A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 04

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Welcome to part four of the story of Sam and her new life. This is one, continuous story, so this part will not make a great deal of sense unless you have read Parts 1, 2 and 3; Part 1 can be found here:


Thanks again to Winterreisser for his diligent editing and thoughtful suggestions and for correcting my silly typos and mistakes. My thanks and love to Kat as well for her invaluable advice, inspiration and encouragement.

FAIR WARNING: While this story (all six parts) is, at its heart, a lesbian romance (hence its categorization), it does contain pee play and also scat (shit) play in this and later parts. If you have an aversion to such sexual activities then please, please do not read this story. I cannot make it clearer than that!

After reading, please take a moment to rate the story and, if you have the time and inclination, comment on it; this has taken many hours of writing so it would be wonderful to hear what you think of it, especially if I am to consider writing more stories featuring pee and scat.

I hope you enjoy the story.


CHAPTER 16 – A Sleepover

The journey home is relatively uneventful though we do encounter several people on the way as we walk arm in arm. One has heard, and two are intrigued by seeing us holding arms and none are offended or, at least, have the good manners to keep any negative opinions to themselves.

As we pass her cottage Meg lets go of my arm. “I’ve not forgotten about the overnight bag so I’ll go and sort that out. Anything else I can bring?”

“I’ve bought you a toothbrush, so don’t worry about that. If you’re still up for a night cuddled up on the sofa then you could bring something from your lesbo DVD collection,” I suggest grinning.

“You didn’t seem so keen last time!”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t have a hot sexy girlfriend at that point and I was trying to pretend to myself and the world that I didn’t need or want one. How wrong I was,” and I kiss her cheek. “I’ll go and start getting dinner sorted so I’ll see you shortly.”

By the time she arrives half an hour later I’ve made up the bed again but Meg seems disappointed that I’m still dressed when I open the door. “I have plans for this evening that will be more fun this way,” I assure her. “Now, I have three presents for you this evening and this is the first so: close your eyes and hold you your hand.” Intrigued, she complies and I fish in my pocket and place the items in her hand. “Here, these are for you.”

“Keys… to your house? Really? Oh, Sam, thank you.”

“It doesn’t make us engaged or anything,” I smile, “but I want you to be able to come and go and, well, after last night there’s nothing about me that I’d ever want to hide from you.”

“Me neither. That was amazing, what we did… and before that, walking out into Dave and Karen’s garden together hand in hand: that was our first new adventure for us together. I feel very… I don’t know, connected to you, Sam.” We slip into each other’s arms for our long awaited proper deep kiss before, eventually, we head into the kitchen.

“So, let me cook present number two and then, much later, present number three. What film did you bring?”

“You have a choice,” she says reaching into her bag and pulling out two DVDs.

“‘The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love’ or ‘Kiss Me’. I can see why you didn’t bring the first one last time!” I tease and Meg laughs.

“True; I was still afraid of scaring you off then. I should warn you that ‘Kiss Me’ is in Swedish with subtitles, so, you know, you need to concentrate more.”

“Which do you think is better?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. ‘The Incredibly True Adventure’ is about teens in high school while ‘Kiss Me’ is older women, more like ‘Imagine Me and You’.”

“Let’s go with that one then. I can cope with subtitles and I like listening to Swedish.”

“Can you speak Swedish?” she asks, impressed.

“Not a word,” I laugh. “Actually, I’ve seen enough Swedish crime dramas to know tack and skål: thanks and cheers! No, I just like the sound of the language and the way the odd English-sounding word appears from time to time; like, their word for ‘go’ sounds the same… you’re looking at me as if you think my brain’s come loose!”

“No,” Meg laughs, “I think it’s… well, idiosyncratic, is that the word? Something uniquely you,” she smiles as she kisses my forehead. “I want to learn all about you and your idiosyncrasies just as much as I want to know every part of your body.”

“Meg Dike, why the fuck did I waste all those years married when I should have been with you?” I reach up to brush her cheek and run my fingers through her hair.

“Um, perhaps because when you got married I’d have been, like about fifteen! Actually, that would have been cool; you could have been my first lesbian lover after I came out. I’ve Ümraniye Escort had crushes on a few teachers over the years!”

“This is getting to sound a little pervy now,” I tell her. “You’ll be looking for some role play next.”

“Mmm sounds fun,” she whispers seductively. “We could play two girls at a sleepover tonight, if you like.” Meg is turning me on with her words and her nails caressing my back gently through my blouse. Then I remember our new nightwear.

“Meg…” I ask in a girly voice, “My parents are away tonight, do you want to come for a sleepover. We can watch a film together and get pizza and… stuff.” I look down, faux bashful.

“Oh Sammy, that would be so cool!” she squeals, entering into the spirit of it. ” and she throws her arms around me. “Have your parents left any wine?”

“Oh yes, lots. Let me get some glasses; the wine’s in the fridge.”

“Shall we watch a DVD? I found this Swedish DVD at home and it looks like it’s got sex in it!”

“Oh, Meggy, that sounds great!” I giggle. This is silly but fun and, armed with wine, glasses and DVD we head into the sitting room. I wish the weather were cooler and we could share a duvet but we stay in role and don’t touch as we sit down. Part way into the film the women kiss for the first time.

“Eww, gross!” Meg’s sudden exclamation startles me. “Girls kissing like that, yuk!” I then realize what she’s doing: I’m to seduce her, which suits me just fine and my arousal is cranked up another notch.

“I… I don’t think it’s gross,” I say, “I mean I’ll bet a girl’s lips are softer than a boy’s and she’d smell better!” Meg laughs at this and pauses the film.

“Have you ever kissed a girl in that way?”

“No!” I reply, “But I might try it, just to see what it was really like. Would you? I mean if you tried it you’d really know if it was gross or not.” I lick my lips deliberately and move my head closer to hers. “And anyway, it’s only a kiss; it’s not like having sex or anything.”

“And nobody would know, would they?” she replies, bringing her lips in line with mine.

“It would just be our secret,” I whisper and our lips touch. We might be only playing but it is like a real first kiss: hesitant, soft and nervous. It is all lips to begin, gently touching then more forceful. I open mine slightly to trap her top lip, sucking on it gently. She replies by doing the same to my bottom lip. “You’re a good kisser,” I tell her, “better than Stinky Steve!”

“I like the way you kiss too,” and she moves back in. This time my tongue strokes her lip, encouraging her to open to me but she pulls back. “I’ve never let a boy kiss me like that!” she protests, a statement that I suspect may be completely true.

“Ah, but I’m not a boy. Come on, let’s just try it; the other kissing was nice.” She gives a little nod and within half a minute we are kissing deeply. I am getting very turned on and my hand cups and squeezes Meg’s right boob. I’m not role playing any more but Meg is as she pulls away sharply.

“Sam! What are you doing?” she asks, affronted.

“I, er, it was a mistake… I thought it was your arm.”

“I think we should get back to the film!” she said firmly. We resume watching, Meg now sat a little apart so I have the double enjoyment of both the film and of feeling like a teenager trying to get off with someone they fancy as I gradually edge closer until my thigh rests against hers. I am suddenly transported back to a time at university that I hadn’t thought of in years. However, Meg breaks the moment with and authentic sounding teenage complaint of, “I’m starving! Can we order the pizza now?”

“Pause the film and I’ll phone. I’m sure I stuck a load of takeaway menus in the drawer in the kitchen.”

Fifteen minutes later we are back watching the film and I am edging closer to Meg as we are back to our role play. As the women in the film, Frida and Mia, begin making love (nothing too explicit given the film’s 15 rating) I caress Meg’s thigh and feel her shiver and she leans into me a little. I continue to caress as the lovemaking on the screen continues and feel her fingers lightly brush my arm. I slide my hand from the top of her thigh inwards and she sighs softly when there is a knock at the door. We both jump and pull apart like guilty schoolgirls; looking at each other we immediately start giggling.

“I guess the pizza’s here,” I say, standing as Meg pauses the film once more. “Are you enjoying our role play?”

“It feels very real at times: I keep feeling like a teenager,” she laughs.

“Me too, though I never tried getting off with a girl!” I pull money out of my purse.

“Welcome to my world,” she calls after me as I go to the door to pay and collect the pizza.

We sit and eat as we continue the film and we simply cuddle when the food is finished, both engaged with the story. “That was very good,” I tell her as the film ends and the credits roll.

“I love it. I haven’t watched it in Ümraniye Escort Bayan a long time and I’d forgotten how good it was. So, back to the role play?” I nod, “Now, isn’t a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ traditional at a sleepover?”

Meg smiles, “It is, but I’m not sure there’s much we could dare each other that we haven’t already tried and loved! How about just ‘Truth’?”

“You’re right, and what you said earlier is also true when you suggested we almost know more about each other’s bodies that about each other; a game of ‘Truth’ would be a good idea.”

“Okay then, me first… who was the first person you kissed? And don’t say a family member unless you’re telling me that you’re a lot kinkier than I guessed!”

“That would be Dominic Green and I was in the third year of secondary school, so Year Nine in today’s numbering. It was at the end of a school disco after the slow dance and we got off together; it was just lots of slobbery lips and hugging, as I recall. Is that enough?” Meg nods. “Okay, who was your first girlfriend?”

“Lisa Carmichael,” she answers immediately, “I was in Year Ten and she was in the Sixth Form, Lower Sixth. She was part of the reason I came out. I mean, being with her confirmed to me I was gay. Some of her friends knew she was gay so they found out about me and, well, she was talking about coming out when she went into the Upper Sixth. I think maybe one of her friends said something to one of my classmates or perhaps someone saw us together outside school,” she takes a deep breath and I reach out and take her hand to comfort her. “Anyway, suddenly I was hearing lots of comments and snide remarks and even graffiti about me. It was all puerile stuff: ‘Megan does Dykes’, ‘Dike by name, dyke by nature’, ‘That’s a dyke any girl can put their finger in’. I remember I had a cough at the time and practically every time I coughed someone would mutter ‘Megan has a hairball’.

“Anyway, it was in an English lesson and I got the ‘hairball’ comment and just flipped. I stood up and screamed at the class ‘Yes, I like girls and not boys: so fucking what? Just fuck off and leave me alone!’ and I stormed out of the class and burst into tears in the corridor. I heard Mrs Symms the English teacher shout at the class that they were all in detention, maybe worse, and that they had all better be silent while she talked to me. They were too,” Meg smiles, though there are tears in her eyes. “Mrs Symms had a reputation for being a right dragon but she was lovely to me. She spoke to me and then brought me back into the class, all red-eyed and tearful. She basically gave them a lesson in tolerance and sexuality and then set us homework: to write a day in the life of someone who’s an outsider and how they feel.”

“Meg, when you said you’d come out I had no idea how horrible it was for you. Did it get better after that?”

“Yes and no. It didn’t stop completely of course but some of the other pupils, boys and girls, started to look out for me a bit and would tell other kids off for making comments. As time went by I had a few girls come and talk to me when they were wondering if they were gay. The biggest down was losing Lisa. She felt I’d betrayed her by coming out I think; she certainly wasn’t ready and she dropped me like a hot potato. She never did come out at school.” I hug Meg tightly and kiss her cheek before refilling her wineglass.

“Here, you need this. Meg, thank you for telling me… that was a lot of truth so I guess you deserve two questions,” I smile.

Meg wipes her eyes, and I see a little spark of mischief re-appears, making me worry slightly. “Okay, question one: what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? From before we met, of course!”

I can’t help blushing but take a deep breath and force myself to speak. “When I was a trainee teacher it was at a school not far from where I grew up and I knew the assistant caretaker, John, because we’d been at school together. There was me, another trainee, Karl, and a couple of younger teachers and John invited us to stay on after a parents’ evening and we were drinking and then he opened the swimming pool and we went swimming…”

“That’s doesn’t sound that naughty,” Meg comments.

“Yeah, but none of us had swimming costumes so we were all naked!”

“Hmm, that’s definitely naughtier.”

“Yeah, and sucking off John in showers afterwards wasn’t exactly good either!”

“Okay, that’s pretty honest and naughty… you slut!” she teases. “Right, Sammy, question two: now I want you to think carefully about this and be completely honest. Before you met me had you ever wondered about having sex with a girl or woman?”

My instinct is to automatically say no, which I think Meg anticipated, but then I remember the incident at University I had recalled after we kissed during the film. “Um, well, maybe once or twice. Do you remember the soap opera ‘Brookside’, the one set in Liverpool?

“I’ve heard of it, though I don’t really Escort Ümraniye remember it.”

“That makes me feel old! Anyway, I loved it while I was at University, as did one of my friends in the same dorm, and she and I used to watch it together most evenings. Well, one of their story lines, perhaps their most famous, featured a girl, a young woman really, who realises she’s gay and falls for another girl who’s unsure and, to cut a long story short, they end up kissing on screen. It was the first pre-nine o’clock watershed lesbian kiss, I believe. So I’m sat there with Jane and we sort of looked at each other. I don’t know what she was thinking but I was looking at her mouth and wondering what it would be like to kiss a girl. Later that evening I was lying on my bed and she came over sat on my bed next to me, which was unusual, and asked me something about her coursework, I think. Then she lay down…” I see Meg’s interest spike and she looks at me intently. “Sorry, Meg, my dear, it freaked me out; I’ve never got out of a bed as quickly as I did then! I think I said I was going to make a cup of tea.”

“Oh, I thought you were going to tell me the two of you ended up snogging! So, you were being honest when you said you’d never seriously considered sex with a woman… and yet you fell for me.”

“Meg, you came to my door the second day I was here and from practically the first word you were flirting with me. You are an amazingly beautiful woman, why didn’t you already have a girlfriend and even if you didn’t, why me?” I ask and she is silent for a while as she gathers her thoughts before answering.

“I… I had a relationship that ended very badly a couple of years ago so I’ve been kinda wary since then. I’ve told you why you: I saw you a couple of times when you were looking at the cottage. The second time you came you walked down the lane talking on your mobile phone and I just couldn’t stop watching you. I even opened the window so I could hear your voice. You were saying something like, ‘It’s so peaceful and beautiful here and that’s what I need now.’ You weren’t sad and crying but there was a sort of weary sadness in your voice. If love at first sight exists then I fell in love with you right then, that mysterious, beautiful melancholic stranger.” She looks bashful. “I guess I came on a bit strong that first afternoon; sorry about that. I was just so desperate to meet you and be your friend.”

“It was a bit full on but given where we are now, I’m not complaining. Actually, your flirting with me that afternoon turned me on.” I look at the time and it’s just gone half past eight. “Well, Meggy, it’s getting late so I’m sure we’d be more comfortable in our nighties; shall we get changed?”

“Shit, Sam, I didn’t bring one.”

“Did Meggy forget her nightie? She better have her next present then,” I tell her as I reach under the table and pull out the gift wrapped package. “Now, pop into the bathroom and get changed.” She looks at me with a mixture of surprise, gratitude and suspicion.

“Thanks Sammy… I think,” she replies as she heads for the bathroom. I slip out after her and pause on the stairs undressing and listening and am rewarded when I hear, “Oh wow, oh Sam!” I hurry upstairs, strip and slip into my new chemise. I am back on the sofa in time to hear Meg open the bathroom door and walk through the kitchen and hall. As I see her in the doorway I have to remind myself to breathe: she is stunning.

“Oh yes, Meg…” I whisper. The babydoll fits her gorgeous curves perfectly, the way it is cinched below her breasts emphasises their fullness, the colour is perfect and the hem, resting at the top of her thighs, makes her legs go on forever. I stand and take a step towards her.

“Thank you, Sam. I can’t tell you how sexy I feel wearing this.”

“That’s because you are sexy; amazingly fucking sexy, my darling.”

“And you, in that, puts me to shame: Sam you look… just incredible!”

“Meg, thank you, you’re very sweet but in this I can just about avoid being utterly embarrassed in your company. So, still want to play more ‘Truth’ or would you prefer your sleepover friend to take you to bed?”

“Who needs bed?” She walks over and we embrace. The feel of her body through the slippery, sheer fabric is wonderful as my hands glide down her back to cup her bum. I feel her fingers on my nipple and I gasp into our kiss. I bring one hand round and slip it inside her G-string to run my fingers along her cunny lips, feeling how hot and wet they are. “Oh, Sammy, what are your fingers doing there?” and we laugh.

“You kiss so well you made me all hot and randy. And look, little Meggy’s veejay is all wet. Perhaps she likes kissing girls more than she thought!” I swing her around and push her gently back onto the sofa. Immediately kneeling in front of her I push her knees apart before pulling the triangle of fabric covering her pussy to one side.

“Oh Sammy, you shouldn’t be doing this, I’m straight I’m not a lesbiannnnnnnn!” she gasps as I run the tip of my tongue along her labia.

“Oh, come now, Meggy, every girl should be a little bit bisexual, it makes life so much more interesting!” I quote her words from our first meeting back at her, making her chuckle, before licking her again, a little deeper and harder.

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