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The sound of the doorbell… did I expect a visitor? I hazily moved up from the couch where I’d spent hours grading exams. Who could it be at this hour ON a Saturday? I put on a t-shirt and ran my fingers through my hair while making my way to the front door.

Another sound went off.

“I’m coming!” I yelled annoyed at the unannounced visitor. I turned the door handle and opened up the door enough to fit my head through.

“What is it?” I said bitterly and laid my eyes upon the intruder. The sight nearly shocked me to death as I saw her stand in front of me. I stumbled back a little and the door opened up more. She had gracefully put her hand on the door and pushed it open.

“Good morning professor!” she said softly but loud and clear. I felt the panic set in and found myself shifting my gaze left and right to see if any of my neighbors were watching.

“What.. are you doing here exactly?” I threw a harsh glare at her trying my best to be uninviting and rude.

“Do you even understand how INappropriate it is to show up at your professor’s doorstep for any kind of reason?” I examined her while waiting for a response.

She started to toss and turn where she stood and her big beautiful eyes blinked nervously.

“Um..well…excuse my intrusion! I’m endeavoring with next week’s exam and would appreciate some guidance professor…” she sounded rather accusing. I watched her soft plump lips move gracefully, forming soft words with her sweet voice. I snapped back to reality and harshly responded.

“This matter can be handled during schooltime at my office. NOT at my house.” my eyes wandered down below her neck, inspecting the cleavage that her blouse exposed.

She seized the moment and forced herself inside before quickly shutting the door behind herself.

“What the… Calista Hart! Step out this very moment. You have no permission to be in my house!” I said sternly and reached for her wrist to lead her back out. She bit her lip and leaned up against me. She bursa escort gazed sadly into my eyes. Looking into her pretty eyes fills me with guilt for treating her badly.

“Why are you always so mean professor… I want you so badly and I know you want me too…”

I stared into her hazel brown eyes.

“We’ve been through this. It’s highly inappropriate for you to behave this way. I am your professor, you are my student. Nothing more and nothing less.” at least that’s what I kept telling myself… to stop my longing for someone I cannot have. She leaned in closely trapping me between her and the wall while slowly reaching up to me. I don’t know if she really took me by surprise or I just wanted this too…

She locked her lips with mine and at that moment I knew everything was lost. Everything I tried to deny, how much I wanted her. I wrapped one arm around her waist and kissed her deeply. My saliva mixed with hers, our breaths synced and her soft body pressed against mine. There’s no going back… But I didn’t care. Everything I had ever wanted was right here in front of me, trapped within my arm.

She tasted so sweet, so warm… so soft. I cannot control myself any longer, I cannot deny her anymore. I broke our kiss. “There’s no going back if we continue now Calista. I won’t stop. Here’s your chance to walk away.” I said it quietly almost scared for her to hear this and change her mind. She responded to my words with a kiss. This time more passionate, more aggressive… assertive. I took the answer and reached my hands towards her thighs. In one swift motion, I pulled her up by her thighs and carried her to the couch without breaking the kiss.

I just want to devour her.

“Today… I’m gonna make you mine Calista. And no one else will ever have you.” I laid her down on the couch and unbuttoned her blouse. Exposing her soft breasts with hard nipples. Seeing her like this on my couch makes me impatient. Her gorgeous face is blushing red. I rub my thumb escort bayan across her hard nipple and she lets out a soft moan. I start kissing her chest and neck while pinching her nipples hard and pulling on them.

Her breaths become more fast-paced and her moans are louder. I can feel my dick getting harder and harder by the minute. I grope my hands under her breasts and start licking them. Tasting them.

“Ahh… please more… professor… I need you…” I can’t get enough of the way she tastes nor the way she smells. I reach one of my hands down between her legs while sucking on her nipple. She feels warm… That’s when I notice that she wasn’t wearing any panties under this short skirt.

I squeeze her breast hard in my hand.

“What a naughty student you’ve been…” I whisper into her ear.

“Then professor should reprimand me properly… punish me for being a naughty girl…” I flipped her around with her back facing me.

“Get onto all four like a good girl right now.” I demanded her. And without blinking she obliged. I pulled up her skirt revealing her bare ass.

Her breaths stopped while she waited for my next move. I lightly rub her soft ass cheek before quickly lifting my hand and slapping her ass roughly. She let out a scream mixed with a moan. At this point, my dick is begging to make its way deep into her dripping wet pussy. I pull down my pants and pull out my dick. I start rubbing the tip of my dick against her wet pussy lips. Just this alone felt like I would explode. She moaned loudly with every stroke against her pussy.

“Please… professor… I can’t take this any… ahhhh” her legs are getting shaky and her pussy juices are soaking the head of my dick.

“Beg. Now!” I demanded before delivering another hard slap on her ass cheek, leaving a red handprint on her beautiful ass. Her arms gave way and made her face fall first onto the couch.

“Pleeeaaase… put your dick into my pussy. Take my virginity. Fuck me until I can’t bursa escort take it anymore…”

I wanted to go easy on her but hearing those vulgar words from her innocent mouth made me lose all control. I did one last stroke with my dick and she let out a moan. Before she could finish that moan I rammed my dick hard and deep into her pussy.

“AHHHHHH!” she let out a scream. I stopped in shock.

“I-Is everything alright?”

“Y…yes everything… i-is just great”

“I’ll move slowly so you can get used to me inside of you” she let out a sound in agreement and I slowly pull out of her before pushing into her tight pussy again.

My legs are shaky, fuck… she feels fucking amazing. It’s impossible to go slow… I hold her waist in a tight grip and slowly increase the pace.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuck professor… this is amazing! It feels so goddamn good! Your dick feels so huge.” Fuck…fuck…fuck I can’t hold back anymore. I tightened my grip on her waist and thrust hard inside of her. Her insides are pulling me in. Her pussy feels fucking amazing.

She’s moaning loudly and her legs are trembling. Her pussy is pulsating and driving me nuts.

“OHHHH go… fasteeeeer please… you balls are slapping against my clit and it feels SOOOOOHHHHHHHH…” that’s all I needed to hear before I pounded her pussy with my dick again and again. I felt the tension building up and I’m getting closer to cumming.

“Fuuuck… Ca..lista… I’m gonna cum… I have to… pull out”

She yelled out panicked before reaching for my hand on her waist.

“D-d-don’t ohhhhh don’t p-pull out… cum in m-m-me… let me b-be y-your cum s-sluOHHHHHHH I’m… cumming!!!!” she moaned loudly and I pounded her harder and faster than ever. We climaxed together. I leaned down over her while wrapping one arm tightly around her, pushing myself as deep as possible into her pussy and emptying everything inside her. Filling her up until my sperm mixed with her pussy juices, slowly dripping out of her. We stayed like that for some minutes until we caught our breaths and the house fell into silence.

“I found you…” Calista whispered and I could hear her joy over what she had accomplished today. I smiled happily. “Yeah… I love you Calista.”

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