A Suburban Shift Pt. 04

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“Oh fuck yes! Lick that clit my beautiful blonde bitch,”

Tamika Dawkins screamed from the leather chair at her desk. Many who knew her would consider this her throne. The president of the First National Bank did indeed use her desk to wield power and make deals that impacted the community.

Right now, however, the power that she wielded was directed at the forty- something housewife and mother of two who was on her knees underneath the oaken desk. Madelyn Prescott, a community leader herself, was in a position of submission this December afternoon, and she relished in it.

With Jimmy Choo’s planted on the edge of the desk, and her skirt bunched up at her hips, Tamika’s toned ebony legs flared to her left and right, giving her subject full access to the bank president’s beautiful black pussy.

“Oh God, you are so fucking good at this, my gifted pussy licker,” Tamika cried as she felt a strong orgasm building in her belly and sending a tingle to her extremities.

Before meeting Tamika, Maddie could never have imagined being belittled and talked to in this manner. She was a respected member of her community, a mother of two wonderful kids. She was equal to her husband both in the bedroom and in their family life as well. So it did indeed surprise her that being talked down to and giving up control to Tamika excited her so much. The two women had begun a sexual relationship about six months prior after meeting at an exclusive clique of like-minded women called the Cactus Club.

What didn’t surprise her, at least not for the last year, was her lust for and appreciation of the female form. Maddie considered herself straight for the first 42 years of her life. A married mother of two, who loved her husband, she never considered sex with another woman before in her life. That was until a fellow mother joined the Home-school association and seduced her. This changed Maddie’s life in a big way, and a year later, she surmised, for the better.

Hearing Tamika’s degrading language only made Maddie want to please the beautiful woman whom she knelt before even more. Feeling Tamika’s hand run through her blonde hair, Maddie lightly flicked at the bank president’s clitoris until she felt those amazing legs clench around her head. Hearing moans of ecstasy from above her, Maddie concentrated on capturing as much of Tamika’s incredible nectar as possible as the seated woman exploded in an orgasm.

After letting her mistress come down from her orgasm, Maddie stood and placed her knees on either side of the seated woman’s hips. She leaned in for a ravenous kiss made all the better by the wonderful taste of female essence that both women shared.

“You’ll get your reward at the party, my pet,” Tamika cooed as the two women broke their kiss. “Let’s use the executive washroom to freshen up and head into the Christmas party. You know I have to make a grand entrance.”

“Will it be awkward walking in with me instead of Harold?” Maddie asked.

“That makes it exciting my sweet. I’m the president. Let them all think what they want. I think it will make the partygoers all a little horny, wondering what we were up to. I certainly don’t care what they think. It’s my party after all. As for our husbands, I’m sure they are both on their second manhattans trying to decide which teller they want to bang the most, if they could tonight,” Tamika answered.

“Not my Mike, he would never let his eyes stray,” Maddie said in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh, I’m sure not,” Tamika replied with her own sarcastic giggle.

As they remade their faces in the mirror, Tamika asked Maddie, “Madelyn, from the pictures you have shown me, that Mike of yours is quite the catch. Have you two ever considered swapping with a like-minded couple?”

This caught Maddie off guard and she stumbled for the proper response.

“To be honest, no. When I announced to Mike that I was, um, er…bi, god I hate that term, he brought up the possibility of me bringing a woman home for him and me to share. He liked that idea and I think it lessened the blow of my announcement that I was sleeping with another, well two, other women at the time.”

“How would you feel seeing him fuck another woman in front of you?”

“That’s a good question. I did leave the door open to the possibility, but I don’t honestly know how I would handle it. I know that’s pretty selfish of me since he knows that you and I sleep together pretty often.”

Placing her hand Maddie’s ass, and looking into her eyes through the mirror, Tamika responded, “Maybe on his third Manhattan tonight, he may become aggregable to the idea. I can be quite persuasive, you know.”

“Really? I wasn’t aware,” Maddie chuckled.

“Have you ever been with a black man before, my sweet?” Tamika asked.

“No,” was Maddie’s one-word reply.

“Well, there is a first time for everything. Let’s get out there before they send a search party for us,” Tamika commanded as she squeezed Maddie’s perfect ass and then ground herself into the blonde’s groin.

This gave Maddie quite a thrill and she did not protest tuzla escort when Tamika took her by the hand. As they were leaving the presidential office/suite, it did occur to Maddie that it would be odd walking into the First National Bank’s Christmas party holding the hand of the married female president. Just as Tamika was about to open the outer door to the reception area, she released Maddie’s hand and whispered, “Don’t forget, I have a present for you and a favor to return before this night is out,” before a chaste kiss and the door opening to the Christmas party.

The party was in full swing with a three-piece musical ensemble, oysters, shrimp and raw clams in an ice display, and three open bars. The thirty or so invitees were all connected to the bank through work or the spouse of an employee, except for Mike and Maddie Prescott, who were “special guests.” As the two women made their way into the main lobby of the bank, which served as party central, they were greeted by Tamika’s employees. Most went out of their way to approach Tamika with season’s greetings and appreciation for the lavish affair that she prepared for her employees.

Maddie was introduced to each of the employees as Tamika’s “dear friend” and was met with a pleasant greeting by all. Only some found it odd that the president had emerged from her office with another woman 45 minutes into the party while her husband sat at the bar with another man that none of them knew. “I’m sure the gossip train will be running tomorrow,” Tamika thought to herself, “Good thing tomorrow is Saturday,” she chuckled to herself.

Maddie just kept up a big smile and engaged in polite small talk, all the while looking for her husband and a stiff drink of her own. She was used to the spotlight, but having all the eyes of the party directed on her was a bit disconcerting. She finally saw Mike sitting at one of the make-shift bars chatting with a handsome black man she assumed was Tamika’s husband, Harold.

“Oh, there they are, it looks like the hubbies have made fast friends with each other, Mads, let’s get a drink, I seem to have built up a thirst,” Tamika announced to Maddie.

Introductions were made at the bar and for the first time, the two couples had been together at the same time. They got along famously, trading stories about their children, as well as Tamika, filling the other three in on all the hot bank branch gossip. The cocktails were flowing freely for the two couples, vodka tonic for the ladies, above mentioned manhattans for the men.

Finally, Tamika announced, she had a short speech to make. She took Harold by the hand this time and walked to the giant vault door. Maddie and Mike watched as Tamika effortlessly took control of the room and gave a short speech thanking all her employees for their hard work and dedication to First National. To everyone’s delight, she ended her speech by announcing that dinner was served.

When Mike heard this, he announced he would use the men’s room before sitting down for dinner. This left Maddie alone at the bar. As she scanned the room and sipped her drink, she felt a tap on the shoulder. She turned around to see Jillian, Tamika’s assistant standing in front of her in a beautiful green dress. With her heels, she towered over Maddie. Alongside her was a twenty-something very handsome blonde-haired man.

“Mrs. Prescott hello, it’s Jillian, President Dawkin’s assistant,” the statuesque blonde announced.

Maddie had only been to the bank on one other occasion six months prior, but she immediately recognized the assistant.

“Of course! Hello Jillian, how are you?” Maddie said.

“I’m great, it’s so good to see you, and this is my boyfriend, Justin.”

Pleasantries were exchanged and Justin ordered two red wines while the two blonde women continued to chat.

“I’m surprised I haven’t seen you more here at the bank since that first time. Tamika doesn’t usually throw out the red carpet for just anyone. She spoke very highly of you that day you came in last June. I’d figured you would be a regular client here at First National,” Jillian continued.

Maddie noticed that Jillian was a bit tipsy from her speech, but also couldn’t get over how beautiful the girl’s eyes were.

“Oh, I’m a client, just not so big of one that I have regular meetings in the president’s office,” Maddie lied.

Looking into Maddie’s eyes, Jillian then lightly put her hand on Maddie’s forearm before saying, “That’s a shame.”

The two women held their stare until Justin turned his attention from the bartender and handed Jillian her wine.

“We should probably get to our table, Jill. It was nice meeting you,” Justin said to Maddie before taking Jillian’s hand and leading her away. Just as Maddie was about to turn away, out of the corner of her eye she saw Jillian turn back to her direction and wink at her with a sly smile on her face. Then she was gone.

Maddie could feel that tingle in her stomach. It dawned on her that Jillian was flirting with her. Jillian could be taking a big chance flirting with a personal friend pendik escort of her boss unless she knew something about her boss’ relationship with Maddie. She would have to find out about that from Tamika later.

As she was pondering this, the Dawkins, and Mike both arrived back at the bar simultaneously. All four ordered a pinot noir and then headed to the president’s table at the front of the room. This was a casual affair, so no dais or any other speeches to be made besides Tamika’s greeting.

Two other couples joined them at the round eight-top table, two board members of the bank, and their spouses. They were pleasant people who were curious as to the Prescott’s affiliation with the bank. Tamika explained Maddie’s position with the school board and the bank’s potential deal to finance a student chrome book program at the local schools.

This, of course, was news to Maddie, but she nodded her head and smiled as Tamika explained. This seemed to satisfy the two board members who seemed delighted with the idea. Dinner was prime rib, lobster tails, and pork tenderloins. No expense had been spared on this evening, Maddie could tell. The conversation was light and amusing, the drinks flowed and the food was delicious, if not extravagant. All in all, Maddie and Mike were having a great evening.

As the evening wore down, tipsy bank employees who were single, and some who were not, paired off and left for other destinations. Most came to pay homage to their president before leaving. Tamika took great pleasure in wishing all of them happy holidays. To make things even better, Tamika directed them to Jillian who was now seated at a table with Justin and a large cup of coffee. There she handed each of the employees a handsome holiday bonus. They all left with smiles on their faces.

When the last of the guests had left, Tamika summoned Jillian and Justin over to her table.

“Jillian, I seem to have left your bonus in my office. The Prescott’s were going to join Harold and me for a nightcap, care to join us?” Tamika asked her assistant.

Jillian beamed, “Of course!”

As Jillian locked the door to the bank and engaged the alarm system, the other five adjourned to the president’s office in the rear of the bank. Harold immediately began to pour six scotches as Mike and Tamika and Maddie made small talk with Justin. Harold began to pass around the drinks as Jillian arrived from securing the front of the bank.

Tamika then announced to the crowd, “A toast- To friends and family, and the best of the holiday season.” This was met by a collective “cheers” by the group. Everyone took a slow pull on the strong whiskey before Tamika then announced, “Ladies, I have to use the washroom if you care to join me.”

The three women made their way to the executive bathroom while the gentlemen began a conversation about various NFL playoff scenarios.

Once in the bathroom, Tamika immediately commanded Maddie to sit on the table right next to the double sinks. Thinking this was odd, but liking to acquiesce to the black bank president, Maddie did as she was told.

“Maddie, as I promised earlier, I have a present for you,” Tamika said to Maddie.

“Yes, but I don’t see a wrapped gift,” Maddie replied.

“I do,” Tamika quickly retorted.” It’s wrapped in a beautiful green dress.”

Maddie’s eyes went wide and she looked at Tamika first, before turning her attention to Jillian. The younger, taller blonde had a lusty look in her eye and a devious smile on her face.

“I wanted you the second you arrived at the bank last June, Mrs. Prescott,” Jillian said. “When mistress said I could have you I was over the moon.”

With that, Jillian approached the table and put herself between Maddie’s legs. She gently placed her right hand on Maddie’s cheek and leaned in for a light kiss. For Maddie’s part, she was still in shock over what was occurring and all her mind could process was to return the kiss. As she did, Tamika whispered in her ear.

“I thought you might like your present, Maddie. She is so lovely, isn’t she?

Maddie could only nod as she kept the kiss with Jillian going. Her thong was already wet when she felt Tamika’s right hand begin to travel up her right thigh. Tamika found the sodden thong and pushed it to the side to feel Maddie’s sopping wet pussy.

Maddie was overcome with pleasurable sensations as her kiss with Jillian intensified. Tamika was sucking on her collarbone as her fingers entered Maddie’s slit. Jillian lowered her right hand and pushed it on to Maddie’s left breast. Her nipples went from hard to harder and Jillian began her ministrations. Maddie placed her left hand behind Jillian’s head and brought the younger woman closer to her.

As Tamika’s talented fingers found Maddie’s clit, the older blonde let out a low grunt. Jillian began sucking on Maddie’s left earlobe as Maddie could feel an intense orgasm building in her core. She couldn’t believe what had overcome her in such a short period of time. Jillian returned her lips to Maddie’s just before the older blonde screamed out aydınlı escort in ecstasy from a very strong orgasm. This muffled the sound to prevent the men in the other room from hearing the women’s play in the bathroom.

The whole escapade lasted nine minutes and as the women returned to the office; the men had not noticed anything was unusual. Maddie took a long swig of her scotch before whispering to Mike that it was time to head home.

The Prescott’s ordered an Uber and announced to the two other couples that they were heading home. Jillian deftly slipped her business card into Maddie’s purse and handed it to her while everyone said their goodbyes and appreciation to the Dawkins’ for their lavish party.

“That was just an appetizer, I can’t wait for the main course,” Jillian discreetly whispered in Maddie’s ear. “My number is in your purse, call me anytime.” The interaction between the two blondes did not go unnoticed by Mike.

As they got home and readied for bed, Mike shed down to his boxers and crawled in bed.

“That Jillian is certainly a strikingly beautiful woman,” Mike declared to Maddie. “I couldn’t help but notice that she whispered something in your ear right before we left.”

“You saw that, did you?” Maddie replied.

“I did, and it got my imagination working overtime.”

“Really?” Maddie said in faux surprise. “What do you think she said to me?”

“I don’t know. I thought maybe you could tell me,” Mike said.

“A lady never reveals her girl-talk secrets to anyone, darling,” Maddie said with a mischievous smile on her face.

Mike then turned in bed to face Maddie, who was now in bed with just a nightshirt and no panties on.

“You know Mads, It’s been about six months since your ‘announcement.’ I believe if memory serves me correctly, the possibility of me joining you with a girlfriend of yours was put on the table.”

“And you think Jillian is my girlfriend?” Maddie asked.

“It crossed my mind when I saw her whisper in your ear,” Mike answered.

“Well, you know, I promised you full transparency when it comes to matters of my ‘female relations.’ So, let’s just say that maybe there was mistletoe in the ladies’ room at the end of the night, and Jillian and I may have taken advantage of that.”

“I see, that’s very interesting,” Mike responded.

“I thought it was interesting too, and yes, she did give me her number at the end of the night.”

“That’s interesting as well,” Mike said as he began to run his leg up his wife’s inner thigh.

“Mike, you know I have been very open with you about Tamika and I’s relationship. So, Jillian is not the only spicy news that I have to tell you.”

“Go ahead,” Mike said.

“Well, Tamika kinda invited you and me to swing with Harold and her. I of course gave her no answer. I never would without consulting with you, and Tamika knows that. I promise it was the first time she had approached the subject with me.”

“Is that something you have thought about doing, or are interested in?” Mike asked.

Maddie placed her hand on Mike’s cheek. “Mike, the proposition was something that I never considered before. She really threw me for a loop when she brought it up. I promised you there would be no contact with any husband or any other man. That still stands. Honestly, right now, in my life, you are the only man on the planet I want to have sex with.”

The couple looked deep into each other’s eyes before a long passionate kiss ensued. As the kiss broke, Mike asked another question.

“How do you think you would react to seeing me with another woman?”

“I honestly don’t know. Tamika asked me the same question, and I told her I would have to think hard about that. I also know that the current situation isn’t fair to you.”

“I know I would never want to see you with another man. I have been clear about that. However, to be honest, I have thought a lot about watching you with another woman, and joining in,” Mike declared.

“I know you have, and I have given it some thought as well. I would love to make love to another woman while you are in the room. That has begun to excite me more and more. I just don’t know how I would handle seeing you and her together,” Maddie said.

“Well, I guess the obvious thing, to begin with, would be me as a voyeur only, and then find a comfort level from there,” Mike added.

“That eliminates Tamika, she made it pretty clear that she would prefer that Harold be included as well,” Maddie replied.

“Jillian?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know. The subject of you never came up. But, she did give me her number, and I know she wants to be with me,” Maddie said

“One way to find out,” Mike declared.

“I will call her soon, promise,” Maddie answered.

With that, she ran her hand down her husband’s stomach until it reached his already hard penis. She took its girth in her hand and fondled it while engaging in another passionate kiss with Mike. She then broke the kiss and disappeared under the comforter and sheets. The idea of Mike watching her lick the pussy of a beautiful woman began to excite her more and more. She attacked his cock with great enthusiasm, taking as much of his cock down her throat as possible. She would then wrap her lips around the head and let her tongue swirl all over.

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