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Group Sex

Anna looked at herself in the full-length mirror, a daily ritual of self-criticism.   Her breasts had developed nicely, but without surgery they’d never be more than a small B-cup, but nonetheless, she was satisfied with what she saw.   She had grown her hair out to shoulder length, although it was quite a plain, straight, flat brown.   Anna was most pleased with her hips and bum, which with the aid of hormones and exercise, had developed nicely.   The transformation was nearly complete.   She’d soon be the woman she always knew she was born to be.   She finally removed her left hand from her groin, to reveal the part of her body she loathed above all others.   Her small, ineffectual penis.   The cause of countless jibes and insults at school, the foul thing that stopped her from fully emerging as the beautiful butterfly she had always known she could be. To say her life had been miserable would be an understatement.   Anna’s parents (to whom she’d always been Samuel) were old-fashioned working class.   Her dad went to the club on Thursday and Friday evenings, and Sunday lunch.   Mum went along on Sunday’s too along with the other wives, allowed out for half a lager and lime as long as dinner was still cooked on time.   Dad was in the darts and snooker teams, and had played football until he turned forty.   Anna had been a disappointment to him, and he made it plain.   She’s always preferred dolls and drawing pictures to sports güvenilir bahis and other manly pursuits, and her dad could never face it.   That combined with the constant bullying from the age of twelve, was what led her to leave home at sixteen, with nowhere to go, taking the £418 in her savings account.   On that day she stopped being Samuel, and became Anna.   She had always been called a sissy and a poof by the boys at school, and just took to wearing her big jumper and jeans, and telling anyone who asked, that her name was Anna.   Not that many people asked.   For eighteen months she had moved from pillar to post, doing odd cleaning jobs where she could.   She finally ended up in Blackpool, working in one of the seedier hotels, cash-in-hand, and made her first ever good friend.   Angie became her mentor, and treated her like a daughter, even taking her into her home, temporarily at first, but for the last four years, as her lodger.   Angie was a divorcee, and her kids had left home.   She reminded Anna of her own mum, or at least how she thought her mum could have been. Angie was the only person who knew Anna’s secret.   She’d introduced Anna to first a counsellor, and then eventually to the doctor who had been prescribing the hormones.   She was desperately saving up for the surgery to take the final step, but it seemed an impossible target. Anna was a virgin.   She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had an erection. güvenilir bahis siteleri   She supposed she must have as a teenager, but was fairly sure she’d never come through wanking.   Even as a teenager, she’d been excited by masturbating her anus with a variety of implements.   She’d whiled away many an afternoon fucking her arse with the handle of her hairbrush or even the loo brush.   She’d finally plucked up the courage to go into a sex shop and buy a dildo and some lubricant two years ago, at the age of 25.   She’d since become a fairly regular visitor to the adult shops of Blackpool, getting a thrill of anticipation for a couple of days before her intended visit, and usually culminating in a five or six hour session fucking her arsehole. Anna desperately wanted a boyfriend.   She longed to cuddle up in front of the telly.   She would have loved to stroke and to lick and suck a manly cock, but the limp, pathetic thing between her own legs would put any real man off sex for life. The following evening was Anna’s 27 th birthday, and she’d agreed to go out for a night on the town with Angie and two other girls from work.   Jenna and Sue were both in their early thirties and typical bubbly Lancashire lasses.   Anna had agreed under pressure, to a makeover and the girls turned up just after six o’clock.   Jenna had done a year on a beauty course at college when she left school, and had more makeup and hair implements iddaa siteleri than Anna had ever seen in one place before.   As Jenna produced the curlers, shimmery blusher, and fake tan, Sue produced a bottle of Vodka and cartons of orange juice.   Anna hardly ever touched alcohol, and soon began to feel a little woozy.   Jenna jumped up about an hour later.   “All done, and not a bad job if I do say so myself” Jenna said. Anna stood, and turned to look in the mirror.   She started to fall and Sue grabbed her.   “You alright doll?” she asked with more than a little concern. Anna began to sob.   “I look beautiful” she cried between hitches. “Course you do you daft tart,” replied Jenna, “I did it didn’t I?” The girls collapsed in fits of giggles and fell into a group hug.   “Now let’s get our gorgeous arses into town, and show the lads of Blackpool what they’re missing” Jenna said. Twenty minutes later, the girls climbed from the taxi in front of a club.   “Come on girls, the last one to get a snog pays for the taxi home” said Sue, hitching her already short skirt up her legs as she climbed the steps. Much of the night passed in a blur for Anna, in a kaleidoscope of lights, music, booze, and raucous laughter.   She began to feel a little sick, and so went outside with Angie for some fresh air, whilst Angie had a fag.   As they stood outside giggling, they girls were approached by a fit looking guy. “Hiya Glen, what are you doing out?” asked Angie. “Hello Ange, I’ve been out with some of the lads on a stag do.   They’ve gone onto a strip club, but it’s not my scene really.   Who’s your pretty friend?” he asked. “Glen, Anna, Anna, Glen” said Angie.

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