Bethany Benton’s Birthday Surprise

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Bethany Benton’s Birthday SurpriseIt was Wednesday. That meant that we’d have Robert over for dinner again. Robert is a black man who’s supposed to be a friend of my parents, but I know that isn’t true. He’s been the only black man we’ve ever had visit us. Funny, I’ve Dad argues with Mom over Robert’s visits, and it always ends the same way—Robert comes to visit us anyway. I didn’t understand Mom’s insistence that Robert come to dinner on Wednesdays, or that we had to be home to have boring old dinner with them that day, but there it was.Mom is Deanna Benton—more accurately Mary Deanna Benton, but only Dad and Grandma call her that. Dad’s name is Joseph, but he’s always been Joe to the rest of the world.Mom came home from work and began to fix supper. Wednesday suppers were always something special for her, and today she decided to cook Mexican food again.”Bethany!” she hollered. “Would you bring your father’s clothes down here to wash them?”I yelled downstairs. “Why me?””Because I’m cooking.” Then there was a pause. “You don’t have to put them in the washer, just bring them down!””That’s the hardest part,” I called back.”You keep telling me you’re a big girl. I think you can handle it,” Mom replied. So I began to gather up the clothes in Dad and Mom’sroom. Then I saw some things that surprised me. Since when did Dad wear navy blue silken briefs? He’s always been a cotton briefs kind of guy—plain white too. Since when was Dad a size 36 waist? He was a little paunchy and most of his briefs were size 44. These briefs were more the sort of thing Robert would wear. But why would Robert leave his underwear here?All right, stop thinking like that. I shook my head and put the rest of the clothes in the basket. As I started to leave their room, I noticed the ankle bracelet, it barely hung out of Mom’s jewelry case, but I realized she’d never worn it around us before. I put down the laundry and opened her jewel case. She had two anklets. Wow, way to come into the twenty-first century, Mom! The first anklet had a heart with an inscription on it– the letters read D-E-A-N-N-A. I smiled. Then I picked up the second. It too had engraved letters on a matching heart. But these letters read R-O-B-E-R-T.What the hell? I put both ankle bracelets back in the jewel case. Deanna and Robert? It was then that I saw the corner of a single photograph—a Polaroid picture laying face down and hidden by Dad’s shaving kit which he takes with him on business trips. I pulled the picture carefully out from beneath the leather kit.It was a picture of Mom before she changed her hair color over the couple of months or so. It was also a picture of Robert. They were in some cheap motel room. He was buck naked and laying atop Mom who was also bare naked. There wasn’t too much I could see, but I paled anyway. I could sure as hell guess what must have been happening.No wonder Dad didn’t want Robert to come over for Wednesday dinner. Mom wasn’t just dating Robert, she was fucking him!But then who took the picture? No, it couldn’t have been Dad.I unzipped Dad’s shaving kit, and I discovered he had dozens of Polaroids rubber banded inside. I wanted to look at them all, but before I could, I saw Dad’s car pull up. “Bethany, your father’s home. Hurry up with that laundry!” “I’m coming!” I shouted. “Keep your pants on.” God, I don’t believe I said that. I packed the shaving kit back up and quickly hid the photo underneath it once again. Then I grabbed the small pile of laundry and hurried downstairs into the laundry room. Not long after Dad arrived, Robert pulled up into the driveway. He wasn’t as old as my Mom. She was forty years old. If he was less than ten years younger than her, I’d be surprised. He wasn’t even thirty yet. As I watched him get out of his car, I vowed there and then that tomorrow I’d look at those pictures for sure. Why did I have to put myself through this? Why the curiosity? I couldn’t answer that. But I had to know, didn’t I?”So, Bethany, your birthday’s coming up soon,” Dad said at dinner that night. “Anything special you want?”I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.””What are you going to be? Ninteen? Twenty?” Robert asked.”Stop it, Robert!” Mom said. “Don’t rush her. Let her enjoy her eighteenth birthday while she can.””It’s just that she always seemed older than her years,” he answered. “She’s very mature young lady.””Like Mary Deanna said, don’t rush her,” Dad added gruffly. “She’s growing up fast enough as it is.” I didn’t quite understand the underlying tone in his voice. It was almost like Dad was jealous.After dinner on Wednesday night they did what they always did on Wednesday night—sent us to our rooms. The boys didn’t like it, and neither did I. When the noises began, I slipped out to see if Robert had left. There was no sign of Robert downstairs. But, his car was still parked in front. I went down the side hall to see if Robert was sleeping in the guest room. His stuff was there, but he wasn’t.Apparently the only person downstairs was me. Dad wasn’t downstairs. Mom wasn’t downstairs. In fact, from the sounds of the moaning coming out of her bedroom, it was obvious that Mom was up there. As quietly as I could, I crept back upstairs.Carefully, I tried their bedroom door. Of course, it was locked. In the old days, you might peep through the keyhole, but we had modern doors, so that was out. But there was so much noise going on in the bedroom that they didn’t even realize that I’d tried the door handle. I put my ear up to the door.”You getting this, Joe?” Robert’s voice said. “You getting a good shot of your wife opening up under a big-dicked black man?”I just barely heard Dad grumble. “Yeah, I got it.”And all this time Mom was moaning like there was no tomorrow. “You may be Joe’s wife, Deanna Benton,” I heard Robert announce loudly. “But whose woman are you?”Then a small mousy voice said something I couldn’t hear.”Whose woman?” Robert demanded again.”Yours,” Mom replied. “I’m yours, Robert.””Damn right.”My God, I didn’t understand. But now I needed to see those photos more than ever. It would be the next day before I got my chance. As soon as I got home from school, I scouted out Mom and Dad’s room. Her nightie lay partially ripped on the floor tossed to one side. Last nights panties had been thrown in the waste basket. Jesus Christ, they were all dried up sticky in the crotch. What was that all about?I had to look at the pictures so I quickly made my way to Dad’s shaving kit. I knew Dad wouldn’t be home for another two and half, maybe three hours and since Mom always worked late on Thursday night — now I understood why!–he’d be the first one home other than the boys, and they’ll hang with their friends for a couple of hours after school.My own friends didn’t understand when I told them I had to go home, it was the first Thursday in a long time that I didn’t decide to go off with them. But, I told them I needed to clean the house for my parents, and not only did it stop them from asking, but it guaranteed that they’d stay away from my place for a while.The one picture underneath the shaving kit was gone. Did they know? I went ahead and unzipped the shaving kit anyway. Inside the shaving kit were a few dozen pictures held in place by a rubber band. I was so anxious that my hands shook as I undid the rubber band. I almost lost a few as the band snapped off.I literally gulped when I saw them. I couldn’t flip through them fast enough. There was Mom on her knees sucking Robert’s dick in one, and Robert with his head buried between Mom’s legs in another. In one shot she opened her mouth and eyes in sheer pain, while Robert bent behind her. For a second I didn’t get what was going on, then I understood. My eyes went wide, and my mouth had fallen open.”Omigod!” I whispered. His cock was huge, and he was sticking it in her butt! How could she?There were all sorts of photographs of Mom letting Robert take her–there! You know, in her vagina. She lay on her back, or she stood on all fours with her ass up in the air. He sat on the side of the bed, and she sat right across his lap. There was even one with Robert standing up, while Mom appeared to be wrapped all around him. Mom never looked so gloriously happy. No wonder he told her to say that she was his woman. By all appearances, Mom had gone happily into Robert’s arms. Worse yet, she’d happily allowed Robert to put his black dick inside of her. I knew that Daddy couldn’t be too happy about the whole situation. His wife was seeing–that is fucking another man, a black man, but why was he letting it happen in his own house?One photograph of Mom showed her lying next to Robert and she had an enormous amount of white liquid all over her loins. This shot was close enough that I could even see the little droplets in her pubic hair. Another one following it was shot even closer, plus I could see Robert’s long dick resting beside her, nestling into her hip.”Mom?” I didn’t even know I’d said it out loud until I heard my voice in the stillness. “Oh, God.”I whipped through all of them one more time. My eyes examined every inch I could of Robert’s body in those photos. No picture of a man–hell, no man had ever moved me like this before. Then I thought of something. Where was the shot I saw yesterday? I opened Daddy’s sock drawer and looked inside, then I afyon escort opened the drawers underneath it one at a time. The picture sat in a drawer down toward the bottom, but then I saw something that made matters more immediate. There were two video tapes stuck down inside that same drawer. They were labeled MDAF and HALLOWEEN.MDAF? That could only stand for one thing–Mary Deanna! I rushed the first tape downstairs and placed it in the VCR. Oh yeah, bad lighting, grainy–this was definitely homemade. Just like Aunt Jill’s wedding tape, only that tape had never gone this far. No, it had never gone this far! I watched Mom leaning against Robert while he slid a dark finger right up into her naked cunt, and soon she was on her knees in front of Robert slowly bringing him off with her mouth. When Robert told her to, Mom turned toward the camera and said, “Oh God, darling, I love sucking his big black cock! I can’t seem to get enough of it!””Open your throat baby,” Robert ordered. “You’re gonna take all of it before I’m through here.”When he came Robert spurted all over her face and hair and even her breasts.”Your wife is a damn good cocksucker. I oughta know. I taught her!”Breathing hard, I touched my own breasts as I watched. Robert’s stiff cock dipped down for a few seconds, and then as he licked Mom’s pussy he made himself hard again. He was so impressive, I had to touch myself for just a second. I ached–oh, God, did I ache. When my fingers hit the fleshy outer rim of my pussy, I felt better, and I felt worse.Wouldn’t this jittery, aching feeling ever go away?I continued to watch, and soon I saw and heard Mom ask Dad if he’d ask Robert to fuck her. He had to ask or Robert wouldn’t give Dad his anniversary present. Yeah, I was confused all right. This was crazy–absolutely crazy. Then the strangest thing happened.”I think you’re ready now for this black cock, aren’t you Mary Deanna?” Robert said.”Oh yes! I’m ready for it.” Mom answered.”Tell him like I told you to tell him,” Robert quietly ordered. “And look at him when you do it!”Mom looked directly into the camera and said, “Fuck my cunt! Give me your big beautiful black cock. Put that hunk of black cock-meat in me. Please! Please, fuck me.”Robert retorted, “You want me to fuck your white cunt with your husband watching us? Do you baby?””Yes! Yes please! I want you to fuck me with my husband watching. I want him to see how a black man fucks his white wife!””Wow,” I whispered, totally fixated on the screen.”Tell him the rest of it,” Robert directed.Mom, still looking into the camera, said, “Ask him to fuck me, darling. I want you to give him your permission to fuck me in front of you.” Then after a pause, she said, “And say please.””Robert. Y-you have my p-permission to fuck my wife. Right here. Right now. There was a short pause. Then Dad said, “Pl-please fuck Mary Deanna.””Whoa!” I sighed.I’d just heard Dad ask Robert to fuck his wife–I mean to fuck my mother! I couldn’t believe it. “OK, buddy, Robert sneered. “I’ll fuck your white wife and give her the best fucking she ever had. So pay attention and you might learn something. But when I get done with her she won’t be wanting your tiny white cock anymore!”Turns out this was the video of the very first time Mom and Robert fucked. Of course, it wasn’t to be the last time. Or the last video.I kept looking at Robert’s body all that a****l-like masculinity fit him. He didn’t mind standing there naked or in this case laying on top of the bed naked. He didn’t mind that his ass bounced up and down all the while Mom groaned louder and louder. Then with a grunt and a scream, I could tell that the situation between Mom and Robert had changed. “Darling, look at me!” Mom commanded. “Darling, is this what you wanted?”I could hear Robert’s moaning and Dad’s heavy breathing.”Look at your wife, darling,” she purred. “Here I am totally naked before you. My legs are spread wide and a big pricked black stud is fucking my cunt with his long thick black cock.””Go, Mom,” I whispered. At that moment I saw Robert slowly worm his thumb into my mother’s ass-hole.”See how easy it glides in and out of my hot wet white woman’s pussy. Isn’t it wonderful, darling? Don’t you just love this? This is what you wanted isn’t it? A black man fucking your wife!””Jesus fucking Christ!” Dad blurted out. Then he added very softly. “Y-yes, my love this is exactly what I wanted!” “Happy Anniversary, Darling!” Then Mom went ballistic. First she sighed on the tape, “I’m cumming.” Her voice went higher and louder. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” Then she literally screamed, “Oh, fuck me, Robert. Don’t stop fucking me. Fuck me all night! Fuck me. Fuck me. “Then with a squeal she cried out, “Fffuckkk meeee.”Robert’s balls had been slapping against my Mom’s wet ass. Now they’d shrunk up into the sack and his ass muscles were bunched up tight. He was close to cumming himself. I don’t know how I knew that, but I did.Mom screamed out once more.Robert pulled his thumb from my Mom’s asshole and with a strong convulsive thrust, and a loud grunt, he dumped his load into her. The camera showed his nut sack contracting time and time again as his black balls pumped warm, sperm deep into my Mom’s hot, wet and oh-so-willing white cunt.”Holy fucking shit!” Dad shouted out loud. Then there was a murmur of despair. “He’s not using a condom.”Dad yelled something off-camera. And Robert slowly rolled off of Mom leaving a trail of white liquid all over her loins, her thighs, and the bed. Mom’s hands went right to the liquid and she played in it running one, then two, then all her fingers slowly through her pussy.”Oh, my,” she said. But instead of getting up in a panic, Mom just laid there and slipped her fingers in and out of her white caked hole. I realized I was doing pretty much the same thing, when I heard noises outside on the porch.The boys were home. Damn! I had to get the tape out of there fast. No time to rewind, maybe I could rewind it tomorrow. I rushed the tape upstairs and put it away as close to how it looked prior to my taking out as I could manage. My own panties were soaked from all the visuals I saw. Oh, God, were they soaked.Oh, yeah, I thought, visuals of Robert. Something about Robert made my mommy turn into his property, and something else made Daddy give her up to Robert. What was Robert’s secret? I realized that I wanted to find out, and I also realized that I wanted to find out soon.On Friday, Mom gave me money to go to the movies with my girlfriends. She was all dressed up and planning to go out on the town. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, so I carefully scrutinized the short skirt she wore for visible pantie lines. There weren’t any–which would figure if she wore the right kind of pantyhose. But, she wasn’t wearing any. She also wore both ankle bracelets on the same leg—the left leg. “Mom, if you have two ankle bracelets, why not wear one on each leg?” “This is the new style,” she replied. “It sort of has a special meaning.””Really? What’s that?””Aren’t you going to be late for your movie?” she replied.The change of subject wasn’t too subtle now, was it?Mom usually told us she was going to visit a friend. Funny though, I realized that this friend wanted no bra, no panties, no pantyhose, and a couple of anklets that said “Deanna” and “Robert.” Now I think I understood why Dad was so unhappy when she went to visit her friend. We both knew the identity of her friend, only I didn’t let on that I knew.My mother left in her convertible, and that was it for Friday night. She always came back from her visits with her “friend” late. Late–like Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. One time she spent the whole weekend with her “friend.”I went off to the movies to see something full of sorcery and magic. I tried to convince my friends to see a romance, but they thought I was crazy. They wanted to see the magical blockbuster instead. But, as I watched the movie, I kept dreaming about the magic that my white mother was making with a black masculine sorcerer named Robert. I’d seen his magic wand, and I knew that he could wield it with potent strength.On Saturday, Dad went golfing, and my brothers took off. I had the opportunity to rewind that videotape–except I didn’t. I continued to watch the saga of my mother and Robert in the motel.”Tell him where you want me to fuck you now!” Robert said to Mom on tape.Mom looked at the spot off camera where Dad stood, and said in a throaty but clear voice, “I want you to sodomize my ass. I want you to fuck my asshole Robert. Please. Fuck my ass.”I think I blushed when I heard her say those words. “Did my mother just say that?”But I could see the pain on her face. She grunted and moaned as his large shaft stretched her.”Big. Too big! It hurts,” Mom cried. “Ooowww…can’t take it all.””You’ll take it lady,” Robert told her. “You’ll take every inch of my cock in your ass.” His thrusting began to increase in tempo and Mom’s discomfort and pain soon turned to arousal. I saw her pushing back to meet in incoming thrusts, and grunting with increased pleasure as his cock plowed her rectum. Soon she was making those throaty noises as her body climaxed again and again spewing her love cum from her open snatch.”God I love ass fucking a white woman,” Robert said looking off camera. “Especially escort afyon in front of her husband!”Damn! I thought. My mom is having an orgasm as she is being butt fucked by Robert. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I was seeing it myself.”Oh, baby! I just love filling a white wife’s ass with my jizz,” Robert said as he looked at the camera. “It’s the ultimate thing to take from her.”Mom lay on her back and spread her legs, she rubbed her pussy and fingered herself as Robert moved up to her head and placed his slime covered Cock into her mouth. Without hesitation, considering where it had just been, my mother licked and tongued his softening cock, cleaning it for him. Then, slowly Robert crawled back on top of Mom. He wanted to fuck her once again.As she moved very slowly under Robert, my Mom turned back to my father, and said, “Do you love me darling?””Why yes, of course I do, Mary Deanna,” Dad replied, although I heard the tremor in his voice..”Even after what you saw me do tonight with Robert?” she pressed. “Things I never did with you?”There was a long enough pause for me to mutter. “Well, Dad. Do you?””Y-yes, honey. I still love you. Even after what I saw you do with Robert tonight.”A thankful look spread over her face. Then she said, “Who am I?””Why you’re my wife, honey,” Dad answered on the tape.”Yes, I am your wife, darling, and what am I to Robert?”On tape, Dad wrinkled his forehead. “Umm, you’re the one he just fucked. His…uhh…mistress.””Yes, I am his mistress, now! But what else am I?” Mom inquired again.”I don’t know,” Dad confessed.Mom looked into Robert’s face and eyes. Smiling, she said, “I am his woman!”I was shocked to hear her say it. Apparently Dad was too. “No, you’re not. You’re my wife, Mary Deanna, my woman!” Shaking her head on camera, Mom said, “No, you are wrong, Joe. Not anymore. Tonight I am still your wife. But I am his woman! She kissed Robert’s mouth, frenching him passionately. Looking back to Dad she said, “Darling, I know it’s hard for you to accept, but no female can be the woman of another man and do what I did with Robert. What I am going to do again with Robert!”I exhaled and sat listening to her stunned. She felt this way two months ago about Robert. She’d had over two months of sheer sexual excitement. Funny, although Dad can turn figures and keep a balanced budget, I knew instinctively that he wasn’t good enough to hold onto mom in bed. Strange. Why did I feel that way?I knew that Dad’s golf game wouldn’t last forever, although I could count on my brothers to stay away for a while. Still I decided to rewind the tape. Of course, I wondered if anyone besides my Dad and Mom and probably Robert have ever seen this. I decided to look through the photos again. This time I matched most of the photos with a scene from the video.Jeez, what’s on the second tape? Halloween? Suddenly I heard one of my brothers come in the back door. The sound scared me, but I took a deep breath and put the rubber band back around the pictures.For about two months, Mom’s been different, and now I knew why. She’d discovered that the true love of her life had a black cock. Man, would Grandpa Benton hate that. Good thing he won’t find out.I went downstairs to fix lunch for my brother, but all the time I was spreading mayonnaise on white bread, all I could think about was a large dark piece of beef. Funny though, I suddenly knew what I wanted for my eighteenth birthday.On Monday morning before she went off to work, Mom threw up. I asked her if she had the flu, and she said the strangest thing: “Lord, I hope so.”She got better by Monday night, but Tuesday morning she felt sick again. “Listen, Bethany, don’t tell your father or…uh…Robert that I’ve been feeling queasy in the morning, OK?”I shrugged. “Sure, if that’s what you want.””Let’s just keep it our little secret.”***On Wednesday, Robert came to supper as usual. He started to tease me about my upcoming birthday and my idea for a gift.”All right, Bethany, have you decided what you really want?””I guess I want a little of what my mother is getting,” I answered.”What?” he looked at me rather strange. “Y-you want what?””You know,” I said with a smile. “She’s got those beautiful gold ankle bracelets. That’s what I’d like.””Aha,” Robert said guardedly. “You’d like an ankle bracelet?””Mom has two of them, and she won’t let me wear either one.””She won’t, eh?””Nope,” I replied. “So with any luck maybe I can get one of my own. Maybe you’d like to give me one.””Bethany, do you know which ankle you’d like to wear them on?”I thought about when my mother left the house wearing ankle bracelets. “I hadn’t really thought about it,” I lied. “Probably the left.”I caught Robert by surprise. “The left?””Yeah,” I answered. “I think so. Do you think the left is a good idea?”Robert smiled. “I think it’s a great idea.”Thursday, I skipped my last class to go home sick. I didn’t know if it would work, but it did. I pulled the Halloween tape from its box and put it in, this tape was much different than the other. It was edited and titled: An Angel’s Gang Bang featuring Mary Deanna Benton.Holy shit!As the camera irised up from black, two naked black men stood beside Mom who was dressed nearly naked in a costume which had a halo and a set of wings, but was totally see-through otherwise. Slowly the camera exchanged shots of the men and Mom. Their cocks were hanging semi soft and were as black as coal. Then Robert stepped forward to narrate. “I want you to meet Mary Deanna Benton who’s married to a real cracker named Joseph Benton of Benton Manufacturing. Tonight Deanna is going to get her very first gang bang fucking. My two imps are gonna put some pitchforks right inside this angel.” At this the two black guys on camera began touching Mom. One of them fondling her breasts, groping her ass and running their hands between her legs. I was really trembling in anticipation for Mom.It didn’t take a psychic to see that Mom had never had more than one man doing her at a time. This was surreal—frightening, I could see that in her face, but very erotic, too! I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about Mom being fucked by these men. I got very tense watching the events unfold. They put Mom on a bed propped up on all fours. One black man stood in front of her and stuck his cock in her face. She opened her mouth so he could feed his shaft between Mom’s lips. The second man one put his face against her vagina and started to lick and finger her. I watched his tongue shoot out and grind itself into her pussy.”Wow,” I murmured. “Jesus, Mom.”Mom’s body responded as the pussy-licker began to excite her. She began sucking the other guy’s cock in earnest. I could tell she found it very pleasant to have a cock in her mouth while another tongue plied her pussy. “Enjoy the show everyone,” Robert said. “Especially you, Deanna.” Then he walked out of the room, and I saw Mom begin to panic. She wanted him there. Suddenly Mom shifted as a hard cock pressed against her labia. The camera got a perfect shot as it cleaved between them. I watched enraptured as it slipped into Mom slowly, very slowly. I gasped involuntarily at the same time Mom did on videotape. Mom became very aroused as her inhibitions against two different sex partners crumbled. I could tell she was enjoying the feeling. Mom could be a real slut.One man groaned slightly, while the other one said, “Not bad eh, lady?” “Umm-mm,” she said, as she put more effort into sucking the cock in her mouth and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of cum. No sooner had he pulled out than a third cock was offered to her mouth. Then with a grunt, the cock fucking her let go and shot sperm into her pussy.It was rapidly replaced by another new cock. Robert sent new men in as soon as one blew his load in her. First one then another, and then even more, until a nasty voice spoke in the microphone loud enough for everybody to hear: “Hello, Mrs. Benton. You don’t know me, but your husband does. He got me fired. But I am getting even now. I am fucking his ‘devoted and proper wife’, and he doesn’t even know. But he will!”For what seemed like hours she endured fuckings that were dog style, missionary, Mom- on-top, every which way. I couldn’t keep track of how many men Robert sent to her. I only knew she was getting royally fucked. I was hot, too. For some reason, I was turned on with the idea of so many men fucking her. Mom came many times. Sometimes screaming, sometimes whimpering, sometimes she talked hot and nasty when they did. Other times she remained silent.”Oh, man,” I said wide eyed and panting right along with her.I only knew Mom was thoroughly enjoying this gangbang. I remember they supered letters right over one particular cock. The letters read “11+ inches.” He was huge. I guessed he was even thicker than Robert. Each time Mom came down on it, she made a face. He had to be really, really deep.As the fucking got hotter, a third pair of hands started touching her. Mom was straddling a well hung black guy when number three touched her everywhere and eventually moved behind her to position himself to shoved his ebony penis against her asshole.Now I could see that Mom was nearing sensory overload. She had a cock in her mouth, another in her pussy, fucking her wildly, and a third trying to enter her ass. Soon his cock disappeared afyon escort bayan right in her butthole. I realized that she’d become the recipient of a triple penetration! Mom screamed loudly, or as loud as she could with a big dick in her mouth. “God, yessss! Fuck me! It feels so good!”Through the course of the evening Mom had been fucked by 12 men. I admit I went back and counted. Each man had cum in her multiple times–in all of her holes. Mom had been very well used, even submitting to three triple penetrations. At the very end, Robert stood Mom in front of a mirror. She had rashes all over her from her body being used by so many men. “Look at you,” Robert said to the camera. “Your pussy’s so swollen, it’s bright red. And you’ve got cum, jism, semen, and sperm everywhere! In your mouth, on your face, in your hair, on your eyebrows and in your ears.”Mom looked up at Robert and she began to tear up. “Deanna’s pubic hair is soaked and matted with sperm. Her pussy and ass are dripping with the full loads of a dozen different men.” “I’d say that you have the glow that only a very thoroughly fucked woman might have.”There the tape ended.It was Tuesday again. Tomorrow would be Wednesday and I needed to get a private note to Robert. Mom had been throwing up every morning probably six out of seven mornings per week. I wondered how she covered it when she stayed the night with Robert? Pretty soon I’d have to ask her.I sat in class on Tuesday and I composed a note for Robert—actually I wrote five of them until I was sure that one of them was absolutely right. My final note read: Dear Robert, I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I know what I want for my birthday. No matter what my parents think, eighteen is not too young to find love. I want the same love my mother has. The very same kind of love. She has a secret she has been hiding from you and from Dad, so you’ll need to meet me some place and some time alone–no mom–no friends–and I will tell you that secret. Afterwards you can do something for me. Love, Bethany Benton.I wrote my cell phone number at the bottom of the note. “I have some ideas for my birthday gift listed here,” I told him in the living room as I slipped him the note. “But as they say in the spy movies this is for your eyes only.”I got his call the next day. “There’s a place I want you to see,” he told me. “It isn’t special to the rest of world, but it carries a lot of significance for me.”We agreed to meet at the mall. “Look at you?” Robert broke into a big smile when he saw the black velvet chocker with the cameo. I raised my left foot and showed him the ankle chain. “I borrowed this from Mom.””Is that so?” He gazed down my leg in appreciation of my shape.”It’s the one that says ‘Robert.'”Again his wide lips opened up to show his white teeth. Of course, I think his teeth were the only thing that was white about him. “Here,” he said. He handed me a small white box. I opened the little birthday gift I got from Robert, I looked down at two lovely golden chains—ankle bracelets I knew right away. One of them had the inscription “Bethany” on it, and the other said “Robert.””They’re–” I shook my head. “They’re beautiful.”The Robert drove me to a small motel well off the main highway. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew. “This is the place where you made the first tape!””Ah,” Robert said. “So you know about Mary Deanna’s Anniversary Fuck. Yes, this is the very same room where that video was shot.””Wow,” I said in a small voice. I walked around the room inspecting everything about it.In a matter of moments, Robert took off all his clothing piece by piece. In life and up close, his black dick was even more impressive than it looked on the TV screen.”Are-are you going to use a condom?” I asked him quietly–very quietly.Robert grinned. “No. I never use condoms. Your note said you wanted the same kind of love your mother has. I never use a condom with her.””Then that’s why–” I whispered.”That’s why what?”I looked up at him. “I-I’ll tell you afterwards.”I took my clothes off. But he signaled that I was to leave the choker and cameo and my ankle bracelet on.”Did you ask around to find out why you wear your ankle bracelet on your left foot?”I shook my head no.”Then I’ll tell you when the time is right.” “Am I OK, Robert?” “What?” “I mean, am I pretty?””Honey, with your clothes off, you are one sweet sight for any man to see.” He placed his palm upon my shoulder. “C’mere.” As I walked into his big, strong arms, I whispered to him, “I don’t know what to do?””I know. Don’t worry about it. I’ll do it all for you.”I don’t know quite how it happened. All I remember is standing up one second and then being lifted off the floor the next.”What’s gonna happen now?” I whispered.”We’re gonna make a little girl into a woman,” he replied.I’m afraid it all went so fast for me.Robert moved his hands to the back of my knees and pushed the top of my thighs up to my shoulders. My pussy was almost vertical and I later found out that it was in an attitude for maximum penetration. I could feel the lips of my vulva swell with blood and hyper sensitivity. Suddenly something thick and huge moved against my pussy and I felt myself stretched like I’d never been stretched before.”This part is gonna hurt, sweetheart,” Robert said as he stood over me. “But it’s the last time you’ll ever be hurt this way by a man.”Suddenly, I knew pain! A ripping burning pain that turned me inside out for a second. I must have screamed.”Shh-shh,” he murmured. “It’ll stop in a moment.”It did. But it took longer than a moment.Then he moved!At first, I didn’t understand why he continued to move in and out. But each new thrust brought me closer and closer to something that was so spectacular I didn’t know how to describe it. Curiously, he continued pressing in and out of my loins and each time it was easier than the time before. I sighed and gasped and panted under his weight. Now he steadily increased the speed of his thrusts until he was ramming his shaft full length into me–fucking me hard, fast and deep. His rapid fucking had brought me to the brink of something I didn’t expect. His cock hyper extended although I didn’t know it at the time, and he shoved his way deep inside of me. Squirming now, then bucking my hips up and down trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts. I remembered Mom thrashing her head back and forth on the bed, her hands running over his back. Her long fingernails digging into his back leaving long dark scratches and deep marks in his ebony skin. Now I finally understood why.I gasped so hard, I could hardly breathe.”Tell me, Bethany,” Robert said calmly. “Tell me the secret you wanted to tell me about your mother.” Then he stopped cold. Even though he was still deep inside me, Robert stopped moving.”What?” I squirmed, trying to keep him going.”Unless you tell me your mother’s secret, we’re going to stop right here and now.”No, my mind said. No! “Keep going! Please?””Tell me.””I think Mom’s pregnant,” I said. “She’s been throwing up in the morning.”Robert started to move once again, and my body craved the relief. As long as he moved inside me, the release of my pent up tension could move further forward. “Oh,” I gasped in relief. “Thank God.””God ain’t got nothing to do with it,” he groaned. “It all boils down to the flash point between you and me.” Then he thrust deep within me one more time. “Right here.”I breathed hard, panting two, then three, then four times. “T-tell me,” I panted. “Tell me about the ankle chains.”Robert laughed. “Oh Bethany, Bethany, Bethany. It’s no secret. The ankle chains on the left ankle mean that you fuck black men only.”I grinned. Then I slurred a long, “Ooohh.””Do you know what comes next?” he murmured. “Do you know what I have to do?””I think so,” I answered. “You have to–“”That’s right, I have to mark you as mine,” Robert answered, as he moved ever faster inside me. “Because you’re mine to mark. Your mother’s going to have a baby which may or may not be mine, but for a month or so, the only man you’re going to have is me. Do you understand?”I nodded.”So when you have that first black baby, we both know who the father will be. Won’t we?”My mouth dropped open. “Ba-baby?””Mmm-hmm,” Robert repeated. “Your baby is going to be my baby. Do you understand?”Once again, I nodded.”Oh, yes,” Robert laughed and his laughter filled me with both a trembling delight and a fearful moment of anticipation. “It’s really very simple. You’re going to have a baby brother or sister who’s half black. And Deanna and Joe are gonna have a half black grandbaby. Do you understand, Bethany?”I whimpered. “Oh!””Do you understand what I’m saying, Bethany Benton?”I nodded. “Yes.””Good. I’m glad we got that straight.” Suddenly Robert started to breathe unbelievably hard, and, as he brought himself down closer to me, I could feel a throbbing deep inside that matched the panting and gasping of his chest. “Oh, yes!” he cried out. “There. There we are!” Robert grunted a prolonged feverish grunt. “Arrgghh.” Everything went wet between Robert and me. But it was a curious wet. It was a wetness that I could feel, yet could not see. It was a stickiness that I knew was there, just under the surface. It was an itch that I realized only Robert could scratch.The wetness seeped quickly outward. Please scratch the itch once more, I thought. Please!”It probably won’t happen today or even tomorrow,” said Robert, breathing hard. “But the time will come later this month when we’ll have to tell Deanna and Joe how much their little girl has grown.”END

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