A Morning After Delight

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I was that one for you wasn’t I? The one naked with me, rolling in the sheets after a wanton night of passion, and exhausted. I felt you touching me, asking me for the same as the night before, and then feeling put off as I say “Not now … I gotta take a piss. “

… And that vulnerability leaves me open to your seduction.

As I stand emptying my bladder I hear the door creaking gently, and you slip down kneeing at my backside, peppering kisses on my buttocks and spine, caressing the flesh kneading exciting me with your touch. A gasp turns to a shiver, and I feel your hands replace mine where my cock is, cuddling it in your fingers, the left stroking my sac & the right squeezing any remaining drops out before lifting it, stroking it, rubbing the length in your palm, holding it close, and making me hard with your touch. I groan into the space of the bathroom, my voice echoing as my right hand braces me on the wall, while the left reaches back, pushing your head down closer to my body, letting your tongue craze the flesh in search of my tender unsuspecting bung.

I grow harder under your touch, and suddenly gasp, as your tongue dances lewdly on my anus, the sphincter ring being swabbed and stroked, lubed and lusted after as you continue jacking off my cock momentum building, a purring coming from my body, wicked & obscene. My cock fills your hand bracing wide the grip of your fingers, and even I am surprised the kneeling woman who’s passion engulfs me like a drowning man, with just these kisses, has me harder than I was last night.

The tongue then stops, and I hear you whisper, “Turn around baby.”

I do and see you reclining on the floor, playing with your pussy, pulling the lips open, slipping 3 fingers inside yourself, groaning as you quick-bang your hot slick buttery opening. bakırköy escort My eyes see the perfectly erect nipples, your tongue lolling out of the corner of your mouth, the amazing tits jumping moving back & forth as you continue pummeling your sweet shaved cunt again & again. As the liquid creates a sheen on your inner thigh, I hear you whisper, “M-more than anything … I wanted to watch you cum. I’ve felt it inside me, on me, and tasted and swallowed all your cum dear. Now I want it to fly … “

With a hard lump in my throat, I swallow and watch you madly masturbating, and softly answer, “Anything for you … anything at all …”

The sound become deafening, the pumping squelching sound as you bury your fingers inside yourself, juices dribbling in all directions, the splashing occurring from the force of your fingers fucking the hot bald pussy now gripping four fingers instead of three. You buck under me, and slowly, still spinning and stroking my cock, I tug and kneel astride your ribs, your breast just below my cock, the tits jiggling madly, my eyes gazing into yours’, the lust burning us both alive. Pumping fast stroking my balls with the other hands your eyes come off me, and now stare at my cock, the string of precum slipping off the tip and glazing my fingers as I squeeze the junior-jism out like a dollop of toothpaste.

I moan, looking down fascinated with your mouth, the one which showered my mind and body with praise and kisses, loving me, delighting in me, enjoying me all through the previous night. I stare transfixed with your incredible double-d’s wiggling flesh bags I couldn’t devour enough of in our wild exchanges or Kama Sutra stances, losing ourselves in the variety of things we did coupling ourselves together again & again.

“Did beşiktaş escort you like fucking me like you did baby? Repeatedly, angrily, wantonly taking me whenever the urge struck you last night?” I could only nod, watching you speak as naughtily as you did on the phone & cam calls we had before meeting. Your body jumped sharply, and you continued pumping rolling your unseen hips under me banging yourself faster, harder into the delight of your touching your own clitty and fingering your pussy.

“Was I the cocksucker of your dreams dearest? Did all the dicks I tasted, face-fucked and sucked off make me better than any porn queen you’ve ever seen?”

Another gulp and my acknowledgement: “Yes angel … better than anyone I’ve ever seen, spoken to, or touched. No one was ever as good as you?”

My rhythm increased, the pounding a need, a deed, an accomplishment. I fist-fucked my own cock for you, groaning watching your face seeing your eyes flutter as you slid a finger inside yourself the response of you touching and teasing your own clitty as the other hand kept pumping inside you, my body unsure of how many fingers were inside you or if you had a fist buried inside that wet-velvet paradise.

I felt my body shake, and you were convulsing to your own orgasms, the liquid fire spreading between us on the towel-laden bathroom floor, watching you watching me, both masturbating, aching to please each other.

“Were you surprised you got so hard babe?” Her whispers were angelic touched of priapism to my cock, inducing madness with the erection. “Did you like being buried in my ass? Sodomizing me, making me your ass-fucked bitch in heat? Did you love how I wiggled as if I wanted you to stop, making you buttfuck me faster … when all the time I just beylikdüzü escort wanted you deeper inside my anus? Did you love it too much?”

She grinned, lewd and alive, the incredible tits jumping around in my vision, up and down, sending shockwaves into my mind, making me move faster, pump my cock harder, the rock in my grip sliding up & down like a pneumatic hammer, bouncing wildly, fucking my fist, wishing I could be wrapped up inside anything she offered me.

“Do you want to cum over me, coating me with your stickiness?”

I nodded, gasping, and then felt your fingers dancing on my buttocks; one finger slid over the lubed ring of my anus, still wet from your previous probing and the small trickle of sweat down my spine, and I felt the fingertip slide inside me. I gasped, eyes agog, body erect, watching you smile wickedly. A second later the tip stirred inside me, and I felt my jaw drop as my sphincter accepted the intrusion.

Suddenly, the prostate flexed. You hadn’t touched it yet but I knew my urgency was there and my cum jetted out of my dickhead, showering you in an arc of white, splattering your amazing tits & cleavage, frosting your nipples, and splashing onto the chin and lips. Your eyes glimmered in the morning light of the bathroom, a haze added to our morning masturbation, and then they flickered. A drawn out musty scent filled the room and as I pumped and squeezed the last of the cum from my fingers I saw your body jarred under me from your own orgasm.

Tenderly, you pushed me forward, over your craning lips, licking outward, suckling the tip of my cock, drinking the last dribbling drops you could from my vein. I groaned as you gently teasingly bit the tip, and then moaned as the cock now lay on your tongue, you nursing it back to life, loving it with your licks and desires, the eyes closed in the path of heaven we found.

“I love you,” I said softly.

“I love you too,” she replied. “I just hope my husband doesn’t come home too soon again.”

Can you hear that in your voice, the sigh in mine?

Do you want to hear it happening?

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