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Baby SitterIt was a cold and unforgiving night as Jennifer stumbled to her job. The streets were empty and the darkness clung to her like a wet t-shirt. She strained in the dark to read the house numbers as she rounded the bend to Alma close, it was unsettlingly silent, the wind that had once whipped up round her ankles died and everything was still, waiting. She stood at the front door anxious to enter, though she’d been here before on many a night she some how felt this was her first time at this house, in the close, in this neighbourhood, this place had that effect on her, like an amnesia. The door flew open unexpectedly as always as though they were trying to catch her out. The father stood proud, filing the door way with his presents, though only 5ft 9 he seemed huge and domineering tonight. He stepped aside and allowed her entry, strange that he hardly ever spoke to her. ” Is that you Jenny love?” came the shrill voice from the kitchen. “Yes it’s me Mrs.Cumberly, just putting my stuff down” she replied peeling off her jacket and dropping her bag. The smells of the kitchen filled the house, as she walked past the noises eminated from the lounge, the c***dren were playing some beat um up on the playstation again, she sighed and continued into the kitchen. As she entered, she pondered why the father never spoke to her? It intriged her and turned her on, his mystique, his chiselled good looks and masculine musk. She felt a warm tingle down her spine as she contemplated his strong fingers wrapped round her waist and massaging her soft skin and teasing her ample breasts. She snapped out of her fantasy cloud as she tripped over her trouser bottom and her face promptly met the kitchen floor. bloody baggy jeans, she scolded herself silently as she righted herself and brushed off her top. “Where are you two off to tongiht? Somewhere romantic?” she asked, hoping secretly that he was staying, ,though thinking back she couldnt remember him ever going anywhere with her, or entering the house while she was watching the c***dren. “Oh no dear it’s just me and Areline tonight, Simon is staying home, he’ll be in the office as usual, do me a favour and bring him something to drink later and make sure the k**s are in bed by 10, gotta go love, see ya at about 2 ish” her voice faded as she walked out the door.”Right” Jennifer said to no one in particular, “time to earn my money.” She opened the cupborads and the fridge fetching food for the boy’s snack.”Calvin, David, come and get your snacks boys, I’m making your favourite” she bellowed. Two round smiling faces appeared round the doorframe and promptly moved to next to her. Calvin was the oldest at 13, a tough age it restricted her wardrobe a bit didnt want to attract the wrong kind fo attention especially from a minor! David was only 8 but cheeky with it. She played them at tomb raider for a couple of hours and then tucked them, as usual, she wondered back down stairs and put the kettle on. She pondered what his voice would be like? What a name though, Simon, it rang through her head and she could feel a warmth in the body and pants. She snapped back in to reality with the click of the kettle. She made him a cup of tea and tip toed down the garden path. She knocked, but no answer. She pushed open the door and stepped inside gingerly. Her heart was pounding with anticipation and her hands shook as she approached the eerie blue glow of the computer screen. “He..hello I’m Jennifer the baby sitter… I just brought you a cup of tea…” she trailed off. No responce came. She edged closer and placed the cup on the desk. He turned to her suddenly, she could see in the semi dark that he had beautiful skin and wore none framed glasses.”I know who you are” he said in a deep masculine, yet proper tone. “I also know that you’ve become intriged by me, that’s why you are down here tonight, other nights you would come down but not dare open the door, but tonight your curiosity has gotten the better of you, hasnt it?”He stopped, a hand appeared from out of the darkness and brushed her cheek. “And what you dont know is, that ever since you came here for your first introduction I’ve desired you, your soft skin, your full lips, your thick pleasure giving tongue ,and those beuatiful breasts, you are stunning and …” he stood up and walked up to her ” I cant go on hiding this, touch me, hold me, look into my eyes and…” He leaned forward and pressed his strong lips against hers, pulled her close and wrapped his arms round her body, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and massaged his tongue. He let out a small groan of pleasure and held her even tighter. Jenny knew this was what she’d always desired but it was so wrong, she pushed him away and stood back. He was so strong and kissed so devinly, but he was married, but gorgeous. She took him in as she stood there, he was muscular, but had a slight beer belly, not bad for a man more than twice her own age. She flicked on eskişehir escort bayan a light and noticed he had blue eyes with a brown rim round the pupil, unusual and very sensual. He held her and stroke her soft stomach, rubbing slowly down to her jean tops, sliding her jeans open he reached in side her pants. She stopped him and backed away. As she stepped outside she saw Mrs.Cumberly coming down the path to find her. “Are you ok love? You look a bit off colour, Simon didnt scare you did he? He’s a bit of a joker always jumping out on me.” Jenny just nodded and walked back inside with Mrs. Cumberly. But was this all real or had she imagined it? Had her secret fetish and desire come true? After the last experience at the Cumberly residence, Jenny approaches again to baby sit Calvin and David, but will there be another member of the family that wants to be sat on?Jenny approached the front door, the same amnesia crept over her as the door flew open and Mrs.Crumberly stood there, a warm glow in her face as she welcomed her in. As she entered the house, a dark figure moved in the shadowy hallway, she wanted to venture up the stairs to follow the figure but knew she should not. Instead she continued through to the kitchen to boil a kettle and prepare an extra treat for the k**s.Stepping in to the warm comforting kitchen, she dropped her bag and knelt down to it. Rumaging through her stuff she didnt hear the approach of the father. He coughed above her and as she looked up she found herself eye level with his crotch. She was startled and yet intriged to rub and explore him. A deep wanton sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she crouched there. The familiar tingle ran down he spine and into her belly button, her whole body seemed alive and sensative to the slightest caress. She stood, level with him now she knew what she wanted to do, but resisted and spoke instead. “How are you Mr.Cumberly? Not working too hard I hope,” she said her gaze once more on her bag. He leaned close to her, and took a deep lung full of her scented skin, then whipered in her ear, “Dont play innocent with me, I know u want me, I can smell it on your body, feel it in the air, and…” he stopped, leaned forward and licked her neck right down from her ear to her shoulder, “taste it in your skin, u want me so bad it hurt, give in” he stopped and stepped away as Mrs. Cumberly entered the room, Jenny smiled at her and returned to the bag. Producing three jars, she called to calvin and david. They eventually appeared and sat at the breakfast bar, in the middle of the kitchen. It was a fairly tall bar, with a blue tiled top and white edging, the boys struggled to climb on to the high stools, Jenny wondered over and lifted David on to the stool he was scrabbling at.”Right boys, I’ve bought three jars of new spread for us to try. Now I’m going to blindfold you and you can taste each to see which one you like best, ok?” She grabbed a handful of clothes out of her bag. Standing behind David, she slowly folded the clothe and tied it up behind his head, checked he couldnt see and then put one on Calvin. “Right you ready boys?” she said retreaving the three jars and two boxes from the bag on the floor. She could feel eyes boring into her flesh, but no sign of anyone. “Right the first taste,” she dipped a spoon in the jar of snicker spread and stuck the boys fingers into it, then into their mouths. The other jars had milkyway spread, and marshmallow fluff in them, the boxes had strawberries, banana slices, and g****s in one, and the other box had chocolate fudge cake in it.Calvin’s face twist at first but then he smiled and asked for some more, David loved it instantly. She repeated the same treatment with the other two jars and they were recieved with the same level of enthusiasm. Moving on to the fruit, soon the k**s were full, the fudge cake would have to wait for another day. She ushered them into the lounge and watch a film to calm them down. They soon knodded off on her so she carried them upstairs, they looked so sweet, like little angels. She shut the door and walked back along the landing, straight into Simon. She stumbled backward and her heartbeat sky rocketed. He stood close to her, his hands running down her arms to her shaking hands, he lifted them and placed them on his shoulders and embraced her. The warm tingly feeling returned to her body and she knew she wanted him. She pushed him away and stumbled towards the stairs, desperately trying to escape herself and his desire for her. Mrs. Cumberly met her at the bottom of the stairs, ” Right dear, I’m off out with the girls to bingo, the k**s ok?” she asked, “They’re fine, tuckered out I guess, they are sleeping quietly, I’m just going to tidy the kitchen” Jenny said hurriedly as she bussled past and ran into the kitchen to collect herself.As she leaned against the sink, she could feel her body throbbing and tingling all over, the warm feeling between escort eskişehir her legs was welcome and she stroked herself gently, sliding two finger between her lips and rubbing her hard clitoris. “How does he do this to me” she asked herself out loud. The main problem that she now faced was that she was once again alone with Simon and she knew he desired her soft young skin and she desired his strong touch, his hands caressing every inch of her, making her womanhood quibble under his gentle and deep exploration of her. She sank to the floor and held her head in her hands. what could she do?She stood up again and walked down the garden to his office, the place of their first kiss and embrace, how she long for more, she could still feel the softness of his lips on hers, the taste of his tongue, the feeling of his hands holding her tight. She sat in his chair, still warm from him sitting here working all day. As she leaned back in the chair, she heard what she thought was a door opening, but she ignored it and continued into dream land. She could picture him naked, with her beside him holding her, making love to her, she sat up as the door to the office creaked open. There he stood, she was powerless to anything more than sit there staring at him in awe.He stepped up close to her, his after shave and masculine aroma filled her senses as he stood over her. She stared up at him, his thick tasty lips drew her eyes to them, he leaned forward and kissed her, she longed to stay here forever but knew she couldnt. He withdrew and stared at her, “You are sensational, you know that everytime I touch your lips I long for you even more, I ache for you, as I lay in bed next to her, I think of you, I must have you, give in” he whispered to her. She grabbed his waist, and slide her fingers into the top of his jeans, sliding them to the button and undoing the zip and slowly, exposing his hardness. She gasped, she hadnt expect it to be hard or so big, she almost came just looking at it. She dropped the jeans and slide it out of his pants, he moaned and sighed as she stroked it. He begged her to stroke it more, but she had other plans. She licked her lips and slide her tongue down and slowly up his hard throbbing cock , he gasped and groaned with pleasure. She massaged it and make little circles round the tip of his cock head, he grabbed her head as his body convulsed from the stimulation, she took him deep into her mouth, suck the head and still making circles, she continues, the main shaft being entertained by her long fingers. He ran his fingers through her short brown hair and grabbed her face as he built up his climax. She increased the pressure as she could feel his cock twitching and throbbing harder, he began to gasp and groan and whispered in her ear “I’m gunna cum over your face and watch you lick it off” she gave a final hard suck gentle circular massage and he gave way, the cum flooded into her mouth, thick hot and creamy, she swallowed evey dropped delighted with herself. He withdrew from her mouth and wiped his shrinking cock on a handkercheif. As she wiped the saliva from her mouth she smiled back at him, a deep sensual smile, knowing how much pleasure she’d just caused him. He stood there in shock, had she really just given him the one thing he had to fight for to get from his wife, and she had been willing and exceptionally able, he wanted her more to taste her sweet juices and kiss her to taste himself on her tongue. Stepping back towards her, he pulled her towards him and kissed her, probing her delicate mouth that had pleasured him so. He could taste his own thick cum in her mouth but also a new favour, a sweet subtle favour that he wanted to taste more of. He slid a hand down over her stomach and into her jeans. As he worked him way down to her pants, he could feel her wet hot pussy, begging to be stroked and licked. He slid a thick finger deep into her vagina, the warmth and moisture of her inner lips, made him hard again. He withdrew his finger and sucked it dry in front of her. She felt so senstive and wanted him so bad that she opened her legs wide enough for him to get a good grip on her sweet tight pussy. He slid two thick fingers deep in to her vagina, rubbing and thrust at her g-spot, she rithed and convulsed in pleasure, begging him to stop. He used his thumb to kneed the base of her clit, occasionally running a delicate stroke up to the tip and back down again, each time she shuddered and begged for him to stop, to enter her and fill her moist swollen vagina. Regardless he continued. Pleasure waved over her, she could hardly believe she was experiencing what she had only dreamed about, and longed for. She could feel her clitoris hardening and her climax was impending. He withdrew his finger from her unzipped jeans. He pushed her into the chair, and pulled down he jeans and pants. She gasped as his oold tongue rubbed her clit, it was heaven, her climax resumed eskişehir escort climbing as he penetrated her with his fingers and licked her clit with his tongue. It was burning deep wihtin her, the pleasure was too much and she finally climaxed, her body throbed and his fingers were trapped by her tightening muscles. “My god,” she finally said “How long have u wanted to do that?” He beamed at her, as he stood to reveal another aching hard on. “Jenny, I need you, you cant go, you must stay and satisfy me” he said. She sit up, slid a finger into herself and sucked it clean, the mixture of their cum was fantastic, an intoxicating smell and flavour. She beackoned him closer and drove a finger into her, then kissed him so he could taste the sweet combination they made. He moaned with pleasure and stuck more fingers into her swollen vagina to taste the sweet cocktail.Laying on the floor of the office, Simon lowered himself on to Jenny, sitting on her flattened stomach and caressed her breasts, the dark nipples stood on end hard like bullets. He flicked them and then circled them with his tongue, it felt so good, the tiny hairs on her body stood on end, he pulled off his top and she grinned happily as the familiar tingle ran down her spine and pooled in the belly button.He seemed so relaxed with her, but so desperate for her touch taste and smell. It was a warm comforting feeling to be wanted so badly. Suddenly she sat up and met his face, nose to nose. What is it?” he said as he stroked her hair over her ear, “I’ve got an idea, wait here” she said as she got up and ran back into the house.In the kitchen, she saw Calvin at the sink, “What are you doing up?” she said sternly. “Just getting some water, I’m thirsty” he said sleepily. She helped him get some water and took him back to bed. Returning to the kitchen she packed up the blind folds and boxes of food. The jars were already in the bag so she slung it over her and marched back down the garden, but not before removing an ice cube from the freezer compartment of the fridge.As she entered theoffice again she noticed Simon had stripped down and was laid out on the floor, she almost dropped the bag, in shock, he was more sexy and gorgeous than she could have dreamt. She knelt down to him and produced the milkyway spread and a spoon. Dipping the spoon into the jar, we placed the spoon back onhis warm skin and made him shudder from the cold, she used her fingers to rub the spread all over his sexy naked body. As she began to lick it off, the ice cube she had collected from the freeze fell out of her mouth on to his stomach. He gasped loudly, she collected the ice again and moved slowly down his body, reaching his pants, the last remainging piece of clothing, slide them down to rveal another raging hard on begging to be stroked. She took the ice cue and ran it slowly over his balls, he grinned and made small noises as she caressed his balls and base of his cock with the ice, making him beg for more. She put the small piece of remaining ice back in her mouth and crunched it up. Swallowling it, she placed her cold tongue on the base of his penis and slowly dragged it up to the head, he sat up gasping for air. Looking her in the face he calmed down, she rummaged in the bag and produced a piece of clothe. “Come her, I’ve got something to inhance your pleasure reception, this way you wont know where I’m coming from or what I’m gunna do” she said tying the knot behind his head. He laid back down as she resummed, her tongue still cool she ran it slowly over the head of his cock, he groaned and arched his back. Rubbing her hands together to make them warmer, she rubbed the main shaft of his cock with her warm hands and sucked and rubbed the head with her cold tongue and even colder tongue stud, the metal rubbing him make him cry out her name and beg her not to stop. As he began to reache climax, she puled off her top and push his throbbing cock between her ample breasts, the hot thick cum, dripped down her chest and over her hard nipples, he sat up, and removed the blindfold. Seeing her naked flesh he leaned forward and licked his cum off her chest. She stopped him and kissed him. The taste of her juices and his thick cum intoxicated her once more, she sat on his lap, her legs wrapped round his back, holding him tight, his naked skin prssing against hers, she felt like home.But their perfect moment was interupted by the arrival of Mrs. Crumberly. Luckily Jenny heard the car pull into the drive and ran back into the house, jars and boxes packed back into her bag, top pulled down, sweat beading down her forehead. She greeted Mrs. Cumberly and quickly got off home.Simon just lay there, the cold floor pressed on his hot body. He gathered himself and dressed. He sat back in his warm chair, licked his still wet fingers, her sweet musk clung to every finger like a silk glove. Had this all really happened? He could still feel her lips on his, her tongue penetrating his mouth and gently massaging his tongue. “That tongue piercing,” he mummbled “very tantalising, must explore that further, but first, go in and greet wifey” With that he got out of the chair and headed into the house once more. But how long can they keep this up?

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