Basketball Time (Chapter 1)

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Basketball Time (Chapter 1)While I was in my mid-forties my k** was turning 15 and playing basketball having had a growth spurt when 14 he was tall and also quite talented with a basketball we found out. The k** was invited to play on a summer league team (AAU) and a local high school team; these teams traveled around to large cities and played in sponsored tournaments. Our schedule April through July involved traveling to cities just about every weekend to play in these tourneys. It was a fun time; I liked the travel getting away from the same old stuff at home. If you have read any previous stories everyone knows I’m a bit of a cock loving slut. And as I entered my mid-forties my sexual appetite only increased and by the time traveling basketball started I was feeling the need for sex, the naughty, wicked kind, not the kind I got at home I wanted to be fucked. My husband and I would sometimes play games like go to a bar and I would sit by myself and guys would hit on me all-night while my husband kept watch it was fun but didn’t really give me the naughty feeling I craved, the butterflies in the stomach or tingling pussy, oh sometimes I would tell hubby I was going to the bathroom and sneak off and suck off one of the guys that was fun. I liked doing stuff that I knew was wrong, I guess that why I’m attracted to black men or married men. When I was growing up that stuff was taboo and the older I got it made for real hot sex for me. My taste in men usually run toward the players, the confident bastards that come on strong and just want to fuck you and will say anything to get in your pants, as I grew older these guys were the safe kind as they didn’t want a commitment same as me. My husband always said if I wanted to fool around go ahead but take a picture or let him watch, I would just say yeah right but if I did that then I wouldn’t get the feeling I wanted of course I never told him that.Back to basketball there was this one association that sponsored tournaments throughout the tristate region, in cities in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the top teams would then get invited to Cincinnati, Ohio in July for a five day tournament to determine the champ for the region in each division and they would get invited to a national tournament. During our k**’s first year there wasn’t much playing time because being so young, but by the time the k** was sixteen no doubt a starter and we traveled. One of the tournaments in West Virginia was in our hometown and it involved several games before noon and then one in the afternoon. I had a retirement luncheon party to attend it started at 11am the day of the tournament, so I dressed for the party. I wore stockings, garter, a conservative skirt with blouse and high heels not the typical gym rat attire but not slutty. We lost the first game and were losing badly in the second when I looked at the clock and I had about a half hour before luncheon, so at half time I said my goodbyes to hubby and told him to save me a seat for the 3pm game then headed towards the door. As I left the gym area and started for the main door I ran into our black coach and three other referees which were black guys, these guys all were built our coach was an ex-player which played ball overseas after college, my husband said he was a pretty good power forward, he’s at least 6’ 7” and still looks like he could play, one of the refs that caught my eye was around 6’ 4” and built like an NFL player maybe a linebacker with long deadlocks and a scruffy bread (very hot), the other were both about 6’ 2” and had their heads shaved bald they all filled out the tight stripped shirts well and the baggy shorts I just know were hiding decent cocks (He-he). Coach asks where I’m going and I tell him adding that I’ll be back for the last game and he says I hope so, and the linebacker says me too you’re the hottest lady here. Now my temperature is rising I can feel my neck turn red and I’m sure the blushing is moving to my face my nipples harden and there is tingling in my pussy. It doesn’t take much in those days to swing my train of thought towards the possibilities of stirring these guys into action, maybe I can tease a reaction and fuel my masturbation session that I’ll surely be having as soon as alone. We will see fellas I say as I do my best cat walk toward the door and I can see their reflection in the glass doors, all of them staring canlı bahis and smiling and shaking their hands as if to say that’s hot stuff. I was attractive (still am according to my hubby) about 5 foot 2 and around 120 pounds with huge tits (38-DDD), a pretty face with big brown eyes and a rather small butt but have great legs thin and look long when I wear heels I know how to attract male attention!I get to the luncheon but my mind is distracted and I’m thinking about leaving early and stopping at home to put on a hotter skirt to spice up my entrance back into the gym. Drinks are flowing those girls were buying shots and chasing them with martinis just fueling my wicked thoughts. I leave around 2 and have to drive out of my way home to get a little hotter skirt a mid-thigh black leather number; I throw my old skirt behind a dresser as I’m already anticipating husband’s questions. I get to the gym just as the game is starting and have to wait under the basket for a time out to make my way to half court where my seat awaits and while waiting I unbutton a few button revealing my ample cleavage. As I got older my tits got bigger at that time around a 38 DDD or F and the bras were not flattering so I bought a pair of rubber nipples that went over my nipples under the bra and stood out as if I was wearing a sheer lacy bra and I was standing at attention. At the first timeout I make my way down the court clicking high heels and swaying, shoulders back while letting my breasts bounce up and down a little just enough to garner man attention. All three refs were standing in the half count circle and all three turned toward me as I strutted down towards my seat, as I sat I peered over towards our bench and coach was smiling at me. Hubby says wow, what’s got into you, sure got the attention of every man in here, I say stop you will embarrass me but I knew what I was doing, then he asks about the skirt I tell him I traded with a young girl at the party as I spilled stuff on mine and she wore mine as she was heading home and I didn’t want to be seen with the stain on it, why the nips I just tell him I like the looks OK, and he figures quickly to shut up and enjoy. That was an interesting game as I’ll bet those refs all took turns standing beside me most of the game, I have no idea how they refed the game, more than once each turned and asked how I liked the game. We lost again, 3 in a row unusual for this team but two of the taller k**s were out because of sickness, later as we were all standing around coach told us we would have to play in Pittsburgh next week and get into the top 5 in order to get to play this year in Cincinnati.The games the following week were held in a sports complex which when you entered had a wooden boardwalk that circled the arena and inside of that a running track with 6 courts in the middle each side had three court with netting separated them and a large thick net separated down between the 6 courts. If on one side of the courts you couldn’t see the other side, as soon as we got there coach said we had an hour to kill, my husband left and checked us in at a hotel close by and I just strolled around. I was wearing tight black stretch shorts, no bra and a thin grey sweat shirt that I got in New Orleans it said in blue letter across the front “THE BIG EASY” quite applicable to me (ha-ha), and a pair of tennis shoes with half socks (gym attire). I wondered around until I found the game my big NFL type was working. He soon noticed, as seating was similar to last week everyone on metal folding chairs along each side of the court, and he started to ref the game beside me again not very subtle but I was enjoying it. Before the game was over my husband found me and we watched until the game ended and then went and watched our game. We won and had an hour before the next game again hubby and me split up and wondered around not unusual for us, at about 30 minutes before our game I headed for the bathroom and walked by a room in which the door was open inside were all the refs not working sitting around playing cards and chatting, I thought I saw NFL checking me out as I passed by. I walked further and on the right was a hall way marked Restrooms I turned down the hall, the first room on right was men’s and down another 20 feet to the left women’s. I ducked into it, in order to freshen up apply new lips and maybe 5 minutes later turned bahis siteleri to leave opening the door and stepped right into the NFL ref, bam my tits mashed against him just above the waist as he was tall my left arm was forward and slide down his front right over his crotch and my left down his ass. Woo pretty lady where ya going looking down at me, I look up and say nowhere where you going and he says out the fire escape for a smoke want to go? Yeah ok and I turn toward the door sliding my right tit across his body, he puts his left arm around my shoulder and I put my right arm around his waist like we were old friends and take the few steps to the door. He pushes it open me expecting the fire alarm and he says it’s broke and we step out on to a 5’ by 5’ pad with a ladder that folds down in case of emergency. On both sides the brick of the building juts out maybe 3’ as the door is set back into the wall. I lean against the brick on the right of the door with my shoulders back pushing my tits out mostly because there was a thin wooden crate behind and against the wall it looks like where people might sit, NFL steps in front and faces me standing pretty close and lights a smoke handing it to me and then lights one for him. We stand smoking he’s so tall my face is just above his belly, I finally say what’s your name he says Charles but they call me Biggie or B, I look up with my big brown bedroom eyes and say I’ll bet I know why your called Biggie as he looks down at me I move my head down and star at his crotch. Just a nickname, if you were in our group you would be BT and then laughs. I’m smiling, thinking big tits? He says I was the talk of the refs’ room last week with my MILF attire; you sure are one hot piece of ass, what a bold thing to say! Before I could comment the door opens and one of his buddies says up in 5 minutes B, oh sorry and B says no problem on my way, we put out our smokes and I turn toward the door moving my ass back hitting below his crotch but he moves slowly forward drawing his covered soften cock from my back down my ass. Even soft it feels big and as he opens the door I step up and he grabs my left ass cheek and says you sure are a MILF and I step up take my right hand back in the same motion and grab back at his cock saying you sure are B. Smiling I move down the hall and before turning right into the rest room look back at B standing there mouth open and we both smile at each other.I make it back to our seats before the game starts having cleaned up some taking bath tissues to dampen my dripping pussy and applied new makeup. Sitting there I watch the three refs in the center of the court when I see B run onto the court tap one of the other refs and says something to him and the other guys goes to another court, well that’s interesting I sit up straighter. At halftime the refs hang out by the scorer’s table and coach joins them, I see them looking at me, and B is saying something and they all look smiling towards me, and there is fire in my pussy! The game was close with my husband saying we got every call, I didn’t notice as my attention was on B and I caught him watching me more than a few times. With the win we would play in the championship game at 9pm that night and were guaranteed a spot in Cincinnati in July as the team and parents celebrated and milled around under a basket near the exit I stood up from my seat just as B was passing, he said so looks like you’re going to Cincinnati want to go out with me one night I live there? What balls with my husband so near this player just asked me out, I smiled up at him and said not at night but my husband and coach play golf at least one of the afternoons while we are there? He smiles smugly knowing my full intention is not wine and dine just fuck. I’ll be outside at fire escape before the start of your team’s championship game if you want to split a blunt, I’ll leave it in my cigarette pack if you beat me there. Balls again, but I’m liking it, I like cock hounds a lot, and say we will see B and I walk past him to my husband who says what was that all about, oh just complimenting the team and hubby says bull shit more like hitting on married white pussy. I just laugh and we head out for dinner with the team.We get back an hour before the game and the teams huddles in a corner near the court and hubby joins them I just start walking around the complex killing bahis şirketleri time, and walk past the ref room again and this time I see B sitting at a table talking with other refs. I walk straight to the restroom hallway and out the back door and sure enough there is his cigarette pack on top of the wooden box, I pick it up and fish out the blunt and smell it, smelled great. I light it and take a big hit at about the same time as B exits the door beside me. He sits on the box and takes a big hit and back to me and I take another and back to him, feeling the effects it was really good pot I decline another hit and B taps it out. I’ve only got a short time so I figure to speed it up the situation, I take my big easy sweatshirt and fold it over the back of my neck exposing my huge titties to his gaze and the cooling night air, nipples spring to attention, he stands and pushes his shorts down and the cock is in a jock strap well some of it is he is hardening by the second, I don’t know what it is but I’ve had the best luck with black men he is hung like a horse. Long and thick un-cut so big it sags down towards his legs, I grab with both hands like you would a baseball bat and could have used another hand to completely cover the shaft, I bend forward as he sits and I just slobber all over this meat. Then I take a tit in each hand and clamp them around that cock and start going up and down asking him if he likes to titty fuck. He’s moaning calling me a slut, and saying don’t stop slut, as I slide down, his cock is nose level so I just start sucking on every down stroke and talking dirty on the up stroke saying things like so you want to fuck this MILF or you got a big beautiful cock, hey B you want cum on me. Soon he is close I can feel the swell in his huge golf ball size nuts so I ask him if he wants to cum on my tits and he grabs his cock stands and jerks himself as I push my tits together and look up at him and say do it stud cum on me! Blast after blast of white cum, with me giggling and then him wiping his un-covered dick head which is oozing cum on each of my erect nipples; it may not sound like it but it was very erotic and I was dripping. Lasted several minutes just the cumin and I continued the dirty talking to him about what a slut I am and how I think he would like to fuck me. I used my hands and smeared his cum into my tits as the cool night air dried it crusty. See you in July in Cincinnati Big B, and he says ok BT slut it’s a date.Off I go back into the rest restroom I just couldn’t leave that dried cum on my tits probably smelled like hooker on a late Saturday night. I made it back to the game, 5 minutes after it started, that blow job titty fuck took an hour. At half time B met with the other refs over by the scorer’s table and coach joined them again and B was talking putting his hands up like he had big tits moving them up and down, the player was telling them, and the butterflies are fluttering in my stomach and the pussy is tingling as each of them stares straight at me, my face was three shades of red. We lost that game and after the game the team headed to a local restaurant for a late snack of pizza for the players and us parents for drinks, coach made a point of sitting beside me, I had my husband to the left and coach to the right. Coach asked how my day was, I said it was amazing if only we would have won; he says yeah with a smirk grin on his face adding but we still get to go to Cincinnati then says that should be fun, smiling at me and I blurt out hey you guys going to play golf down there? Hubby says yeah if you want coach maybe we can play some morning and I say no you guys play in the afternoon don’t ya, coach smiles in that sly smug way and says I’ll play one afternoon if you want, hubby says ok. I’m thinking jeez I wasn’t too obvious, soon coach whispers in my ear that he could sure use some alone time with me sometime like you and B had. I damn near had an orgasm just sitting there and let out a small moan. I looked up at him with my big brown innocent eyes and the hubby tapped my shoulder and said he was going to pee and got up I just took my right hand over and ran it up coaches left leg and damn if his soft cock wasn’t also huge. What’s the chances, I’m thinking it’s an athlete thing every one of them are hung! I take my hand away and look back up at him and say I hope we can arrange that soon and now he knows for sure. He says I always thought you had the look of a slut and I’ve wanted to see if those puppies were real. I say ah their real and I know how to use them! I’m over board, full tilt, slut mode, I’m just so bad!LustyLyn

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