An Unexpected Journey

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An Unexpected JourneyNote – All stories are a work of fiction, designed to simply arouse or amuse.It was dark, raining and pretty cold outside, my father was driving, we were on our way home after a night out at a local restaurant. It was my birthday, and turning 21 was as good a reason as any for a family get-together.My older sister Susan and I were in the back seat, both of us had drank a little too much, well maybe more than a little, so we were messing around slapping and poking each other in the back of the car, just light hearted fun really.Years ago, I had often flashed my cock at Susan, I was sexually aware early on and enjoyed flirting, even though nothing ever came of it. It was simple a game to play while aroused and I would jerk off alone with the memories of the disgusted look she would give me, wondering what she really thought about it.Anyway, with my thoughts racing, I was feeling more than a little aroused, the beers and some sexily dressed servers at the restaurant had taken care of that. I was fantasising about fucking some of them and my cock was getting hard in my jeans. It was becoming a little uncomfortable so I adjusted my semi hard dick slightly to allow it room to grow, in my peripheral vision, I noticed Susan sharply look away as I turned to her, was she watching? At lease now she seemed intent on just watching the rain through the car window.My dirty mind went to play, and remembering my previous cock flashes, I decided to give her an updated view, my cock was bigger now after all so this should be fun, well to me anyway. It could at least fuel my planned wanking session when I was home in the privacy of my room.So I unbuttoned, then unzipped my jeans, sliding my fingers inside bakırköy escort to wrestle my nearly erect cock out into the open. What now, not sure how to proceed, I wrapped my fingers around it and closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. Let’s see if this gets her attention.And, exactly nothing happened, no groans nor a friendly/angry slap from Susan to indicate she had seen me. I guess it was really dark with the rainy evening so I put it down to that. To my drunk, horny mind though it seemed perfectly sensible to then slide my jeans, and underwear down to my lower thighs to show a little more, making it really obvious that I was flashing her. Despite my parents being seated up front, I proceeded to expose my cock, balls and upper thighs, why this seemed a good idea, well I don’t have a good answer, but when did that ever stop me before or since.The vibration of the car on the bumpy road was starting to turn me on even more, I could feel every bump translated into a shock of motion through to my dick, I was having fun anyway, and couldn’t wait to get home so I could finish off what my dirty mind had started. I started to think of how I wanted to finish, slow teasing strokes, or a quick hard tug until I shot my cum onto my flat stomach. I was getting lost in the moment when suddenly I felt a breath on my skin followed by the sensation of a warm mouth sliding onto the head of my cock. I opened my eyes wide, in complete shock as Susan was leaning over me as she enveloped my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck me gently. Her hands were simply supporting her as she leaned over. Her mouth felt amazing, however, this also felt very wrong, I was sitting sitting behind beşiktaş escort my parents, my jeans around my thighs with my sisters mouth masturbating my cock rhythmically as she sucked me gently, but I was powerless, and didn’t I really want this anyway?Still lost in the moment, it was disappointing when Susan suddenly disengaged, she looked up at me with her eyes wide, wet lips glistening in the brief flashes of light from the streetlights.“Happy birthday”, she said huskily.It was all I could do to nod my head, and watch with pleasure as she lowered herself, sucking me between her lips again as she did so.Between my desire of the women at the restaurant, the alcohol and the thought of what was happening to me right now, I could not hold back much longer. And with my parents in the front of the car, oblivious to the very taboo act occurring behind them, it was impossible for me to warn her that I was about to cum, even with the music from the radio quietly coming from the speakers in the car. Well I suppose I could have tapped her, but that thought only came afterwards when I played it back in my mind.Just as I was reaching the crescendo of pleasure, Susan moved slightly, removing her weight from one arm. Smiling to myself, I thought she would either tug on my balls or shaft as I felt her fingers touch me, but she had other ideas. She slipped my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me again, then sucked her finger into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. That was as erotic as hell, but then to my utter shock she slid her hand between my legs, forcing them open as she slipped a finger into my tight ass, circling it slowly, my eyes closed in ecstasy, she sucked beylikdüzü escort me back insider her mouth and then proceeded to suck ferociously as I started to pump my hot cum into her mouth. Her finger sliding deep in my ass as I came.“Mmmm”, she mumbled, as I closed my eyes to the best orgasm of my life. I was struggling with holding back a loud cry as my balls did their best to replace the cum in her mouth as she swallowed.Fuck, fuck, fuck my head screamed as I finished my orgasm, this was fucked up, but amazing. Susan pulled away, making a show of wiping some cum from her lips and sliding her finger into her mouth. Sitting back into position, turning away and looking out of the window like nothing untoward had occurred.Slowly, I adjusted my clothing, sliding my underwear over my slippery wet cock, then as quietly as I could I pulled my jeans back into position and fastened them. Then the reality of what had happened hit me, I looked at my parents to see their reaction, luckily there was none. Then glancing out of the window, I saw that we were pulling into the area we lived in, so we were nearly home. I had to think this through, what had happened, and how difficult was it going to be looking my sister in the eye when we got into the house, damn awkward for sure.We pulled onto the driveway at our house, and then proceeded to get out of the car, Susan and I did not look at each other, even when our porch lighting lit up the scene around us. As it was late, once we were inside, we both retired to our rooms, and she didn’t talk to me other than when she was closing her bedroom door, which was adjacent to mine. “Goodnight”, she purred as she winked at me as her door closed.I went into my room, undressed and looked at my cock, it had actually been inside my sisters mouth, and I had cum, again inside of her mouth. I noticed it was still slightly wet and sticky from her saliva and my cum, so I ran my finger over the slit in the head of my cock, slipped it into my mouth and thought, ‘I hope she liked the taste’.End

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