Best Bus Ride Ever

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It was a Normal day for one Nancy Pierce. She was on her way home from her job as a Book publisher. It was a good job and she truly enjoyed it. Unfortunately her, her firm had been unusually busy lately, and she had been unable to spend time with her Family. While this did not affect her or her family too much, there was a small problem.

Nancy has been without sex now for about two weeks. For Nancy this was unusual, for since she had gotten married her and her husband had only gone without lovemaking for the briefest periods, with Nancy being pregnant being the only Time they had not been involved in traditional sex.

Nancy of course wasn’t thinking about this at the moment, as she was walking to the bus stop that would take her home.

Now before we continue, let me tell you a little bit about Nancy. Nancy is the kind of woman who because of her age and weight, thought herself unattractive. This was despite the fact that more than a few people thought otherwise.

As for Nancy’s appearance, she was about 5’7, and hundred & 60 pounds. Now some of that weight could be found in her slightly protruding stomach. This was the result of excess baby weight that she for some reason just could not lose.

Her breasts were remarkably firm despite her age, being a 36 B cup in Size. Despite her slightly protruding stomachs she had a remarkably slender waste. However the excess of her weight could be found in her ass and thighs. These were the parts of her body that she was self-conscious about. After three kids her hips just seemed to protrude out insisting on not disappearing. As for her Ass, it was rather large, truly standing out. each cheek was about the size of small bowling ball.

Onto her hair,, which was A nice shade of auburn and styled in a bun. As for her face, it was rather petite, and her eyes were lovely shade of sea foam green.

Next we will move on to her clothes, which today consisted A cream colored pair of pants, and A white dress shirt. There was nothing remarkable about the shirt, the pants on the other hand were extremely thick and tight, to ensure that her ass didn’t jiggle too much, and to not expose shape of her underwear.

Speaking of her underwear, currently she was wearing A blue and green frilly push-up bra. As for her panties, they matched the bra. She wore these particular panties, and others like them to try and help in containing her large gluteus Maximus, while in reality all it really did was make her Ass stand out even more.

Currently Nancy wasn’t in a hurry, she still had 30 minutes until her bus arrived, and only another Half a block to go.

There was an alley she passed every day, it was uninteresting and Normal as far as alleys go. Just as casino şirketleri she was about to pass the alley however, she heard a low Moan. Now Nancy wasn’t the curious sort, but today she couldn’t help but feel the need to look. She’s slowed down and began to peer into the alley. What she saw shocked her beyond belief.

In the alley she saw two people fucking. She couldn’t believe it, Nancy wasn’t by any means naïve, but she simply couldn’t believe that two people would go about doing that in public.

Embarrassed, she decided to just move on, and continued on her way to the bus stop. However, despite being slightly disgusted by the public display, she couldn’t help but be reminded of the fact that she hadn’t been touched in such a manner by her husband in over two weeks. Subconsciously she began to think about it, and as a result the area between her legs began to Moisten.

Eventually she finally made it to the bus. Lucky for her the wait was not long. As she got on she noticed that the only seats available were in the back, so she headed that way. And she moved along she couldn’t help but take note of the only one other passenger was sitting in the back. It was a man, maybe in his mid-30s.

He had a round face, and was wearing a pair of black rimmed square lens glasses. Despite the fact that it was early October he was still wearing flip-flops.

The rest of his clothing consisted Black T-shirt, A black snowboarding jacket with brightly colored patterns covering the arms and sides. His pants were a worn out pair blue jeans, and on his head was a black fedora with three metal stars attached to the left side.

He was also wearing jewelry, as there was an odd smiley face Pendent around his neck, along with a pocket watch that had an Oriental Dragon on it. There were also rings on his fingers, one for each finger. Finally in his right ear was an earring that resembled a jack-o’-lantern.

The man had a rather vacant expression on his face as he looked out the bus window, but despite this Nancy could see the sense of mischief going on behind his bright blue eyes. As she got closer she noticed other odds details, such as the fact that the Man had letters tattooed on all his fingers except for his thumbs, and had a silver stud protruding from his right nostril.

By the time Nancy had reached the back of the bus, her reasonably paced walk had to practically come to a crawl as she observed her fellow passenger. She had slowed so much, that by the time she actually reached the back, the bus had begun to move again. It Was due to this that something that Nancy would later consider both a blessing and a curse would occur.

For you see, just as Nancy was about to sit down the bus was in casino firmaları full motion again, and because of this Nancy ended up losing her balance and landed, almost perfectly, in the man’s lap.

The man being caught off guard, reacted by putting his hands on Nancy’s hips. It took Nancy a couple seconds to realize what had happened, and when she finally did she immediately stiffened. This was due to the horror, the absolute mortification, that she was currently sitting in a man’s, lap on a public bus, who wasn’t even her husband. However after another couple seconds she realized, that it was just an accident and all she had to do is get off the man’s lap and apologize.

Now finding the situation almost funny, Nancy chuckled and said “Sorry, I hope my Big ass didn’t crush you.” It took a second before the man responded, and when he did he said “No problem, it’s not every day that an attractive woman falls right into your lap”.

Nancy simply chuckled at this and made to get up, until she realized she couldn’t, as the man’s hands were firmly grasping her thighs. Getting a little worried but not yet up to the point of panicking, she asked “what are you doing?”

And this time the man answered promptly “like I said, it’s not every day and attractive woman falls right into your lap.”

Now Nancy was panicking. And her mind she was asking, what was he going to do? Here? On this public bus? Soon her mental questions were answered, as a man began moving his pelvis back and forth, while at the same time squeezing her meaty hips.

Despite her fear, Nancy was feeling embarrassed, so embarrassed in fact that she couldn’t call for help on the nearly crowded bus. The main reason being that the moisture that had been building between her legs earlier that she ignored had begun to return, this time stronger. This man who was not her husband, was causing these feelings, these feelings that made her feel both numb with pleasure, and stiff with uncomfortableness at the same time.

As the man continued to move his pelvis, Nancy was feeling extremely conflicted. While she felt this was wrong, she also felt that this could be the relief she was looking for, all the stress, tension, and pent-up sexual frustration she felt in the last two weeks could be gotten rid of here n now, on her bus home. For her it felt like an eternity, but the decision was finally made for her when the bus hit pothole, and as a result jumped, sending what had been the man’s growing erection firmly between her cheeks with so much force, that Nancy nearly burst. Because of this, she gave in.

To show that she was now on bored, Nancy began moving her ass up and down, and for a moment, the man stopped. Despite their situation and güvenilir casino the extremely high risk of being caught, Nancy nearly screamed at the man to continue. Lucky for them both, the man did before Nancy could yell.

The dry humping session went on for quite a while until finally something changed. The man once again stopped and before Nancy could react he lifted her slightly off his lap, Took one hand off her hip and unzipped his pants, unleashing the beast that had been growing there for the last 20 minutes.

Seeing where he was going, Nancy decided to help him along by taking her own hands, undoing her own pants. while she didn’t slip them down, she did manage to uncover her backside, giving him access to her most private areas. Seeing what she had done, the man did not hesitate, and thrust his throbbing manhood right into her cunt. This caused her the gasp, and luckily it was low enough that nobody noticed. This was good because the man also didn’t hesitate to continue rusting his meat stick again and again.

Nancy couldn’t believe how bold he was, and she liked it. While certainly not a prude, she never been all that adventurous when it came to sex. Being here, now, in this situation, she was feeling more pleasure than she ever had from plain old lovemaking with her husband.

Soon it seemed like this would How it would be for the rest of the rid. That was when he decided to go even further, and Took his hands off Nancy’s hips, and and instead placed them on to her breasts. This only increased the high-intensity feeling surging through Nancy, all the way from the base of her skull Down to her toes. It was absolute ecstasy.

Soon Nancy began to feel the beginning of what would be her greatest orgasm ever. And despite the dangers, she did not remove herself from the man’s penis, instead only forcing herself onto it with more intensity and force. Surprisingly just as she came, he did to.

It truly was the greatest orgasm she had ever had, and for a moment she was in paradise.

When she finally opened her eyes again, she noticed that she was seconds away from her stop, and so with impressive speed she jumped to her feet, and pulled up her panties and pants in record time. She did not that look at her onetime lover, she’s simply grabbed her purse and got off the bus. Just as she got off, she felt compelled to turn to the bus, and so she did. What she saw was the man looking out at her with a big smirk on his face, and he winked.

She couldn’t look away, no matter how much she wanted to. She only lost eye contact with him once the bus finally drove away. Coming back to reality, it was finally clear what she’d done, and surprisingly, she felt no shame. She simply smiled and felt relieved that it was finally over, and that she could go at least another two weeks without sex.

As she walked the rest of the way home, she couldn’t help but think about suggesting to her husband about taking A bus ride.


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