A Story for my Toy Ch. 01-02

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Part One

Imagine yourself in this way, my love.

You are helpless, on your knees; there is a blindfold over your eyes, a thick leather collar around your neck. Soft and supple, you can feel the weight of it and the slight pressure it add to your throat. Just tight enough to make you notice every breath being controlled and every swallow being measured. With eyesight gone, your other senses are in overdrive. The cool air floating over your skin causes you to shiver with anticipation and trepidation. You hear nothing but your breath, your heartbeat, quickening, your own mind’s idea of what will happen to you. Why you are kneeling, naked on the floor waiting for me. You smell your sweat, your anticipation, me, somewhere around you.

I have left you waiting, in near agony, for what feels like an eternity to your poor body. You dare not move for fear of reprimand, but your knees are aching, your back is stiff. You long to stretch, to release yourself and the tension you hold but you cannot. Bound by my command alone, you kneel. You hear the faint creak of a floorboard and know I am there, you can feel the air shift around your body. Your tight body winds even further, waiting for my touch on your heightened skin.

You know I am there and you yearn for my touch, my voice, anything to release you from your own thoughts. Finally, kaçak iddaa fingers barely touching, skim up your shoulder to your throat, curving around and up the nape of your neck to the braid in your hair. They wind underneath and in by your scalp. You are shaking now, panting, wanting to speak but knowing that you would be punished. The fingers begin to pull, forcing your head up and back, until your neck is stretched fully accessible to me. You feel my breath close to your ear now, steady compared to your shallow, wanton panting.

“You have been a good girl, my toy.”

Part Two

“Have I left you alone long enough?” I ask, whispering in your ear, so close you can almost feel my lips. You try to nod your head against my hand holding your face to the roof. You feel the pressure increase upwards and realize I want you to stand. On shaky, sore legs, you lift yourself until you are standing, still longing to stretch your sore muscles. The pressure in your hair releases.

“You may stretch my girl, you deserve that much.” I say this to you from a distance behind, giving you room so you can’t touch me. When you have worked the kinks of being still out, I approach you again and clip something to the front ring of your collar. The pressure on your throat causes you to stumble blindly forward, trusting I won’t lead you into anything. From kaçak bahis what you know, I walk you into the bedroom. Inside you stand, the leash slack, unsure where to go.

You don’t have to wait long, one sharp tug on the leash and you realize you have to find the bed and get on it. You stretch your hands forward, not wanting to bang a knee on the frame. Finding the edge you scramble up quickly and go to lie down.

“No! You may kneel or be on all fours, you will not get comfortable without my say.” I bark at you, giving a sharp tug on the leash as well. You flinch and scramble into a kneeling pose again, your knees reminding you how sore you are. “Good toy,” I say, in a softer voice now, almost a purr “Don’t worry, you won’t be sore soon, at least not that you will notice.” You whimper slightly and move your head to try and catch where my voice is coming from. You are kneeling straight, knees together and hands in front. You hear me climb up onto the bed with you and feel my fingertips on both knees. “Open,” I say, soft but firmly. When you resist I dig in my nails, scratching the skin on the inside of your knees, “Now,” My tone is louder now and you part your legs a few inches, hands resting at your sides now. “Wider,” I bark and you flinch and open them so there is a good foot between your knees and I can see right up your thighs. “Put illegal bahis your hands behind your back and don’t move this is how I want you to kneel every time from now on.” I say this as I release your knees and watch you, shaking; put your hands behind your back. You feel more exposed than before, knowing I must be staring right up your thighs to see how wet you already are. Knees apart you can feel your thighs where they were wet just from walking to this room. Your hands twist and clench each other behind your back, the only movement you know I will allow. You feel the bed shift and realize I have gotten up, I have left you again. A whimper rises in your throat and your head starts to turn when you hear a drawer in the room open. Suppressing the whimper you realize I am still near you and you can wait.

“Turn to your right and move until your knees are on the edge of the bed, stay in position,” My voice comes from your right so you happily move towards it, hoping I will finally be close to you. Once you are still again you wait, knowing this must be when I will touch you, when I will finally let you see me.

A sharp pain in your right nipple makes you twitch and the motion pulls it even sharper. You gasp and stop, hoping the pain will go away. Moments later the pain is amplified by the same pinch to your left and you can feel now the clips that are keeping a steady pressure on both. You wiggle slightly and they pull again, increasing the pain.

“The more you move, the more they will, how much pain do you want?”

To be continued…

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