ANR Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: These are fantasies of mine at a real-life adult video store in Dallas named Adult New Releases. The setting, environment and devices described are all real. These stories describe extremely unsafe sex practices which is why I am “living them out” thru these words. In a perfect, disease free world, I would absolutely submit willingly to each and every one of these. Have amazing, mind-blowing sex everyone, just be safe out there.

This particular book store has an arcade right as you walk in, movies and toys to the right and a hallway leading to the left that has preview rooms for couples or individuals that want to pick their own movie to watch. When you walk into the arcade, it is laid out in a square with rooms primarily on the inside of the square. Each room has a leather couch, some are a full size couch and some are love seats. Each room has a big TV to show your selection and another big TV showing quick snippets of other channels so that you can switch to another video right away. What attracted me to this arcade is what is inside of each room. I was completely shocked when I first saw it. Each room has one of 7 different items in the room. They are always located in the inside corner of the room, by the door, next to the couch. They items are one of the following:

* A floor to ceiling slab of wood making a makeshift wall with a glory hole cut out and a stool to sit on (you are still in the same room, but can enjoy the anonymity of the glory hole if you so choose and then if you want more, you don’t have to change rooms). The stools are toilet seats on metal legs so I imagine someone can lay under it and eat your ass or you can partake in scat fetishes.

* A square stage with a stripper pole.

* A massage table but with no head rest.

* A smaller, square, lower to the ground massage table, better for being bent over and fucked.

* A large rig with a harness that you can lay in on your back, be suspended in mid-air at waist height and have your arms and legs strapped in.

* A platform with a large “X” made out of wood with wrist and ankle straps so that you can be tied up and restrained while standing (either face forward or facing back)

* A stockade (for those that don’t know what a stockade is, it’s an old device used to display criminals in the middle of town. It had two pieces of wood with holes for your hands and head that were big enough for your wrists and neck, but too small for you to pull out when the top piece was fastened to the bottom piece.) When in the Stockyard, you face the couch and your ass is facing the wall with the door on it putting you parallel to the back wall of the room.

Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

ANR – Ch. 03: The Harness

Throughout the week, I ventured up to my favorite adult book store during lunch and sucked off several guys. These were plain, cock-sucking sessions that held me thru the week as I anticipated my next evening session where I would try out one of the devices in the rooms.

Friday came and I dressed in some nice jeans, no underwear, a t-shirt and some sandals and drove out, arriving at around 10pm. I noticed group of well-dressed white men standing at the smoking area. They were talking and smoking, dressed in slacks and nice polo shirts.

I walked up, pulled out a cigarette and faked not having a lighter and asked them for one. One of them gave me one and we started up a conversation. They were in town for a convention and decided to check out an ABS for some action as they couldn’t risk doing it at home and their wives finding out. They asked if this one had a theater to which I replied it didn’t, but when I told them about the rooms and the devices, they perked up and asked me more questions and if I ever used them.

I told them about my adventures last weekend and were laughing and telling me how hot it all sounded and said things about how freaky I was. I just smiled and flirted with them and said, “hey, what can I say? I like sex and being used.”

They were all crowded around and began asking me if I was here tonight to get used again and I said, ” well, that’s why I’m here. I want to try out the harness tonight, but where, oh where casino siteleri can I find some good company?” I smiled at them and they smiled back.

One of them said, “well, we’d be more than happy to keep you company tonight. Show us the way.”

We flicked our cigarette butts and walked to the door, me leading the way, them following. My cock was already hard as we entered the place and went back to the arcade. I led them to one of the rooms with the harness rig and we all entered, shutting the door behind us.

I went over and put $20 in the machine and found a gay video of one guy being fucked by a group of guys. The men were checking out the harness and how the recipient would be suspended on their back at waist height and how their arms and legs could be strapped in.

“This will put you at our control, we could do whatever we wanted to you while your in this,” said one of the men.

“That’s the point, isn’t it? I get used like I want and you can indulge in whatever fantasies your wives aren’t fulfilling for you at home. It’s a win-win,” I said and then peeled off my clothes.

“Anything off limits,” said one of the other guys.

“Beyond extreme pain and you all taking a dump on me, I’m pretty much game for whatever you all wanna do to me,” I replied.

The men all stripped out of their clothes, their bodies, similar, were slim and toned, a usual for many business men who understand appearances go along way in the corporate world. They all had nice cocks, not too huge, but ranging from probably 6.5″ to 8″. They came over to me and I got on my knees and the first one stepped up and I opened my mouth, allowing him access. I began to bob up and down on his cock, taking it all the way in my mouth and reached out to grab two more. I stoked those as I sucked the first guy for a bit then moved to the next cock. I went all around to each cock, taking each to the hilt and sucking a bit. It was fun, enjoying the different sizes and feelings of their cocks.

I stopped as the action was a little too reserved and I looked up at them and said, “come on guys, you can get a gingerly blowjob from your wives anytime you want. This is a time to live out your fantasies. Use me, hard, don’t hold back. You won’t break me or freak me out.”

The men, noting the sincerity in my voice, closed in and really went wild. They fucked my mouth harder, slamming their cocks into my mouth, one at a time and slapping my face and head with their cocks. I figured they needed more encouragement, so I pulled them by their cocks so that I could get two in my mouth at the same time. I slobbered over the two in my mouth and the other two kneeled down and began groping my ass, squeezing it and spanking it.

I pulled off of the two in my mouth and said I had some lube in my jeans pocket. One got up to grab it while the other one continued exploring my firm ass cheeks. He returned and I heard the cap being opened then liquid being poured generously between my cheeks. The guy that had stayed rubbed it around before jamming a finger into me roughly. With his finger in, he began to shake my ass, trying quickly to open my hole. I felt the other guy stick a finger in as well which elicited a moan from me around the two cock heads in my mouth.

They continued to manhandle my hole and open it up. The first guy reached up while opening me up and grabbed my left nipple and began to squeeze and twist it sending waves of electricity thru my body. I felt the second guy insert another finger in my ass to which I pushed back, signaling my desire to be filled.

“I think he’s ready,” said the guy with two fingers pulling my ass apart.

The guys fucking my mouth retreated and the other two removed their fingers leaving me empty. I felt them reach down and pull me to my feet and I quickly walked over to the harness and turned around so that my back was facing it and jumped in. I resituated myself properly in the device and the men came over and strapped my hands in and then raised my legs up, strapping them in as well. I was now at their mercy with my freshly opened ass at just the right angle and height for them to use as they wished. I’m sure if you would have looked at it, you would have seen my pucker quivering from anticipation.

The canlı casino guy that had retrieved the lube stepped up between my spread legs and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down the spread crack of my ass. He teased my hole, rubbing the head around and around, starting to push, but then going back to sliding it around again. The two that had been mouth fucking me were on either side groping my body, and rubbing their hands all over. The guy on my right leaned in and began kissing me while the other leaned down and began licking my left nipple and kissing my chest.

“Beg me for my cock,” said my soon-to-be sodomizer and I pulled away from the kiss and said, “please, fuck, use me, fuck my ass, I need it so bad.” I wasn’t lying either. I needed his cock, all their cocks, to fuck me and use me.

He pushed with his cock and I felt the head enter and him push farther, my ass opening up to him, letting him in and wrapping around his cock. I threw my head back in ecstasy, enjoying the feeling of having a cock sliding in and filling me as it sent waves of pleasure thru me. With my head back, the man that was kissing me attacked my neck and licked and kissed it sending more waves of pleasure thru me.

The man started pulling back and then slammed into me and began to fuck me hard and deep. I was in total bliss as he fucked me and two others were kissing and licking on me. The last guy squeezed in on my right side and leaned down taking my throbbing cock into his mouth. The feeling was too much and I screamed that I was going to cum. The man fucking me rammed me harder and I exploded into the other man’s mouth. He continued sucking as he drained me and pulled off and pushed the other man that was licking my neck out of the way and grabbed the back of my head and spit my cum out all over my face. He spit a few more times on my face and all I did was moan and stick my tongue out trying to lap up what I could reach. The act was so demeaning, yet so exciting too. No one had ever spit on me before, let alone spit my own cum on me.

The man fucking me pulled out of my ass saying something about not wanting to cum yet and the guy that had been licking my nipples stepped up between my legs and inserted his cock. He began to quickly fuck me with deep, strong thrusts that pushed me and the harness back every time he buried himself in me. One of the guys got behind my head in the harness and held me still and said, “there you go boy, that way you can feel every inch of his cock bury into your ass, do you like that?”

I didn’t respond right away because I was lost in the feeling and he reached around and slapped my cum covered face and then grabbed me by the cheeks with one hand, squeezed and said, “You fuckin answer me motherfucker when I ask you a question, do you like this better?”

Shocked, but surprisingly turned on by the forceful, dominating attitude that had just developed, I said, “yes sir, sorry sir, it feels so good. Hold me here so he can thoroughly fuck me.”

“That’s better,” he said and released my face from his grasp. They got into a rhythm where not only would he hold me still, he would actually push me forward towards my fucker with each thrust.

“Yeah, fuck him,” they were saying, standing on either side and at my head, encouraging the other guy to fuck me. The would rub on my body, twist a nipple or two and stroke my cock that had surprisingly not gone soft.

They each took a turn in my ass, all pulling out before they came in order to maintain the session. We fucked for what seemed like ages and the would reapply lube to my ass every once in awhile. One guy turned on the lights and pulled out his phone and began to take photos of me. When the guy with the largest cock was fucking me, they got in close and he would pull out and the other guy would take a picture of my gaping asshole. He took pleasure in showing me my hairless hole that was red from the fucking and how it was so thoroughly used that it stayed open by itself.

He went back to fucking me again with his big cock and said he was close and was ready to cum. He pumped harder into me and grabbed me by my raised legs and grunted before slamming even harder and I felt him spasm and shake as he blasted my kaçak casino well used ass with his cum. The other guys were standing around and the next guy stepped up and instead of sticking his cock back in me, he jerked off feverishly and came all over my spread ass, my balls and my cock. The other two apparently liked this idea too as they stepped up and did the same thing, covering my genitals and exposed ass with two more loads of cum.

I laid there and they unlatched my right hand and told me to jerk my cock. I grabbed my cum soaked cock and began to jerk off with their cum as lube. It felt so amazing but as I was stroking, the guy between my legs said, “so, we can really use you to fulfill any fantasy of ours that doesn’t include extreme pain or shit, right?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“Cool, I’ve always wanted to try something,” he said. I continued stroking while my eyes were closed and suddenly I felt a strong, hot stream of liquid hitting me right in my gaping asshole.

I heard them start laughing as I realized he was pissing on me and into my freshly used asshole. “John, you sick motherfucker,” laughed one of the other guys before saying,” I wanna get in on this too.” I felt another stream hit my body from my right side before the stream of hot piss moved its way up my chest to my face.

“Open up,” I heard him say and I did so, giving him a place to aim for. He aimed the stream up at my mouth and managed to get some in but was still hitting me in the face. The taste wasn’t bad and I assumed they were well hydrated because it was very watery piss. When my mouth would fill up, I would push it out of my mouth and let it cascade down over my face and drop to the floor.

The guy pissing in my ass finished and another guy stepped up and began pissing on me and aimed his stream at my cock as I was furiously masterbating. The warm piss felt great on my cock and I could feel myself getting close. He finished and I expected the last guy to piss on my body somewhere, but instead I felt him insert his cock into my ass and then let go with a stream INSIDE my ass. He would piss a little, pull out and let me empty out while continuing to piss on my hole and then push back in. The feeling of the slight fucking mixed with the strong, hot stream pulsing in my ass did it and I let rip my second orgasm of the night.

I laid there, completely spent, and the men were all laughing at the huge puddle they had created by pissing on me. “I feel bad for whoever has to clean this up,” said one of them which started another round of laughing. I could see them now trying their best to avoid the piss lake on the floor.

One of the guys unlatched my other arm and my legs and they all retreated to the other side of the room to clean up. I heard them say that they were glad there was some toilet paper in the room so they can wipe off the piss on their feet. I heard them passing it around tearing some off before I heard them start snickering a little. “Hey, you need some help out of that thing?”

“No, I’m good, I just want to lay here a bit.”

They said ok and one of them asked for my phone number for when they come back in town. I gave it and they said their goodbyes to me and left.

Shortly later, I maneuvered out of the harness and went to grab the toilet paper only to realize there was barely anything left. Now I know what they were snickering about. Thankfully laying in the harness had pretty much dried my chest off but my groin and ass and lower stomach were drenched from pee and cum. I wiped off what I could and said, “fuck it,” and got dressed before quickly leaving the room, arcade and then the building. As soon as I walked out with the lower part of my shirt wet and sticking to my body (my jeans were too, but they were dark so you really couldn’t tell), I heard laughing start coming from the smoking area.

I looked up and saw them before walking over to them.

“Very funny, guys,” I said giving them a playful “mean” look. This got them laughing again at my situation. I couldn’t help but join them in a laugh.

“Well, I’m off to go home and shower. If y’all are still in town tomorrow, I’ll be here ,” I said and the, still chuckling said that they might just have to stop by.

I left, walking funny from my gangbang and from the wet sensations between my legs. It had been a good night.


I hope you liked it. I have one more chapter coming this week:

ANR – Ch. 04: The Stockade

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