A Surprise For You

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I called you at work during lunch today telling you that I couldn’t wait for you to get home and that I had a new nighty that I wanted you to see. “I don’t think you will be disappointed,” I said as we prepared to get off the phone.

I had decided that after our five years of marriage that maybe I should start surprising you a little bit once in a while. First I had thought of just a sexy new nighty to wear for you. I looked all over for the perfect one, never realizing how hard it would be to find one that I felt you would appreciate as well as one that I wanted to wear for you.

Once the nighty was settled upon I decided that maybe a few more surprises thrown in to make up for all the times I had neglected to do this were necessary. I really wanted to make this a night that neither you nor I would soon forget.

I would Begin with your one of your most favorite dinners Candle light and soft music in the background which I felt set the perfect mood for the relaxed mood that I hoped to create.

An hour or so before I knew you would be getting off from work. I begin to start preparing myself more completely for our night together. Going to take a shower and shaving my legs so they would be smooth for you I decided that my next surprise would be to do as you had always wanted me to do but I never would. Using a razor and shaving cream with oil, I begin to shave all the hair off my pussy.

I continued sliding the razor over the lips of my pussy, using my fingers to separate the folds. Trying to make sure I was getting all the hair off. It gave me more than I had planned. Not only did it get rid of the hair but made the lips and my clit swell as if begging to be touched more. Wasn’t sure if the wetness was from the shower or all the attention I was giving myself but decided that I would give it a few extra rubs and then wait on you to help finish me off. Smiling, I dry myself and my hair before putting on my new nighty.

Sliding on my nighty and panties, I found out how erotic it was to be completely bald. The material of the panties felt so erotic touching me. I knew at that point that not only would this be a good night for you but also for me. I couldn’t wait to have you home so I could show you all my secrets.

When your car pulled into the driveway I went to the door to meet you. Standing back away from the door but in a place where I knew I would be the first thing you see.

You walked in and before you dropped your keys on the table beside the door you had saw me and all your movements stopped. Your mouth slightly open, your eyes registering surprise as they took in the sight of me standing there in my white lace teddy. It was so sheer that you could see the brown tips of my nipples peeking through.

I see your eyes travel lower taking in the white silk panties that covered my other little secret. Making me wonder if you could guess at the surprise I had hidden there.

You drop your keys in the direction of the table but they miss and fall onto the floor. You never notice it as you begin to walk towards me.

You stop, just shy of touching me. Your eyes travel the length of me again. When they come back up to meet with mine all you can say is, “Your beautiful.” and then take the almanbahis adres final step to meet my lips with yours.

We hold each other in our arms for a while. You kiss me deeply, your tongue thrusting into my mouth. When your hands drifted down to grab my ass and pull me towards you I gently pushed you away. Not wanting you to find my other secret out to early, I tell you that we should go eat dinner and save the other stuff for desert.

You look at me funny as if to say, “Now how am I going to eat with you dressed like that.”

I smile and take your hand and lead you towards the dining room and our dinner.

You see your dinner and the soft lighting of the candle light and pull me towards you again in another kiss. When we break the kiss again you whisper in my ear “Thank you” as if you speak to loudly it will kill the atmosphere of the room.

All through dinner as we make small talk I see your eyes dip down to my chest. It seems you are looking for a chance to see the brown of my nipples. Like if you were to look at them you could will them to come out of hiding and show themselves to you.

When we finish eating I get up to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Making sure that you watched every move that I made. I lean over your arm to get your plate. Allowing you to glimpse more of my breasts and smell my musky perfume. Accidentally dropping a napkin and making sure to bend over at the waist allowing you to see my panty covered ass. Teasing you with every move and keeping your main focus on me.

When I have felt that I have teased you enough, I tell you that I am going to go freshen up again and that if you would like to join me I would be in the bedroom in a minute.

You are waiting in there when I open the bathroom door. I stand there waiting on you to make a move. I make sure I leave the light on behind me showing the out line of my body under the lace nighty.

You tell me to come further into the room but towards the foot of the bed. “I just want to see you standing there,” you explain. “I love how you look in that.

“Wait until you see what is underneath it,” I tease you as I walk towards where you asked me to go. Noticing as I walk how the comment has sparked your curiosity making you stare even more for something different.

I am standing there as you requested and watch as you sit on the foot of the bed. You are still looking for something different. As if you want to know but are turned on by the fact that you don’t.

Finally, as if you will find the secret then you ask me to turn around for you. Allowing you to look at my panty covered ass once more.

I stand like that waiting to see what you now had in mind. Knowing you had always enjoyed looking at my nicely rounded ass but also realizing that I had never stood before you and show you like this before. It making me wet to be turned around and allowing you to see my ass with out touching me.

You finally are speaking to me. Telling me how great my ass is but that you wish to see it uncovered. Sending a tingle down to my pussy knowing you will soon find out my secret and anticipating your response to it. I ask you what to do from here.

“Bend over as you pull your panties off. I want almanbahis adresi to see your naked ass bent over.” you say in a seductive whisper.

Me feeling as if you are commanding me to do so slip my fingers into the waist band of my panties and start to ease them down over my ass. Wondering what you will see as I bend to pull them further down.

Down to the thighs starting to bend just a little, I feel my wetness almost clinging to the silk panties as if not ready to be exposed. Feeling the air on my clit as my pussy finally looses hold on the panties.

I have bent over more now as my panties are to my knees. Wondering what will your response be when you finally are able to see my fully exposed pussy in the dim lighting of the room.

When they are down to my ankles and I am just about to step out of them I feel your hands on my ass. Sliding down my legs with your finger tips and then back up the inside of my legs barely touching my bare pussy.

You use both hands urging my legs to spread further allowing you to have more access to my pussy. I spread them as far as my panties will let them go. I am waiting to feel your touch on my clit.

I feel one hand move around to the front of my leg and then moving closer to my throbbing clit. Your fingers find my center and you whisper in my ear that you love my hairless pussy and can’t wait to play with it.

Two of your fingers gently parting the folds of my pussy exposing my clit to a third finger which you slide back and forth over my clit. I feel like I am going to cum just from that. I feel the ache settling inside me and building already.

I feel your other hand on my ass again as you rub your finger down the crack towards my pussy. Then back up along my crack only to lower once again until with out warning you have two fingers buried deep inside my pussy forcing my clit harder onto the fingers there and sending me over the edge into my first orgasm.

You let me ride out my pleasure on your fingers, my wetness soaking your fingers.

You tell me to finish removing my panties and my nighty must come off also because now you are ready to see all of me.

I stay bent over and pull the panties off my feet. Stand up and pull the nighty over my head as you reach from behind around to capture my breasts with both your hands still wet from being inside me.

You massage them, starting around the bottom and working your way up to my nipples, where you pinch them lightly between two fingers. Twisting them then pinching a little harder.

Suddenly your fingers leave me, and I feel you move away from me. “On the bed.” you tell me. You surprise me with your commanding tone. I climb up on the bed. Wondering what more is in store for me this night. I didn’t have to wait long as I watched you quickly remove your clothes and virtually fall onto the bed with your head between my legs.

Getting hold of my feet you make me bend my knees as if to cradle you between my legs. You use my feet to push my legs up until my knees are almost touching my chest opening myself up completely to your mouth. Almost as if you dare me to try to escape from you. I feel your tongue diving into me deeply and then coming out only to flick my clit and dive almanbahis adres in again.

I am shaking and withering on the bed. Begging you to fuck me, but still you continue to torture my clit with your tongue. Your tongue taking me right to the edge and yet you never give me enough contact to make me cum. Nor do you even let my legs go so I would be able to move away from your teasing tongue.

Right when I began to feel that if you would only tease my clit one more time I would find my pleasure again you stop teasing me with your tongue and lift your head letting my feet settle onto the bed. The sudden loss of contact with my pussy making me ache with need. My hips straining to gain more touching and meeting with only air in a futile attempt.

I groan with need, shutting my eyes tight to try and suppress need the need and ache inside me and feel the bed dip as climb up between my legs. You tell me as you get in place between my legs, “Open your eyes. I want you to see how much I enjoy your shaved pussy opening up for me.”

I look up into your eyes first then look down towards your cock. I see you hard and ready to enter me.

I watch as your hips and cock move in closer to me. Wondering at what it must look like from your point of view as you cock begins to ease into my wetness.

Looking into your eyes again to see if I can find what you are feeling. Seeing your eyes locked onto where our two bodies are joining. I want so much to beg you to push yourself into me completely yet wanting you to continue to penetrate me slowly, dragging out the pleasure for us even more.

Finally, when you are buried deep inside my pussy, you lean down and capture my mouth with yours. Tongue thrusting deeply into my mouth like I wish your cock would do. I feel your hips moving in tiny circles, rotating your cock inside me while you also rub my clit.

Thinking I could stand no more I reach down with my hands to urge you to begin thrusting and to stop teasing us both.

You stop kissing me and take both my hands in yours. Lifting them up above my head and holding them there with your hands on my wrist as you slowly begin to move your hips back and then driving deep inside me only to teasingly pull yourself out of me again.

Out slowly and thrusting into me quickly, making me wish you would let me reach down and urge you to move more quickly. I lift my hips up onto your cock on every down thrust. I then feel myself again lifting my ass off the bed as if to stop your escape when your cock tries to leave.

Your pace finally begins to increase as the feel of my tight wetness begins to work its magic on your cock. Knowing the feel of my pussy contracting on your cock is bringing you closer to meeting your own release.

You let go of my hands so you can pull my hips onto you, cupping my ass as you do so. Your thrusts growing shorter as you begin to feel your pleasure building, so close to the edge trying to make me fall over it with you.

Feeling my pussy beginning to pulse around your cock seconds before you hear me call out your name letting you know of my pleasure. Our sounds getting louder as I feel your hot cum bursting inside my dark chamber filling me with your pleasure as you join me in sweet release.

Afterward, laying side by side with me on my side, letting my leg rest over your stomach, head on your arm, I tell you that now that I know how much you enjoy my shaved pussy I may just have to keep it that way for you…

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