Boss Lady 2.0 The Big Boss

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Boss Lady 2.0 The Big BossSo as we head to the shower I am walkin behind you and grab u and pull u in with ur back to me with a tight grip around the front of ur neck I pull you close and say “now its time to show u who da Big Big Boss is!!!” U moan out “mmmmm daddy dats right show me who da real Big Boss is” so we go into the bathroom and I turn on da shower and we get in. As we get in u grab the bottle of bodywash and clean me up and I return the fav washin ur front sensually teasing you as I carress ya nipples and ur pussy. Then I do ur back half,as I finish up I bend u over slightly then…. Waaaaaacckkkk I smack dat azz hard as fuck. And u moan out “mmmmmm boss man dat shit felt good as fuck” I smack it even hard and yell “did u get permission to talk to da boss?” U nod no and I say “good girl now drop to ya knees and suck my dick” u drop to ur knees and go to çanakkale escort work on da dick. The sight of your mouth wrapped around my dick droolin all over it while the water from the shower runs down ur body is fukkin amazing. I turn off the water and we get out and dry off as I bend u over with ur chest on da sink and both of us lookin in the mirror as I kneel with one leg lifted over my shoulder and I start eatin da fuck out of ur pussy ur juices r dribbling down ur thigh so I stop to lick ur thighs clean before puttin ur feet down and standin behind u. I grab a handful of hair and pull ya head bac so u can see urself in the mirror and I say “dats right bitch watch urself gettin ur pussy pounded by Da Big Boss” like a good girl you say “mmm yes Big Boss show ya bitch whose Boss” I then slide it in deep in ur pussy grinding and rotating my hips escort çanakkale to make u feel it even more. Then I star slow stroking it and enjoyin the faces ur makin as ur pussy is gettin filled up by every inch of Da Big Boss’s thick dick. I then pull ya hair back hard and start ridin ya hard poundin dat pussy out and enjoyin da faces ur makin. Then I lay you on ur back on the floor and pin ur knees back and start givin u long full deep strokes slow at first then hard fast thrusts as u reach down and rub ur clit I feel ur pussy gettin super moist till u moan “mmmmm daddy I’m about to….” “Cuuuummmmmmmmm” as u squirt ur juices everywhere but I keep strokin da pussy as ur body shakes and quivers till u shortly let off another intense squirt. I pull my dick out and lick the juice from ur pussy lips and thighs then I get on my knees and u get on all fours çanakkale escort bayan facing me and lick,and suck ur sweet sticky squirt juice off my chest,dick and balls then start to sloppy suck my dick makin it wet and covered in drool. I then grab ur head and say “don’t u dear try to make me cum without askin” u say “please Boss I wana taste dat fat nut I worked hard for it” I tell u “bend dat azz over and throw it back on me some and then I will let u get a taste”. Anxious to get dat nut u bend over grab my dick and put it in and throw dat azz back on my movin and grindin on me. I smack at azz and say “Whose da Boss Babi?” U in a sexy voice reply “mmmmm ur da big big big boss daddy” I say “mmmm good girl. U ready for dat nut babi” u then jump off the dick grab it with ur hand and stroke it kiss me slow and deep then lick ur lips and say “mmmm yes Big Boss feed it to me.” U drop back to ur knees and open ur mouth wide I shove the dick in and fuck ur mouth for a few seconds then I let go of a huge nut lettin out a loud roar. U swallow da nut and look at me and wink then u say to me “mmm yea daddy u def r da Big Boss

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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