic. Like many white womyn of today, this young lady sports a rounded rump.Lisa hesitates. For a moment, it looks as though she might say something, but then she bites her lips. She knows better than that.”Come on, Lisa,” I declare, “You have been seen walking around in your tight little jeans, flaunting your curvy PAWG ass. You can not just go around the neighbourhood showing that off and not expect to get men turned on. Now let’s see your goods!”My captive teen sighs and then undoes her belt, slowly pulling down her jeans. Again, she dances a little, thrusting out her wide hips to show off her sexy, youthful curves. It must have been a tight fit, because it appears like she is having a little trouble pulling her jeans off her big ass. You have to love these sexy young girls nowadays. They must have good genes, or something, because they almost always have nice big asses, even when they are only eighteen years old. Eventually, she allows her jeans to fall to the floor, daintily stepping out of them. She is now standing before me, wearing nothing but a pair of little black panties. But, they will have to go too.”The panties too,” I instruct.Before Lisa even has a chance to say anything, I rudely cut her off. “Come on,” I demand, rushing her, “Hurry up! Beeilt euch! Beeilt euch!” Yeah, that is probably crossing a line right there, but considering I am holding a girl who has broken into my house captive. And shall be essentially forcing her into having sex with me, its not the worst thing I am doing that night. Besides, who says that a couple years of German studied twenty years ago would never come in handy! Admittedly, my tutor would probably have a stroke if she ever found out, but still…Lisa bends over, slowly slipping out of her panties. This provides me a nice view of that big, round ass. I gesture for her to turn around. She quickly obliges, not even putting up the pretense of fighting any more. On a whim, I pull back my hand and slap her sexy, pale ass. There is a loud smacking sound. She whips back around, looking at me with disbelief written all beylikdüzü escort over her face. I honestly do not think she expected me to do that, which is pretty funny if you ask me. I mean, look how far we have already gone at that point.”So,” she inquires, trying to mask the fear in her voice, “What do you want to do with me?”I must admit, having a naked teen standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night is giving me a solid erection (pretty much like everything else does). Not having had sex since my dishonest ex girlfriend walked out on me, this is a golden opportunity. My mind is working overtime to discern how to milk this for all it is worth. I start rubbing my dark dick through my sweats, but then surmise how she should be doing all the work. After all, the whole point is for her to convince me not to send her sexy little ass to jail…”Take my prick out so we can get started,” I instruct her, “I am already kind of hard, so it should not be too difficult for you.”My captive teen burglar gazes at the rapidly expanding bulge in my sweats. She walks over to me, kneels down and tugs my pajama bottoms down. I am not wearing boxers underneath. When I look down, I see her hands snaking into my pants. Soon they are on the floor too. But once she has my pants off, Lisa goes all wide eyed. The entire length of my black dick is visible, now fully erect and ready to penetrate this sexy little teen vixen.”Holy shit,” she exclaims as she stares at my shaft in disbelief, “It’s… so fucking hard!” There is a genuine sense of trepidation in her voice. She was not just trying to stroke my ego. Hell, at that point, I think she probably wants to kill me. But it is painfully apparent to me that she has never seen an adult dick before. I mean, I am not really a well endowed guy; just a little above average size, I am over nine inches. But I am obviously bigger than anything she has ever encountered. That knowledge brings a warm feeling to my perverse heart, because it is going to make r****g my home invading teen that much more enjoyable… for me, probably not so much for her.”There’s no fucking way I’m going to fuck that,” she proclaims as she gestures at my solid shaft.”Your decision,” I intone further, “You can either take my dick or take your chances with the ecilops. Really, it is up to you…””No,” she blurts out, now almost in tears, “I’ll do it… just… just don’t call the cops!”I stroll over to Lisa, placing my hands on her shoulders. Gently, I push her down to her knees on the floor. She does not even bother to put up any resistance, though I believe I heard a faint whimper when I touch her.”Well then,” I direct her as I shove my dark dick in her face, “Maybe you should get started and suck my dick.”The cute, young blonde shuts her eyes, as if somehow not seeing what she is doing will make the whole ordeal more bearable. Slowly, she opens her thick, full lips and struggles to accommodate my rock hard erection. It appears like she has a little trouble getting her mouth around my throbbing tool, at least at first. So I help her. Running my fingers through her dense blonde hair, I grip hold of her head and thrust a little more of my shaft into her mouth. It is a tight fit, I can tell you that! I am only a few inches in and I already feel myself hitting the back of her throat.Poor girl is making muffled sounds of protest as she fights not to gag on my pulsating prick. As she bobs up and down, it quickly becomes apparent that she at least knows how to give a blowjob. True, she is not very good at it. She is probably telling the truth when she claimed she had never seen a length of dick as big as mine before, but at least she knew how to please a man. Adjusting herself, she tries to get into a better position, so I just sit back and let her do her thing.Eventually, once I feel that Lisa has worked my shaft over long enough, I put my hands onto her shoulder to stop her. From her soft mouth, I drag out my still erect member, now lubricated with a generous amount of the poor girl’s saliva. I have not enjoyed sex in a while. And while a blowjob can be nice, I would rather take my time and enjoy this sexy little piece of ass while I have the chance. In fact, that literally sounds like a nice idea…”Good job, Lisa,” I praise, complementing my captive who now looks up at me from the kitchen floor with a look for desperation still in her eyes.”So that’s it,” she inquires, “You’re going to let me go now?”How deliciously naive! “No,” I chuckle, “I am still going to fuck you. You brought that on yourself by parading around town in those tight little jeans of yours. But I shall be nice and let you use my bed. It will at least make it more comfortable for you…”Lisa does not even say a word as I clasp her by the hand. Raising her to her feet, I lead her up the stairs and into the bedroom. I still have the queen size bed that I used to share with ex until she left me. Ever since then, it has just been so lonely. Well, not tonight anyway!I do not bother to say anything to little Lisa. I simply push the eighteen year old dick tease onto my bed, leering at her maliciously as I gaze over her fine naked body. Her pale skin is already covered in a thin sheen of sweat from her fear. Still concerned with protecting the last lingering shred of her modesty, she attempts in vain to cover up her cunt and breasts.I laugh sadistically when I observe something. Reaching down, I spread my captive’s shapely legs. I stretch over to stroke her pussy. Squirming a little, she tries to move away, but she has not really a chance. “What is this,” I say as I pop my finger into her juicy young cunt, “You are already wet? Are you getting turned on by being dominated by an older, Black Man? Is that what you are into?””Nnn,” Lisa protests, “No Sir… I…””According to your body, I think you are,” I report taksim escort as I sustain the assault on her pussy, “You are fucking soaking wet down there and I have barely even done anything to you… yet…”I maintain my rubbing on the poor girl’s slit, trying to get more of a reaction out of her. At this point, I am like a cat playing with a mouse before eating it. I have a youthful sex slave right where I desire her,and I intend to enjoy the rest of the night. It is not like I am getting any sleep or anything.Her pussy is definitely wet. I keep up my handiwork, gradually getting two and then three of my fingers into her tight, young pussy. It is a difficult job. I barely manage to fit the third finger in there. Her cunt literally squeezes my fingers. It is fun stretching her out, especially since I am unlikely to fit into her pussy any other way.My captive writhes on the bed, the pain of being stretched out mixing with the impending pleasure of her orgasm. I witness her bucking her hips as she approaches that blissful state, spreading her thighs as if she is begging me to fuck her nubile young body. If she only knew…Soon she reaches orgasm, then lays there breathlessly as I retrieve my fingers out of her dripping wet cunt. They are musky and soaking with her feminine juices, which I lustfully licked off my fingers. Lisa, still breathing heavily, opens her eyes and peers up at me.”How was that so far, baby girl,” I ask.”Are,” she struggles to say, “Are… you going to… fuck me now?”I grin maliciously. “Lisa,” I inform her, “Of course I am going to fuck you… but not in there.” Her deep blue eyes widen with fright as I continue. “I have been saving myself all night for that sexy round ass of yours. You young ladies really fill out nicely and since you have been tempting me with it, I think it would be a shame if I do not **** your ass! Have you ever been fucked up the ass before, little girl?” With that I roll her onto a prone position.My hand runs up my hard dick, spreading lubricant from a bottle onto myself. I am making sure to supply myself a slick thorough coating. Her heart starts pounding as she feels me pour more lube onto her ass, spreading it around her little bud with my fingers. Normally I would take my time, slowly making Lisa adjust to his fingers to widen her. But I have waited so long, I just can not anymore.Placing my rigid member at Lisa’s tight, little rose bud, I slowly encircle it as she panics. She shakes her head no. I just need to feel how tight she is. Too bad I did not have a giant, black dildo to fill her pussy, vibrating inside of her, to make the fit tighter. I wonder if she could handle that…..”Relax or it will hurt more. You can play with yourself if it helps.” I warn. My hand slowly travels back up to where her hands are. I grip both in my left. “Do not try anything or I will do it fast instead of slow.” I mean it too. She nods, gripping the sheet with her teeth trying to calm herself. I slowly begin to push.”Breathe….just relax and breathe.” I cajole my captive. She relaxes as much as she is able as I push. Ever so slowly the head of my rigid manhood just barely slipping into her plump ass. She wishes I would simply stop and pull it out because it hurts so bad. But I do not stop, I continue pushing. It is so tight and hot inside of her ass. I feel her fingers underneath and inside of her just as much as she feels me sliding against them as well. Gradually, I thrust further and further. It is better then I ever imagined. I am almost ready to explode. I am not going to last much long. But this the was the way I had planned it. I know this would hurt her, but I also know this is the one thing I am craving. Finally I settle against her ass, my heavy balls touching her fiery hot bare skin. I am all the way inside her rectum. I hold my position there. She is shaking a bit under me, though I hardly feel it. Shutting my eyes, I enjoy the almost painful tightness and warmth. I remain there for what is like an eternity, but it can not have been move then five minutes. I am either letting her adjust or perhaps just suffer, right now I do not care. Losing myself in the sensation, I finally begin to pull out slowly until only the head remains barely inside. Unexpectedly, I am pushing forward again. It is a slow torturous pace. At any second, I could explode. She is breathing raggedly with each stroke. She undergoes a feeling of being utterly filled, in both pain and pleasure.”Play with yourself.” Is the command I issue. Her fingers have ceased moving. That is not okay.Lisa blinks, thinking, “He couldn’t be serious…” I steady myself as I am buried completely inside of her. Smacking her juicy ass hard, I cause her to jump, tightening her sphincter around me. Almost losing it right there, I bark, “I said play with yourself.” She does not hesitate again. Her hand coils back under herself to finger her clitoris. I also reach under her, leaning forward slightly to slip my fingers into her wetness. To steady myself I use his other hand. Then it truly commences. As I cram dick into her, I wiggle my fingers, as I pull out I would push m fingers in. Lisa gasps as she endures being filled and emptied both at the same time. It is unlike anything she ever imagined. I soon create a slow steady pace going. My breath matches her own, ragged. We re both close now.”I want you to cum with me. I want you to cum as you feel me unleash my hot load inside your ass.” My instructions are clear because I am unable to wait any longer. Removing my fingers almost all the way out, I do the same for my stiff shaft. Suddenly, all at once I shoved my dark dick and fingers in. I cum. While cumming, I observe her tightening around me, cumming as well. We both shake. She experiences my sperm ebbing warmly inside her ass. Finally I have nothing left. Waiting just a moment longer, I catch my breath before sliding out of her completely spent. My thick cum slowly trickling down between her sweat coated ass cheeks.Smiling as I look over to her, I see that she is just as exhausted as I am. Her breathing is still uneven as she fights to catch it. She is collapsed on the bed. I engulf her within my firm grip as we drift into slumber….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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