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His fingers lingered on my quivering thigh and I begged him, “just a little higher…please.”

“In good time, Kat, just wait.” As he continued to run his long, stiff fingers up and down my taut body, he started me shaking from head to toe. I had been moist from the time he tied me up – pulling my arms over my head slowly while running his tongue up my arms one at a time. He tied my wrists snuggly with ropes after covering them with cloth to prevent the rope from burning too much. Once he got my arms secure, he moved down to my legs. He took one ankle and tied it to the other end of the bed, all the while sweet talking me, relaxing me, touching me. Then, all at once, he snatched my other ankle roughly and pried my legs apart to bind my other leg to the opposite post. My legs were wide enough apart that I could feel a cool breeze on my hot, damp lips. I was already moist from him beginning to tie me up, but when he pried my legs apart, I could feel my hot juices starting to flow.

Once he saw how wet I already was, he straddled me and started unbuttoning my blouse, one tiny button at a time. “Please take it off, please just rip it, I don’t care!” I yelled out.

“Kat, Kat, Kat, you need to settle down. All in due time,” he said in a complacent voice. It was really more than a touch annoying. But he finally got my blouse open allowing his hot breath to hit the top of my creamy breasts that were straining to get out of my plunging black bra. He dipped his head and bit me lightly – but enough to make me call out. He slid down my belly, leaving a trail of kisses, pausing to circle my belly button lazily and then continued to remove my skirt with his teeth. He was pleasantly surprised to find that I was going commando underneath. He paused to admire my newly shorn bush. I had recently enjoyed my first Brazilian wax and all I had left was a tiny strip of wispy brown curls left trailing down to my now swollen clit. He took a moment and grabbed that clit which was poking out from its hood between his teeth which made my hips buck.

As he licked my wetness from his lower lip, he pulled himself up to tease my nipples through the soft satin of my bra. They were already straining against the material, but now they were absolutely aching. They needed to be free, they wanted out, they needed him. “Can’t you ple…, ooohhhh,” my breasts spilled out of my tight bra as he brought the cold tip of his knife to the stretched fabric and it popped open. If it were at all possible, my nipples tightened even more when the air rushed over them and then relaxed just as quickly as he took one in his mouth to lather his tongue over it and circle it. Once my areola relaxed and started spreading out, he bit my nipple and made it tighten up for him again. “Kat, can you tell me what you want?”

“Yes, I want you! I want you to take me. I want you.”

“No, Kat. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you. Can’t you just make love to me? I think it’s pretty obvious what I want right now. Come on baby!”

“No, Kat. Tell me like a big girl. Tell me what you WANT.”

“I want…I want…I want you to FUCK ME!”

“Yeah, Kat, that’s what you want. Look at your pussy, look at your wet lips, your hard nipples, tell me again!”

“I want you to FUCK ME! Please FUCK ME!” My body was writhing all over. The cloth wasn’t even helping anymore. I could feel the ropes burning my wrists and ankles. But it felt SO good. I could feel my juice running down the crack of my ass. My nipples were so hard they ached. His hands weren’t enough. His mouth wasn’t enough. I needed more. “Please, give me MORE! Please, give me MORE! Please, give me MORE!” I kept chanting this even as I felt his cock shove into my soaked pussy in a single stroke all the way in until his balls slapped my ass.

I woke up soaked in sweat. I let out a huge sigh when I realized it was all a dream.

“Good morning, honey.” My husband walked in and around to my side of the bed to give me a kiss. “I’m leaving for work but I wanted to tell you, “Happy Birthday” before I left.

“Thanks, babe.” I watched him walk out and rolled over in the bed and threw the covers over my head. “AAAHHHH. If only I could have a birthday like that, it would be perfect!” I moaned. But Greg and I had been married for a long time and things were, well, comfortable between us. So, the best I could hope for today was some flowers…if I was lucky. So, maybe I’ll just take care of a little sumpin, sumpin before I get ready for work. Because after THAT dream, if I don’t take care of things, then I’m likely to explode at work!

Reaching down between my legs, I realized that I was more than wet – I was gushing from that fantastic dream! I took my middle finger and start flicking my clit with it and instantly I felt my nipples tighten and I could feel my thighs tense up. My clit was engorged and every little touch was sending electric shocks through my body. I put three fingers together and started rubbing in a circle and it took all of about 15 seconds for my entire body to go rigid and to cum all over the bed. illegal bahis NOW I’m ready for work!

Of course the whole day had to be hectic and horrible. It was stressful at work, everyone was grouchy, there was a ton of work to be done, blah, blah, blah. As I was headed home, Greg called me to find out where I was. “I’m on my way home, but traffic’s pretty bad,” I told him. “Well, can you be home in about 20 minutes? I have reservations.” I thought that was a little strange. We never do anything special in the middle of the week, even if it is my birthday. “Well, I guess so,” I told him while fighting my way through yet another traffic jam. I hung up with him and drove home.

Once I got there, I barely got in the door when he bombarded me and told me, “hurry up! We’re going to be late!”

“Geez! Give me a break! I barely made it home! Where are we going anyway?” I asked him, while trying to throw down my bag and stumbling up the stairs to freshen up my makeup and change clothes.

“None of your damn business,” he yelled up the stairs. “Just hurry up!”

Wow, I thought to myself. Happy freakin’ birthday to you too! I finished what I was doing and thought, well maybe I’ll just put on my pretty black bra, you know, just in case. You never know, right? A girl can always hope! So I put on my plunging black bra with a black blouse, along with a short skirt that I knew Greg liked and went sans underwear! Let’s see if THAT gets his blood pumping!

As I headed down the stairs, I was graced with seeing Greg’s jaw drop with appreciation. “Darlin’, you look amazing!”

“Thank you, Greg!” I blushed as he grabbed my ass and planted one on me.

“Okay, let’s go before we get sidetracked!” Greg teased me as we headed out the door.

“So where are we headed tonight?” I asked as we started driving toward downtown.

“Well, if you look under your seat, maybe you’ll get a hint.” Greg told me as he looked sideways with a devilish glint in his eye.

So I pulled my seatbelt off and reached under the seat. I couldn’t feel anything and told Greg the same.

“Keep looking, you’ll find it.” He laughed.

So I kept sweeping my arm under my seat until finally I felt something soft and light. I pulled it out and in my hand was an ordinary scarf. I just looked at Greg and said, “huh?”

He just narrowed his gaze on me, grinned and said, “shut up and put it over your eyes.”

“WHAT!?” I yelled out. Greg had never spoken to me like that before.

“Just be quiet and put in on, Kat.” Greg softened his voice, but was very stern with me. It sent a tingle down my back as I covered my eyes with the scarf and tied it behind my head. I tried to pay attention to where he was driving by feel because I knew where we were when I put the scarf on. But he started making all of these random turns and before long, I had no idea where we were. Several minutes later, he pulled into a parking garage and started driving up the ramp until he found a parking spot.

“Wait for me to come get you.” Greg said as he stepped out of the car. I waited impatiently with just a touch of anticipation wondering what was in store for me. I thought perhaps he had brought me to my favorite restaurant. But then I was a little upset because I would want to fix my makeup and hair before we went in. Surely the scarf had messed them up. I heard my door open.

“Turn around and face me.” Greg said right in my ear. I startled and turned to face him. Since I had my short skirt on, it had ridden up around my hips and when I turned, I’m sure he got a glimpse of the fact that I did not have on any underwear. “Well, what do we have here?” He growled. I felt his finger run across my clit and down into my already moist slit. I groaned. “Just what were you expecting to do tonight, Kat?”

“What do you mean?” I stuttered. “I just wanted to look nice for you.” I told him.

“Yeah, right. You’re just feeling a little slutty, aren’t you?” He teased me. Next thing I know his finger was inside my pussy teasing my G-spot and turning what was once moist into a burning cave. “Come on, Kat. We’re expected.” He told me as he pulled me out of the car, straightened my skirt and then shut the door. “But hold on just a minute.” Greg stopped and ran his finger along my lips, which I immediately parted and then he slipped his finger inside my mouth…the finger that had been in my hot pussy. So, I immediately started sucking the juices off of his finger and licking it clean. “That’s it, baby, suck that finger like you’re going to suck my cock later.” He pulled his finger out and grabbed my arm and started leading me away. We got into an elevator which smelled vaguely like jasmine or orchids. I couldn’t really tell because my mind was racing. Where were we? What were we doing? This was so unlike Greg. He never spoke to me like this. But I think I like it. The elevator door opened and I smelled a fragrant flower smell. Now it was more like lilies. My favorite flowers are stargazer lilies. They are beautiful and very fragrant. That’s what it smelled like. Now I could illegal bahis siteleri place it. It’s weird how your mind messes with you when you’re blindfolded.

“Greg, where are we? Can I take this off yet?” I begged him.

“No, just leave it on and quit asking questions. From this point on, you aren’t allowed to speak unless spoken to.” He told me.

“I’m sorry, you said what?” I stopped in my tracks and I’m sure my mouth was hanging open.

“Close your mouth and do what I say or I’ll put something in there that you won’t like. If you do what I say, I’ll put something in there that you will like.” He told me in a fervent whisper. “This is something new. You always want to try new things, so just go with it.”

I could feel a chill running through my body, but at the same time, the core of me was heating up. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but I knew I could trust Greg and I knew he had something special planned. “Okay.” I told him. He grabbed my arm again and led me over to a spot where he told me to sit down. I sat down on what felt like cold leather.

“Scoot back and I’ll help you lean back.” He told me. As I started scooting back, I could feel my skirt riding up. Greg kept touching my thighs and grabbing my ass each time I lifted myself up to scoot back further. Finally, he put his hands on my back to help me lean back against what felt like the rest of whatever I was sitting on. A table maybe? Greg proceeded to grab one of my hands and start kissing my shoulder. He pulled off my scarf so I could watch him. He worked his way down, kissing my arm, my elbow, my wrist and then the palm of my hand. I smiled up at him. Then he wrapped my wrist in a soft cloth and proceeded to tie my arm above my head to a post that was positioned out from the table.

“Greg, honey, what’s that about?” I stuttered?

Greg didn’t respond. He took my other hand, slipped my blindfold off and licked my arm from one end to the other. He did the same procedure to that arm. I started getting nervous. Sensing my nervousness, Greg began kissing my neck and rubbing my hips. “It’s okay, Kat. Just trust me. Lay back and enjoy yourself. This will be one birthday you’ll never forget.” He rubbed my body as he went down to my feet and he slipped my shoes off. He took one foot and tenderly tied it up while staring into my eyes. I kept watching Greg. I trust him implicitly, but this was getting too, “OH MY GOD!” My body tensed up as a strange woman walked into the room.

“Hi, Greg,” she purred. “Your wife is gorgeous! I’m so glad you could join us this evening.”

“Greg, who the hell is this?” I glared at him.

Greg grabbed my only free leg and pried my legs apart to tie the other one up leaving me completely at his will. I realized for a split second that this was VERY similar to my dream last night. “This is Betty and she’s going to be playing with us tonight.”

“I’m sorry…playing with us? What the hell does that mean?” I asked with a look of shock on my face.

Betty grabbed a fistful of my hair and said, “Listen up, Kat. You have a lot to learn. Just lay there, watch, listen and do what you’re told.” Then she leaned in and placed her red glossy lips on my sheer trembling lips. She slipped her tongue between my lips, much like Greg was slipping his hand between my thighs. Not knowing what to do, I responded to Betty. She smelled good. She tasted good. This…felt good. What does this mean? What does this say about me? Just then, Betty ripped off my blouse and all worries and thoughts left my mind. She crawled up onto the table and straddled my hips. “You have beautiful tits.” Betty tells me. She lay down on top of me and started licking my breasts where they bulged above my bra line. Every once in a while she would nip at me with her perfect white teeth. She had her hands tangled in my long, blonde hair and was moaning my name. “Kat, have you ever been with a woman?” Betty stopped long enough to ask me.

“Um…no. I mean, I kissed my girlfriend once on a dare, but that’s all.” I managed to get out. It was killing me not being able to move. Greg had tied me up really tight. My arms and legs were pulled really taut. There was no room to even wiggle. Betty had sat up to ask me her question and now I could feel her butt cheeks grinding into my hips. She never sat still. She would move forward and backward and then side to side. I was beside myself. Even though I couldn’t decide how this whole thing made me feel yet, I could still feel my clit throbbing and my pussy getting wet.

“Well, today’s your lucky day, Kat.” Betty reached behind her and ran one long finger along my wet pussy. “Well, hello! You are one wet girl, aren’t you?” Betty started laughing. She scooted down my body until she was kneeling between my open legs. My skirt had already ridden up, but Betty took her time untying it and unlacing it all the way down until the entire skirt just lay open underneath me.

“Oh, God.” I moaned. The air hitting my already hot wetness made my stomach tighten.

“You came ready for me, didn’t canlı bahis siteleri you, honey?” Betty whispered against my dripping pussy. She took her beautiful fingers and spread my outer lips. Quick as that, she flicked her tongue out and hit my clit. Unable to control my response, I jerked against the restraints bringing my ass off the table. Betty started lapping at my juices, spending some extra time around my clit. My clit was so engorged that Betty didn’t even have to look for it. She gripped it with her teeth and rolled it around gently. I have never felt that feeling in my life. There was a touch of pain, but oh my god, the pleasure was unbelievable! I can’t recall ever being this wet. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that Betty was doing things I had never felt before, or if it was because this was a woman doing it to me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intense pleasure Betty was bringing me. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I struggled to rise above the thick clouds in my brain, I struggled because something else was going on. Was it, did that, how is it. I could feel multiple hands on my body. I opened my eyes and saw that Greg had shed his clothes and was rubbing my shoulders and arms. But who was rubbing my feet and legs? I tried to look around Betty, but couldn’t see. Finally, Betty sat up and slid off the table. There, standing next to her, the one rubbing on me, was a very tall gentleman. He, like Greg, had shed his clothes and was smiling at me.

“Hi there, pretty lady. My name’s Joe. You do have some beautiful legs, if I may say so.” He just kept on rubbing. His touch was like heaven. The thought of this scene was just overwhelming. My mind wasn’t really sure what to do with the fact that I was laying on a leather table, tied up, with no pants or underwear on and just a bra on top. Then there’s the fact that there are two naked men in the room rubbing on me both with raging hard-ons. AND, I might say that both of those hard-ons were VERY enticing. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Joe’s, although I felt like I was being rude.

“It’s okay, darlin’. He wants you as bad as you seem to want him.” Joe said to me once he caught my eyes glistening while staring blatantly at his rock hard knob.

“Oh, I, um, well… .” I couldn’t seem to find my words. Behind me, Greg just started laughing.

“Honey, just go with the flow. Enjoy yourself. It’s your birthday. Anything you want…it’s yours for the taking. Well…you’re tied up…so anything WE want is ours for the taking, but you get my drift.” He grinned at me and kissed me passionately.

I looked over and Betty had taken off her clothes, too. God, was she beautiful. She had perfect, natural tits with dark areolas. She had just a strip of red hair covering her mons pubis. She was…perfect. She walked over and dipped her head down to steal another kiss. When she did, her long red hair brushed across my stomach and chest. My nipples instantly hardened. Who knew I’d have this kind of response to a woman? Next thing I know, Betty stands up and I look up smiling at her. But she’s not smiling. And she had a long, shiny knife in her hand. “What are you doing?” I ask her?

“Shut up, Kat.” Betty motioned to Greg and Greg covered my mouth with a gag. What the hell is going on? I thought to myself. Just when I was trying to wrap my mind around this, they pull something like this?

Betty reaches up, the knife glinting dangerously in the overhead light. She slides it between my bra and my skin and next thing I know, the blade has sliced clean through my bra and my breasts spilled out causing both Betty and Joe to comment in appreciation. Betty pulled one taut nipple into her mouth and started sucking immediately. Joe walked around the table and grabbed my other tit in his hand and roughly took it into his mouth causing electrical shocks to run through my body. He alternated between biting and licking, sending completely fucked up messages to my cunt. I would get gushing wet and then he would bite me causing my ass to pucker up. But in a weird way, it felt really good. As this went on, I could feel my nipple getting raw. That created a whole new set of sensations.

Next thing I know, I felt Greg shove his rock hard cock into me full hilt. It was such a surprise to me, I cried out. Betty and Joe took this as a good sign and went after me with more gusto. While Greg was pumping in and out of me as fast as his hips would go, Betty was getting on the table and untying my mouth. She then straddled my face and encouraged me forward. Tentatively, I licked her pussy. It was surprisingly sweet. It was so hot and slick. I thought to myself, what the fuck? It’s my birthday! So I went after it full force. I buried my face in her beautiful pussy and started sucking on her clit. I flicked my tongue in and out of her hooded area and could feel her juices start to run down my chin. I could feel her squeezing her knees together and she was moaning out loud. Her head was thrown back and she was rubbing her tits while grinding her pussy into my mouth. “Oh, Kat, I’m going to cum…please don’t stop…please, oh yeah.” I felt her clit engorge and next thing I know, my face was flooded with her cum juices. “Oh fuck, yeah. You know how to make a girl happy.” Betty told me. She crawled off me and started untying me from my posts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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