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an overheard conversationThis is the recounting of a conversation I heard while I was waiting alone in an interview room in my local bank a number of years ago.Up until then I thought these type of experiences only happened in my imagination.They were two females telling of recent sexual encounters.The first lady told her story but it was pretty much run of the mill,the other lady’s was much more interesting.Here goes…………………………..”Well I popped over to Pete’s flat on friday evening but when I went in I didn’t see him there.The tv was on so I sat down & waited assuming he’d popped over to the shop or something.After a while I heard a sound & looked behind & noticed the bedroom door was slightly ajar.I decided to go over & surprise him.He’d do it to me.I crept over quietly to the doorway when I looked in he was standing there wearing an emerald green satin blouse & a lovely black satin pleated skirt just to below the knee.He didn’t notice me.Next he reached to the hem of the skirt to straighten it & I could see a white satin petticoat or slip type garment underneath like the type ladies wore in the old days.He pulled them up to reveal black stockings & I also noticed they were held up by suspenders.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,firstly because it was Pete,secondly because it was making me feel so horny & thirdly because I or any of my female pendik escort friends just couldn’t dress so perfectly.I mean the look he achieved was just soooo sexy.Next he pulled his cock out of a pair of silky pink knickers which looked very like a pair of mine that went missing out of my dirty laundry basket a few weeks ago.His cock was rock hard,i’d never seen one so solid before.I was tingling with excitement,partly nerves,partly a sexual desire in me.I’d never faced anything like this before.I decided to make him aware of my presence so I cleared my throat rather deliberately & walked through.He froze….neither of us knew what to say initially.I spoke first saying I thought I’d seen everything but this really takes the biscuit.He replied-are you going to tell anyone?-Depends I responded I don’t know what I want to do yet.-Are you thinking in sexual terms he questioned?I think I am I responded.Well then I’m game for whatever you want to do as long as it remains our secret.-I thought about what he said,there were loads of ideas spinning in my head,right then so,I’d love to fuck you like a woman but I’m at a disposition as I don’t have a cock.-wait there he said & he left the room.He returned with a transparent red strapon in a harness & said this should do the trick smiling.I took it & undressed.He asked me if i’d like to dress kartal escort up too?I thought what the hell why not.He brought out his stash of lady clothes & presented it to me.I started with a pair of tan stockings held up with a black suspender belt,a cream silky blouse,then I lifted a navy pleated skirt;he stopped me there & said what about a slip? Sorry I replied its just that I’ve never been in the habit of wearing one,in fact I don’t wear skirts that much even.He picked out a lovely ivory satin waist slip with deep lace around the hem & a slit on the right leg & handed it to me.As I pulled it on I said to him;you like these petticoat slip type things don’t you?-Yeah they’re my favourite its a pity more women don’t wear them nowadays.There’s something about the way they swish about underneath that’s just so erotic.I pulled on the skirt & walked around the room.I felt it instantly.As the slip brushed gently against my stockinged legs & slithered between my skirt & my naked bum I could feel electric pulses rushing through my body,the kind you get when your building to a climax.It was wonderful the feeling & so little physical contact.Next I fitted on the strapon.When it was on I pulled the slip & the skirt down over it.Walking towards Pete with the cock standing to attention underneath the clothes made me feel very powerful,sexy maltepe escort & well cocky all at once.I was holding back my orgasm at that point.I ordered him to suck on my shaft. as he did so he reached round to my bum & fondled it every now & then lightly poking my hum hole.I’d never experienced any bum hole pleasure before either.I ordered him to bend over to feel what its like to be fucked like a girl.He obliged.I lifted his skirt,then his slip,I dragged my fingers along the silky knickers saying they’re mine aren’t they?-yes he said;I nicked them out of your laundry basket a few weeks ago,sorry but I couldn’t resist.I said I’ll have to punish you for that & without warning yanked them down & shoved my pole right up his tight arse.He squealed but that made me pump him harder.I felt so empowered.I reached round & grabbed his so solid shaft & wanked it hard as I pumped his hole.It wasn’t long before he started squirting his spunk.I kept pumping harder & harder till he stopped squirting.I realised I was cumming all the time I was pumping his hole I was soaking.I never felt so good without even having my pussy touched.I said to Pete where do we go from here?-Are you going to tell anyone? he retorted.I said I won’t if we can do more of this-No problem there he replied.-That’s settled then so I says but there is just one thing can I have one of your slips? I’ll never wear a skirt or a dress again without one.He gave me a beautiful black satin full slip & told me to keep the waist slip I was wearing too…………………..That was the end of the conversation except for her saying I’m wearing that waist slip now & I’m meeting him after work.

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