Adventures in San Diego

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Adventures in San Diego

My wife and I had taken a cruise with our grandchildren to San Diego. It was only four days and maybe four days too long, if you know what I mean. After we arrived, we went our separate ways, my wife and I deciding to stay in San Diego for a few days and see the sights. We decided that the best way around the area was on the shuttles that went to different parts of the city. We picked one line and the next morning, early, we jumped on board and saw what San Diego had to offer. As we were travelling along the line, I noticed that there were not too many women on the shuttle. I mentioned this to my wife and she kind of shrugged it off and I didn’t think about it again, at least until later.
At one stop. Three young men got on and took the seats directly behind us. These seats were the kind that were open and had a little back rest that one could reach over and around very easily. And reach over, these young men did for after a few minutes of chatter behind us, I noticed that they were quiet and I thought they were asleep. Well, they weren’t asleep but were staring over the back of the seat at my wife’s breasts.
I heard one of them say go ahead and a hand reached around and started to grope my wife. She looked alarmed at first but when a second hand came around the other side of her and started groping her other breast, she sighed and slumped a little in her seat. One thing she did not do was remove the hands from her breasts but let them continue to fondle and caress her openly.
I looked over my shoulder at the young man fondling my wife and he smiled just as a hand came around my hips and started to rub on top of my cock. I heard someone ask if I liked that and I sighed quietly and nodded slightly, looking straight forward at the back of the head of the driver. I could see the driver watching what was going on and the brake man was staring too.
The two young men continued to caress both my wife and I and it wasn’t long before I had a tent in the front of my pants while I watched my wife whose eyes were closed, enjoying the sensations she was getting from the caresses. The hand rubbing me found my zipper and quickly pulled it down. Now we had the driver’s full attention as he carefully guided the shuttle along the route. I felt my cock being rubbed then freed from my pants while my wife was having her breasts exposed at the same time. My mind was in over drive and I wasn’t sure where this was going.

The third young man came around and sat in front of my wife and I. He reached out and took one of my wife’s breasts and flicked her nipple, making güvenilir bahis it respond right away. I knew then that my wife was feeling horny and wanted more of the same. He leaned into her and took her hardened nipple in his mouth, loudly sucking on it, making my wife groan slightly louder that before. Her other breast was still being caressed and the nipple of it was hard too from the fingers around it pinching and twirling it. My wife then put her head back and the two young men took this as a sign that she was ready. I had never seen or thought of my wife as she was right now but I was enjoying it all the same.
I then felt my pants being pulled apart and my bare hard cock being rubbed faster and faster. The young man sitting in front of my wife with her nipple in his mouth, reached over and took hold of my cock, rubbing up and down my length slowly and stopping at my slit to push his finger nail between the folds, giving me a very warming sensation and a need for more. These young men knew what they were doing, that’s for sure and they had both of us in their hands and at their command.
The young man that had been rubbing my cock, now moved in front of me and leaned forward, engulfing my cock in his hot mouth. He started to suck on my cock and as he did, I looked up over his back and saw the brake man with his cock out, standing beside the driver. He was leaning into the driver and I could see his arm moving up and down so I assumed he had a hold of the driver’s cock and was rubbing it while he watched what was happening to us.
Now I was harder that I could ever remember being and the young man sucking me, stopped and turning around, pushed his pants down over his hips to his ankles and off one leg. He then straddled me and lowered himself right down on my cock and the next thing I knew, I could feel his ass cheeks against my thighs as I was fully inside his ass hole. Starting slowly, he moved up and down on me, fucking himself while I heard my wife gasp beside me. I looked over and saw the young man who had been sitting in front of her was now on his hands and knees, his face attached to my wife’s bare and open cunt. I could see his tongue sliding in and out of her and twirling around her clit.
What a sight this must have been, a young man bouncing and fucking himself on my hard cock while another young man ate my wife’s cunt. Was this really happening? I felt my cock twitch and suddenly, I was spurting hot come deep inside a young man’s ass hole while he held himself against me with me fully inside him, filling his anal canal with my juices. My wife came at the same time and she moaned and groaned türkçe bahis loudly, thrusting her hips forward against the young man’s face as he ate her while she came.

After a short rest, the three young men got off the shuttle and smiling and thanking us, left us in a daze. I looked up and saw that the driver and brake man had finished. They smiled at us too and just then we reached the end of the line. The driver got up and I could see he still had a tent in the front of his pants as he turned to us and announced we would be here for a few minutes and that they had to turn the shuttle around.
We got off the shuttle and were walking around, not saying anything when my wife said she had to go to the bathroom. Going over to the brake man, she asked him where the washrooms were and he pointed to the small shack, saying they were inside. He then offered to show her where they were and they set off, leaving me out in the turn around area all by myself, The driver had disappeared too but I hadn’t seen him go.
I waited outside for what seemed like a long time and got to wondering where my wife was and what she was doing knowing the state she had just been in on the shuttle. I slowly wandered over to the small shack and looked in the window. What I saw completely took my breath away. My wife was completely nude, laying on a table with her legs up over the drivers shoulders while he pumped his hard cock in and out of her cunt. He head was over the end of the table and
the brake man was standing with his cock buried in her mouth, slowly fucking her mouth. There was another man watching the three of them and he looked up and saw me looking in the window. He motioned for me to come inside and I hesitantly opened the door. It was then I could hear my wife groaning as the two men fucked her at both ends.
The third man again motioned for me to come in and I entered the shack and shut the door. He came over to me and started telling me what a great fuck my wife was and how he enjoyed fucking her along with the others. All I could do was nod and agree while I watched the two men continue to fuck my wife. As I was watching, my cock started to respond and the third man noticed it right away. Teasingly, he said that I was enjoying it too as he reached over and grabbed my cock. All I could do was close my eyes as he started to rub it in earnest and with a greater need.
The next thing I knew, he had undone my pants and was pulling them down over my hips. He pulled them right off of me and then leading me by my now hard cock, pulled me over beside my wife and told me to lay down beside her. I did güvenilir bahis siteleri as I was told as these men were big and strong and it was three to two. As I settled on my back on the table in much the same position as my wife, he pulled my knees and legs apart and I felt his hot tongue against my hole. It felt different but exhilarating at the same time.

My head was also over the end of the table and as I leaned back, I saw the brake man pull his hard cock out of my wife’s mouth and moving over to me, pushed it against my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and he thrust his hard cock to the back of my throat, momentarily gagging me. Starting slowly, he thrust in and out of my mouth effectively fucking my mouth while I felt three fingers inside my ass hole. Because of the hard cock in my mouth, all I could do was groan at the pain while sucking on the cock.
I felt something different against my hole and then a sharp pain as the third man pushed his hard cock inside my ass hole. He pushed it in a little then waited for a second of two before pushing it in further. It wasn’t long though before he was fully inside me and I could feel his crotch hair rubbing against the back of my thighs.
He then proceeded to start to fuck me with long, slow thrusts that when he thrust up into me, he made sure he was fully inside me. His balls slapped against my thighs with every thrust. I could hear my wife beside me telling the driver to fuck her harder as his thighs slapped against her cunt. Soon, I felt the same as my wife and I think I surprised everyone including myself, as I started to push back against his thrusts. I wanted him fully inside me more and more and when he started coming, I felt a warm sensation filling me as he spurted his hot come up into my ass hole, filling my canal.
When he was finished, he pulled out of me and told me how great a fuck I was. I just closed my eyes and that was when the brake man took his cock out of my mouth and walked around to my other end and pushed his cock up into me. He entered me easily because of all the hot come inside me and soon he too was pounding away at my man cunt while I pushed back against his thrusts.
Finally, they all were finished and my wife and I slowly dismounted from the table. The driver then told us that he was finished for the day but because we had fucked them all, he would make sure we got back to our hotel safely and quickly. My wife kissed the three men and I did too. Having a man’s tongue inside my mouth for the first time was another first for me. We got back to the hotel and collapsed into a dead sleep, dreaming about the day we had just had and hoping that maybe, just maybe, it could happen to us again. We’ll see as we still had several days of travelling before getting home.

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