An Unexpected Question, The Finale

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As the three of us left the office, arm in arm, Jane decided to ride with me.  I opened the passenger side for her, and she plopped down in the seat.  By the time I made it around to the driver’s side door, Jane had already pulled off her dress.  As I sat in my seat and started the car, she removed her shoes and panties, leaving her completely naked.  Once nude, she moved closer and asked, “Is there something that you’d like to touch, rub, or maybe taste?”I hastily replied, “Yes, to all!”Jane jumped into my lap and started kissing me as my hands wandered all over her lithe body.  After kneading her tight ass for a minute, I headed north and began manipulating her petite firm breasts.  She seemed to be enjoying that and whispered, “Mine aren’t quite as sensitive as Sharon’s, so feel free to squeeze, pull, and pinch as hard as you like.”As I pulled and pinched her nipples roughly, she responded with moans and by grinding her smooth pussy against my jean-covered cock.  She was driving us both crazy with her sounds and movement, not to mention her alluringly musky aroma.  Unable to wait any longer, I finally lowered my seat-back and slid her hot box up to my face.  I drilled my tongue into her yummy slit over and over.  She went wild as I nibbled on her oversized clit.  Wrapping both of her hands around my head, Jane tried in vain to stuff my face inside her.  When she climaxed, she actually fell into the back seat.  Her quivering pussy still lying on my face as she came down from escort izmit her orgasm.Once she recovered, Jane managed to rotate herself one hundred and eighty degrees. This left her hot little puss on my face and her mouth at my crotch.  She made short work of my jeans and began sucking me like a pro.  As she was bobbing up and down slowly, I suggested, “Why don’t you shut off the car until we’re done.  I have a feeling we may be here a while.”Jane shut off the engine without missing a beat while I began my oral invasion of both her holes.  She clearly was no novice at sucking dick since she gave me one of the best blow-jobs that I’ve ever had.  When my tongue began penetrating her cute little pink rosebud, I thought she was going to suck my dick completely off.  To get better access, I pushed her legs further apart and spread her cheeks wide.  Between tongue plunges into her dark hole, I lapped vigorously across both.  As I got closer to my climax, I worked harder to get her there too.  My tongue was pushing in and out of her anus rapidly while she ground herself back at me wildly.  My orgasm was at hand, so I pressed two fingers into her pussy while my tongue kept her pucker stimulated.  I came hard but with little physical evidence as Sharon had already drained most of my fluids earlier.  Jane came just after me and bounced all over me throughout her climax.  Both of us were spent and lapping at each other’s abused genitalia when Sharon tapped on the window.I izmit escort tried to reach the power window switch but couldn’t, so Jane pressed the button while still sucking on me.  Sharon asked politely, “Are you two almost done?  I thought we were headed home for this?”Jane responded as I tickled her clit with my tongue, “I just couldn’t wait.  I was so horny from watching you two from the closet that I just had to get some myself.”I didn’t say a word as Sharon stared at us while Jane continued to lap at my shrinking schlong and scrotum.  For my part, I continued to suck Jane’s secretions out of her drooling pussy.  After another minute of Sharon’s stink-eye, Jane relented.  Sitting up on my face, Jane said, “Okay, I’ll get off him long enough for us to get home, but I’m not getting dressed.”Sharon turned back toward her car as Jane ground her hot box on my face one more time before heading for her seat.  I tilted the seat up and started the car.  Jane kept her word and didn’t get dressed.  She was so worked up that she played with herself the entire drive.  By the time we got to their house, I had begun to harden from her display.The moment that I came to a stop in their driveway, Jane jumped on my lap and impaled her silken box on my hardon.  She kissed me vigorously until Sharon opened the door and suggested, “Why don’t we take this inside, you little cock slut.”As Sharon walked toward the front door, Jane whispered to me, “Carry me in izmit kendi evi olan escort with your cock inside me, please.””It’s going to be a little difficult with my pants down around my ankles.”Jane pulled one leg up to her chest and slowly pivoted on my pole.  Once she was facing away, she lowered her leg and bent down to remove my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear.  Now that I was bare from the waist down, Jane turned back around to face me again.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tight as I worked my way out of the car.  Once my feet were turned out, I grabbed Jane’s ass cheeks to support her as I stood.  My cock pressed into her hard once I was on my feet.  Jane released a satisfied moan from extra penetration.  With that in mind, I hopped each step in an exaggerated fashion.  Sharon just looked befuddled as I bounded slowly toward the front door.    With each step, Jane’s moans became louder as I repeatedly bottomed out in her needy snatch.  She gnawed on my neck and shoulder as her moans increased in magnitude and occurrence.  By the time Sharon led me to the bedroom, Jane was howling as her climax absorbed her.  As I reached the bed, Jane was limp in my arms as I gently placed her on the comforter.  Sharon covered her up, then led me back into the living room.I felt a bit awkward as she had me sit on the couch in my nakedness.  The uncomfortable feeling did last long as she quickly stripped and kneeled between my open legs.  Sharon licked my half-hard penis lightly and commented, “She does have an enticingly tangy taste, doesn’t she.”I smiled and considered heading back to the bedroom for another taste.  Sharon watched my eyes travel that direction and spouted, “She’s out, and you’re mine now, so just sit back and enjoy.”

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