Ben is Kept Under Control Ch. 01

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I was always a follower not a leader, preferring to be told what to do by those more assertive than I. In school I’d been a well-behaved boy who never disobeyed the teachers and at work I was always happiest when being given direction; I yearned for approval, especially from older men.

After losing my virginity with a bang as soon as I got to college in 1970, I spent many nights during the rest of my university career looking for and eagerly submitting to a series of dominating older men who liked to tie up, beat and fuck submissive bottom boys like me.

I was more than happy with the sexual component of my life, but since other things weren’t going so well, I decided to take up a job offer and emigrate to Canada, landing up in Toronto in the summer of 1973.

Being twenty-three and living on my own in a new country and new city was both challenging and exciting; a new city, a new home, a new job, new friends, new ways of speaking, new sports to follow; a whole new lifestyle. After I’d settled down, I looked around to see where I’d fit into the Toronto gay scene.

In those days I was as skinny as male models look now, with my 160 pounds stretched thinly over the six feet of my wide-shouldered body. I had a firm, meaty bum, bright blue eyes, a Freddie Mercury moustache and dark brown hair, which I kept short even in those long-haired days.

I didn’t like my big sticking-out ears, my pale white skin or the almost total lack of hair on my skinny body; nothing on my chest and just a wispy trail leading down from the navel to the growth around my groin. I felt OK about my big balls and my dick though; it was uncut, a rarity in circumcision-crazy post-war North America; the guys who thought a foreskin was weird and disgusting were balanced by the ones who wanted to play with something new!

From what I could see at the baths or in bed, I had few reasons to feel ashamed of its length; it certainly wasn’t one of the biggest, around, but there were lots smaller. Plus, it seemed to stay almost permanently hard; I was twenty-three, but my cock was still behaving like a randy teenager’s.

With so much else changing in my life, I decided to try a new role in my gay life as well. Looking around and not knowing how to find a Canadian version of the older dominating men I preferred, I started to spend time with guys my own age, many of whom were hot and sexy and fun to socialize with.

The problem came when all those hungry bottom boys saw the permanently hard dick in my pants and mistook me for a new young top on the scene! My dick rarely failed me but topping young guys, however cute, really wasn’t my thing. I was left unsatisfied and unhappy until an evening with one of those passive-aggressive bottoms led me back into the role that my submissive nature intended.

The boy in question was a nice guy called David who lived in a small apartment on the fifteenth floor of a downtown apartment building. He was five years older than me, a clean-shaven blond, roughly my height but heavier than me, with a good-sized dick and an insatiable asshole. I’d been going with him for about a month, long enough to know that all he wanted was to be fucked; he’d lie on his stomach happy as a clam while my ever-ready dick pumped away and then came up his ass.

That was always the way with guys like him; I was doing the fucking, but they were really in charge. He never offered to fuck me with that nice-looking dick of his; I rarely even got to suck it! The sex was boring, but I hung around because he was otherwise a nice guy and a fun person to be out with. And after all it was a guaranteed way of getting off at the end of the evening!

I was going through the motions with him waiting for a firm hand to remind me of my place on ladder of dominance and one hot, sticky Saturday night in September of that first year in Toronto, that person entered my life.

David and I had gone out dancing and drinking, getting back to his place sometime after midnight. As usual, he pulled me into the bedroom for a quick fuck, and after a few minutes of hard pumping I came up his ass, satisfying him for the time being. As it was such a hot, muggy evening, he suggested we shouldn’t bother putting our clothes back on, and just sit outside on the balcony to cool off.

His apartment was up on the fifteenth floor and it was a moonless night; with all the interior lights turned off, no one could see us as we sat naked in the wet heat, drunkenly talking about the guys we’d mooned over and the music we’d danced to. However, it wasn’t long before he got his “itch” back, and he started kaçak iddaa making noises about going back indoors for another fuck.

For once my ever-ready dick hadn’t yet recovered, but when I told him he’d have to wait we heard a voice whisper to us from the other side of the balcony wall.

“David, you silly queen, you need a real man to fuck you, not some boy who can’t get it up”.

I was shocked and offended, but David just laughed.

“How come you’re still awake Carlo? It’s two in the morning and old people like you should have been tucked up in bed hours ago. Come on over if you think you can get it up before Ben does.”

A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the front door and we got up to meet his next-door neighbour. Carlo turned out to be a handsome, forty-something of medium height and stocky build with dark curly hair and a full dark beard, wearing just a bathrobe.

As he grabbed my hand in a firm shake while openly appraising my naked body, David’s phone began to ring. He excused himself to take it in his bedroom, worried that someone was calling so late at night. Before he’d even left the room, Carlo had already got his arm across my shoulders and was guiding me over to the love seat that, along with a matching armchair, was the extent of David’s living room furniture.

We could hear David in the bedroom talking to what sounded like an ex-boyfriend of his regaling him with a long story about yet another broken relationship. Carlo said that while David was busy, the two of us should get to know each other, though it was obvious that the only thing he was really interested in was my body! He loosened the belt of his bathrobe and let it fall open, exposing his hairy torso and a thick beer bottle cock already beginning to lengthen. His arm came over the back of the loveseat and his hand started wandering over my chest, coming to rest on my right nipple.

I had prominent, meaty nipples that stuck out from my chest which the dominant men who’d used me back in England had worked on, but which none of the young guys I’d been messing with recently had bothered to touch. But Carlo started working on them immediately, reminding me that they were my most erogenous zone. He rubbed the nipple with his fingers, then tweaked it and squeezed it between thumb and forefinger, making me gasp with excitement.

He squeezed it harder and harder turning those gasps into quiet moans and we both looked down to see my dick responding, lengthening and hardening in tandem with his. I sat motionless, unable to move a muscle, enjoying the feelings he was conjuring up.

“Well now, by the look of it we’ve got a real tit boy here, eh?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh fuck, that’s amazing, please don’t stop” was all I could manage to gasp in reply. He responded by bringing his other hand up and squeezing both nipples harder and harder. My dick was stiff as a board and I watched helplessly as a slow drip of precum oozed out from my foreskin and dangled down towards the carpet.

“Well, look at that dick oozing. Why don’t you get down on your knees in front of me, baby and service my big cock; start by kissing the balls”.

I slid down from the couch, got in between his thickly muscled thighs and began licking the big balls covered by the same dark wiry hair that grew all over his sturdy body. While I licked and swallowed them, he leant forward to grab my tits again, just as David’s phone call ended and he walked back into the living room.

“Hey, what about that fuck you promised me?” he whined grumpily as he plopped down into the armchair across from Carlo and me.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon enough, Tit-boy here’s getting my cock hard enough to fuck you!” was Carlo’s reply, as he looked down at me kneeling in front of him, with a mouth full of his balls, incapable of coherent speech.

But when I grabbed my cock, which was bouncing up and down of its own accord, he barked at me right away,

“Oh no you don’t, Tit-boy. You need to stay excited, so there’s no jerking off. You just came a few minutes ago. If you come again so quick, you’ll be like every other boy in the world and lose the hard-on and any interest in pleasing me. Hey David, tie his wrists behind him, so he can’t jerk himself off before we’re all finished.”

He pulled the cotton belt out of the loops of his bathrobe, handed it to David, who quickly wound it around my wrists. Just in case, Carlo looked down at me and asked,

“Are you OK with that, son?”

Of course I was! I’d fantasised about being tied up since I was a kid and I’d kaçak bahis had plenty of bondage experiences back in England. But still, I couldn’t quite believe this was happening out of the blue like this. I tried to say yes, but with my mouth full of his balls, it came out as just a mumble, so I looked up at him and nodded eagerly. What he saw in my eyes confirmed what he already thought I’d let him do to me; he grinned back knowingly at me and said,

“Just keep on licking, that’s a good boy.”

His tit work got even more intense: I was in seventh heaven, kneeling with my wrists tied behind me, my nipples screaming from a mix of pain and pleasure and my mouth stuffed with the balls of the most masterful man I had been with since coming to Canada.

Suddenly he growled at me to get my mouth on his dick. I eagerly did so, not stopping until the head reached the very back of my throat. Up and down, up and down, I turned into a milking machine, desperate to impress this hot man and make him come by my efforts alone. Meanwhile they talked about me as if I couldn’t hear them.

“Look how much he loves being tied up and having his tits tortured. No wonder he couldn’t get it up just now; he’s a bondage bottom boy, you should have been fucking him.”

“No way Carlo, he’s a top, he’s been fucking me for the last month, though you’re right about the bondage; I had no idea he was like that.”

“Yeah, it’s quiet English boys like him that turn out to be real kinky pigs. I had a regular parade of them when I lived in London; all they needed was a strong man to take charge and they’d loosen up right away.”

Sensing he was close to coming, I worked on his dick even more desperately, but instead of letting me get him off, he placed the palm of his hand on my forehead and pushed me away, leaving me staring cross-eyed at his dick dancing in front of my eyes, thickly coated with my own spit and phlegm.

“Into the bedroom, both of you, quick,” was his terse instruction, and when both of us scrambled to follow him, he pointed to David and said,

“Lie down on your back at the edge of the bed with your legs up”.

Then he turned and barked at me,

“Tit-boy – on your knees right here and don’t you dare move an inch”.

Where he pointed was right next to David’s ass where he lay holding his legs up in the air. Moments later, with my face only a few inches away, Carlo shoved his dick (still wet with my spit) into David’s hole in a single stroke. I was mesmerized by the view of Carlo’s dick going in and out; I was kneeling so close that the lube spattered my face as he pummeled David’s sloppy hole.

All too soon, I heard a shout of triumph from Carlo and saw him pull out and spray a massive load of cum all over David’s chest and stomach. That triggered a matching orgasm from David, who gradually let his legs drop to the floor before laying back with a glazed look in his eyes, obviously finished for the night.

Meanwhile Carlo grabbed me by my hair and shoved his dick in my mouth, telling me to clean it off. Tasting the mix of cum and lube on his dick was weird, disgusting and incredibly sexy all at the same time; I loved everything he was making me do.

Carlo grabbed a cum towel off the bedside table to give David’s sweaty, cum-drenched torso a quick wipe-down, and while he did so I saw the from the bedside clock that it was already 3 a.m! So it was no surprise when I heard David giving Carlo thanks for a great fuck and saying that he was so exhausted that he was going right to sleep.

Carlo nodded at him and pulled me up onto my feet, leading me out of the bedroom as David closed his eyes; after all he’d had an exhausting evening! I could tell my evening was far from over; Carlo made no attempt to untie my wrists as he led me into the bathroom.

“You know Tit-boy, we need to do something about that stiff dick of yours. Get down on your knees in the shower and I’ll give you something special.”

Carlo backed me into the small shower stall where I slithered to my knees on the cool tile floor watching him fondle his now semi-soft dick. I thought he was trying to get it hard again, so I got a shock when I felt a burst of piss soaking my thighs. He aimed higher at my groin, stomach and chest and when the stream of warm piss got up to my neck, he held back for a moment and hissed,

“Are you going to swallow it, Tit-boy?”

Desperately eager to please, I opened my mouth wide and got my reward; managing to swallow most of it, though I coughed up some and spilt it down my chest. As he shook off the last few drops in my face illegal bahis it felt like I was in a dream as he leant down and pulled me up out of the shower stall.

He held the back of my head as his tongue invaded my mouth; it was as if he was trying to lap up his own piss before it disappeared down my throat. While his tongue raped my mouth, his other hand grabbed at my piss covered cock and he began jerking me off. By now I’d been desperately hard for over an hour so almost immediately I experienced a massive orgasm.

I felt faint and started buckling at the knees, but he grabbed me around the waist and let me gently down onto my back on the cold tile floor. I lay there grinning stupidly up at him while he dabbed at my chest and stomach with a bath towel, then knelt down for a final lingering kiss.

“That was fun, eh Ben? David got a much better fuck than he deserved because I loved seeing you kneeling there tied up, with your face next to my dick while I rammed his ass. You deserved that fuck more than him; though you don’t look as if you mind too much’,” he said as he grinned at the helpless, glazed-over twink lying on the bathroom floor.

I couldn’t get the words out to thank him for such a fabulous time; all I could do was grin and nod stupidly up at him. He got up, retrieved his robe from the living room and left, saying over his shoulder,

“Tell David I’ll pick up the belt tomorrow,”

That left me with the choice of either waking David up to untie me or leaving the belt tied around my wrists until the morning. Since I wasn’t ready for my fantasy to end, I staggered back to the living room, fell onto the couch and fell asleep instantly.

When David walked out of his bedroom to wake me up at eleven the next morning, he was surprised to see the belt still around my wrists. He had trouble untying it, understandable enough since it had been tied a good nine hours earlier by then. He pointed out the dark rope marks on my wrists and asked I why I hadn’t got him to untie me the night before. All I could do was shrug and look away, not ready for a conversation about how much I loved bondage or what Carlo and I had got up to after he’d gone to sleep.

When I didn’t say anything, he turned away and walked into the bathroom. A moment later I heard him call out “Who pissed on my towel?” and I tried to explain.

“Well, Carlo and me, I guess, or should I say, Carlo-via-me,” was my embarrassed answer, “he wiped me down with it after pissing on me.”

“Fuck it man, at first it was kinda hot watching you suck him off while he worked your tits, but then it got weird when he kept you tied up next to me while I got fucked. And now you tell me he fucking pissed on you too!”

“It’s all too weird, man; your wrists are raw, your tits are red and puffy and your breath is foul. Did he piss in your mouth? That’s just sick. I knew Carlo was into some of this stuff, but it’s not happening here again. You were fucking egging him on too; I don’t need friends into this S and M shit.”

I couldn’t come up with an answer for him. I was still a little confused by my own reactions to the night’s events, but one thing I was sure of was that I had to have Carlo’s kind of sex again soon. David’s boring vanilla sex couldn’t compete with the urgency and dangerous excitement that Carlo represented.

I went back to the bedroom to put my clothes on, getting an excited jolt when my tight dance shirt rubbed against my super-sore nipples. I said goodbye and walked out of his apartment with all the dignity I could muster, regarding the dark lines on my wrists as marks of pride.

As I waited for the elevator, all I could think about was getting home to my place; I needed to think about what had happened and sure as hell, jerk off again and again!

Once I got back to my own apartment a few blocks away I ran to my bathroom to find something to rub on my raw, aching tits. I found some hand cream and gingerly rubbed it on them, which instead of soothing them, just gave me another tit-torture-inspired hard-on. Memories of the previous night’s fun flooded over me as I started to squeeze them myself. As soon as I touched my dick another instant orgasm resulted, this time all over my own bathroom floor instead of David’s.

As I knelt down to clean up, it suddenly occurred to me that I had no way to get in touch with Carlo since I didn’t know his surname or his phone number; and since I’d burnt my bridges with David, I’d get no help from him. Plus, I imagined he’d already forgotten about the gawky young twink he’d last seeing lying on his neighbour’s bathroom floor.

Luckily I was wrong about that; we’d meet again later in the year and have a short but intense affair, which lead to more hot times with another dominating man in the spring of the new year.

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