A Slap Too Far

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For the very first time I clamped during Jeff’s fuck. I just stiffened and stopped responding.

He was puffing and panting and almost there but the fact is he was bloody well hurting me, he was talking me a little too much for granted. Okay – so we had frequently enjoyed the rough fuck with handcuffs and his briefs tied around my face – and yes it was rather lovely to experience the tiger in him as he sunk deep inside me every which way until we were both well and truly done for, save a mutual sucking or two.

But really it was just his attitude of late, it is hard to explain but it wasn’t the Jeffrey I had come to love and cherish. His slaps were just that little too hard and when he started whipping me it was getting to the point when afterwards I could hardly sit down.

Okay, so it was one of his ‘things’ the spanking scene and he said he loved to spank me over his lap in my tightest of jeans which, he said, gave my buttocks the best prominence to delight in effect – it took me a long time to get used to, but I discovered after the first initial slaps which stung like hell, my ass cheeks became quite numb and I felt a wonderful warmth which, with his ample pampering afterwards, slipping down my tight jeans and my briefs and feeling him snuggling away deep between my buttocks was sheer heaven, and that combined with the taste artemisbet yeni giriş of his long stiff cock sent me into a particular frenzy that no other guy had ever matched. There is just something about sucking cock and being sucked that can only be understood if you have done it yourself.

It took me a few times to suck him off until he came in my mouth, I usually, on hearing the way he breathed and knowing he was about to shoot, came away at the last second and usually ended up with a face covered in his white cum which, in itself was lovely, but later more lovely was the feel of his hot fresh cum shooting into my mouth, rolling the fuck juice around and around in my mouth until I was ready to swallow before the next torrid dose of cum spurted through his p-hole as I wanked him stiffly into my mouth.

And all the time, simultaneously, me feeling myself reach that point of no return and knowing too his mouth was well wrapped around my cock, so when I did shoot the feeling was utterly divine,

Sometimes we managed to cum too at the same time which was riveting and that deep French kissing afterwards reflected the true depth of our deep lust, desire and love for each other.

But back to the present, in clamping Jeff he knew once and for all he had taken liberties and I was not going to be treated like a piece artemisbet giriş of meat. I told him I would ration the spanking until he learnt how to modify, that my ass was not about to become a veritable scarred facade with the beating he had started to give me. The bare hand spanking was fine, even some caning but when it came to the horse whipping I told him I was no horse and if he wanted to continue our relationship, he must refrain

Jeff sort of looked me and offered his apologies and soon I was putty in his hands again as he ventured to make up with lots of spoiling galore and treated me to lots of great feelings with feathers and the like, giving my cock and balls a really good seeing too as he whispered in my ear all the things he knew I loved to hear, there was no one I had known before could dirty talk like Jeff and when he did I soon became ripe and ready for him to the extent I found myself rolling over onto my stomach, lifting my body onto my knees and presenting to him my ass propped up and ready – yelling at him to fuck me good and true. But then as always was his mouth having his fling of me first, his tongue licking up my freshly spurted cock cream, and my balls and my assehole which ached for his penetration. But he sucked and sucked me until I could stand it no more, in fact I was ordering him to fuck the artemisbet güvenilirmi hell out of me and let me feel his great stiff hard cock up inside me full length.

Jeff was back again, his old self but I think it made him realise my boundaries, had it have gone much further in that direction I feel our wonderful relationship would have dimmed . It was just that deep thing in his head, something I believe is part of the inherent human make up, dating back to the time when we had to be violent and vicious to survive.

Now after our prolonged fucking he stood there for me, his cock and balls hanging down looking well satisfied – or so he thought, I hadn’t finished with him yet and still had an abounding appetite for that cock, I was besotted with him and he knew it, it was time to make that hanging fuck tube stiff again and ,with a little persuading from tongue, mouth and finger tips teasing, it wouldn’t be long before I could just kneel there before him and enjoy that so wonderful fresh assholed fucked cock, still feeling its mass inside me like it was still there because he had fucked me so sublimely.

Now feeling him rise in my mouth was a bonus indeed, and the taste of his p-hole was really something as I gently teased and poked it with my busy tongue. The wonderfully pungent and earthy taste and feeling of hot cock inside your mouth was something of which I know no parallel, and so, without using hands this time, just the movement of my mouth and neck, I was able to simply relax and enjoy him at ease until he came so wonderfully splendidly, that finished the episode of our afternoon together perfectly.

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