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“Oh yes, Daddy! Give me more please!” Pamela snarled in Tyler’s ear through gritted teeth. Her hard chocolate nipples raked his chest as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held on while he bounced inside her. Pamela arched back as far as she could while straddling him so that his hard tool could reach as far as it could into her lovely black velvety pussy. And so he could have an unobstructed view of her smooth glistening torso and triangular B cup tits as they bobbed in unison with his upward thrusts.

“Tyler! Tyler!” She amplified the pitch of his name each time she said it. “TYLER” She was screaming it now. “TYLER! OH FUCK YES!” Tyler’s alabaster fingers dug into the globe of each cheek as he slammed her down on his dick. Pamela never thought that a white man would give her the fuck of her life- let alone a redhead. Weren’t redheads supposed to be wimps and with a name like Tyler? C’mon!

“Oooh Ooooh. ” She was cooing at this point, speech wouldn’t come because she was on the verge of that fragile thing called an orgasm. She didn’t want to disturb it, it was like tip-toeing around a soufflé one wrong move and poof it was gone. Pamela had promised herself that she would never see Tyler again and this was just a one-off- a dirty story she’d tell the other gals at the nursing home – the night she got her swirl on! So she had allowed herself to be free she would use his body for its ultimate purpose-her pleasure. She could be bossy and ask for what she wanted, she could be submissive and take what was given or any other combination. She could scream and not worry about the neighbors. She wouldn’t even worry about being sore the next day.

Tyler was leaving town she never had to see him again. He didn’t travel in her social circles anyway. She was a hairdresser on the North side of town and he was a personal trainer on the South side. He was leaving to pursue a more lucrative job in Los Angeles. She was staying put, sewing in extensions and braiding hair in her small salon.

“Fuuuck me white boy” she thought. She started doing the math in her head if he was 27 and she was 29 how many more fucks were in him tonight, maybe 2 more or 3 more. She needed all 3 of those fucks including the one she was having right now. This was going to have to last her until the next time she could trust someone. She was relaxed so she could have her beautiful precious jewel of an orgasm. He pulled her off of him and her pussy fairly puckered reaching for that pink cock. “No,” she moaned. “More.” Orgasm aborted, she was in the perfect position where he was stroking all the right spots, and the rhythm was good. “Goddam porn” she thought. What was it with all these changes of position this was not a square dance it was the horizontal mumbo and it only had one tempo –what mama likes!

He grabbed her by the hips and then maneuvered her onto her side. He knelt behind her and raised her top leg into the air where it made a complete 90° angle. He threw his leg over her resting leg so now they would intersect and he could pound that gash from the side. He could see the little bits of pink flesh peeking from in between her swollen lips. Tyler spat on her pussy and she jumped startled from the spray. He creased her lips with the tip of head from the clit teasing the entrance with his head.

She had no time for teasing; she quickly reached down and spread her lips apart for him with her hands. He pushed into her and rotated his hips until he was stirring her insides like he was making pudding. She was still a little pissed; he had robbed her of her orgasm her little hard to achieve nugget of happiness.

Next time she thought, “Handcuffs.” A smile emerged when she thought of the idea of handcuffing him to the bed so she could ride him like a mechanical bull. Her mind went instantly to all those videos she’d seen of women riding the mechanical bulls on YouTube.

The ride operators went to great lengths to simulate a sexual experience with those things. The damn bull would go up and down in these smooth movements, and then spin around quickly. Then the bull would suddenly lurch forward so that the woman’s pussy would be in direct contact with the hump in the machine’s back. This is when the bull would shake violently like a giant vibrator against the woman’s clit. You could always tell the first-timers, the ones who had been dared by drunken girlfriends or lascivious men waiting for a free show and not truly knowing what to expect.

It must have been worse for the women who only had on light sundresses and panties underneath because when the bull dipped and would remain motionless for a moment, the women would attempt to sit up and then the vibration’d hit them and their faces would be beat red. Some would try to cover their faces and not let on how good it must have felt in front of strangers. She imagined them trying to debate whether or not to pull their pussies away from it. Somehow the thought of this got her really really wet. Tyler casino şirketleri began squeezing her clit between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it around until it produced sweet nectar that coated his fingers.

She put her leg down and sat on her haunches she pushed Tyler onto his back. She swung her leg around until it was on either side of his hips. She lowered herself against the head of his cock; she let him help open her up so that she could ease him inside. Much like mechanical bull riders it caught her off guard. It was strange how he felt so much bigger now and he completely filled her up as if she was banging a different man. She took both of his hands and placed them against her breasts. A few thrusts she saw his face contort and he went into what was typically called the “White man’s overbite”. She knew he was going to come and it would be all over for a little while.

She tried to slow down the rhythm rotate her hips a little more instead of the up and down pounding that was making the little vein in his forehead dance. She started to hear the little grunts he made with each movement. It was such a nice masculine sound and seemed to awaken something extremely feminine and primal within her. She forgot about trying to control his speed because she wanted to hear more of this guttural noise that emanated from his thin rosy lips. “Shit”, he grunted. She could feel that tingle that always seemed to begin on the left side of her pussy. It was weird it always seemed like the beginning of the urge to pee and then it seemed to open up and spread throughout the whole of her cunt. Her lips contracted tighter on his shaft and then began to pulse against her will against his swollen member.

Tyler wasn’t particularly large – no gigantic pussy destroying purple monster here. It was a conservative penis a little shy of 7 in. What he lacked in length he made up for in thickness, his cock reminded her of the little butt plugs that her cousin gave out at his “Jack and Jill” bachelor party for his commitment ceremony. His dick didn’t taper at the end as much as she would prefer in fact she had to have help getting him inside of her. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” He growled. There was something about that voice it was so deliciously masculine how that did it for her. That voice was a voice that phone sex was made for. “What was that I couldn’t hear you?” She smirked as she looked down at him. ‘Say my name’ she thought if he could say her name in that heavy husky voice it would make her squirt like a man. She could feel the twitching in his cock and another tell-tale grunt.

“Tyler whose cock is this?” She demanded.

“What?” He groaned.

“I wanted you to tell me…”

He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her down to him. She felt his cock starting to grow slack inside her at the same time he had a death grip on her neck. She felt like an animal trapped in a snare. Her breasts were smashed against his pecs as he held her close to him. She could feel the hot spray from his breath against her forehead as he pumped his load into the thin layer of latex that protected them from parenthood.

She collapsed against him and he released his hold. The both of them breathing heavily he winked at her. Oh God there it was. She was going to miss him and those hazel eyes. ‘Damn’t here we go.’ She thought. She struggled to get off of him, off of the bed and some distance between them before the water works started. She made it as far as the edge of the bed before she felt the hot tears spill down her face.

“Whoa. Wait a minute.” Tyler said realizing something was wrong.

She was heaving now. Her body was having spasms but for a different reason this time. He sat up and he reached for her. She got tangled on the covers pooled on the floor beneath the bed and as she ran she stumbled. Tyler popped up from the bed trying to follow her to the bathroom. He became tangled in the same damn covers. He kicked free of his fabric constraints and ran after her.

She made it to the bathroom barely locking the door before he closed the gap between them.

He knocked on the door. Pamela was in a full on crying jag now, the kind that seizes your whole body and renders you incapable of speech or action. “Pammy. What’s wrong?” He listened intensely for the answer. “I thought we were having a good time?” He scratched his balls and just stared at the door.

“Pammy. C’mon talk to me.”

Pam couldn’t talk. She began splashing water on her face from the sink but the water was no match for the tears that were pouring down her face.

“Pam this is not an inexpensive room. I’d hate to have to break down the door and pay for the damages but I will.” He said.

All he can hear is her gasping for breath in between cries. Now all of a sudden she got the hiccups. So now comedy was added to the ridiculousness of the situation. She quickly shoveled handful after handful of water in her mouth, trying to stop the hiccups.

“Fuck, Pam. Really casino firmaları I don’t understand what happened?” He paused for a moment and softness crept into his voice. Then he asked, “Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?”

A weak “No” came from the other side of the bathroom door. “Well, I really don’t understand, then.” Pam stared at herself in the mirror and knew that she was a sight. Her make-up had smeared and a strip of false eyelashes were hanging by one corner. She applied pressure on the strip and hoped that this quick remedy would suffice until she could get to the glue in her purse in the other room. ‘Why did I have to want a white boy? And this white boy of all the men who were still in town and could become possibly viable lovers and boyfriends she would want one that was leaving town.

The flood of emotions threatened to overtake her again when she remembered something from a TV program. Some little old lady claimed to be an evolutionary biologist or some such nonsense said something about a bonding hormone. Oxycontin? No that wasn’t it. Oxy? Oxytocin! That was it. The bonding hormone bonded women to men just as it bonded them to babies. The biologist cautioned, “That women should be careful jumping in to bed too quickly because it was especially potent after really good sex.” Shit she was doomed!

She stared at the door as if she could see through the wood the very virile male animal pacing behind it, growing more exasperated with her after every passing second. She sat on the edge of the sink. She was fucked and she knew it. Nature, biology, men, society, take your pick, now all conspired against her and sought to punish her for daring to act on her primitive instincts-by denying her what she wanted- that man behind the door.

She quickly shimmied into her white sheath dress that was draped over the small velour stool by the vanity.

When she cracked the door and he looked at her with still a puzzled look on his face. You could see the wheels in his head working overtime. What the fuck is this all about? “I’m not crazy,” she said. “Um I never said…” She cut him off. “I’m an idiot.”

She had always been a rip the bandage off quickly kind of girl. This time she was ripping the bandage off and she’d be lucky if there was flesh left behind let alone skin. “I know that this is a …was a one- time thing. I know that you are moving and not coming back.” He opened his mouth to protest and she held up her hand. “Please let me finish.” He sat down on the edge of the bed in all his naked glory. She wasn’t going to look at his tight muscular body and she definitely wasn’t going to look at his cock.

“I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too.” He tilted his head like a dog hearing a strange noise.

“This was a mistake. I want to be more than the last piece of ass you had in Chicago. I’m not stupid.”

“Um no one said you were stupid but you are acting weird.” He said.

She didn’t know why but it was somehow worse when men tried to be understanding and talk a woman out of the pain they were responsible for. They sat on the edge of the bed her stomach doing a fair imitation of a tilt a whirl. She allowed herself the moment to study the planes of his face, how his Irish and Scandinavian background had sculpted his face with very few curves and all geometric angles. She felt as if she could plot his face on a grid and produce a replica. He was still talking to her and stroking her back. She realized something odd; his thin cupid’s bow would wrinkle in the oddest way when he said certain words. If he’d stay she would memorize those words and store them in her heart.

Now she nodded knowing that this was the end and there could be no other reality. She thought back to a literature class she took in college. A teacher said that all great love stories need an obstacle. War, religion, class were some of the great hurdles for the lovers’ to overcome. She had the best obstacle of all –money! It was economic pressures that sent him scurrying from the city that she loved.

She couldn’t be mad hadn’t she left her hometown in search of greener pastures. They were completely mismatched he had no idea what Comic Con was or how utterly mouthwatering fried gizzards are. Somehow this seemed to bring her back to herself she could let him go but only after she got her last few fucks in.

Suddenly, she cupped his face in her hands and turned those hazel eyes on her so that he could see her clearly. Still cupping his face in her hands she pulled it to hers and softly bit his bottom lip. He slowly parted his lips and let her taste his tongue. He pulled back a little and looked at her inquiringly. “You are going to be gone after tomorrow and you promised me the night. I’m going to make sure you make good on your promise.” She nodded as if to say its ok. He leaned into the kiss and his tongue tickled hers as his hands found her ass and pulled her on top of him.

She tried to breathe güvenilir casino him in as he supplied her with those sweet gentle kisses that enflamed her as he stroked her mouth. She wanted more even as he was kissing her she wanted more kisses, more of his hands trailing her body. She needed more of him lifting her up to a sitting position so that he could pull her dress up over her head and toss it on the floor. She wanted to protest it would be wrinkled later when she did her walk of shame. It was one thing to do the walk of shame but it was another to look completely disheveled from it.

If the urge to leap from the bed and rescue the dress from the threat of wrinkles was there it was averted as soon as his hands cupped her breasts. He gently twisted and pulled the nipple of her left breast as he lapped circles around the Hershey kiss of her right breast in his mouth. As he kissed, licked and bit she felt like she was falling but never hitting ground. She felt those smooth waves of desire descend from her chest and cascade across her pelvis in sweet buttery warm ripples.

She extricated her right breast from his mouth so that he could give the same tender attention to her left breast he followed her lead and continued his ministrations. She entangled her hand his auburn locks then caressed and petted him as he licked her. Her breasts felt like little swollen bullets when he finished; all hard and glistening when he took his lips from them.

He moved to turn her over on her back so that he could continue his work. She stopped him. She placed her hand in the center of his chest so that she could guide him back down on the bed. She curled her fingers in the coarse russet curls on his chest as she caught his gaze and a wicked grin crossed her face. She maneuvered herself so that she now was between his outstretched thighs and to give herself more room she knelt on the floor. He propped himself up on his elbows so that he could get a better view.

She took his member in both of her hands it seemed so hot to the touch as if it would shoot steam instead of cum. She encased his cock between her breasts and rubbed them up and down. She licked her lips as she watched him watching her. With her left hand she moved his cock gently to the side so that his balls were front and center. She tried to lift and cradle his nuts with her tongue as she licked them still maintaining eye contact. Now she eased both of them in her mouth as if they were made of gummies and she wanted to savor them intact.

He moaned with pleasure and then she gently released them from the confines of her mouth. She licked from the balls all the way to the tip of his cock. Now he sat up and scooted toward the end of the bed so that she could have unfettered access to his cock. It looked like it was angry and wanted a fight. She licked the entire shaft of his cock; she flicked the underside of his cock and flicked the vein that runs underneath. She took one hand and squeezed the base of his cock and took her other hand and stacked it on top of it. She licked the top of it like it had just been born and she was trying to clean it.

She tucked her lips around her teeth and sucked his cock down alternately rotating her hands in different directions. He grabs her head and now he is thrusting himself inside of her face. She keeps sucking him off even humming at intervals. He props one of his feet on the bed while the other is on the floor as he pumps into her but she keeps her same steady pace. “If you don’t stop. I’m gonna cum.” She looks up at him and teases with her tongue the tip of it, daring him to cum. She redoubles her efforts and he grabs her tighter by her hair. She disengages from him just as cum splashes against her small B cup breasts.

She gets up and he grabs her by the hand and he kisses her hand. He takes the towel and wipes the sticky cum off her chest. He pulls her onto his lap and continues wiping her chest with the towel but now he begins pinching her nipples with the towel. He starts kissing her neck and rubbing her chest with the towel. He tosses the towel on the floor and begins kissing her breasts again in that same beautiful torturous way that can make her tingle and break her heart.

His hands trail down to her short and curlies and his fingers begin to separate her vulva. She manages to separate her legs some even while she is sitting on her lap. “When I come back for a visit…if I’m allowed to…” His fingers probe her cunt and he stuffs a few fingers inside of her. “Uh-huh.” She moans. “When I come back”

“Let me guess you want me to shave it all off.”

“No. I want you to grow it out. I want to see what it looks like in its full glory.”

Breathlessly, she says, “You are such a perv.”

“Are you going to grow it out for me?” He asks as his fingers taunt her clitoris.

She squirms more as he supports her with one hand and pleasures her with the other. She leans back against him as he touches her deeply. “Why?”

“Grow it I want to see it.”

“Who are you Napoleon? Next you’re going to ask me not to wash in between visits.” She answers breathily.

“I’m going to have to do a better job pleasuring you if you can be smart alecky.”

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