A Husband’s Proposal 2

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A Husband’s Proposal 2Tony pushed himself in until three inches were buried inside her and stopped. Than he pulled it back out and waited a few second until he pushed forward again sending another inch inside her pussy. He kept up teasing her until he tilted himself up and forward until his head was directly above hers now and started to fuck her pussy.Diana had moved her legs around his ass where her heels rested on his ass now as he sliced himself inside her wet pussy. He could feel the muscles squeezing around his cock, as he continued to fuck her slowly.Diana’s whole body started to shake as she started to orgasm, yelling out for Tony to keep fucking her. Her legs stiffened straight out as she yelled out with her ass bucking off the bed. Tony could feel her pussy as it clamped itself around his cock and wouldn’t let go. He kept himself lodged deep inside her as she reached her peak and waited for her body to start relaxing again before he continued any movements. A couple minutes went by before he started moving again as he lowered his head down to kiss her on the lips.She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers, eagerly poking her tongue deep inside his mouth like a wild a****l in heat. Joe sat in the chair watching his wife act like a complete whore with her black lover. He could feel his cock straining against his cock cage and it made it worse with the curve keeping his cock from getting hard. The strain on his testicles hurt as his cock swelled inside the cage causing some pain.Joe was turned on watching his wife respond so eagerly with her black lover and at the same time trying not to stimulate his cock any more than he could because of the pain he was feeling. He watched as his wife sucked Tony’s tongue inside her mouth and could see a great deal of saliva being sucked into her mouth from his as she worked on his face like an a****l.Tony broke their kiss long enough to turn around and speak to Joe. He said. “Remove your wife’s heels for me so she can have more freedom with her feet.” Joe got up and took hold of her right heel and unbuckled the clasp slipping the shoe off than moved to the left side and tossed them onto the floor. Joe watched as his wife wrapped her legs around Tony’s ass now digging her heels into his ass as they continued their kiss.Tony’s cock was buried to the hilt inside his wife and he could see his wife’s pussy juice coating the black cock. Joe knew that he had to be hitting his wife’s cervix and wished he could stroke his own cock and relieve the pressure that was building up.Diana was kissing Tony’s face now peaking around his lips moaning in pleasure as he slowly sliced into her tight pussy. Diana asked. “Are you going to stay here all night and fuck me?”Tony answered. “Do you want me to stay here all night and fuck you?” Diana responded. “Yes, please fuck me all night.” Tony kissed her again pushing his tongue back into her mouth as he continued to push his cock deep inside her belly.Tony said. “I’m going to let your husband stay here for a while and let him watch me fuck you than later he can sleep in the guest’ bedroom tonight.” Diana responded. “You can stay here as long as you keep fucking me with your black cock.”Joe stood listening to the way his wife was reacting to Tony tonight. He knew she was drunk and knew that Tony was working on her mind tonight.Joe watched as Tony rolled himself over onto his back keeping his wife mounted on his huge cock. She was on top now with Tony’s hands on her ass and his cock buried to the hilt inside his wife’s pussy.Diana had arched her back giving Tony better access to suck her tits as the big man took one of the huge globs in his mouth and started to suck her nipple like a new born baby. She was pushing her body down hard against his cock making her ass jiggle with each thrust. Tony held her tight as she bounced herself up and down on his thick cock.Tony had a hold of her ass now as he moved her around on his cock as her pussy stretched itself out and around its thick girth. Joe watched as Tony got the look on his face as if he were about to pump his load deep inside his wife. Tony than let out a groan that he was going to cum and held Diana down on his cock as he pumped her full of his black baby making seed.His cock remained hard as he slowly worked her ass around on top of his cock. Diana was kissing him again and flexing her belly making her ass tighten up keeping him deep inside her belly. Joe watched his wife as she squirmed around like a c***d on the huge cock as he listened to her talk to her lover. Diana said. “Darling, I could feel you’re hot cum shooting deep inside me.”Tony replied. “That’s my black baby making cream that you felt squirting inside your belly.” Tony chuckled. “What if you get pregnant with my black baby?”Diana hesitated before giving Tony an answer. “Joe and I want to have c***dren someday but right now I’m on the pill so I can’t have your baby.”Joe was listening to them talk and he was getting aroused even more thinking about his wife getting pregnant by this huge black man that had just pumped his seed inside her. Thankfully she was taking her birth control pills like she had told him. Joe could see Tony’s face and it seemed as though he were in deep thought as he kept a hold of Diana’s ass keeping her impaled on his cock.Tony chuckled and said. “Birth control pills don’t always work and there is always a chance you could get knocked up with a black baby.” Tony seemed as if he were looking for an answer from Diana concerning her opinion of becoming pregnant. Joe thought maybe Tony was getting himself turned on by the thought of getting a married white woman pregnant as much as he got aroused.Diana didn’t respond to what Tony just said to her, maybe she was too drunk to respond or maybe she was still thinking about an answer to give him. Instead, she started to lick around his neck like a little kitten in heat as she continued to work her little ass around his cock. Joe could see Tony’s cock glisten in the light as his seed leaked out around his wife’s pussy.Joe was still standing near the end of the bed when he saw Tony speaking softly in Diana’s ear. Joe couldn’t hear what he had told his wife but she responded by giggling and finally a short response. She said. “OK, I’ll do it.”Tony said. “Joe, Your wife and I have a little job we want you to perform tonight.” Joe moved closer to the bed so he could look Tony in the face. Tony continued to say. “I want you to get on the bed and lay on your back with your head up between my legs.” Joe could hear his wife giggle again as she kissed Tony’s neck while he gave the instructions.Joe was still cupping Diana’s ass with a firm grip as he spread his legs wide across the bed to give Joe plenty of room to lie down. Joe got himself into position as Tony instructed moving his head up between Tony’s legs until his hair was touching his wife’s ass cheeks. Diana’s ankles were in line with the sides of Joe’s face and he glanced at the ankle bracelet he had placed on her left ankle.Joe just laid there as he listened to Tony and his wife kissing wondering what they had in mind for him to do. Tony was still bouncing his wife up and down until he finally slowed down to a complete stop.Tony said. “Are you ready Joe?” Joe hesitated wondering what they had in mind until he finally acknowledged Tony by telling him he was ready. Tony yelled out to Joe as he shot his load and said. “OK Joe, here she comes.”It wasn’t long before Joe found out what they had in mind for him to do as his wife’s ass was placed on top of his face with her pussy directly in line with his mouth.Tony said. “Open your mouth Joe and catch it as it drips out.” Joe opened his mouth as his wife’s pussy made loud fluttering sounds as Tony’s cum dripped out of her pussy and into his waiting mouth.Tony continued saying. “Run your tongue way up inside your wife Joe and get all of my black seed out of her pussy.”Joe did exactly that as he flicked his tongue deep inside his wife’s pussy eating as much of her lovers cum as he could. Joe had to admit this was turning him on very much and wouldn’t have thought of the idea.Diana was flexing her stomach muscles trying to push as much of them cum from inside her pussy as she could. Joe could feel Tony getting up from the bed and walking around so he could kiss Diana as she sat on his face. Diana almost lost her balance as Tony climbed up on the bed and stood standing in front of Diana’s face.Joe could see directly up between his wife’s tits as she took his huge black cock in her mouth and started to suck it like a popsicle. Tony said. “Joe, keep licking your wife’s pussy until you get every last drop out of it.”Joe continued to lick his wife’s pussy clean as he watched her suck the giant black cock posed in front of her. She was working on his testicles now taking them inside her mouth one at a time. Next, she started to suck the huge head inside her mouth as he listened to the slurping sounds she was making.Diana put one hand down to play with her clitoris as she continued to suck his cock. Joe watched his once sweet loving wife as she took the entire length of Tony’s cock down her throat until she almost gagged. Joe watched her suck Tony’s cock for several minutes until he let out a loud groan that he was about to shoot his load..Tony held Diana’s head with his hands as he shot his load into her mouth. He said. “Hold as much cum in your mouth as you can, don’t swallow it.”Joe watched his wife as she waited for Tony to finish his load and moved her head away from his cock. Tony said. “OK, now go down and give your husband a nice big wet kiss for me.”Diana didn’t hesitate in her current state of mind and backed off her husbands face and knelt down and kissed him on the lips. As her mouth opened, she shoved her tongue inside his mouth and helped push Tony’s hot cum into his waiting mouth.Tony continued saying. “Give your husband a real long passionate kiss.” Joe sucked on his wife tongue as she reached down and grabbed his caged cock and gave it a little tug and giggled. Joe couldn’t help but think how his wife had turned into a whore for this black man. Joe felt as long as she was doing these things for him and not for Tony’s benefit than he didn’t mind how she acted as long as she went back to being herself when they were alone.In the mean time, Tony walked around to the other side of the bed and started to fuck Diana doggie style as she shared her lovers cum with her husband in a kiss. Tony was holding her hips controlling the movements on his cock. Joe could feel his wife’s body shudder with each stroke of Tony’s huge cock. Diana started to moan as she kissed her husband. “Oh, that’s it. Fuck my pussy hard.”Diana took a hold of her husband’s cock again and ran her slim fingers down to his testicles and used her thumb to rub the head of his cock through the tiny opening of the cock cage.Tony said. “That’s it, keep rotating that little white pussy back here.” He gave her ass a little slap. Tony continued saying. “Whom does this little white pussy belong to now?”Diana was still kissing her husband as she spoke and moaned in his mouth at the same time. She responded. “It’s your white pussy, just keep fucking me with your black cock.”Tony asked. “Why don’t we ask your husband how he feels about it” Chuckling, Tony said. “What do you think Joe, are you going to give your wife to me and does that mean I can fuck her anytime I please?”Joe hesitated before he gave Tony the answer to the question he was looking for. Joe knew that his wife was just playing out his fantasy and finally gave Tony the answer he was looking for. “Yes, my wife’s pussy belongs to you to fuck anytime you so please.”Tony laughed and said. “You herd what your husband said, he gave me his permission to fuck you anytime I please.”Tony continued to fuck her hard as her tits swayed and giggled from his thrusts inside her. Tony said. “OK Joe, go ahead and move out of the bed so I can fuck your wife.” Tony pulled his cock out of her pussy and waited for Diana to move up to the pillow. Tony laid down directly behind her and pushed her onto her side so her ass was sticking out while he moved up into position and inserted his hard cock in her pussy from behind.Tony said. “Why don’t you go and sleep in the guest room tonight so we can have some privacy?” Joe watched as his wife slipped her hand behind her and placed it on his hip trying to pull him inside her deeper. Diana said. “Go ahead and turn the light out on your way out.”Joe flicked the light switch and closed the door as he walked out into the hallway disappointed at not being able to watch his wife with Tony.The door was open to the guest room and Joe could see a dim light on in that room and as he walked closer he could hear someone in that room. Joe got to the door and stared inside the room and seen Lisa laying on her back on the bed getting herself fucked by Tony’s brother.Joe could see her legs up high in the air with her hands on her ankles holding her legs apart as David rammed his cock inside her pussy.The scene resembled the one he just saw in his own bedroom with his wife and Tony, Lisa was a dead ringer for his wife and David looked very much like his brother. Joe looked closer and he could see David’s cock as it entered Lisa’s pussy. He was built very much like his brother, about the same size including his cock.Lisa was moaning loud and telling David to keep fucking her hard because she was ready to cum. Joe watched as David kept fucking her while her legs locked around his ass trying to pull him inside her further. David’s cock was making slushing sounds as it plunged forward with each stroke and he figured that David must have pumped at least one good load of cum inside her already.Joe figured that if he couldn’t watch his wife that watching her sister fucking her black lover would be the next best thing. Lisa started to cum as she shook and bucked her ass up against David’s big cock. Lisa settled back down within a few minutes and looked relaxed as David started to fuck her at a faster rate.David started to grunt as he thrust inside Lisa one last time and held himself deep inside her as he blasted his thick load inside her pussy. Joe wondered if Lisa was using birth control since she had her k**s and her husband got himself fixed last year.Unlike his brother, David pulled out of Lisa soon after he pumped her full of his cum and lay on the bed next to her. Joe could see the thick gob of seed as it dripped from her pussy and puddled on the sheet below.Lisa had reached over to stroke the big cock that just planted its seed in her belly. Lisa said. “That’s four times in one night and my pussy is still on fire.”Joe moved back from the doorway so they wouldn’t see him standing their watching. He decided to walk around to the bathroom through the hall where he could watch from that doorway which was right next to the bed. Once inside, Joe was only a short distance to the bed and could hear everything that was being said.David said. “My brother Tony has the hots for your sister.” Joe listened to what David just said to Lisa and waited to hear more. David continued. “My brother was telling me how much he had fallen for her over the past couple months and couldn’t wait for tonight to take place.”Lisa asked. “Do you mean that he is in love with her?” David replied. “Yes, he told me himself.” Joe’s heart sank as he listened to what David had just said.All sorts of things started to go through Joe’s mind as he thought about his wife in the other room with Tony. A man that has fallen in love with his wife was in the very next room fucking her right now and he let it happen.Joe watched as Lisa got up on her knee’s and started to suck David’s thick cock getting him as hard as he was just a few minutes. Joe’s mind was still drifting back to his wife with Tony and decided to leave the room and go back and see what they were up to.Joe made his way back to his room and slowly opened the door and peaked inside. They had put on a dim light and Diana was on top of Tony again riding him like a bronco. She was bent forward letting Tony Suck on her swaying tits while his big hands were placed on her hips. She was rotating her ass and Gyrating her belly trying to give him as much pleasure as she could.Joe wanted to be next to his wife so bad that he decided to take a chance and got down on the floor and crawled into the room, carefully shutting the door behind him and made his way to the far side of the bed until he halfway crawled underneath the bed itself. Thankfully the carpet kept the floor from creaking and besides, they were involved in making love too much to notice him crawling in the room.Tony said. “Now that I spilled my guts out and told you how much I care for you and how much I love you and want to be with you, I want to hear how you feel about me.” Diana kept moving her hips around Tony’s cock embedded inside her not wanting to respond to Tony’s question. Tony asked.”Come on, let me hear what you have to say to me.”She bent down and kissed him on the lips and hesitated before giving Tony her reply. Diana said. “What do you want to hear from me?”Tony replied. “Tell me you love me.” Diana knew she had to answer his question and responded back.She responded. “Yes, I have very deep feelings for you, but I still love my husband very much. You’re the best lover that I ever had, and I promised you could see me anytime that you wanted.”Tony said. “I just wanted to hear you admit that your in love with me as much as I’m with you, is that too much to ask for?” Joe didn’t hear anything for almost a minute than all of a sudden he could hear them kissing again until his wife finally answered Tony’s question.Diana said. “Yes Tony, I have very deep feelings for you and we need time for our relationship to grow.”Tony replied. “I want to see you as much as I can from now on.” She responded. “Yes Tony, you can see me whenever you like.”He could hear them kissing again as the mattress started to rumble and he knew that Tony started to fuck his wife harder since she admitted she was in love with him. Diana said. “Fuck me hard. I love your cock inside of me so much.”Joe would have to keep an eye on this, he knew his wife loved him and didn’t want her feelings to develop any further for Tony. He would have a talk with her after tonight, the liquor would be distorting her thinking and he knew her true feelings were not coming through. Tony seemed to be pressuring her into making a commitment.Joe felt the mattress rumbling above him as they continued to fuck and being this close he could hear the suction sounds his wife’s pussy was making each time Tony thrust inside her. She must be sore and stretched out by this time. Tony had been fucking her for more than five hours tonight and he was still hard.Diana said. “I can feel your cock hitting my cervix each time you go in. It feels wonderful inside me.”Tony replied. “Your pussy is going to get stretched out to fit my thick cock and you’ll only want me fucking you from now on.”Tony continued his hammering inside her pussy until he let out a loud grunt and yelled out that he was going to cum. Joe could hear his wife moaning like a little kitten as she had her orgasm as Tony filled her again with his hot seed. He didn’t hear anything for a few minutes and figured they must be exhausted. The light switch click and the room went completely dark and the only thing he could hear for the next ten minutes was the sound of kissing above him.Within minutes the room went totally silent and Joe slowly made his way out of the room the same way he got in. Once out in the hall, he walked near the other bedroom and the dim light was still on but they were asleep as well. Joe looked inside a little closer and could see Lisa’s leg wrapped over David’s body as they slept. Joe grabbed a thin blanket and pillow out of the closet and laid down on the sofa.Joe laid their looking up at the ceiling as he touched his confined cock through the cage and wished he could make himself cum. His balls were aching from the pent up excitement he witnessed and felt the need to relieve himself.Everything went as he had planned as far as seeing his wife fuck another man. Everything will be fine as long as Tony didn’t pressure her into seeing him all the time. Joe didn’t want his wife developing any emotions for this guy other than the need to get fucked by him. He started to massage his balls and running his finger between the plastic bars of the cage but after several minutes he found that the only thing he was doing was making himself more frustrated. He was totally exhausted and just laid their thinking until he fell asleep.It was after noon by the time Joe got up the next day, Lisa was up finishing a cup of coffee and had to get back home with her husband and k**s. David had to fly out of town on business and both were ready to leave the house. “Tell my sister to give me a call later today.” Both were out the door before he could respond to her message.Joe sipped his coffee wondering if his wife were up yet. He was able to slip on a robe that he had been hanging in the hall closet but needed to take a shower. Joe took another sip of his coffee before deciding to take a peak and see if they were up and out of bed yet.Joe walked gently toward the bedroom door and eased open the door until it was cracked open enough to see inside. Joe saw that his wife and Tony were awake and as a matter of fact they were standing up near the bed locked in a deep passionate kiss. Tony’s hands were cupping her ass cheeks and her tits were smashed up against his lower chest. They started to break apart and Joe eased the door shut and walked out and sat on the sofa.The bedroom door opened and Diana walked out into the living room wearing a short nightie that barely covered her tits and ass. She leaned down and kissed her husband on the forehead and gave him a gentle hug. Her tits hung down in front of his face and Joe could see the bit marks all around the full globes. She walked out into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and Joe followed right behind her until he stood next to her by the counter watching her drink her coffee.Joe picked up the small packet of birth control pills and punched one of the last two pills that were in the sleeve and handed it to his wife. “You better take one of these this morning before I forget to give it to you.” Diana took the little pill and placed it in her mouth and swallowed it along with her coffee.“Your sister left early this morning and wants you to give her a call later today.” Diana moved closer to her husband and put her arm around his waist and he bent down and kissed her on the lips. She looked like she was hung over from the drinking she did last night.Diana placed her cup down on the counter and put both arms around her husband. “Tony is taking a shower and wants to spend the day with me and I wanted to make sure you were fine with it.” Joe hugged his wife back and hesitated a moment before giving her his reply. “Are you planning to spend a lot more time with Tony from now on?” She relied. “It’s just that its Saturday and we didn’t have anything planned and he asked me if I could spend some time with him today.”“What are you planning on doing with him today?” She replied. “I don’t think he has anything planned on doing, wait until he gets done with his shower and I’ll ask him.” Joe looked at his wife’s left hand and noticed her rings were still missing. They were still in his pocket in the bedroom. Joe gave her a kiss on the lips and said he’d get them from the bedroom.Joe returned from the bedroom with her rings in his hand and slipped them on her finger and gave her another kiss. By this time, Tony had stepped out of the bedroom wearing only his boxer shorts. Diana said. “I better go and take a shower.” Tony grabbed her by the waist as she walked past him and gave her a kiss before letting her walk past.Joe could see him whispering to his wife and she shook her head back and forth before she continued toward the bedroom and shut the door. Tony walked toward the kitchen and glanced over at Joe standing in the living room and nodded his head as he walked by him.Tony poured himself a cup of coffee and noticed the birth control pills setting on the counter. He quickly picked up the packet and looked inside. He noticed there was only one pill left which meant that Diana took one of the last two he had left last night.He sat the packet back down on the counter before Joe caught him looking and wondered if he should have done what he did to the rest of the pills last night. It would serve her old man right if she got knocked-up with a black k**.Tony drank down his coffee fast and poured a second cup and walked into the living room and saw Diana’s husband sitting on the sofa. He sat across from Joe where they sat quietly for several minutes until Joe asked his first question. “What do you have in mind on doing with my wife today?” Tony chuckled as he thought about Joe’s question and thought to himself that he wanted to spend most of the day with his cock buried to the hilt in her tight little white pussy.“There is a jazz festival down in the park near my place that I wanted to take your wife to today.” Joe sat starring for a moment thinking to himself that it seemed innocent enough for Tony to take his wife to the festival. “Do you plan on being gone most of the day?” Tony answered. “The music starts around five and lasts until eight tonight and we might get a bit to eat afterwards.”Tony was starring down between the opening of Joe’s robe and he knew that he was still wearing the cock cage that he saw last night. He really wanted to ask the man how it felt wearing the thing while watching his wife fuck last night, but he couldn’t bring himself to mention anything about it.Joe was also starring at Tony who was only wearing the thin boxer shorts and he could see muscles all over this man’s body. “You must work out every day to get yourself in shape?” Tony replied. “I did weight lifting for many years and worked my body up over a period of time.”“I’m going to run out to the garage and get my suit case, I need to get some clean clothes.” Joe watched as Tony got up and walked out to the garage to retrieve his clothes. Tony was back inside with minutes with the suit case open on the living room floor. “You don’t mind if I change right here do you? Your wife is getting dressed in the bedroom and I don’t want to get in her way.”Joe shook his head indicating he didn’t mind and watched as the big guy slipped out of his boxer shorts. Joe couldn’t help notice how big this mans cock was and he didn’t even have an erection. Joe figured it must have been three times as big as his own if not more and it was just hanging straight down between his legs.Tony was fumbling through his suite case when Diana walked out of the bedroom dressed in a short yellow sun dress with slip-on heels. “Are you planning on going out the way you are now?” Tony responded. “I’m trying to decide which shirt I should wear today.”Diana walked past Joe as she knelt down on the floor and picked up a shirt from the case and handed it to Tony. Joe noticed that the dress was very short and barely covered her ass cheeks when she bent down. The dress was also very low cut but held her tits out giving the appearance they were out on display.Diana walked out into the kitchen shaking her little ass as she left the room. Joe couldn’t help but notice that Tony’s cock was standing straight out with a rock solid erection. Joe excused himself from the room leaving Tony get dressed and followed his wife out to the kitchen.Diana was standing by the refrigerator eating g****s when he walked in and put his arm around his wife. “What about my cock cage?” Diana sat the g****s down on the counter and opened Joe’s robe and took hold of his cock with her left hand. “We’ll have to sit down next week and get you on a schedule for prostate milking.”Diana continued to play with his cock while taking her other hand and placed it around his neck and pulled him down and gave him an open mouth passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and kneeled down while keeping a hold of his cock and lifted the cage slightly up and gave his testicles a little lick. Joe was getting himself exciting feeling his wife’s tongue and hot breath around his balls.Joe starred down at his wife licking his balls and noticed her left hand was bare, she wasn’t wearing her wedding rings. Joe was just about ready to say something when Tony entered the room. “Are you ready to go?” Diana stood up and grabbed her purse and gave her husband a peak on the cheek. “I’ll see you later tonight.”Joe watched his wife’s ass sway as she walked out the door with Tony leaving him standing in the kitchen alone. Joe placed his fingers where his wife had just licked him and felt her saliva on his balls. Joe thought his wife would feel sorry for him and unlock the cage but she must be planning on playing the roll of a dominant wife and a cuckold husband more than he expected.The drive to the festival took over an hour and the conversation between Tony and Diana was very pleasant. Tony had felt he had put to much pressure on Diana the night before when he confessed his feelings to her. Tony decided to lay off telling her anything further and jeopardize the good relationship he had developed with her over the past few months.Tony had a sharp eye for detail and noticed Diana’s wedding rings missing from her left hand. This was another subject he decided not to question her about after saying the things he did last night. The whiskey he had consumed last night played a factor in his behavior. He would have liked to ask Diana if she decided not to wear her rings because of what he said to her last night or did she decide to not wear them to play with her husband’s mind. She had told him about a book she read on how to become a dominant woman which all played a part in this fantasy playing her husband wants her to do.Tony chuckled to himself as he thought back to last night and seen her husband walk into the room with that silly cock cage locked around his cock. He didn’t understand why a man would want his beautiful wife to go out and fuck another man. He also couldn’t imagine a man wanting his wife to lock his cock up so he couldn’t have sex.They spent the entire afternoon listening to music than going to dinner and where now walking on the pier watching the sun set. Tony had his arm around her waist as they walked along the pier and spent most of the time talking about their c***dhood, college, and many other chapters in their lives.They were holding hands now and walking back to the car when Diana turned and faced Tony and put her arms around him as they locked in a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, Diana continued to look directly into Tony’s eye’s as she massaged his big shoulders. Diana said. “I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed being with you this weekend.” Tony responded. “The pleasure has been all mine.” He bent down and kissed her again, only this time the kiss was more intense than before.Tony said. “Would you like me to take you back home before it gets too late?” Diana responded. “Could we go back to your place for a while?” They kissed again before walking back to the car. Tony couldn’t believe she wanted to go back to his place instead of going home.Once they arrived at Tony’s place, they settled themselves on the sofa with drinks under candle light and had a very intimate conversation. Diana opened up to Tony telling him all about the book that Joe had brought home for her to read on how to become a dominant woman. She spent the next two hours explaining everything she had learned from reading the book to Tony and explained how her life had changed over the past few weeks.She even went as far as explaining how the book went into detail about keeping your husband on the edge by not allowing him to orgasm. She also explained how the woman that wrote the book kept her husband guessing about her relationships with other men. Diana even confessed to Tony that she was sexually aroused doing some of the things in the book. Than she explained, the purpose of the ankle bracelet and Tony acknowledged that he knew something about that practice of the bracelet being a sign of a dominant cuckolding wife.Diana than put her drink down on the table and leaned back on the sofa and got ready to tell Tony even more.“The book explains that women that take lovers in these situations will either have multiple partners and only keep a man for a short period of time or limit the amount of time they have with one lover so they don’t get emotionally involved with that person.” Tony replied. “Does this mean that you want to see other men?” She replied. “No, I don’t want to see any other men at all.”Tony moved really close to her on the sofa and put his arm around her and pulled her right up next to him. “I’m I the only man that you want to see and do you plan on limiting the amount of time you have with me?” Diana sat there for a few seconds looking down at the floor before finally looking up at Tony and responding to his question. “I thought you were a wonderful man ever since I started to correspond with you when you were stationed in the middle east.” She went on to say. “I didn’t intend to have sex with you that first time we made love at that motel a few weeks ago. But I felt something special that night and I just let it happen.”Tony waited for her to continue as he held her close and took hold of her left hand with his and held her tight. “Tony, I wanted to tell you that you’re the only reason why I decided to continue with my husband’s fantasy.” Tony leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips and she responded by slipping her tongue in his mouth. They were soon locked in a heated passionate kiss as Tony held her tight in his arms.Tony got the answer he had been looking for last night, she did have feelings for him and the way he saw it. She was in love with him. She didn’t exactly say it, but he knew it would be a matter of time before she completely belonged to him.Tony didn’t want to take a chance and move too fast so he broke off the kiss and continued to hold her tight in his arms. “I feel very honored and special right now and I’m very glad that we meet the way we did.”Diana began to move her hand up to Tony’s chest and felt the ripples of his big muscles as she looked into his eye’s. She had a very serous look on her face when all of a sudden she started to giggle. “Joe wants to be locked up in his cock cage and just before I left the house I could see the look on his face that he wanted me to take it off so he could make himself cum.”Tony responded. “Did you take it off before we left tonight?” She giggled. “I didn’t have any intention to take it off him. As a matter of fact I told him I was going to work out a schedule to do a prostate milking on him.” Tony laughed. “That poor guy doesn’t know what he got himself into does he?” She replied. “He was the one that started all of these wasn’t he?” She looked into his eye’s before they locked themselves in another hot open mouth kiss.Once they ended the kiss, they held each other for several minutes than Tony took a hold of Diana’s left hand and started to rub her ring finger. “Your not wearing your wedding rings tonight?” She replied back to Tony’s remark with a laugh and said. “Don’t you remember telling me last night that you didn’t want me to wear them when we went out?”Tony laughed. “Since when did you start listening to me?” She responded. “If I remember correctly, it was the very first night that I met you.” Diana started to unbutton his shirt, working her way down to his pants and motioned for him to stand up. She than worked on his belt and zipper and let the pants drop to the floor as he sat back down on the sofa. Next, she pulled the shirt off his shoulders and started to rub his big chest with her fingers, running her hands in circular motions.Diana bent down and pulled off his shoes and socks causing him to laugh when she touched his feet. She giggled. “I didn’t know you were so ticklish. I would have done more last night.”Tony was almost naked except for the boxer shorts he was wearing. Diana slipped her heels off her feet and kneed down on the floor in front of Tony and started to kiss his thighs as she placed her hands on his hips. She worked her way up slowly kissing his legs until she reached the shorts and started to kiss them as well.Tony looked down and saw her tits ready to spill out of the top of her sun dress as Diana moved her hands around to his crotch and gave his cock a playful squeeze with her hands. She than moved up and kissed him on the lips running her tongue in little circles around his lips. Next, she motioned for him to stand up while she pulled the boxer shorts down his legs and pushed him back on the sofa.Diana went back to kissing his thighs and worked her way up to his cock but stopped short of touching it at that moment. She moved up a little higher and started to kiss his belly while taking a hold of his shaft with her hands and gave it a little tug. Tony was rock hard as Diana continued to tease him with her mouth.She raised up again and kissed him gently on the lips before bending down and giving the head of his cock a fast lick. Diana repeated this several times until she finally took the head into her mouth and started to suck it. She than started to work her head down the shaft leaving a trail of saliva along the sides, than working back over the same area licking her saliva back into her mouth.Tony had reached down and was massaging her tits under her dress as she continued to suck his cock. His cock seemed to swell even more as she started to rotate her head around in circles and pulling on his cock with the suction of her mouth.Without warning, Diana stood up and slid her panty’s down her legs but left her dress on as she climbed in Tony’s lap digging her knee’s into the sofa cushions. She kissed Tony on the lips while reaching down between her legs and taking a hold of his cock with her hand. Diana raised herself up enough to place the head of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy.She moved the thick mushroom head around until it popped inside her and lowered herself down until her ass touched his legs. Tony had stretched her pussy the night before and she didn’t have any trouble accommodating him with one easy thrust.Diana sat in Tony’s lap without moving for several seconds giving her pussy time to adjust to his massive cock. Tony kiss her probing his tongue in her mouth as she slowly began to rotate her ass on his lap. Tony hiked her dress up over her hips enough to place his hands on her hips to control her movements.“You cock feels so good inside me, I could keep you in me the rest of the weekend.” Tony replied. “I may stay inside you the rest of the weekend right here on this sofa.” Tony was kissing her neck, giving her goose bumps as she moaned with pleasure. He started using his tongue licking his way around her neck down to her shoulders.Diana had her arms wrapped around his neck as she squeezed his cock with her pussy. She could feel him all the way inside as the head of his cock touched her cervix. Her pussy was soaked from the stimulation and coated Tony’s cock and dripped down his shaft to the sofa cushion below.He fucked her deep as Diana wiggled her little ass around on his lap. Tony began to kiss his way down her shoulders and took his hand to peel her dress down a little further giving himself more access to her tits. He gently pulled the dress down until her tits popped free and started to lick above her nipples.Tony seen all the bit marks on her tits from the night before as he continued to lick around the nipples. “Where did all these bit marks come from?” Diana replied. “If I remember correctly, I got fucked by a fantastic lover last night.” She gave her pussy another squeeze as she flexed her belly muscles causing Tony to moan with delight.“Do you mean that you spent the entire night with a man and you let him bit you all over these beautiful tits?” Tony flexed his legs making his cock bend in different directions making her squeal with pleasure. Diana was grinding her hips down onto his shaft giving him as much pleasure as she could until she finally playfully answered his question. “Open your mouth and let me see your teeth, I want to see if they match the marks on my boobs.”Tony replied. “I just got a really good idea.” He bent down and kissed around one of her nipples than bit an area just above making her yelp. He raised her a few inches until her tits were even with his eye’s and examined the area he just bit. “Perfect match. These bits match this one perfectly.”Diana took her hands and playfully placed them on his neck and gestured as if she were going to choke him. “What I’m I supposed to tell my husband when I get home?” Tony laughed. “Tell him I was comparing the bit marks on your tits and they are mine.”She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him an open mouth kiss as he moved her ass up and down his cock. Tony moved his head down toward her neck and licked under her chin and around her neck.Tony began sucking on her neck in various area’s knowing that it would leave marks all around her neck. He turned to the other side and did the same and gave one last bit which made her jump. Diana playfully did the same to his neck only she did it in several area’s than started to nibble on his ear.“You’re asking for big trouble. I want you to hold on to my neck really tight and don’t let go.” Diana did what he asked wondering what he had in mind as she felt his hands grip her ass cheeks.Tony raised himself off the sofa until he was standing up with Diana still mounted on his shaft. He began to walk toward his bedroom carrying her with him as she giggled in his arms. At the last minute, he turned and headed toward the dinning room and sat her ass on the table. She still had her arms wrapped tight around his neck as he continued to fuck her. Diana was grinding her hips against his body making her pussy rotate around his cock.Tony took hold of her arms and removed them from his neck and lowered them as he pushed her back on the table. “I decided I wanted a desert.” Tony pulled his cock out of her pussy which made a loud suction sound as he pulled out.He kneed down while holding her legs up and started to lick around her pussy which was still gaping open from his thick cock. Tony took his time gently nibbling around her mound and flickering his tongue on her clitoris. Diana was squirming around the table as Tony flicked his tongue around causing her to buck up into his face even more.He started to lick inside and nibbled on her clitoris as her body started to tremble. Tony placed his hands on her tits and gently massaged the nipples as her body started to shake and spasm. Her belly was moving rapidly as she moaned and whimpered in delight.Her legs went straight out as did her arms as she yelled out that she was going to cum. Diana’s ass was quivering around the table and Tony was having a hard time keeping his face in her pussy as she let out a scream as her orgasm peaked. Her body went stiff for a few seconds as Tony kept up very light stimulation to her clitoris.Within a couple minutes, her whole body had relaxed again while Tony stood up and inserted his cock back inside her pussy. She was soaking wet and had stretched out to accommodate his size so he slid inside her fairly easy.He had her legs sticking straight up in the air with her ass pushed back against his body as he kissed around her legs while holding himself deep inside her. He slid her legs back down and motioned for her to grab his hands with hers and lifted her up off the table as she held onto his neck. He carried her into the bedroom keeping himself buried in her pussy and gently laid her back on the bed and climbed on top of her.Tony kissed her passionately on the lips as she wrapped her legs around his ass while holding his head in her hands as they kissed. Tony was gyrating his hips Back and forth while he fucked her pussy. He knew he had stretched her out but she still felt as tight as a virgin to his size as he continued to fuck her.She was clamping her pussy around his cock making him moan with pleasure as she laughed softly when she listened to his response. Diana was running her hands on his arms squeezing his muscles as they kissed. “I love your muscles.” Tony replied. “I love everything about you.” They continued to kiss as his cock made slurping sounds as he fucked her pussy.Tony picked up more speed as he continued to fuck her pussy filling the room with squishy sounds. His ass was rotating around as he thrust inside her. Diana was moaning and gasping for air now as Tony moved closer to orgasm.Diana was the first to scream out. “Oh yes, cum inside me, give it to me.” Tony started to grunt as his ass hammered away and his body started to flex and stiffen as he started to spew his load of seed deep inside her belly. Diana started to tremble and buck as she too reached her orgasm as Tony’s cock pumped its hot seed up against her cervix.He laid there still a few moments listening to Diana catch her breath until she started to laugh under his body. Tony soon started to laugh with her as she kissed around his face than gave him a passionate kiss and hugged his neck.Tony moved along side Diana, his cock pulled out of her pussy with a popping sound followed by a rush of hot white seed that flowed down onto the bed. She rolled over onto her side and wrapped her leg over his ass when her pussy started to make fluttering sounds from his cum and air leaving her pussy. They both laughed as they laid their starring in each others eye’s.They both feel asleep in this position for several hours when Diana woke up and seen the time on the clock. It was midnight and she woke up Tony giving him a kiss on the lips while he pulled her closer to his body. “I should be getting home soon.” Tony reached up to stroke her hair and rested his hand on her face stroking her lip with his thumb.”Can’t you stay here the rest of the night?” She kissed him again and smiled gave him a jester as if she would like to stay with him.The sun dress was bunched up around her waist and as she lifted herself up off the bed, she fixed the straps putting her tits back inside the built in cups. She got up and walked into the bathroom to pee thinking it was too late to take a shower when Tony walked into the bathroom.He walked directly in front of her sitting on the toilet and aimed his cock between her legs and laughed. She wiped herself off and stood up and kissed him on the lips than placed her hands on his hips and moved him in front of the toilet. She than took hold of his cock and aimed it at the water and waited for him to start peeing.She starred at her hand holding his cock while he was peeing and noticing how much liquid was streaming out. The sound reminded her of a garden hose filling up a bucket as she held his cock. When he finished, he turned around and kissed her on the lips as he placed the palm of his hand on her pussy mound. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay the night?”Diana kissed him again while looking in his eye’s and took hold of his cock and said. “Do I have to get you a cage for this thing too?” Tony laughed. “Where are you going to get one that’s big enough?” They both laughed than kissed as they washed their hands and left the bathroom. Diana picked up her panty’s and stood there trying to decide if she should wear them. She picked up her purse and tucked them inside and slipped on her shoes.They pulled into Diana’s drive and turned out the lights, the house was dark inside as Tony walked her to the front door. “I’ll call you this week.” Tony responded by bending down giving her a kiss on the lips. Diana pushed her tongue inside his mouth to mingle with his and if any of the neighbors we still up than they were getting a good show.Tony stood their while she opened the door and disappeared inside the house before walking back to his car. As Tony drove home, he could still smell Diana’s perfume in the car as if she were still here. He stopped short of asking her when they could get together again because he didn’t want to sound too pushy. He had just dropped her off several minutes ago and he missed her already.Tony got home and the light was still on in the living room. He looked in his brothers room and saw that the bed was still neatly made and wondered where he might have gone. Tony turned on the computer and signed on the internet and seen the mail box pop up that said. “One new mail is in your box.”He opened the mail and saw that it was from Diana and was sent just a few minutes ago. The heading said it all. “I miss you.” Tony opened the mail as fast as he could and read it. “Dear Lover, I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love Diana.”Tony read the short email several times, thinking that she got right to the point. He sat there a few moments deciding what he should write back.“Hi Beautiful, I miss you too and wish you were here with me. Love Tony.” Tony made his reply, short and sweat as he pushed the send button and signed off.Tony walked into the bedroom and put his nose down to the comforter and smelled the scent. The sweat smell of Diana’s perfume still lingered around and it drove him insane. Tony couldn’t get his mind off of Diana as he jumped in the shower. He lathered up his cock thinking how much pleasure she had brought him today, both physical and mentally.Tony lay on the bed wondering what it would take to get her to leave her husband as he drifted off into a deep sleep.Joe was sleeping on the sofa when Diana walked in the house so she decided to let him sleep and take a shower before waking him up. She pulled the dress up over her head and started to head for the bathroom but decided to email Tony before getting in the shower. She was very pleased with the way Tony had treated her on their date that she wanted to express her feelings in a short note.After signing on the internet, she brought up the box for composing email and started to compose her email. “Dear Tony, I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love Diana.” She decided to write in the subject box. “I miss you.”Diana clicked the button to send her mail and turned off the computer and went in to take her shower. She felt the hot water hitting her skin as she lathered up the wash cloth wondering if she should have sent that email the way she did. It was too late because she couldn’t take it back now.She finished her shower and was standing in front of the mirror drying herself off when she noticed all the red marks around her neck that Tony had put on her. She leaned over the sink and looked at her boobs, they were just as bad with bit marks all around her nipples. She backed away from the mirror and looked down at her bare pussy and noticed the redness around her mound from all the fucking she had done the last two days.She slipped on her nightie which only had thin straps around the shoulders and decided to get her robe out of the closet to try and hide all the marks on her body that Tony had left on her. Joe had seen the bit marks around her tits but he didn’t see the bit marks on her neck this morning. She didn’t want Joe to know she was out fucking Tony today.Diana looked at the kitchen clock before waking up Joe and was two in the morning. Her birth control pills were sitting on the counter and she figured since this was technically a new day that she should take her pill. When she opened the sleeve, she noticed there was only one more pill inside the packet. She thought there were at least fifteen pills left in the packet when she last looked inside. She must be losing her memory she thought to herself as she placed the little pill in her mouth and swallowed it with water.She walked into the living room and shook Joe out of his sleep. He was a little startled at first but smiled when he saw her standing in front of him. Diana helped him up and they walked into the bedroom together as she shut out the light. She could see Joe slipping his robe off in the dark and she waited for him to get into bed before she slipped her own off. She felt very safe under the covers as Joe snuggled up next to her and she gave him a kiss. The cold plastic from his cock cage had touched her leg as he fell asleep almost instantly after getting into bed. He must be exhausted from waiting up for her tonight.Diana rubbed her pussy mound feeling a little stubble coming back in and she would have to touch it up in the morning. She fell asleep thinking how Tony loved a bare pussy. A bare white pussy.The next morning Diana gave her sister a call to find out how things went with David on Friday. Lisa and David ended up staying in a hotel room together that night because they wanted more privacy. Lisa said that Joe had been standing in the bedroom doorway watching them fuck on Friday night and she didn’t feel comfortable staying in that room while being watched. She told Diana that everything went well and she was going to try and get away in a couple weeks to see David.Diana didn’t think she could go that long without seeing Tony. Lisa asked her sister how things were going with her and Tony and Diana left her answer very simple and said everything was fine. Diana told her she would call later that week as she saw Joe coming out of the bedroom.Joe walked up and gave his wife a hug as she as she kissed him on the lips. She saw that Joe was wearing a robe which gave her a chill as she thought that she was only wearing her little thin nightie which left most of her boobs exposed. Joe would be able to see the new marks Tony had put on her neck last night.Joe poured his coffee and stood next to his wife starring at her neck. “Did you have a nice time with Tony yesterday?” She sipped her coffee giving herself time to answer his question. “Yes, we went to the jazz festival Tony had mentioned to you.” Joe stood closer to his wife looking down at her cleavage“ I figured you went back to his place when it was over last night.” Diana hesitated wondering if she should tell him the truth and figure she should since he was staring at the marks on her neck. “Yes, we went back to his place and spent the evening and I didn’t get home until really late last night.”Diana watched her husband’s expression and seen the little twinkle in his eye’s knowing she problebly got fucked last night. Joe put his arms around his wife’s waist as he kissed her lips and asked. “Did he fuck you good last night?” She replied. “Yes, Tony made love to me last night.” Diana thought about how she just said love instead of fucked and wondered if her husband had caught what she had just said.Joe slipped his hand under his wife’s nightie and gave her ass a little squeeze. She kissed him on the cheek and turned and picked up her packet of birth control pills. “I took the last pill before I went to bed last night.” She went on to say. “I remember taking two or three at a time because I had forgotten to take them but I thought I had more than this.” Joe responded. “I guess we both forgot how many pills you had been remaining.”Joe kept rubbing her soft firm ass as she sipped her coffee. “I wish I could have been there to watch you get screwed last night.” Diana took another sip of her coffee thinking how much she enjoyed being alone with Tony last night. “It was over really fast, I think we were both exhausted from the night before.”Joe slid his hand up under the nightie putting his hand around her small waist and pulled her tight against his body. “Did you have fun the night before?” She shook her head that she did. “Your pussy tasted good with all that cum inside it.” She smiled and took another sip of her coffee. “I didn’t expect you to kiss me with Tony’s cum still in your mouth that night.” Diana had forgot she had done that with all the whiskey she had drank that night.She tried to ignore her husband’s last remarks as she sat her coffee down on the counter and said. “Its Sunday, why don’t we take a ride the beach today and enjoy the sun?” Joe replied. “Sounds like a good idea to me, I’ll take a shower and we can leave.”She had got herself out of talking about Friday night, at least for now. Diana had done more than she would have if she hadn’t of drank so much that night. Although she didn’t regret any of it because it sexually stimulated her more than she had planned. It bothered her that Joe was so turned playing the cuckold and at times she had to get up enough nerve to try some of the things she was learning.She thought about how her feelings had changed recently and thought back to the first night with Tony and how afraid she was when he touched her. Now she couldn’t wait until she saw him again.Diana was changing when her husband walked out of the shower wiping himself off with a towel and noticed the cock cage still in place. She had given it some thought about removing it and letting him fuck her but her pussy was sore from the last two nights and problebly stretched out too much for him anyway and decided to leave it on him.She walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist, taking a hold of the little cage with one hand and grabbing his balls with the other. “I decided to leave this on you for a while.” Joe turned to face his wife and kissed her on the lips. “Does it feel like you want to cum?” Joe replied. “My balls feel a little pressure and I feel frustrated because I couldn’t make myself cum when you were fucking Tony the other night.”She patted him on the back. “We’ll find a way to relieve that pressure for you.” She reached down and placed her hand on her bare pussy mound “Can you feel the little stubbles?” Joe rubbed his fingers along his wife’s mound. “They’re starting to grow back in aren’t they?” Joe kneeled down on the floor in front of his wife and kissed her bare pussy as she ran her fingers in his hair.Diana said. “I’m going to have you shave it smooth and soft the way Tony likes it.” Joe slid his tongue bursa escort around touching her pussy slit while holding onto her hands. Diana was getting more bold with the things she was telling her husband as she watched him lick around her pussy. Joe looked up at her as he kissed her pussy and said. “Are you going to wear your wedding rings today?” She hesitated a few seconds while she thought about what to say to him. “I suppose I’ll wear them today since I’m not seeing Tony at the moment.”Joe was kissing further up toward her belly button as she kept hold of his hands and boldly said. “Tony doesn’t want me to wear my rings when we’re out on a date and he’s screwing me.” Joe didn’t answer his wife, he only moaned as he continued to kiss around her belly.She knew that her husband was getting sexually stimulated hearing her talk about Tony. Joe looked back up into her eye’s like a little puppy and said. “I was smelling the panty’s you wore last night on your date and they were still wet around the crotch from his cum.” Diana gulped as she continued playing along. “Tony screwed me on his bed last night.” She went on to say. “His cock feels so big inside me that I could feel him hit my cervix each time he went into me.” She than put her hand on her belly and said. “I could almost feel him up to my belly button.”Joe caught Diana by surprise when he stood up and grabbed a hold of her nightie and slipped it up over her head leaving her naked except for the ankle bracelet. He gently rubbed his hands around her boobs, massaging them in his hands and said. “I love you so much.” She put her hands on his hips and looked into his eye’s but hesitated before answering him.“I love you very much too.” She than added. “You’ve been a wonderful husband and you’ll make a wonderful cuckold too.” Joe kissed her on the lips when she finished talking. He was getting his ultimate thrill hearing his wife speak to him in that manor.“We better get dressed if we’re going to spend the day out in the sun.” Joe gave her another kiss and grabbed his shorts and slid them up his legs tucking his cage into them. He thought how beautiful his wife was and how proud he was to have an understanding wife that would live the fantasy he so much desired. He wished she had unlocked his cock so they could at least fuck this afternoon.Joe sat and read the paper as he waited for Diana who was applying her makeup when the phone rang. Joe could hear Diana in the bedroom as she said. “I’ll get it.” A few minutes went by and Joe walked into the bedroom to see who had called. Diana was in the bathroom in front of the mirror applying eye shadow as she spoke on the phone. He could hear her giggling and talking in a very low tone but couldn’t hear what she was saying.Joe got right up to the bathroom door and listened to his wife speak. “Are you sure it will work?” she giggled. “How do I use it on him?” She paused to listen to the other person on the phone. “We’ll try it out on him when you come over this week.” Joe kept listening to his wife. “You know how I feel.” She hesitated and said. “I can’t tell you right now.” Her voice got really low as she said. “I don’t want him to hear me.” Her voice was still low but went into a high pitch. “Tony, you know how I feel about you.” She laughed and paused to listen again as her hand went down to her crotch. She laughed softly and said in a whisper. “I wish you were here with me now.” She paused again to listen. “I miss you too.” Than with a frustrated tone in her voice, she said.”I’ll tell you later.” Than she said, goodbye and hung up the phone.Joe pretended to just walk up and said. “Who was on the phone?” She replied. “It was Tony calling.”She walked out of the bathroom and kissed him on the cheek. Joe asked. “What did Tony want?” Diana picked up her purse and said. “We better get going if we’re going to enjoy the sun today.” She saw the look of disappointment on his face and walked over and kissed him on the lips and said. “Tony wants to come over later this week.” She took hold of his hand as they walked out the door.The week went by fairly fast and it was Friday morning and Joe didn’t have to work that day. He knew that Diana had been talking on the phone to Tony just about every day that week. Joe had spent over an hour last night shaving his wife’s pussy for her. Joe had been hinting to his wife about taking the cock cage off so he could cum the last couple days. She promised he would get some relief this weekend when Tony was here.Joe stood in the window watching a man place a sold sign on the house next door that had been on the market. He wondered who his new neighbors were going to be as he remembered the Brown’s who lived there the past several years. The husband’s job had transferred him out West and the house had been vacant for three months. They were nice people and Joe had put a gate between their back yards so the browns could come over and use their pool.Diana walked into the house and was carrying some bags with her and sat them down on the table and walked over and kissed her husband. “I wonder who is going to move in next door?” Joe turned to his wife and put his arm around her waist and said. “I don’t know. We’re going to have to put a lock on that gate just in case.” They both laughed as Joe kissed his wife and asked. “What’s in all of those bags?” She replied. “I bought some new dresses and shoes and a few other accessories.”“I’m going to go and try them on and see how you like them.” Diana walked over and picked up her purse and pulled out a new packet of birth control pills and placed them on the counter before grabbing all her bags and headed for the bedroom.She came out a few minutes later wearing a green tight fitting dress which left her back completely bare and hand a plunging neck in front. She turned in front of Joe and asked him. “How do I look?” Joe watched his wife turn around as he carefully looked over the dress. It didn’t leave much for the imagination as it hugged her body in every form and the front plunged down between her boobs which were exposed in the center and all the way down to her navel.Joe smiled and said. “You look terrific in that one, where’s the rest of it?” Diana laughed as she walked back into the bedroom. She returned several minutes later with a black dress which exposed most of her long shapely legs. She stopped and turned around in front of her husband and said. “How is this one?” This dress was a tight fit too but was completely different at the top. This one had a cut out and crossed over not only exposing her boobs but seemed to hold them up and out like they were on display.“I think I like this one more than the green dress.” Diana laughed and replied. “I thought you would like this one better.”Diana walked back into the bedroom and came back out a few minutes later wearing black spike heels with the dress which made her look tall. The heels had spikes five inches tall and made her look like a goddess. “Follow me into the bedroom. I bought some other things today.”Joe took his wife’s hand as she pulled him into the bedroom. They had a brass bed and she took Joe’s hand and placed it on the bar going across the end of the bed and motioned for him to place the other one there too. The rail was low and he had to bend down to hold onto it with both of his hands. Diana pulled a pair of hand cuffs out of one of the bags and gently clicked them on his wrists.Diana was giggling now as she unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. Next came the under shorts leaving his caged cock exposed. The rail on the bed was low which made Joe’s ass stick out and vulnerable if she so chooses to play with it.Diana placed her hands on his hips and started to move her hands around to the front until she was touching his cock cage. “I think we’ll let him out for some air.” She walked over to her purse and retrieved the Key and bent down and unlocked the tiny lock on his cage. She was being very careful as she slipped it off his cock and balls. She placed it on the bed and gently reached down and took hold of her husband’s cock and said. “ Now doesn’t that feel better?” Joe responded. “I didn’t think you were ever going to let me out of that thing.”She kept touching his cock which was still bent in the curved position from being inside the cage for the past couple weeks. His cock felt hard but still curved as she continued to gently move her fingers around. Diana moved her fingers down and cupped his balls in her hand and gently massaged him and said. “Now I don’t want you to cum. Just relax and enjoy.”Diana kept stroking his cock and balls for a few moments longer trying to get him hard. She walked around to the side of the bed so her husband could see her and he watched her seductively peel her dress off and letting it drop to the floor. She stepped back and bent down to pick up the dress while facing her husband letting him see her tits as they hung down in his face. She carefully laid the dress on a nearby chair and walked back near her husband and kissed his cheek.She kneed down between the bed and her husband and licked his leg as she slowly moved her tongue around until she was close to his cock but kept a short distance so she wasn’t touching it. Taking his cock in her hand, she carefully inspected around the head before giving it a gentle kiss. Joe still had his pubic hair and she made a point telling him. “We’re going to have to shave this today.” She lightly kissed the head again and said. “I want you to look like a little boy.”Diana lifted his cock and began to lick around his balls than taking each testicle in her mouth and giving it a gentle pull scr****g her teeth along his skin. Joe’s cock still curved downward but had straightened more since his wife had started to tease him. She slowly raised up keeping her tits tight against her husband as he felt her nipples rubbing his body until she was standing straight up.Joe felt his wife’s arm move around his waist from behind as she leaned against his side making sure her tits rested on his shoulder. Diana bent down and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to take the cuffs off and I want you to lie on the bed. I don’t want you to touch your cock at all. Do you understand?” Joe shook his head to let his wife know he understood.Diana waited until her husband was on the bed and she said. “Now put your hands up by your head and wait for me.” Joe followed his wife’s instructions and waited for her to return from the bathroom. She had a shaver and towels in her hand and planned to shave off his pubic hair as she mentioned.It took her more than thirty minutes to shave him clean than took his cock in her hand one last time and gave it a kiss and said. “Go and take a shower and get these loose hairs off you.” Joe got up off the bed and Diana put her arm around him and touched his pubic area with her left hand and spoke in a soft baby like voice and said. “Mamas’ little boy is all smooth and soft now.”She was much taller wearing the spike heels and was able to kiss her husband on the lips without stretching. She than took a hold of his hand and placed it on her smooth pussy mound. “Does Mama’s little boy feel her nice smooth pussy?” Joe nodded his head up and down. “Mama has a big black boyfriend who is going to come over and fuck her nice smooth pussy tonight” Diana continued. “Your Mama needs a real man with a really big cock to fuck her pussy really hard and deep.”Joe’s cock was hard as he listened to his wife. “Your Mama will have a job for her little boy tonight.” Joe swallowed hard as he waited for his wife to continue. “The big black man is going to cum here and fill Mamma’s tummy with his baby cream.”Diana slowly rubbed her hand over his cock being careful not to stimulate him too much and continued her little speech. “Your Mama will have a new daddy here for little Joey and maybe a new baby brother or sister to play with.” She moved her hand down to rub his balls. “The big black man has baby cream in his big balls just like Joey has in his little balls.”She let go of his testicles and as she continued her little speech. “The big black man has a big thick cock he wants to put inside Mama’s pussy tonight.” She took hold of his cock again and gave it a gentle shake. “It looks just like little Joey’s Peepee only much bigger.”Diana took Joe’s hand and placed it back on her pussy mound and let him insert a finger into her slit. “This is where the big black man is going to put his big cock inside Mama tonight”“The big black man will put his big cock inside Mama and she will milk it until all of his baby cream is deep inside her tummy.”She continued. “Mamas’ belly will grow really big over the next nine months and she’ll have to wear a maternity dress. The big black man will have to take Mama to the hospital where the stork will bring them a baby.”“Does little Joey want a baby brother or sister to play with?” Joe hesitated before giving his wife an answer and said. “Will it be black like its Daddy?” Diana didn’t expect Joe to ask her that question but got back into her Mother character and continued. “The little baby will grow up and look just like its Daddy.”Diana turned her husband to face her and pulled him close until her tits were smashed against his chest. “Mama’s tits will get really big and have milk inside them to feed the baby.”She moved her husband to the side of the bed and pushed him back while climbing onto of his chest until she was looking straight down into his face from above. “Mama is going to sit on little Joey’s face and teach him what he has to do to keep Mama from having that big black man’s baby.”She moved herself forward until her pussy was directly on top of her husband’s mouth and sat down on his face. “I want you to lick and suck all the juice out of Mama’s pussy like a good little boy.” Joe didn’t waste anytime probing his tongue in his wife’s pussy. “I want little Joey to pretend there is baby cream inside Mama’s pussy and she wants him to get it all out.”Joe was insane with lust as he pushed his tongue into his wife as deep as he could. He held her ass in his hands as he furiously worked his mouth on her pussy. “Joey is being a good boy for Mama.”He continued to lick her pussy as she rotated her ass around his face and pushed down so his tongue inside her more. Her body started to shake as Joe intensified his movements until she screamed out. “I’m almost there.” Diana began to yell out as she reached her orgasm on her husband’s face.Her body soon relaxed as she lifted herself off Joe’s face and bent down and kissed him on the lips. “Joey was a good boy. Now I want you to go and take a nice cold shower for Mamma.”They got up from the bed as Joe turned to his wife and spoke in a little boy’s voice and said. “Does Mamma want the big black man to give her a baby?” Joe’s question caught her by surprise as she hesitated before giving him her answer. “Your Mama would like to have a baby someday and hoped it looked like little Joey.”Joe wasn’t finished asking his wife questions and said. “But what if I don’t get all of that big black mans baby cream out of your pussy?” She was still trying to play the role with her husband and said. “Little Joey best be a good boy and do what Mamma said otherwise she will have the big black mans babies. Now go and take your shower and leave your cock alone young man.”Joe walked in and turned on the water in the shower as his wife followed to make sure he wasn’t trying to play with himself. She felt the water and turned up the cold water and motioned for him to put his cock under the water.She waited until his cock showed signs of shrinking and motioned for him to turn and face her. She bent down and placed the cock cage back on him and snapped the little lock and said. “Now finish your shower like a good little boy. We’re going to have a guest here tonight and I want you to be clean.”Diana couldn’t believe she had talked to her husband as if he were a little boy. She was nervous as she went through it speaking to him as if she were his Mother. The sexual stimulation she experienced was unmatched to anything she had done so far as to role playing. Joe looked like a little boy as she spoke to him and decided to continue for the remainder of the evening.Joe had finished taking his shower when his wife walked back into the bathroom. She had a douche kit in her hand and handed it to him. “I want you to use this later tonight and get your ass clean for me.” Joe looked at his wife with a puzzled look and asked her. “Why do I need to use this?” She replied. “Stop asking me so many questions and act like a good little boy and do what I asked.”Diana asked Joe to just wear a robe tonight without anything on underneath because he would be staying home while she went out to dinner with Tony. She emerged from the bedroom wearing the black dress and heels and thought she was radiant as she looked for his approval.”What do you think Joey? Do you think the big black man will like my dress?” Joe stood there for a moment noticing his wife was continuing her baby talk to him.Diana pointed her finger at him as if she were scolding a c***d and said. “You remember to use the douche later tonight and give yourself an enema and make sure you smell really clean for me. Do you understand young man?”Joe noticed his wife had taken her wedding rings off again just like she said she would do. Joe could smell the sweet scent of her perfume as she walked right next to him. “Your Mama fixed you a dinner and put it in the refrigerator.” She kissed him on the lips as the doorbell rang.Diana walked to the front door as Joe watched his wife as she opened the door and let Tony inside. He was holding two dozen roses in his hand as he kissed her on the lips and gave them to her.She called out to her husband. “Come and put these beautiful flowers in a vase for your Mama.” Joe took the flowers out of her hand as Tony wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Joe could hear them kissing as they remained locked in the embrace as he furiously probed his tongue inside her mouth.Tony broke the kiss but still held Diana in his hands as he said. “I’ve got some great news to tell you.” Diana looked at him with anticipation and said. “Tell me the great news.”Tony looked at her as he said. “I bought the house right next door to you.” Diana looked excited and replied. “That’s wonderful. We’ll be neighbors.”Diana turned to her husband and said. “Isn’t that wonderful Joey? Your Mama’s boyfriend is going to move right next door.” Tony chuckled when he listened to Diana speak to her husband like a little boy. She had told him on the phone that she was going to give it a try.She turned back to Tony and asked. “When did you buy the house and why didn’t you tell me about it?” He replied. “I came back last Sunday and made them an off the same day and they accepted my offer the very next day.” He continued. “That was the surprise I had to tell you tonight.” Diana asked. “When do you move into your new house?” Tony said. “I’ll be moving in at the end of the month.”She kissed him on the lips and gave him a hug before turning to look at her husband and said. “Isn’t that wonderful Joey? Now we can leave that gate unlocked so Mama’s boyfriend can see her anytime he wishes”Joe had mixed feelings about it as he thought about Tony spending more time at his house. He loved the way his wife settled in making him a cuckold and their role playing but didn’t intend on this man to move in right next door.Tony said. “I have reservations for dinner so we better get going.” Diana walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Now I want you to be a good boy tonight while Mama is out with her boyfriend.” She continued. “Tony told me he bought you a new toy to play with tonight so do what I asked while I’m gone or you’ll get punished when I get back.”Joe watched his wife walk out the door with Tony’s arm around her and kept an eye on Tony’s car as it disappeared from sight.Joe ate dinner and took the douche like his wife had asked him to do before they left. He hadn’t used one of those since his Mother gave him an enema when he was a c***d when he was sick.He waited up until midnight for his wife to return with Tony and finally feel asleep on the sofa. All Joe could think about before going to sleep was what his wife had in mind to do tonight.Tony walked through the front door carrying Diana in his arms who was still awake but very drunk. Tony also had a large bag in his hand which contained some things he bought for Diana to use with her husband. Lucky Diana was a small woman because he could carry her around as if she were a c***d. She had her arm around his neck and was trying to speak to Tony. Diana finally spoke slurring her words. “Where is my little Joey tonight? Joey has to help me.”Tony replied. “Joe doesn’t need to help you. I can manage to carry you.” Diana tried to respond but only a murmur came out of her mouth as she dosed in and out of conscience.Tony saw that Joe was sleeping on the sofa and figured he would leave him sleep right there. He continued to carry Diana into the bedroom and switched on the light and dropped the bag he was carrying on the floor and placed her on the edge of the bed.Diana could barely sit straight up without falling over as Tony lifted her ass slightly off the bed and pulled her dress up to her hips and let her back down as he continued to pull the dress the rest of the way off and over her head.Her body leaned forward as Tony held onto her to keep her from falling off the bed as he gently leaned her back until her head was resting on the bed. Tony lifted one leg up at a time and unbuckled her heels which took a few moments as he fumbled with the tiny clasps with his big fingers.Tony took his clothes off as he listened to Diana trying to talk again. She was trying to say something about her husband but couldn’t get more than a word or two together in a sentence. Tony pulled her around on the bed so her head was resting on the pillow and laid down on the bed next to her.He pulled Diana next to him turning her body so she was facing him and lifted her leg up and placed it over his ass as he kissed around her mouth. Diana could hardly respond in her current condition but she did respond to Tony’s kissing by opening her mouth as he placed his mouth on hers. Diana probed her tongue into his mouth and moaned slightly as Tony cupped her ass with his big hand.Diana put her hand on Tony’s face and stroked it letting her fingers play with his ear and laughed. She mumbled some words again only this time she got out a whole sentence and spoke as she taped her finger on his cheek as she said. “Mamas’ got find her little boy so you’re not naughty with me tonight.”Tony kissed her on the lips and moved his hand around to squeeze her tits before he responded back and said. “Don’t you want to get fucked tonight?”She started to giggle and hesitated a few seconds as she tried to get the words out of her mouth and finally said. “I don’t mean that. I have to find Joey so you don’t get naughty.”Tony lowered his hand down to her pussy slit and felt how wet she was with his finger. He couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell him but it didn’t matter because he knew she wanted to get fucked. Diana was too drunk to do any of the work herself so he placed her leg back around her ass and grabbed hold of her back and rolled her on top of his body.He had his hands on her ass as he held her from falling back off his body. Her tits were smashed against his chest as she playfully tried to lick around his neck. She was trying to reach down between their legs and grab his cock but she kept missing and laughing at him.Tony reached down and placed the head of his cock at her pussy slit and moved it around until the head popped inside her. Diana let out a moan and wiggled her ass trying to get more of him inside her. Tony grabbed a hold of her ass and lifted his as he pushed forward sending a couple inches inside her pussy.She wiggled her ass a few more minutes as Tony held her tight as more of his cock went inside her. Diana was kissing around his face and neck as she continued to rotate her ass around on top of him.Her body seemed to respond almost normally compared to her speech as she tried to tell Tony something about her husband. She continued to kiss around his neck until she bit him and laughed. Tony said. “I’ll fix you for doing that to me.”He playfully started to kiss around her neck leaving bit marks and making her squirm around even more on his cock. Diana finally tried to speak again and said. “You’re going to be naughty with me tonight. Mamma needs to get her little Joey in here soon so I don’t have one.”Tony was still puzzled and couldn’t figure out what she meant by having one and asked. “What are you worried about having? An orgasm?”Diana kept squirming around on his cock making little sounds as Tony rotated his hips making his cock hit different area’s of her pussy. Her pussy had tightened on Tony’s cock making him moan as he squeezed her ass checks and held her tight against his cock.Diana finally responded to Tony’s question which seemed to be half serous and the other part which seemed to be caught in this cuckold fantasy thing with her husband. With all the booze she drank tonight, it’s any wonder that she was still awake. Diana said. “Joey and I want to have a baby someday. Are you going to give me a baby?”Tony’s cock seemed to enlarge more when he listened to Diana talking about having his k**. His mind drifted back to a few days ago when he had punched out a few of her birth control pills from her packet. Tony started to fuck Diana more furiously as he squeezed her ass cheeks in his big hands.Tony rolled over while holding onto her ass being careful not to put too much of his weight on her as he adjusted himself so he could put her legs over his shoulders and enjoy the tightness of her pussy which was clamped down on his cock.Diana was moaning louder now as Tony started pumping his cock inside her faster and deeper than he had when she was on top. Diana said. “Please find my Joey so he can get your baby out of me.”Tony finally answered. “Do you want him to lick the baby out of your pussy when I pump it inside you?” Diana responded a few seconds later with a still confused sentence. “I don’t know where he is right now, he should be here making sure you don’t put a baby in me.”Tony kissed her forehead as he sweated above her little body grinding his hips into her ass and holding her legs high above her shoulders. Her pussy was making suctions sounds with each stroke of his cock inside her.Tony said. “I don’t know where he is right now, I guess he’s gonna miss this load of black baby seed.” He kissed her ankles as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Tony was holding back from dumping his load inside her wanting to prolong the pleasure of her pussy muscles that were clamped down on his cock.Tony picked up more speed as he fucked her pussy banging his thighs into her ass with each stroke. Diana responded to Tony’s thrusts and said. “Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”That was all the encouragement Tony needed to hear as he pumped his cock inside her even faster than before. He was breathing heavy and sweating and trying to hold back from cuming for a while longer. Diana was responding more verbally and physically as her legs wrapped around his ass and she held on tight with her hands around his shoulders and said. “Please give it to me hard and deep. I need you to fuck me hard and cum inside me.”Diana continued to say as her voice fluttered from the pounding she was receiving from Tony. “Fuck me deep. Fuck me and cum inside my pussy.”Tony finally started to grunt as his strokes slowed down and than he held himself deep inside her pussy as his seed jetted out inside her pussy hitting the back of her cervix with each spurt. Tony slowly rotated his hips as his cum finished spurting and held himself deep inside her until it stopped. Diana was still panting too and he realized that she had cum at the same time he shot his load deep inside her belly.Tony was still out of breath as he slowly let her legs down off his shoulders and worked himself around so that Diana would be laying on her side with her ass backed up to his cock. He was still hard and deep inside her pussy as Diana calmed down from her orgasm and seemed to be going to sleep.Tony knew she was long overdue for sleep with the amount she had to drink at the club tonight. He had gotten so turned on hearing Diana talk about a baby tonight that he completely loosed it for a while as he fucked her. He knew that Diana wouldn’t remember most of the things she said tonight but it didn’t matter.He had just fucked the shit out of her and he was still laying next to her with his cock planted deep inside her. In addition his seed was still plugged up inside her little tummy maybe searching for her eggs. Tony was getting tired himself as he started to dose off to sleep thinking that he may have already knocked up his new neighbor. He chuckled thinking what a house warming that would make.Joe woke up around mid morning and thought about was his wife and where was she at and was she safe. Joe got up from the sofa and looked out the front window and saw Tony’s truck parked in the driveway. So he knew they had got home safely and walked toward their bedroom and stood outside the doorway listening for any sounds coming from inside the room.Joe didn’t hear anything coming from the room but suspected that’s where they were slipping or screwing. He slowly eased the door open and looked inside. He saw Tony first laying on his side and the only thing he could see of his wife was her white hand resting on his ass. He was a big guy and his size prevented Joe from seeing the rest of her body which was on the other side of the bed.Joe slowly shut the door letting them sleep and walked into the kitchen to make himself some coffee. Joe figured they must have come home late and that must have been the reason they didn’t wake him up.It was Saturday morning so Joe figured he’d just drink coffee and read the paper until Diana woke up. He figured that Tony would be gone within a couple hours but it wouldn’t be very long before this man would be living right next door to them. Joe wondered how often they would see him around the house.Joe was sitting out in the back yard reading the paper and enjoying the sun when the sliding door open and shut. It was Tony walking out the door as he watched him approach the pool area where he was sitting. Tony walked over and sat on a chair next to him and said. “Good morning Joe.”Joe just nodded his head when Tony sat down next to him and continued to read the paper. Tony got up and walked over to the gate that passed through to the house that he was buying and opened it and walked though to the other side.Joe saw him walk back through into his yard and saw Tony laugh as he closed the gate. Tony walked back over to the table and sat down and said. “That’s going to be really convenient on those hot days if you let me use your pool.”Joe sat there thinking that Tony was already screwing his wife, why not use the pool too. Joe figured he’d at least talk to the man and said. “When do you think you’ll be closing on the house and moving in?”Tony replied. “I should be able to move into the house in a couple weeks from today.” Joe sat there before asking Tony the next question and said. “Did you two get home late last night?” Tony replied. “Yes we did get back late last night and we saw you sleeping on the sofa last night and wanted to leave you sleep.”Tony continued. “Your wife had big plans for you last night to join us but she didn’t have the heart to disturb you.” Tony knew he wasn’t telling Joe the truth but what did it matter, Diana was so drunk when they got home last night that she wouldn’t remember anything anyway.A few seconds later, the door opened and his wife walked out holding a cup of coffee in her hand. Joe saw that she was wearing a short pink rob he had bought on her last birthday. She walked directly over to her husband and bend down and kissed him on the cheek and sat on his lap as she sipped her coffee.Joe put his hand around his wife’s waist wondering why she didn’t walk over to Tony but figured they must have screwed most of the night anyway.Diana leaned back on her husband and put her arm around him and whispered in his ear and said. “How is my darling little Joey feeling this morning?” Joe noticed she was still calling him Joey but gave her a kiss on the lips and said. “I’m doing fine this morning. Did you get any sleep last night?”Diana replied. “I had a few too many drinks last night and we must have gone right to bed when we got home last night because I don’t remember a thing.”Tony sat listening to Diana as she mentioned that she couldn’t remember anything when she got home last night. He remembered everything she said last night including the way she begged him to screw her last night.Diana’s robe was parted open and Joe had a good view of his wife’s bare pussy including a small patch of dried cum on her legs. Joe hugged his wife tight as she sat on his lap looking over at Tony.Tony smiled back at Diana and said. “I was telling your husband that I should be moving in the house around two weeks and it would be nice to be able to use that gate and use the pool.”Diana responded. “Why Tony, you can use that pool anytime that you like and that gate will always be open for you and your brother.”Joe sat listening to their conversation thinking about the gate always being left open. He knew that Diana meant more than using the pool. Joe figured she must be happy that Tony is buying the house next door. Than he figured he might as well join in on the conversation himself and said. “Sure, the gate will always be unlocked Tony. We want you to come over anytime and make yourself at home from now on. Isn’t that right Diana?”Diana kissed her husband on the cheek and said. “Of coarse Tony, you can come over anytime to use the pool.”Joe sat there thinking what to say next and made a sarcastic remark and said. “We want you to feel right at home and whenever your feeling horny, you can come over and screw my wife.” Diana tightened her arm around her husband and giggled as she said. “Joey, I already told Tony how convenient its going to be if we want to get together and fuck.”Diana laughed as she continued to say to her husband. “Do you know that Tony told me this morning that we went right to sleep when we got home last night and didn’t even screw?” She went on to say. “I think he fucked me last night and doesn’t think I remember anything.”She looked over at Tony and playfully said. “Don’t you think I know you by now? You just wanted to get some more white pussy this morning.”Joe listened to his wife the way she spoke so bluntly and how she had changed in the last few weeks. Joe asked his wife. “Did you end up giving Tony some white pussy this morning?”Diana sipped her coffee and sat her cup down on the table and took Joe’s hand and placed it on her bare pussy mound and said. “I didn’t get a chance to do what I wanted last night and wanted to take care of you first.”She kissed her husband on the lips and said. “Why don’t you finish drinking your coffee and we’ll go into the bedroom and relieve a little pressure for you?”Diana stood up and walked over to Tony and gave him a peck on the cheek and said. “Why don’t you wait out here until I need you?” Tony put his hand on her ass and gave her a squeeze as she walked back into the house wiggling her ass as she walked away from the men.Joe got up and followed his wife into the house and right into the bedroom as she shut the door once he entered the room. Diana said. “Let me help you take off that robe for you.” She helped him take the robe off and motioned for him to lie on the bed.Diana walked over and took off her robe until she was totally naked and climbed onto the bed next to her husband and kneeled down while stroking his belly with her hands. She leaned forward and kissed her husband on the lips and said. “I want you to scoot over and lie in the center of the bed and get comfortable while I get something.”Joe got himself positioned like his wife wanted him to do and watched as she got the cuffs she used on him the day before. She snapped each cuff onto Joe’s wrists and moved each hand up over his head and snapped them onto the bars of the iron bed.Diana got back off the bed and picked up a bag and pulled out a short metal bar with two attached cuffs on it and brought it onto the bed. Joe watched his wife attach each cuff to his ankles keeping the bar positioned above his legs. There were two other cuffs which had short adjustable chains attached to them.Diana lifted the bar and said. “Joey, I want you to lift your feet up and hold your legs back while I attached this bar to the head board.” Joe lifted his legs just as his wife wanted and watched as she strained to pull his legs up one at a time until she got the cuffs attached to the headboard.When she had finished attaching the bar to the headboard, Joe’s legs were spread wide apart leaving his gentiles exposed. Joe watched as Diana picked up another object from the floor which had a material covered chain with a cuff on each end of the chain.Diana clicked one side to the end of the headboard and pulled the chain under Joe’s knee’s and got on the other end of the bed. Diana said. “Bend your knee’s for me so I can attach this to the other side of the bed.”She pulled the chain as Joe’s ass was raised off the bed and stretched out to hook the cuff on the end bar of the headboard and clicked it. Joe’s hands and legs were now handcuffed above his head which left his cock and balls exposed and his ass was exposed.Diana retrieved the key for his cock cage and unlocked it and placed it on the dresser. Joe watched his wife climb back on the bed and bent down to kiss the tip of his cock. She than took it inside her mouth and started to suck on him until he was hard.Diana played with her husbands balls as she sucked his cock inside her mouth swishing her tongue around to get him hard. Joe’s cock still had a slight curve in it from being locked in the curved cock cage.She started to lick his balls and took each one inside her mouth making Joe moan with pleasure as she playfully sc****d her teeth along his ball sack. Diana lifted up and grabbed hold of her tits and started to massage them in front of her husband and said. “Tony loves playing with Mama’s tits. See all the bit marks he left on them Joey?”There was a knock on the bedroom door and Diana turned and said. “Come in, we’re ready for you.” Tony walked in the room carrying some ice packs in his hands and put them on the bed while Diana leaned out to kiss him on the lips.Diana giggled and said. “I was just showing Joey Mama’s tits and all the bit marks you put on them.” Joe watched as Tony leaned over and took one of his wife’s tits and massaged it and said. “Your wife has beautiful tits and she loves to have me suck on her nipples and get them nice and hard.”Joe than watched as Tony lowered his head down and took one of his wife’s tits in his mouth and started to suck it. Tony tilted his head making sure that Joe could see exactly what he was doing to his wife and took a nipple between his teeth and gently pulled on it making it stretch out until he let it go and worked on the other side.Tony than kissed her on the lips parting open her mouth and made sure that Joe could see his tongue slip inside his wife’s mouth. Tony than raised himself and placed his hand on Diana’s pussy and slipped a finger into her slit and said. “Feel this nice tight white pussy your wife has here Joe.”Diana placed her hand on her husbands cock and started to slowly stroke him as Tony kept playing with her pussy. Joe watched as she stiffened and figured that Tony was touching her clitoris.Tony kissed her again and Joe could hear them swapping spit as he continued fingering her pussy. Tony looked up at Joe and said. “Your wife loves getting her pussy stuffed with my black cock.”Diana than picked up the ice packs and a towel that Tony brought with him and placed the towel on his stomach. She slowly put the packs around Joe’s cock and balls and said. “We’re going to leave these on you for a few minutes while we get something else ready for you.”Tony kissed her again before taking his hand away from her pussy and retrieved something else from the floor and handed it to Diana.Joe couldn’t see what she had because she was holding it down below his ass out of his view. Tony handed her a plastic white container next and she opened it and started doing something below his ass. Joe than watched his wife put her finger into the container and touched him at the crack of his ass.Diana did it a second time only this time she poked her finger into his anus. She just flirted with the opening because of her long nails. Joe than watched as his wife picked up the object and he could be barely got a peek at what she had in her hand.She finally held up the object to show Joe what she was holding and said. “This is a prostate milking dildo.” She continued to say. “I’m waiting for your cock and balls to get cold and I’m going to try and milk you for your very first time.”Tony came closer to Diana again and took hold of one of her tits and cupped it in his hand as she reached up and placed her hand on top of his and squeezed it. Diana looked up at Tony and said. “You can fuck me when I start milking little Joey’s cock.”Diana took the prostate dildo and moved it into position at the entrance to Joe’s ass and said.”I’m going to be putting this inside your ass now. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.”Joe felt the tip at the entrance of his ass as his wife slowly started to push the head inside him. Joe felt his ass tighten around the dildo entering his anus as his wife slowly worked it in and out until she had almost two inches inside of him.Diana gently worked the specially made prostate dildo inside her husband until she had it all the way inside him to the desired location. She than moved it slowly around until her husband jerked a little and she knew she had touched his prostate gland with the dildo.She let go of the dildo to move herself around on the bed until she was kneeing down with her face above her husband’s cock and took hold of the dildo again and started very gently to move it in and out of her husband’s ass.Diana was kneeling on the bed with her ass stuck out and Tony was naked now and climbed up on the bed behind Diana and started to rub his big cock at the entrance of her pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet as he continued to rub his cock up and down the slit making her moan and squirm her ass. She turned her head slightly and said. “Shove your cock inside me. I’m so wet.”Tony waited as he teased her pussy with the head of his cock by poking the head gently and barely pushing forward making her swing her hips to try and impale him inside her. Diana said. “Please put your cock inside my pussy.”Tony responded. “Tell me what you want inside your sweat white pussy again.” She responded back saying. “I want your big black cock inside of me.”Diana was trying to concentrate on moving the dildo inside her husband as her ass started to quiver from the excitement of feeling Tony’s big cock at the entrance of her pussy. Tony said. “I want to hear you beg for my black cock.” Diana was shaking as she said. “Please put your big cock inside of me and fuck me. I need you to fuck me now.”Tony kept asking her questions. “Does my big black cock satisfy you?” She replied. “Yes.” Tony than asked. “Does my cock satisfy your pussy more than your husband’s cock?” She replied again. “Yes” Tony asked another question. “Tell me how much you love having my black cock inside you.” Diana answered him again. “I love to feel your black cock deep inside my pussy.”Tony hesitated before he asked Diana his next question. “Does it excite you when I plant my seed inside your belly?” Diana moaned as she felt Tony still teasing her pussy with his cock and finally answered his question. “Yes, I love to feel you’re hot cum inside of me.”Tony pushed forward until the head of his cock finally popped inside her and stopped himself from going further and said. “Does it excite you that you might get pregnant with a black baby when you feel me cum inside your pussy?” Diana responded. “Please fuck me with your black cock.”Tony didn’t move because Diana didn’t answer his question correctly and started to pull himself out of her pussy until he pooped back out and held it against her pussy slit and waited for the response he wanted to hear. Diana finally responded. “Please put your cock back inside me. It excites me when fill me with your seed and I might get pregnant with your baby.”Diana was trying to use the dildo on her husband but wanted Tony’s cock inside her pussy and tightened up as he pooped the head back inside her and pushed himself forward until she had at least two inches inside.Tony took hold of her ass and began to rock his cock back and forth inside her pussy as it pushed further inside her with each stroke until he was banging against her cervix with the head of his cock. Tony said. “Do you feel my cock hit your cervix?” She responded. “Yes, it feels so good inside me.”He began to fuck her pussy as Diana worked the dildo on her husband. She was working the dildo slowly around trying to stimulate her husband’s prostate gland. She took one hand and removed the bags of ice and towel off her husband and went back to working the dildo inside her husband’s ass as Tony fucked her pussy from behind.Diana kept working the dildo into her husband’s ass and to her amazement she saw a small amount of semen as it dripped from her husband’s cock. Diana spoke to her husband and said. “See Joey. Your little cock is starting to cum for me.”Tony kept fucking her pussy as she rotated her hips around and back against his thighs as she watched more of the semen flow from her husband’s cock.She was doing exactly what the book had said would happen if she hit the right spot on the prostate gland. She had read that some men are unable to do this but it worked on her husband. The book had said it would help relief pressure but would also deny the husband of the pleasure of having an orgasm. Diana had made up her mind long ago that she was going to play along with her husband a little further than he expected.Diana kept working the dildo in the same matter as more semen flowed out. It was flowing out consistently and started to poll on his belly. She wiggled her ass against Tony and said. “I want you to cum inside of me.”Diana giggled as she flexed her pussy muscles making herself really tight on his cock which he than said. “Oh yes, tighten that sweat white pussy on my cock.”She kept flexing her pussy giving him more pleasure as he said. “That’s right, milk that cock with your little white pussy.”Diana also kept her eye on her husband’s cock as the amount of semen coming out started to slow down. There was a big pool of the stuff around his belly button and she figured he was about done and pulled the dildo out of her husband’s ass. She continued to buck her ass back against Tony as he drove his cock into her with a faster speed making her ass cheeks jiggle with each thrust.She could see her husband’s cock was hard but didn’t want to give him any kind of stimulation other than the pleasure of watching her as she got fucked by Tony. He was driving into her hard now as he started to grunt and said. “I’m going to cum inside you.”Diana responded. “Fill my pussy with your seed.” She felt the first jet of cum hit the opening of her cervix and said. “I can feel it inside me. It feels so hot.”Tony kept stroking his cock inside her than stopped as he reached down with one hand and gave one of her tits a squeeze and said. “I love filling a married white pussy with my black baby seed.”Diana was still on her knee’s with Tony’s big cock stuffing her pussy as she put the ice pack back on her husband to bring down his swelled cock so she could put the cock cage back on him. She wiggled her ass back at Tony which he still had a hold of with his hands.Tony said. “Keep shaking that little white ass around for me.” She giggled and kept moving it from side to side and flexed her pussy muscles around his cock. Tony responded. “Your asking for it, aren’t you?”Diana laughed and said. “Your getting spoiled being inside that hot white pussy of mine.” Tony laughed. “You really mean that your white pussy is spoiled having this big black cock stuffed in it all the time now.”She laughed and arched her back making her ass push back even more against Tony and said. “I guess maybe you are spoiling me.” Diana started to laugh as she thought of something else to say to Tony. “You should be ashamed of yourself coming over here to your new neighbor’s house and fucking the mens wives. You have no remorse, do you?” She laughed again as she finished joking around with him.Tony laughed. “I picked the prettiest one in the neighborhood and the one with the sweetest white ass I could find.”Diana felt around the ice packs on her husband and knew it was time to put the cage back on him. His cock had shrunk back down from the ice and she wanted to get it on him so she could take him back out of the restraints.She pulled forward letting Tony’s cock slid out of her with a plop as a big gob of sperm fell from her pussy and onto the bed. She retrieved the cock cage and carefully placed it back on her husband’s cock and through the ice packs down on the floor and motioned to Tony for him to help her with removing the restraints.Tony walked around the bed and held onto the chain as she opened the locks and he gently lowered them down as Joe stretched his legs out. Diana unlocked all of the cuffs and got up and put everything away in the closet and walked back and got on the bed with her husband and kissed his lips and said. “How’s my little Joey? I bet you feel much better since Mama drained your balls for you.”Diana laid her head on the pillow next to her husband and scooted her ass up until she was touching her husband. She than got onto her side and spread her leg up and took her husband’s hand and placed it at her gaped open pussy slit and said. “Look at what Mama’s big black boyfriend did to her tight little white pussy.”Joe slipped his finger inside his wife’s pussy and felt the wetness inside. Diana continued to say. “I think Mama should sit on little Joey’s face and let him eat all of the nice man’s seed. Don’t you?”Diana grabbed a hold of her husband’s hand and brought it up to his face and said. “Go ahead and taste the nice man’s seed on your finger and see how you like it.” Joe put the finger into his mouth and sucked on it as his wife said. “That’s a good little boy. Now let Mama sit down on your face and you can have some more.”She got up off the bed and straddled her husband’s face and lowered herself down and said. “Now be a good little boy and get it all out of Mama.” Joe didn’t hesitate sticking his tongue inside his wife’s wet pussy. Her pussy had been stretched out from Tony’s massive cock and still gaped open.Loud sucking sounds filled the room as he worked his tongue around inside his wife’s pussy as she rotated her hips around on his face and held onto the headboard as Tony walked closer and cupped one of her tits in his hand. Joe continued to suck his wife’s pussy clean as he looked up between her tits and saw them kissing while Tony massaged her tits.Joe shoved his tongue inside his wife as far as it would stretch as Diana rotated her little ass around his face. Joe saw Tony’s hand lower to his wife’s belly and watched as he slowly rotated his hand in little circular motions around her belly button.Joe could see they were still locked in a hot passionate kiss as Diana reached down and placed her hand on Tony’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Tony broke the kiss and whispered to Diana as Joe tried to hear what was being said and slowed down sucking his wife’s pussy so he would be able to hear.Tony whispered. “I wouldn’t want you to lose your trim figure when you have a baby.” Joe listened to his wife as she giggled and whispered back. “I’ll have to keep working out to stay in shape. I don’t want to be like a lot of women and lose my flat tummy.”Tony replied. “I’ll find something for you to work out with when the time comes.” Joe watched as they went back kissing as he wondered about what this baby thing was all about. Joe figured that if his wife wanted to have a baby now than they would have to see a fertility doctor about his low sperm count and maybe Diana would have to be artificially inseminated.Joe continued to poke his tongue around inside Diana’s pussy as he thought about how all this would have to come to an end once they decided on having c***dren. Joe figured that Tony would have to find himself a girlfriend to fuck once he and Diana made a decision about c***dren.Everyone showered and Tony had to leave on a short business trip and would be gone for most of the week. Joe watched as his wife stood at the front door kissing Tony and whispering before he walked out the door.Once Tony had gone, Diana walked over and gave her husband a hug and said. “Did you have a nice time this weekend?” Joe put his arms around his wife and kissed her and said. “I had a wonderful time this weekend.” Joe continued. “Are you going to take the cock cage off of me for a while now that your considering having a baby?”Diana started to laugh and said. “Whatever gave you the idea that I was going to take it off now?” Joe replied. “You were talking about having a baby when I was sucking your pussy.” Diana hesitated and said. “I didn’t say I was going to have a baby right now. I was just talking about my keeping my figure if I did become pregnant someday.”Diana kissed her husband again and said. “Besides, this was your idea in the first place about having to wear this thing while I cuckold you wasn’t it?”Joe only shook his head as he watched his wife walk out of the room. He loved the idea of playing out the cuckold husbands’ routine but was now wondering if he had gone too far with this whole thing. Only a short time ago his wife had been just a sweet normal housewife that would have never let another man touch her and now enjoyed screwing another man. Now she seemed to be enjoying the whole scenario with Tony as her new lover.Things were fairly normal over the next two weeks except for the fact that Joe was wearing the cock cage every day. In addition, Diana called him Joey all the time now and spoke in a c***d like tone as if she were speaking to a c***d instead of her husband. Tony had been busy with his job and packing for the move and only kept in touch with Diana over the phone over those two weeks.Every time the phone rang anymore, Diana rushed over to answer it and if it were Tony she would walk into another room to talk to him. He knew his wife couldn’t wait for her lover to move in right next door and couldn’t help but think that Tony was going to be spending more time at his own house than he would at home.That following weekend, he and Diana had planned to spend the day at her parent’s house and when they returned home that evening, they saw a moving van pulling away from the house next to them. Joe got shivers as he pulled into the driveway and saw Tony and his brother David standing in front of the house waiting for them to return.Joe watched as his wife got out of the car and walked over to Tony and gave him a kiss. Joe was concerned about the neighbors seeing her kissing a black man on the front lawn but she didn’t seem to care about it.Everyone walked into the house as David shook Joe’s hand on the way inside the front door. Once inside, Tony took Diana into his arms and they were soon locked in a heated passionate kiss and totally blocked everything else out as David and Joe stood by watching them embrace and kiss. Tony’s hands were cupping her ass as he pulled her body next to his as they continued to kiss.Joe watched as his wife responded to Tony after they had been separated for the last two weeks. Joe could hear his wife as she whispered as she said. “I missed having you with me.” Tony responded back saying. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ll be right next door anytime that you want to see me from now on.”Tony said. “I want you to come over and see my new house and my new bedroom furniture.” Diana responded. “I’d love to see your new house. Why don’t we try out the gat connecting the two yards together?”Diana turned back at her husband who was standing next to David and said. “Lets go and see Mamma’s boyfriend’s new house Joey.”David and Joe followed them back to Tony’s new house as they watched them holding hands and stopping to kiss several times on the way there. Tony gave everyone a tour of the house as David made some drinks for everyone.Tony said. “I’m planning a house warming party next weekend and want both of you to be here.” Diana replied. “Are you planning on a big party with friends?” Tony said. “I’ll be having just a few close friends and thought we could invite your sister Lisa here as well.”Diana replied. “Sounds like fun. When are we going to have a more intimate house party and break in this new bedroom set?” Tony said as he laughed. “To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting for that little party for a few weeks.”David passed around the drinks and Diana sat on Tony’s lap on the sofa as Joe and David looked on. David made the first comment. “I can see that you two lovers have a lot of catching up to do. Why don’t Joe and I go out and sit by the pool?”David didn’t get a reply from either of them as Diana sat there kissing Tony and probing her tongue into his mouth. David looked over at Joe who was watching his wife swap spit with her black lover and said. “Lets go out by the pool and give these two lovers some space.”Joe didn’t really want to leave as he slowly got up on his feet and followed David out the back door of the house. Joe turned and took one last look at his wife and saw that Tony wasn’t escort bursa wasting anytime at all as he could see him unbuttoning his wife’s blouse as David put his arm around his shoulder and guided him out the door.Joe sat down by the pool with David and waited for him to speak. David took a sip of his drink and said. “Joe, you’re married to a hot little woman my friend.” Joe replied. “Yes, I know she’s a hot woman and I’m very proud of her.”David replied as he laughed. “I know you were the one that wanted all this to happen but I really don’t understand how you can wear that silly thing on your cock my friend.” Joe sat there thinking about his answer and said. “I didn’t think I’d end up wearing it all the time but Diana is insisting on me wearing it for her.”David laughed again as he took another sip of his drink and shook his head and said. “I think your wife is in this deeper than what you expected isn’t she?” Joe hesitated while he looked down at the ground and said. “Diana has been playing this thing to the limit lately and I wish she would take a break.”David replied. “How do you know your wife is playing? Did you see the way the acted in the house a few minutes ago? I don’t want to butt in on your fun but you might want to have some words with your wife about all this before it’s too late.”Joe sat there very upset listening to David and thinking back to the way his wife greeted Tony when they returned this afternoon. Joe had no intentions of letting his wife get this close to another man and now he lived right next door.David noticed he may have upset the man and said. “Listen. Wait until you and your wife are alone and have a few words with her about the situation. Tell her what you really want and see how she replies’ back.”Joe replied. “It’s my fault, I told her to find a lover and I wanted her to cuckold me but I didn’t expect it to be all the time.” David said. “You can’t always have your cake and eat it too.”David went on to say. “Your wife has been calling my brother every day for the past couple weeks. My brother’s a stud and I’m almost positive your wife can’t get enough of that black dick in her pussy.”Joe said. “Maybe I should go in there and put a stop to this right now.” David laughed and said. “Now hold on here, you can’t go in there and make a scene right now. Remember this is all your idea and you gave her your permission and she’ll never forgive you if you act like a jerk at this point in time.” David continued. “Besides, if my brother has his big dick buried in your wife’s pussy right now and you go in there and try to stop him than you might piss him off and who knows what might happen in there. Let the man enjoy his pussy.”Joe thought about what David just said preferring to the part of letting Tony enjoy his pussy. Joe felt like he should at least go inside the house and see if they were still on the sofa and maybe he could tell Diana he wanted to speak to her.Joe finally made a reply. “Maybe I’ll just go in and see if I can call her out for a few moments.” David looked at Joe and said. “OK, but remember what I told you before you cause any problems.”Joe sat his drink down on the table and walked back over to the house and went inside. There wasn’t anyone sitting on the sofa and he decided to check out the bedroom and see if they were having sex. As Joe got closer to the bedroom door, he could hear his wife yelling out. “Fuck me, Fuck me with your big black cock.”Joe stood in the hall listening to his wife’s voice as she apparently was getting herself fucked by Tony at that very moment. “Oh Honey, I’ve wanted you inside me so bad. Oh Yeah Darling, give me your cock. Fuck me harder, Fuck me hard and deep.”Joe continued to listen to his wife. “Yeah, it feels so good inside me. Fuck me deeper. Yeah, that feels so good inside me. Fuck me deep and hard.”Joe could hear Tony’s massive body pounding his wife as the sound of his body slapping his wife’s ass could be heard all over the house.Joe than listened as Tony said. “Oh Yeah, Squeeze that white pussy around that black cock.” Joe could hear his wife as she gasped for air as she got herself fucked by this big man.Joe just stood outside the door but didn’t get close enough to look inside the room as he listened to them make love. Tony was saying. “Gonna pump that white pussy full of my black baby juice until it comes out of your ears.Joe could hear his wife reply. “Oh Yeah. Give me you’re cum. Shoot it in me deep. I want your seed inside me.” Joe’s legs got weak as he listened to his wife as she told her black lover to fill her with his black seed.Joe decided to look inside the room and get a look for himself and just as he edged around the corner, he tripped and bumped the wall. As he looked inside the room, Tony was looking back over his shoulder to see what the noise was and said. “Get the hell out of here while I’m fucking my woman.”Joe could still hear his wife gasping for air with each shove Tony made inside his wife until she looked his way and yelled. “Shut the fucking door and get out now. Oh Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”Joe stood there in shock listening to his wife when she yelled out again. “Get the fuck out of here and close the door Joey. NOW!”Joe closed the door and could still hear them fucking on the other side of the closed door. Joe kept standing outside the door until he could hear Tony starting to grunt out loud and say. “Here it comes. Oh Yeah. Feel it inside you?”Joe could still hear his wife as she too was starting to orgasm as Tony shot his load of hot cum deep inside her pussy. Joe could hear her yelling as she said. “Yes, I can feel you’re cum. It feels so hot inside me.”Joe could still hear them gasping for air as they finished cuming and the faint sound of someone kissing the other person. Joe could hear Tony as he said. “I might just stay inside you all night long tonight and fuck you until morning.”Joe could hear his wife reply. “Yes Darling. I want you to fuck me again and again. I love your cock inside me.”Tony replied. “Gonna stretch out that little pussy tonight and plant you full of seed.” Joe could hear more kissing going on and than his wife finally replied. “Yes Darling. Stretch my pussy for your cock.”Joe slowly walked away from the door and back outside until he was back at the pool where David was still sitting.Joe didn’t say a word when he sat down next to David still thinking about what his wife had said to him. Granted, she was doing what he had asked her to do tonight but didn’t have to get nasty about watching outside the room.David looked over at Joe and said. “I take it they were already screwing when you went inside the house?” Joe reached for the glass of liquor he had been drinking and swallowed it all down and replied. “Yeah. They were going at it hot and heavy and when they saw me standing by the bedroom door. They told me to get the fuck out.”David took a bottle of liquor he had next to his chair and reached out to pour some into Joe’s glass. Joe held out his hand while David poured him a new drink. David laughed and said. “Don’t worry about it. You knew they were going to fuck tonight in the first place. Just wait until you have a chance to speak to your wife another time.”Joe sat there as he drank the entire contents of his newly poured drink and held out his glass for David to pour another drink. David began to pour him another and said. “Take it easy on the booze their buddy.”David than sat the bottle down and said. “At least you know where your wife is right now. She’s not getting hurt and she’s not out fucking some guy you don’t know anything about.”David and Joe sat and talked for a few hours as they finished off another bottle of whiskey until Joe couldn’t drink anymore. Joe looked over at Tony’s house and saw a dim light in the bedroom window and decided to take a look before going to bed. David already returned into the house as Joe walked over to the bedroom window.Joe got close enough to see inside and slowly leaned around and looked inside the room. Joe was drunk and was holding onto the wall of the house as he looked inside the room. Joe could see his wife riding on top of Tony and saw that she was leaning forward so Tony could suck on her tits. Joe could see her ass rotating around on his huge cock and could barely hear his wife telling Tony to bit her tits.Joe figured at least they were telling the truth when they said they were going to fuck all night long. Joe slowly walked away from the window as he staggered back to his own house and into his bedroom. This was the bedroom he shared with his wife who was next door getting the shit fucked out of her tonight by her black boyfriend.Joe took his clothes off and laid down on the bed and glanced down at his cock which was confined to the cage and thought how good it would be to be able to fuck his own wife again. It didn’t take very long for Joe to fall asleep as he thought about how his wife had become a slut for her black boyfriend and wondered if it was too late to change her back the way she use to be.It was Sunday morning and Joe had already made himself breakfast and was on his third cup of coffee when his wife walked in the back door. The only thing she was wearing was a large shirt that must have belonged to Tony while she carried the rest of her clothes under her arm.Diana walked over and kissed her husband on the forehead and walked on by to put the items in the clothes’ hamper. Joe didn’t say a word to his wife as she walked by him but he could tell that she hadn’t taken a shower this morning because she still smelled of sex.Diana walked past her husband again and poured herself a cup of coffee and started to drink it as she looked over at her husband. Diana spoke first and said. “I’m sorry I got angry with you last night. It’s just that I was caught up in the moment and shouldn’t have said what I did to you.”Joe still didn’t say anything to his wife as she walked up behind him and placed her arm around his waist and said. “Joey. Would you be a good boy and fix Mamma something to eat? I hardly got any sleep at all last night.”Joe still didn’t answer his wife as she sat her cup down on the counter and turned her husband around until he faced her direction and said. “I’m really sorry I talked to you that way last night. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”Joe finally answered his wife and said. “Why don’t you act like you did a few months ago? Like the woman I married and loved.” Diana looked a little puzzled and said. “What on earth do you mean by that Joey? Your Mamma has only been doing what her little Joey asked her to do now isn’t she?”Joe replied. “You’re the wife I always wanted and you did exactly what I had asked but this is going way too far now.” Diana said. “What do you mean by that Joey?”Joe said. “I only wanted you to play out my fantasy, I don’t want to lose you to another man.” Diana took a hold of her husband’s shoulders and said. “Everything that I’ve been doing is the thing you had asked me to do a few months ago and just because I’m fucking another man now doesn’t mean I don’t love you and your not going to lose me. Do you understand?”Joe replied. “Does this mean you are still going to fuck Tony from now on?” Diana looked into her husband’s eye’s and said. “Tony is a good lover and he brought out things inside me I never knew I had until now.” Diana continued. “Your still my husband and I love you very much but if your going to be a good cuckold husband than your going to have to accept the fact that Tony is the man that will be fucking me from now on.”Diana kissed her husband on the lips and said. “Everything I did was for you because I love you and it may not feel right for you at times but you’ll learn to accept things the way they are now.” She went on to say. “I read everything in that book you gave me and your only going through a period of denial right now but you’ll feel better about the whole situation after a period of time.”She put her arms around her husband and gave him a very passionate wet kiss as she started to rub her tits against her husband’s chest. Diana started to unbutton the shirt she was wearing until it was hanging around her and pushed herself back up against her husband’s chest as she kissed him again.Joe returned the kiss and slid his arms around his wife’s waste and said. “I love you very much.” Diana looked into her husband’s eye’s and said. “Honey. I love you too.”Joe reached down and cupped his wife’s ass cheeks in his hands and gave them a squeeze as they kissed again. Joe couldn’t help but notice the bit marks all around his wife’s tits and neck area after her fuck session with Tony last night.Diana took her husband by the hand and led him toward the bedroom door and once inside she started to undress her husband and pushed him back on the bed once he was naked. She than lost the shirt she was wearing and climbed up on Joe’s chest and sat there with her pussy lips gapping open from the fucking she received that night from her lover Tony.She moved forward until her pussy was within an inch of her husband’s face and started to rub her pussy mound as she said. “Tony fucked my pussy raw last night. See how my pussy is still gaping open from his huge cock?”Diana slid forward until her pussy lips touched her husband’s face and said. “Here Joey, eat Mamma’s pussy.” Joe slid his tongue inside his wife’s pussy which still smelled from sex and once his tongue was inside, he could taste the remains of Tony’s sperm inside his wife.She moved her hands down and ran her fingers in his hair as he began to suck on her pussy stretching his tongue out as deep as it would go inside her. Diana began to rotate her hips around her husband’s face as she said. “I love the way you use your tongue on my pussy. Tony fucked me so hard and rough last night that my pussy is still sore and Mamma loves how gentle you are with her.”Joe sucked his wife’s pussy for almost twenty minutes until she finally said to him. “Honey. Your Mamma is just too tired to cum right now.” Diana lifted off her husband’s face and got up and walked over to the dresser and got the key for the cock cage and walked back and unlocked his cock.Once his cock was free of the cage, she started to stroke it with her hand as she looked up at her husband and said. “You’re not allowed to cum under any circumstances. If you do, you will be punished. Your punishment will be to wear your cage for six months without having your prostate milked. Do you understand what I just told you?”Joe shook his head that he understood what his wife just told him and waited for her to continue stroking his cock.Diana slowly stroked her husband’s cock with her hand and said. “I want you to be a good boy while Mamma is playing with your cock. Look how small my little boy’s peepee is compared to her boyfriends big black cock.”She kept stroking his cock until it was semi-hard and placed her mouth down over his cock and held it still for a few seconds. Diana began to lick around the head making him moan with pleasure than stopped for a few seconds so he wouldn’t get too aroused and cum. Joe started to touch his wife’s hair but she stopped him and said. “You’re not allowed to touch me while I’m playing with your little peepee.”Joe put his hands around the back of his head and continued to watch his wife suck his cock. Diana tilted lower and started to flick her tongue around his balls and sucked each one into her mouth making him moan again. She stopped for a few seconds again to let him relax.She took his cock back into her mouth and ran her tongue around his shaft for a few seconds and stopped again. She than got up and placed her body on top of his as if she were going to mount his cock as she took it in her hand and began to slowly stroke it again.Diana moved her body forward until her pussy lips were just an inch from the head of Joe’s cock than inched forward until the head was rubbing against her mound. Diana said. “Doesn’t Mamma have a really smooth white pussy?”She slowly rubbed his cock head against her pussy mound until the head had slipped between her pussy lips and she held still for a few seconds to keep him from cuming. The head of Joe’s cock was posed at the entrance to his wife’s pussy as he tried to push up and insert himself inside her but she stopped him by saying. “Hold still young man or I’ll stop what I’m doing right now.”Diana let his cock rub against her pussy lips a few more times before she moved away and said. “I only wanted you to feel Mamma’s white pussy which is meant for her black boyfriend to fuck from now on.”Diana got off her husband and told him to stay there while she ran out to the kitchen and returned with an ice cube in her hand and placed it on his cock until it shrank down in size and she was able to put the cock cage back on her husband. She crawled up next to her husband and gave him a kiss on the lips and laid down next to him and drifted off to sleep.Joe got up out of bed to go pee and looked back at his sleeping wife. Diana was laying on her side with her ass stuck out and her bare pussy was visible from this angle. She must have stayed up most of the night last night with Tony.Joe walked back from the bathroom and examined his wife more carefully this time following the curve of her ass down to her thighs and legs. Joe could see the ankle bracelet he had bought her a few weeks before. There were bit marks on the back of her legs below her ass. She must have had a wild time with Tony last night.Joe studied his wife’s body a little closer and noticed that she didn’t have on her wedding rings again. Diana’s hands were curled up next to her tits which had bit marks in every corner and love marks around her neck. He could see a thick gold neckless with a name plate attached that Joe had never seen until now was around his wife’s neck.The tag was facing down with the inscription out of view as Joe bent over and slowly moved the tag around making sure he didn’t disturb his wife. The inscription simply read, “Tony.”Tony must have given his wife the bracelet last night as he carefully let the tag go back into its position.There was a knock on the back door of the house and Joe hurried out of the room to see who it was. Joe could see David through the glass as he opened the door. David held up a pair of heels and his wife’s wedding rings and said. “I think these belong to your wife.”Joe took the rings and heels from David as he walked in through the back door. David said. “My brother is still asleep this morning and I bet your wife is doing the same right about now.” Joe just nodded his head in agreement as Tony walked into the kitchen and asked. “Do you mind if I have a cup of your coffee?” Joe just motioned for him to go ahead and get it.David walked over to Joe with his coffee in hand and said. “I couldn’t get much sleep myself last night. They were fucking like wild a****ls all night long.” David continued. “My bedroom is right next to their room and if they are going to fuck every night than I’m moving down the hall to the guest room.”Joe took notice of the fraise, “Their room” and figured to himself that it might as well be called their room. David added. “Your wife is very vocal when she’s getting laid.”Joe was thinking back how she had been just a few short months ago and how quit she was when they were having sex together. He remembered what his wife just said this morning about Tony bringing out her sexuality.David asked. “Have you got your sister-in-law’s phone number? I’d like to give Lisa a call and invite her to the party next weekend.” Joe walked over to the counter and wrote the number on a pad and gave it to David and said. “You do know she’s married with k**s don’t you?”David replied. “Yes, she told me her old man worked during the day so I’ll call her when he’s at work tomorrow.” David continued. “Your sister-in-law could be an identical twin to your wife, it’s a close match if you ask me.”Joe looked over at David and didn’t answer him right away but than he replied. “Yeah, they are often confused for one another when they are out and people don’t know them well.”David said. “Your wife and Lisa have the same tits, same ass, and I bet your wife’s pussy is much tighter than Lisa’s because she’s had a couple k**s. Don’t get me wrong, Lisa has a tight cunt but I just figured since your wife hasn’t had k**s yet that she has to feel like a virgin.”Joe looked over at David and said. “I wouldn’t know how tight Lisa’s pussy is and as a matter of fact I couldn’t tell you how tight my wife’s pussy is any more.” Joe was blunt and right to the point but wanted to get that off his mind as David laughed at his response and said. “I think you’re right about your wife, the way my brother has been banging her lately her pussy has problebly stretched since the last time you been in there.”David walked over to Joe and placed his hand on Joe’s shoulder and said. “Since we’re all going to be living right next door together, we might as well be friends from now on.” David held out his hand to shake Joe’s and Joe hesitated for a moment before extending his hand out to shake David’s hand.David said. “I almost feel as if we are all family living side by side and I want you to come over and make yourself at home anytime you want.” David went on to say. “You’re always welcome to sleep over in the guest room anytime you want to be closer to your wife from now on.” David laughed as he added. “If you don’t mind getting any sleep from all the yelling and screaming and banging going on in the master suite.”David had mentioned something he had to do today and left soon after drinking his coffee leaving Joe up by himself as his wife slept. Joe still had his wife’s wedding rings in his shirt pocket and pulled them out and starred at the large diamond and thought about their wedding day and honeymoon together.Joe walked into the bedroom where his wife was still sleeping and walked over and gently took her left hand and slowly slipped the rings on her finger. Diana moved her arm but didn’t wake up as she walked back out of the room and shut the door.He spent most of the day cleaning the house while Diana slept and around one that afternoon he could hear the shower running and knew his wife woke up. Joe walked out into the back yard to take the last bag of trash out and noticed someone in the pool. Joe glanced again and noticed it was Tony sitting along the shallow end of the pool soaking up the sun.Tony saw Joe walked out of the house and said. “It’s a nice day for a dip.” Joe just starred at him as he walked back to the trash and on the way back Tony said. “Hey man. I’m really sorry about last night. I was in the middle of fucking and didn’t know who was at the door. I thought my brother was spying on my ass.”Joe replied. “That’s all right, don’t worry about it.” Tony replied back. “Come on in the pool, the water is really warm.” Joe replied. “Maybe a little later but not right now I have a lot to do today.”Joe walked into the house where Diana was standing in the kitchen with her bikini on and ready to join Tony out at the pool. Diana’s bikini was all black and the bottom was barely covering her ass let alone her bare pussy. Her top was low cut which barely covered her nice firm tits but held them in firmly as if they were put out on display.Diana kissed her husband before grabbing her towel off the counter and said. “I’m going out for a swim while the sun is still out.” Joe replied. “If you hurry, you may catch your boyfriend out there before he goes back in the house.”Joe watched his wife as she picked up her towel and turned and said. “Oh, I didn’t know he was in the pool.” Joe took note that she didn’t hesitate when he mentioned her boyfriend as he watched her ass wiggle as she walked out the back door.Joe was just about finished cleaning and took a shower and walked out into the family room drying his hair and looked out toward the pool. Joe saw his wife and Tony sitting in the shallow end of the pool. Tony had his arm around her as they appeared to be talking and soaking up the sun.Joe walked back into the bathroom and finished drying his hair and walked back out into the family room and took another look to see what they were doing. Diana was sitting on the lounge chair as Tony rubbed lotion on her back and than he saw Tony unhook the bikini top and through it onto the ground as Diana looked startled at first by covering her tits with her hands.Tony picked the bottle of lotion back up and poured some in his hand and reached around and started to rub it on Diana’s tits as he pushed her hands out of the way. He rubbed a large amount of the lotion on her tits and sat the bottle back down and grabbed her by the hips as if to get her to stand up in which she did. Tony than took hold of Diana’s bikini bottom and pulled it down her legs as she took her foot and kicked it away and playfully wiggled her ass in Tony’s face as he gave it a playful slap. Tony began to rub the lotion on her bare ass and when he finished the back, he motioned for her to turn around and he squirted some lotion on her pussy mound and took his hand and rubbed it around moving up to her belly and back down the front of her legs.Diana laid down on the lounge chair with her bare tits facing the sun as Tony finished applying the lotion to her legs. Joe saw Tony as he bent down to kiss his wife before taking off his own bathing suite and sat down next to Diana.Joe figured it was going to be a long hot summer with this guy living right next door and walked out the front door to pick up the Sunday newspaper.Over the next several days, Diana spent many hours at Tony’s house while he was at work helping them decorate and unpack the many boxes that had been stacked around the house.Diana put a lot of effort in getting Tony’s house in shape every day while they were at work and when Joe walked into the house at the end of the week, he noticed that most of the colors were done in her taste much like their own house. She had worked hard every day getting the house in shape and coming home early in the evening and falling asleep from all the work she had been doing.Joe didn’t see any sign of sex going on the entire week as his wife finished decorating Tony’s house. On Friday a man delivered three dozen red roses to the house with a card that read. “Thank you for making my house a home.” And it was signed. “Love Tony.”Later that afternoon a small package arrived for Diana and when she opened it, Joe saw that it was a watch and looked like it had small diamonds around the face. Diana read the card that accompanied the gift but slipped it inside her pants so Joe couldn’t see what Tony had wrote. Joe figured it was another gift for decorating Tony’s house and asked his wife. “Tony bought you a watch to wear?” Diana walked over to her husband and held out her arm for Joe to see it.Joe asked. “What did the card say?” Diana replied. “Oh nothing special, just thanking me for helping with his house.” Of coarse Joe knew that was a bunch of bull but could only imagine what the guy wrote to his wife.Diana said. “Tony wanted to have everything finished for the big party tomorrow night and we got it finished.” Joe knew that his sister-in-law, Lisa spent a couple afternoons helping out when her k**s were in school.Later that evening, Lisa came over to pick up Diana to go out shopping for new dresses to wear for the party on Saturday. As soon as she walked out the door, Joe started to search for the card that came with the watch. After going through a few dresser drawls, Joe finally found the small box under some clothes with the card neatly tucked underneath.Joe picked the card up as his hands started to shake and pulled the card from the envelope and read it. “For the woman I always dreamed about. Love Always Tony.” Joe tucked the card back into the envelope and placed everything back in the drawl like it had been and starred at the dresser a few seconds as his mind drifted off into deep thought about the card.It was Saturday morning and the day for the big house warming party at Tony’s house and Diana had spent most of that morning getting her nails done and coming home to have her husband shave her pussy and legs. Joe had been getting fairly good at shaving his wife’s pussy mound and legs for her and she did something to him for the very first time that morning.Joe got his own pubic hair completely shaved off by his wife that morning including the hair around his thighs. She laughed as she trimmed all the hair off his balls until they were totally smooth and she said. “Little Joey looks more like Mamma’s little boy now, all shaved and clean.”Joe loved the attention she gave him that morning as she finished shaving his body and kissed around his stomach when she was finished. Later in the early afternoon, Joe helped his wife put on her dress, it was black and very tight as he worked the dress over her hips and helped slid each arm through the small straps. Diana had to stretch to fit her full tits into the cups of the dress. The dress was wired to push her tits out and forward which was some sort of cleavage enhancement.Diana had bought new black heels with straps around the ankles and decided not to wear any panties because they would show through the thin material of the dress. She had slipped the new watch onto her wrist and Joe noticed she was still wearing her wedding rings. Joe figured she would problebly remove them later that night when she fucks Tony after the party.Diana walked over to the closet and pulled out a black Tux that she had rented and gave it to Joe and said. “Your going to be the butler tonight. Tony is trying to impress some business people tonight and I told him you would help out.”Joe looked surprised as he listened to his wife but didn’t mind serving drinks tonight for Tony’s guests. Diana walked over to her husband as he slipped on the pants and said. “Oh. One more thing. Tony wants everyone to think you’re only the butler tonight so I don’t want you to tell any of his guests that we are married to me. Do you understand?”Joe shook his head that he understood and figured that Tony’s guests must be very important for him to want to think he had a butler. Joe finally asked his wife. “What are you supposed to be tonight? His maid?” Diana smiled and replied. “Don’t be silly, now finish getting dressed so we can go over and start getting everything ready.”Lisa walked in the front door and Joe took quick notice that she was wearing an identical black dress like her sisters tonight and if they were standing twenty feet away, he wouldn’t be able to tell the two women apart.Both women hurried out the back door and Diana said to Joe. “Come over as soon as you get ready so you can help get everything ready.”Joe followed close behind as he walked through Tony’s back door and saw Lisa kissing David in the kitchen and looked around for his wife. Joe said. “Where’s Diana?” Lisa broke the kiss with David and said. “She’s in the front room getting ready with Tony. Come on over by the sink and I’ll show you where everything is for tonight.”Lisa showed Joe everything they wanted him to do for the evening including carrying a tray around for drinks as Diana walked into the kitchen with Tony by her side. Diana said. “Your going to be Joey our butler tonight so don’t let anyone know that you live next door.” Diana walked over and straightened her husband’s jacket.Diana stood by the sink making sure her husband knew where everything was in the kitchen when Tony walked up behind her and placed his hand on her hip and said. “We better go out in the front room. People will be arriving soon.”Everyone went out to the front room except David and he walked up behind Joe and patted him on the back and said. “You look like a real butler to me.” Joe looked back at David and said. “We’ll see how well I can do. Maybe I can get a job doing this somewhere.” David walked out into the front room chuckling to himself.Joe was getting glasses ready to pass around to the guests along with little snacks Diana had prepared early in the day. Joe couldn’t believe he was doing this as he listened to voices out in the front room and knew that people were starting to arrive.Joe took a tray out with several drinks and walked into the front room. There were about a dozen people and as he looked around he could see that most were black except three other attractive white women who seemed to accompany black men. Joe looked around for his wife and noticed that she was standing next to Tony talking to another couple. Tony had his arm around her waist as they talked and Joe decided to walk over and offer them drinks.Joe stood next to the couples as they reached for drinks on the tray. Diana said. “This is our new butler Joey.” The other couple smiled at him as he started to walk away. Joe stood nearby handing out drinks to another couple as he listened to the conversation going on with his wife and Tony and the other couple.The man said. “So. How did you two meet?” Tony replied. “I met Diana while I was in the service.” The lady with the man asked. “So where did you guys spend your honeymoon?” Tony answered. “Well, actually we haven’t taken one yet. As soon as we get everything settled here will take one.”Joe tried to stay close as he listened to the conversation going on with his wife and Tony and the other couple.The lady than asked. “So are there any plans in the works for having little Tony’s in the near future?” Joe could hear everyone laugh as his wife answered the question. “Actually we are working on that at this very moment.”Joe’s legs started to shake as he listened to his wife’s answer to the women’s question. Joe hoped that they were just putting all of this on for these people and hoped that nothing was really true with what she just said.The man made another remark and said. “You’re a lucky man to find such a beautiful woman like Diana and your brother is just as lucky being engaged to her sister. I’m sure you won’t have any problem filling these bedrooms up with c***dren.”Joe started to walk away once the tray was empty and glanced back at his wife and just happened to see her kissing Tony on the lips in front of the other couple.Joe made several more trips around the room with drinks and snacks as other guests arrived and there must have been at least forty people now and most all were black and half were white women only. Joe laughed to himself and thought this seemed more like an interracial club than it did a bunch of business people.Joe was standing in the kitchen getting more drinks ready when one of the black men walked into the room and introduced himself as Gilbert.Gilbert put his arm on Joe’s shoulder and said. “Tony tells me you’re a dam good butler Joey. Maybe I can hire you for a special occasion sometime.” Joe replied. “Yes, maybe you could.”Gilbert leaned down close to Joe’s face and spoke in a low tone and said. “Come on and tell me. Tell me the truth now. Wouldn’t you like to pork that hot little blonde babe Tony is married too?” Gilbert nudged his arm into Joe’s ribs and said. “I bet you see her naked around here. You can tell me. Have you seen them fuck?”Joe hesitated and replied. “Actually I have seen them making love a few times.” Gilbert laughed and put his arm around Joe and said. “I bet she’s as hot in bed as she looks. I bet you hear her begging for that big black cock of Tony’s.”Gilbert started to leave but returned back for a moment as he leaned close to Joe again and said. “I hope they don’t expect you to watch any k**s. Tony tells me they’re working on starting a family.” Gilbert laughed again and said. “Joey, can you imagine that little white belly swollen up once that big brute Tony knocks her up?”Joe didn’t answer Gilbert as he walked out of the kitchen laughing on his way out. About that time there was a knock on the back door and Joe answered it and it was the catering place ready to deliver the dinner.Joe didn’t have much to do with dinner since the company sent over their own people and everything was served buffet style. Joe started serving more drinks after dinner and watched as the couples all started to gather in the family room. Most of the couples were interracially mixed with the women being white and most of those were blonde.Joe went back into the kitchen to load up more drinks on his tray as the couples grouped together on one end of the family room. When Joe walked back out into the room, one of the black men was speaking to the group and Joe tried to listen to what was being said.Joe tried to stand and listen to what the man was speaking about but the drinks on the tray disappeared within a few seconds and Diana walked up to him and whispered to him and said. “You better go back out into the kitchen and get some more drinks on here.”Diana gave him a push as he started to walk back out into the kitchen and at the same time trying to hear what was being said in the meeting. Joe almost thought he could hear the man say the word cuckold but just brushed it off and went back into the kitchen and started to pour more drinks.Joe was just about ready to bring the tray back out when Gilbert walked back into the kitchen and said. “You’re doing a fine here tonight. Why don’t I show you a few tricks on how to make a few other drinks?”Gilbert walked over along side Joe and seemed to be trying to block him from going back into the family room for some reason. Gilbert spent the next twenty minutes showing Joe how to make an assortment of drinks until Diana walked into the kitchen and said. “Joey, we need those drinks out here now.”Gilbert taped him on the shoulder and said. “I’ll show how to mix a few others later tonight.” Joe walked back out into the room and the man had quit speaking and the people were now standing around in groups looking at him as he walked around the room with the tray in his hand.Joe made his way around the room and a blonde woman who looked about nine months pregnant reached for a drink on the tray and said. “Thank you young man.” She than stood back next to a tall black man who must have been her husband because he put his arm around her waist as Joe was walking away.Joe walked around the room passing out the rest of his drinks looking for his wife and Lisa but couldn’t see either one of them. Joe did see Tony and David standing in the corner talking to another black man as he made his way back to the kitchen.Joe saw someone out of the corner of his eye that he didn’t notice here tonight. It was a white guy dressed in a tux very similar to the one he was wearing. Joe walked over to the man and introduced himself and the man said. “I’m Felix, nice to meet you.”Joe said. “Why don’t you come with me out in the kitchen so we can talk?” Felix replied. “I don’t know if they want me to leave the room.” Joe replied. “Are you here with someone? Your wife maybe?”Felix replied. “Yes. My wife is right over there.” Joe looked over to where Felix was pointing and noticed he pointed at the pregnant blonde woman that had thanked him for the drink.Joe turned back to Felix and said. “You mean your wife is the pregnant blonde women standing by that black man?” Felix replied. “Yes, that’s my wife and her other husband.” Joe said. “I don’t understand.” Felix replied back. “My wife and her other husband are expecting a baby soon.” Joe was absolutely stunned as he listened to Felix talk about his wife.Joe stood there for a moment and than asked the question. “Who are all of these people and what are you talking about?” Felix replied. “These people all belong to an interracial cuckolding club and there all hear to welcome your wife and her sister to there club tonight.”Joe almost lost his balance as his legs got weak as he listened to Felix. Felix went on to say. “This is your initiation tonight by serving the group as their butler. Your wife is in one of the bedrooms right now learning new ways to train you into service.” Joe said. “Can you tell me more? Like why, is your wife pregnant with a black man’s baby?”Felix looked around to see if his wife was watching and continued to say. “All the women in the club will have a baby by their black lover. It’s a rule that all club members have to follow.”Joe looked at Felix and said. “This all sounds weird to me. Why did you let her become pregnant by this man.” Felix replied. “It’s a long story but it just started out with me willingly being a cuckold to my wife until she hooked up with her other husband and this group.”Joe asked. “Why do you call him her other husband?” Felix said. “Because they have a real wedding ceremony with a contract and everything in this club and they make the husbands sign the contract that they are giving up all rights to their wives to their new black husbands.”Joe was getting ready to ask Felix another question when his wife walked up to him and said. “Felix, I want you to go and sit in that corner until I need you tonight.” Felix’s wife looked at Joe and said. “I’m really sorry if he bothered you. He can tell some big whoppers sometimes.”Joe watched as the woman walked back to the black man that was with her and kissed him on the lips as the man rubbed his hand on her swollen belly.Joe walked over to the bedroom door and reached for the handle when Gilbert caught him and said. “I think some of the women are having a private party of their own and you better not go in right now.” Joe smiled and said. “I think I’ll go and get some more drinks in the kitchen.” Gilbert replied. “That’s being a good boy.”Joe got back out in the kitchen and sat the tray down on the sink and walked out the back door and around the house until he was standing outside the bedroom window where the women were. Most of the curtains were shut but there was a small opening where Joe could look inside the room and see what was going on.Joe had to bend down to get a look inside the room and when he did he saw several of the women standing in a corner of the room. They were starring at something going on the bed and when Joe leaned down further he could see what it was they were starring at.A blonde women and a large black man were sitting on the bed and they seemed to be the people that were talking to the women. Next to the woman was a white guy dressed in a tux just like the one Joe and Felix were wearing.The woman was talking because Joe could see her mouth moving and using jesters with her hands. The woman moved her arm around and motioned for the guy in the tux to come closer. She was looking at him and he was shaking his head up and down as the woman spoke.Joe saw the guy in the tux reach down and cupped one of the women’s tits in his hand and seemed like he was holding it up as an offering for the group to see. The large black man moved around to the side so all the women could see and started to lick and kiss the lady’s tit. Than the man lowered her tit and did the same to her other tit as the black man repeated what he did the first time.Joe managed to crack open the window and he could hear the woman as she spoke to the lady’s in the group. Joe listened as she talked to the group. “I’ve trained my husband to obey me and my black husband and if I give him a simple chore like holding my tits out for Rodney here to suck than he better obey us.” Joe listened as the woman continued to talk. “Rodney and I are trying to conceive a c***d and my husband has been a great little helper in making sure Rodney’s tiny little seed mingles with my eggs.”The women all laughed when they herd her talk about her eggs. The woman said. ” Let me tell you one fact that you should know. These big black men are capable of planting a fairly big black baby in your trim white tummy’s. Your all going to have to experience labor with one of those babies and we will see if you laugh then.”Joe listened to see what was going to happen next. The woman said. “Diana, you have a question for me?” Joe was stunned when his wife’s name was called about a question. Diana said. “You mentioned that your husband has been a good little helper in helping you get pregnant by Rodney. Can you give us a few pointers on how we should have them help?”The woman replied. “Diana, your brand new to our group and I want to welcome you and Tony, your new husband to our group and wish my luck. Before I go any further, can you tell me the date for your wedding?” Diana replied. “Tony wanted to set the date after our first meeting tonight but I think it will be real soon.”Joe listened as the woman replied to his wife. “I think you’ll make a wonderful couple and have many c***dren with him. Now let me remind you about one thing. You never refer to your cuckold as your husband. He is your cuckold period! Diana. You’re going to refer Tony as your husband from now on and even in front of your cuckold from now on. Do you understand me so far?”Diana responded. “Yes I understand.” The woman replied. “Good. Now your cuckold Joey will have many things to learn but he must always obey you and your new husband. Do I make myself clear so far?”Diana replied. “Yes. I understand.” The woman continued. “I have my cuckold do many things to help me get pregnant. One thing he does is to hold my legs up high in the air after Rodney shoots his load inside me. Than I might have him use a dildo and slowly push it in and out of my pussy forcing Rodney’s seed further toward my cervix. Use your imagination and have him do different things for your pleasure. Remember to always include your new husband Tony on these games.”Diana said. “My husband is still learning to be a cuckold and he isn’t aware of our club yet. Should I tell him about everything or should I take one step at a time like your book explains?”At least Joe knew who the woman on the bed was now as he listened to her reply to his wife. The woman said. “Take things slowly. You don’t want to put the poor man into shock. After all, he’s the one that wanted to become a good cuckold husband and if you feel you have to please him to make him happy than you might as well be having some pleasure from it as well.”The woman continued. “You do enjoy sex with your new husband Tony?” Diana replied. “Yes. I’ve had the best sex of my life with him and don’t want it to stop.” The woman replied. “Good. Than follow my instructions in my book and both of you will get the pleasures that both of you want. Don’t let him tell you he’s had enough. He wants you to cuckold him. Your only giving him what he wants from you and that’s pleasure for him. So go and enjoy yourself with your new husband and don’t feel guilty doing it.”The woman than said. “Diana. Your going to be a stronger woman, a good wife to your new husband and your cuckold is going to love you even more. Once he see’s your belly growing with Tony’s c***d inside, he’ll know what his place in life is from now on.”Joe watched as the woman motioned for her cuckold to come closer. Joe watched as she tilted her head up and kissed him on the lips and said. “You see. I still love him, its just that he has another purpose in my life now and that’s to serve me and my husband.”The woman than said. “Diana. I hope your sister decides to join us soon. David would make a good husband for her in the future. A big strong black man like himself and the brother of your man Tony, lets hope she makes a wise choice soon.”Joe listened as the woman continued to speak. She said. ” I hope I’ve been helpful to you this evening and wish all of you the best of luck with your cuckolds and your husbands. I’ll be mingling around here tonight like those little seeds if you need to speak to me tonight.”Joe shut the window and walked back to the kitchen in denial of what had just taken place in that bedroom. Diana couldn’t be involved with a group like this. She wouldn’t do this without asking me my opinion first would she?Joe thought to himself. Diana is willing to have a black c***d with Tony just to prove that I’m a cuckold husband. Joe was confused as he stood in the kitchen and tried to remember everything that went on in that bedroom a few minutes ago.Joe walked over to the sink and started to make a few more drinks and thought to himself that everyone out in that room knew that he was Diana’s cuckold and that I was being trained right now.Joe felt humiliated as he finished making the drinks when Gilbert walked in the room and said. “Where have you been? Everyone has been looking for something to drink and we couldn’t find you.”Joe replied. “I was not feeling that well and was in the bathroom for a few minutes.” Gilbert taped him on the shoulder and said. “I hope you feel better, I’ll mix up some more drinks while you take those out to the people.”Joe looked back at Gilbert and said. “Thanks Gilbert.” And started to walk out into the room and turned back and said. “I found out why I’m here tonight and what the party is all about.”Gilbert walked over to Joe and put his arm around his shoulder and said, “I can understand how you feel but sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. Your wife just wants to fulfill her fantasies as much as you want to fulfill yours.”Gilbert continued. “We have a party going on here and people need something to drink so we better get back to what we were doing.”Joe walked back out into the room full of people and started to pass around the drinks. Joe noticed Diana and Tony standing near the hallway holding hands and talking to that woman that was on the bed. Joe didn’t want to go near them but Tony saw him and said. “Joey. Come here for a minute.”Joe walked toward them with the tray in his hands and stopped in front of them as Diana said. “Joey. I want you to meet a friend of mine named Leslie. Leslie. I want you to meet my cuckold Joey.” Joe noticed that his wife was already referring him to everyone as her cuckold.Leslie extended her hand out and said. “It’s a real pleasure to meet you tonight. Your wife has told me all about you this evening. I think I’ve given her plenty of pointers that well help make you both much happier in the future.”Leslie than said. “I want the three of you to follow me into the bedroom so we can talk in private.” Tony held the bedroom door open for everyone as they all stepped inside the room.Leslie went on to say. “You’re a very lucky man to have someone as nice as Tony to take care of all Diana’s needs in life. You’ll soon learn to serve them well with your new roll in her life. I explained to Diana that your purpose in her life now will only be to love her and give her the support she needs and she will always love you back.”Joe listened as she continued to speak. “Joey. You may not experience the sexual pleasure that you once had with your wife. You won’t ever feel the warmth of her pussy as it tightens around your little cock. She has Tony here now to take care of all of those kinds of needs. You will serve a better purpose in her life by pampering her and making her feel like the beautiful woman your wife is.”Leslie went on saying. “You will serve them both as an obedient cuckold and you will obey them both as their servant in life. You will soon find out that you’re a much happier man knowing that you have made the ultimate sacrifice and that sacrifice is your love and devotion to Diana and her happiness. Now you go and enjoy the rest of the evening and I’ll look forward to seeing you all again at your wedding.”They all walked out of the bedroom together and Tony put his arms around Diana and gave her an open mouth kiss as everyone in the room looked on. Leslie smiled at the couple and whispered to Joe and said. “I’m going to call attention to everyone and I want you to make an announcement of the engagement of your wife and Tony to the people.”Joe stood there with his legs shaking as Leslie shouted out. “May I have everyone’s attention here tonight? Diana’s cuckold has a very special announcement he would like to make on behalf of his wife and her boyfriend Tony.”Leslie gave Joe a little nudge and Joe swallowed hard and almost choked but finally said. “I would like to make the announcement of the wedding between my wife Diana and her boyfriend Tony.” Joe stood there while everyone clapped and starred at the couple as Tony gave Diana a passionate open mouth kiss.Tony stood forward and said. “I might as well do this right.” Tony took hold of Diana’s left hand and slipped her wedding rings off her finger and handed them to Joe as everyone looked on. Tony than dropped down on one knee and reached in his suite pocket and pulled out a ring from inside of the pocket and held it in his hand.Joe watched in horror as Tony said. “Diana. Will you be my wife?” Diana smiled down at him and said. “Yes. I’ll be happy to marry you.” Joe watched as Tony slipped on a large engagement ring onto his wife’s finger and everyone in the room cheered as Tony got up off his knee and gave Diana another open mouth kiss.Joe stood there holding his wife’s wedding rings in his hand as Tony continued to kiss his wife. Leslie tapped Joe on the shoulder and said. “You did very well tonight and as you can see, you have made your wife a very happy woman tonight.”Later that evening when everyone had gone home, Joe was cleaning up the kitchen when Diana walked into the kitchen and said. “If you’re too tired to finish this now, you can do everything in the morning.”Joe looked over at his wife who was now wearing the engagement ring that Tony had given her tonight and said. “I think I’ll go ahead and finish washing these dishes tonight and I won’t have to do them in the morning.”Joe stood there waiting for his wife to leave the room with tears starting to form in his eye’s when she walked closer and put her arms around him and gave him a hug and said. “You’re going to have to learn to accept the fact that Tony is going to be a part of my life from now on and yours too.”Joe held back the tears as he looked into Diana’s eye’s and reached in his pocket and retrieved her rings and said. “I gave these to you on our wedding day and thought you’d always wear them.”Diana took the rings out of Joe’s hand and starred at them for a moment and slipped them on her right hand instead of her left hand and said. “I’ll always wear them for both of us.” Diana than gave her husband a passionate kiss as she hugged him again and stood back and said. ” I’ll let you finish the dishes, I better get back to the bedroom before Tony starts wondering where I’m at and comes out here looking for me.”Joe looked at his wife and said. “You mean your going to be spending the night here again?” Diana replied. “Joey. I’m going to be slipping here at this house with Tony from now on. I may sleep at our house in the future if Tony gives me permission or he may want you to join us on special occasions to perform some special services.”Diana took her husbands face and held it in her hands and said. “Do you remember what Leslie said about both of us being happy?” Joe nodded his head as Diana continued. “Remember how she said that you would soon learn what your new purpose in my life would be from now on?”Joe nodded his head again as Diana said. “Your always going to be my cuckold and it won’t take you long before you will learn how to please me and make me happy.” Joe placed his hands on his wife’s hands as she brought them down to her side and said. ” I want you to be as happy with Tony as I’m being your cuckold.”Joe placed his hands on his wife’s waist and she pulled them away and said. “You’re going to have to stop touching me without Tony’s permission from now on. If he were to come out here and catch us than he might want to punish you in some manor. Do you understand what I said?”Joe looked very sad as he nodded his head in agreement and Diana said. “Goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning.”Joe stood in the kitchen as he cleaned the dishes trying to figure out everything that had taken place that evening. He had almost finished and was getting ready to turn out the light when Tony stood in the doorway naked with his rock hard cock sticking straight out at him.Tony said. “Joey. I want you to follow me into the bedroom. I have something I want you to do for me tonight.”Joe followed him into the bedroom and saw Diana standing naked next to the bed. Tony walked over to the dresser and picked up a camera and handed it to Joe and said. “I want you to take a few pictures of us tonight. I want something to remember the night that I proposed to my wife.”Joe took the camera as Tony walked over and grabbed Diana around the waist and pulled her close making her squeal from the sudden move Tony made. Tony put his hands on Diana’s ass and said. “Joey. When I start kissing Diana, I want you to snap a couple of pictures. Make sure you get a good clear picture.”Joe waited for Tony to kiss his wife and snapped a picture. Tony kept kissing her as he moved his hands around front to cup Diana’s tits and moaned through the kiss that he wanted Joe to snap another picture.Joe watched as Tony picked Diana up into his arms and held her up and said. “Go ahead and snap a picture of us in this pose.” Joe snapped the picture and waited for his next direction.Tony placed Diana back on the floor and got down on one knee just like he did when he proposed at the party and took a hold of Diana’s left hand and said. “I want you to snap one of me proposing marriage to Diana.” Joe waited for Tony to give him, the thumbs up and snapped another picture.Tony stood back up and said. “I have a great idea.” Joe watched as Tony went into the closet and brought out a tripod for the camera and took the camera away from Joe and set it up with an automatic remote button.Tony went back and stood by Diana and kissed her on the lips and looked over at Joe and said. “Joey. I want you to be in these pictures too.” Joe walked over to the couple and waited for Tony to give him new instructions.Joe was surprised when Tony pushed him next to Diana and said. “I want you to put one arm around Diana and than extend your other hand out with the palm of your hand facing up and face me. I want the picture to look as if your offering me to take Diana as my wife.”Joe put his hand around his wife and did what Tony wanted. Tony walked over and made an adjustment to Joe’s other hand and stood bursa escort bayan next to them and said. “It looks perfect. Hold it while I take the picture.”Joe waited again as Tony moved around and pulled Joe’s hand off Diana and said. “You’re only allowed to touch Diana when I give you permission from now on.” Tony than stood next to her and said. “Joey. I want you to get down on your knee’s in front of us with your back facing the camera and I want you to be looking up at us when I take the picture.”Joe got down on his knee’s and faced them as Tony put his arms around Diana and looked down at Joe to make sure he was in the right position and said. “I want you to be looking straight up at our faces when I snap the picture.” Joe waited as Tony put his lips on hers and gave her an open mouth kiss but held his tongue extended out and half way inside Diana’s mouth and clicked the picture.Once the picture snapped, Tony continued to kiss Diana as Joe watched from the floor and when they stopped Tony said. “I have a couple more shots I want to take with you in them and we’ll be finished.” Tony than said. “Diana. I want you to knee on the floor for me and face the camera. Joe. I want you to come and stand next to Diana for me.” Joe got up off the floor and walked over next to his wife.Tony said. “I want you to bend over on the side of Diana and put your arms around in front of her and reach down and place the palms of your hands under her tits and hold them up and out for me as an offering.” Joe moved into position as Tony instructed and gently lifted Diana’s tits up in his hands and waited for Tony’s next instructions.Tony got down on his knee’s on the other side of Diana and moved forward until his face was right in front of Diana’s tits. Joe saw Tony extend his tongue out as far as he could until it was touching one of her nipples and clicked the picture. Joe watched as Tony stretched up and gave Diana another kiss while Joe still held his wife’s tits.Tony stood up as Joe let go of Diana’s tits and waited for Tony to give new instructions. Tony said. “Diana. I want you to stay kneeing down and take hold of my cock with your left hand.” Joe watched as Tony moved next to Diana so she could grab his cock with her left hand watched as she playfully gave the big head a gentle kiss.Tony said. “Joe. I just want you to stand up behind Diana and I want you to be starring down at my cock when I take the picture.” Joe stood where Tony had asked him to and waited until the picture was taken.Tony pulled Diana up to her feet and looked over at Joe and said. “Joey. You did a really good job tonight and want to thank you.” Tony had the palm of his hand down stroking Diana’s bare pussy and Tony had taken notice of Joe starring down and said. “You also did a very good job shaving my future wife’s pussy for me. As a reward, you can get down on your knees and smell her pussy before you have to leave.”Joe got down on his knee’s and moved forward so he could smell Diana’s sweat pussy as Tony kept moving his hand around in front of him.Tony said. “Joey. Its getting late and we want to get some sleep tonight. We’ll have something special for you to do tomorrow so you better get some sleep.” Joe stood up and watched as Tony kissed Diana again and moved her over to the bed and gently helped her lay down. Tony walked to the other side of the bed and put his arm around her and looked over at Joe and said. “Take the digital camera back to your house and print those pictures out on your computer for us. Oh. Turn the light out on your way out.”Joe grabbed the camera and turned out the light and walked back to his house which was dark and very quiet. Joe still couldn’t comprehend everything that went on today and was still in shock. He was now the ultimate cuckold as he wondered what special thing Tony would want him to do tomorrow.Joe woke up late the next morning and looked at the other side of the bed and saw that it was empty. He was hoping that everything that had taken place the day before might have been a bad dream and his beautiful wife Diana would be sleeping next to him as always.Joe lifted himself up out of bed and took a fast shower and made coffee for himself. Joe starred at the kitchen cabinet that contained Diana’s birth control pills and reached over and opened the door to find them. Joe found the packet in the same place he had put it a few weeks before and slid open the packet and saw that only three pills were missing.Joe tossed the packet of pills in the waste basket and figured she would never miss them. Joe knew that she was forgetful at times when it came to things like that but she must have been falling in love with Tony for sometime now and had all this planned.Joe was hoping that everything would go back to normal someday soon, although he did enjoy being Diana’s cuckold, this was a little more than he had bargained for. He walked back into the bedroom and looked at the tux sitting on the chair and picked it up. There was a funny looking tag on the inside that Joe didn’t notice when he first put it on. It read. “Property of American Interracial Cuckold Club” and sat it back down on the chair.Joe picked the camera up off the dresser and took it into the family room and sat down at the computer and started to unload the pictures they took last night. Joe looked at the screen and saw the images of his wife in Tony’s arms and the ones of himself making hand jesters to Tony concerning Diana.Joe hit the button to print the images as Tony wanted to see them today. Joe started to get up from the computer when Tony walked inside the back door and said. “Joey. I was looking for you this morning. I see your printing our pictures out and I can’t wait to see them.”Tony said. “We’re going to have a big job for you today and tonight we’re going to have a special guest that’s coming over to explain a few things to you. Diana is back at our house and she wants to see you right away.”Joe followed Tony back to his house while he let the computer print the images. When Joe entered the house, he noticed Lisa and David was sitting in the dinning room talking and waiting for Diana.Diana walked out of Tony’s bedroom wearing a very short skimpy red nightie that Joe didn’t recognize and figured it must be something new Tony had bought her. Diana walked over to Joe and greeted him by giving him a hug and kissed him on the cheekJoe noticed she had just showered and was wearing her favorite perfume and also took note that she was still wearing their wedding rings on her right hand and Tony’s engagement ring was still on her left hand.She didn’t look tired this time as Joe thought that they must have actually gone to sleep when he went home last night or maybe they just had a quickie. Joe finally said to Diana. “Tony told me that you wanted to see me about some kind of job that you had for me.” Diana replied. “Yes. I’ll be moving all of my things over here in our bedroom and want you to bring things from my old room today.”Joe swallowed hard before he was able to answer his wife and said. “When would you like to start moving things over here?” Diana replied. “You can start with all of my clothes that are on hangers and I’ll meet you here in our bedroom.”Joe returned to their house and took as many dresses as he could and carried them back to Tony’s house. Diana was waiting in the master bedroom and pointed for Joe to lay them on the bed. Diana said. “Come here and look at the big walk-in closet I have here.”Joe walked inside the closet next to his wife who still had on the tiny little red nightie and said. “It looks like Tony gave you the largest closet.”Diana said. “Yes. Tony had this custom made for me and my clothes. Do you see all the drawls I have in here and the places I have for my shoes?” Joe looked around and said. “Yes. Tony thought of everything didn’t he?”Joe spent the next several hours taking things over to Tony’s house as Diana neatly put everything in place. Joe was leaving the bedroom to get another load when Tony walked into the room and said. Joey. “We want you to be here at the house tonight at eight sharp and don’t be late.” Joe replied. “Should I wear anything special for the evening?” Tony said. “I don’t think that’s important so just come over with whatever you have on at the time.”Tony walked into the closet and Joe could hear Diana talking to Tony. “Cuckold Joey is just about done bringing my clothes over here.” Joe could hear Tony reply. “Let me know when you’re done and we’ll do some skinny dipping in the pool.” Joe could hear them kissing as he walked back out of the room and back to his house to retrieve more clothes.Joe passed by the pool and saw Lisa and David getting into the water and had wondered where they had been for the past few hours. They looked like they had just finished having sex and must have been in David’s room the past few hours screwing.Joe was working on the last couple of drawls when he saw the box and card that the watch Tony had delivered to the house a couple days ago. Joe thought to himself that it seemed like decades ago since he read that card and seemed so elementary compared to everything else that conspired over the last twenty-four hours.Joe picked the box and card up and placed them on the pile of clothes he had ready to take across the yard and noticed the key for his cock cage in the drawl. Joe took the key and put it away and planned on getting a copy made later that day before Diana found out.Joe got a plastic storage box out of the basement and started to put all the perfumes and toiletries in it that was sitting on the dresser than went into the bathroom to clean out those cabinets as well. He than placed the remainder of her clothes on top of the container and took it over to Tony’s place.Diana and Tony were waiting there naked on the bed and Diana said. “Go ahead and put the rest of my things on the closet floor and you can leave. Don’t forget to be here at eight tonight.”Joe placed the container on the floor and started to walk out when Tony said. “Cuckold. Hand me that bottle of suntan lotion on the dresser. I have to butter her up a little before we hit the sun.”Joe hesitated before handing Tony the bottle and wondered why he called him that when he had never done so in the past. As Joe was leaving the room, he glanced back and saw Tony squirting some lotion on Diana’s bare ass and began to rub his hand around on her ass.Joe walked past the pool and saw David and Lisa still swimming and hurried back into the bedroom to get the key. Joe didn’t waste anytime taking the key down to the hardware store to get a copy made of the key.Later that night Joe was getting ready to be at Tony’s house when Diana came over and started to look around the room. Joe asked her. “Are you looking for something I might have missed bringing over to your house today?” Diana replied. “I’m looking for the key to your cock cage. Have you seen it?”Joe didn’t waste anytime going to the drawl and retrieving the key for Diana and said. “I had dropped it on the floor when I was taking your clothes over today and was going to give it to you when I came over tonight.” Joe handed her the key and she clutched it in her hand with a relieved look on her face.Diana looked inside her old closet and glanced around the room and said. “Everything looks different over here now that my things are gone.” She walked over to Joe and put her hands on his shoulders and said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Tony will give me permission to come over and play with you in the future.”Diana put her hand on Joe’s crotch and rubbed her hand over the budge where is confined cock was at and said. “I’ll have to find out when Tony wants me to milk you again. He may want me to wait until we get settled before I spend time with you here.”Joe was looking at Diana’s low cut top and starred down at her cleavage as she stroked his cock and said. “You look so sexy in that top that your wearing and I love the way it shows off your breasts.” Diana replied. “Tony loves to see me wear revealing clothes when he’s around and gets his thrills by letting other men see what they can’t have themselves.”Joe reached his hands out for Diana to take his and she did by taking a hold of his hands in hers and smiled at him and said. “I remember how your eye’s twinkled when you saw Tony making love to me on that first night. I was reluctant at the beginning to have another man touch my body like he did that first night. I had always been brought up to respect my husband. But when I saw how turned on you were when Tony was deep inside of me that night, it changed my thinking forever.”Diana went on to say. “ When Tony filled my pussy with his potent sperm that night for the very first time, you went insane with excitement at the thought of me becoming pregnant with a black mans babies. I knew from that moment on that you would always want more from me and with the love I have for you, I found a way I could give you that pleasure and excitement and bring it to twenty-four hours a day.”Joe listened as his wife continued to say. “I developed a loving and trusting relationship with Tony, I think from the very beginning and after many nights of discussing your needs and my developing love for him, we decided to explore other possibilities that we could do to satisfy all of our sexual needs and still stay together. That’s when we found out about this group.”Diana continued. “It was the perfect group that could help all of us practice on a full time basis what your original request had been to me. That was to cuckold you with another man. This group happens to deal with only interracial couples that have an interest in cuckolding a white husband.”Diana kept holding Joe’s hands as she continued to say. “The group does have its rules and requirements that Tony and I had discussed and tonight we will talk about those things with you and share our plans for all of us in the future. Now, I have to get back and get ready for tonight.” Diana shocked Joe by giving him a passionate open mouth kiss before walking out of the room and going back to Tony.It was eight and Joe knocked on the bad door of Tony’s house and waited for someone to answer the front door. Several minutes went by before Tony opened the door and said. “Sorry I couldn’t get the door, we were in the shower together and I had to dry off before coming out here.”Tony said. “Come on in and wait in the front room until Diana gets dressed and we will be right out.” Joe went in the front room and waited several minutes until Diana and Tony walked out of the bedroom. Both of them were only wearing a robe and Joe was starting to wonder why they didn’t get dressed when the door bell rang.Tony and Diana both went to the door and when it opened, he saw that it was that lady name Leslie that he met at the party the night before. They walked over to where Joe was sitting and Leslie held out her hand to Joe and said. “It’s very nice to see you again, now we have many things to cover tonight so lets go into the bedroom and get started.”Leslie had a brief case with her and placed it on the dresser and opened the latch and looked over at Diana and Tony and said. “Hurry up and get undressed and get on the bed and get cozy.” Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “I want you to get undressed too because this involves you too.”Leslie looked over at Joe again and said. “Will you go out into the kitchen and get me a chair I can sit on while I talk to this lovely couple?” Joe returned with a chair and placed it by the side of the bed and waited to see if Leslie needed anything else.Leslie said. “I want Diana and Tony to lie up by the headboard and Joe. I want you to sit down by their feet.” Everyone got into the position that Leslie had asked them to do as she opened a note book and sat in the chair and said. “Joe. Diana told me that she explained to you why she joined this group and why she has decided to move here in this house with her fiancee.” Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “Tell me if I’m correct so Far?” Joe replied. “Yes. That’s correct.”Leslie continued as she looked at Joe and said. “Diana has only one desire for you now and that’s to make you a very happy cuckold. Although she still has love for you and always will, she has fallen in love with her lover. This is the man that you wanted her to fuck. The man that you gave all your encouragement to do to your wife as he so pleases. Tell me if I’m right so far?” Joe replied. “Yes. That’s true.”Leslie replied. “Good. Now we all know how we got to this point in time and why we are all sitting in this room together discussing what is going to happen next.”Joe looked on as Leslie pulled out some papers from her brief case and continued to speak. “Joe. I’m going to cover some of the rules that we all have to follow to belong to our club. First. Your new name from this very moment with be the cuckold and if you’re with a group of other cuckolds than you will be called cuckold Joe.”Leslie continued saying. “You will only address Diana as simply Mistress from now on. And you will only address Tony as Master.” Leslie pointed at each person and said what there names would be from now on. Leslie said. “These are the names that only you will refer everyone as from now on and they will call you, cuckold. Now they will still refer themselves as Tony and Diana or any other nick name they may have for one another.”Joe sat listening as Leslie said. “Cuckold. Your only purpose in there lives from now on will be to completely serve them in any way they see fit including their sexual entertainment. Because of your desire to be cuckolded, your mistress and your master will be given a complete guide on things they can do with you to enhance your enjoyment.”Leslie turned her attention to Tony and Diana and said. “Have you set the date for the wedding ceremony yet?” Diana responded and said. “We want to have it exactly one month from today. We decided to have the wedding outside by our pool.”Leslie replied. “That’s a wonderful time and place to have a wedding and I look forward to witnessing the ceremony myself. Diana. I want to remind you that from now on you must refer Joe here by his new name and the same goes for you Tony and I want you both to practice and give the cuckold an order.” Leslie looked at Joe and said. “I want you to remember to address them both the names that I told you. Now. Everyone should go ahead and give it a try.”Joe sat on the bed and waited for someone to say something when Tony said. “Cuckold. Get up and show me your pathetic little cock.” Joe replied. “Yes. Master.” Joe stood up along the bed and held his cock so Tony could look at it and waited to see what was going to happen next.Tony said. “Cuckold. I want you to tell your Mistress in your own words why she should marry me next month and why you no longer deserve to make love to her any longer.”Joe stood in front of Diana and hesitated before he said. Mistress. “I think you should marry my Master next month because he is in love with you and has a very large black cock that can give you all the sexual pleasure that my tiny cock could never give you.”Joe looked over at Tony as he said. “Keep going.” Joe continued. “Mistress. I don’t feel I deserve to touch your beautiful white pussy any longer with my tiny cock. My Master’s cock is much larger in length and in thickness and I feel that he should be the one to enjoy the pleasure of your body.”Leslie started to clap her hands and said. “Diana. It’s your turn to give it a try and don’t be shy.”. Joe waited for his wife to say something and stood in front of her as she gave it some thought.Diana got out of the bed and stood next to her husband and said. “Cuckold. I want you to get down on your knees and look up at me.” Diana waited for Joe to get on his knees and said. “Cuckold. I want you to touch my pussy with the end of your nose and wait until I tell you what to do next.”Joe did what she had told him and placed his nose against her pussy mound and waited to hear what she wanted him to do next. Diana said. “Cuckold. Do you feel my soft white pussy touching your nose?” Joe replied. “Yes. Mistress.” Diana replied. “Tell me who should fuck this pussy and why?”Joe replied. “Master Tony should fuck this pussy because he loves you and your in love with him and because his cock is very huge and it is capable of giving you all the pleasure you need from a man.”Diana asked another question and said. “Cuckold. What other thing can your Master do with his cock that you can’t do and will never have the opportunity to do?”Joe kept his nose against Diana’s pussy mound as he thought about an answer he could give her and choked up as he said. “Master can use his huge cock to pump his seed inside your tummy so you can get pregnant with his black baby.”Diana than said. “Cuckold. I want you to move your nose away from my pussy and look up at me.” Joe moved his nose away and looked up at his wife and waited. Diana said. “Do you want me to get pregnant with your Master’s baby?” Joe replied. “Yes. Mistress.”Leslie clapped her hands again as she said. “You’ve down a wonderful job humiliating your cuckold and I think you will do very well from now on.” Leslie looked down at Joe who was still kneeing on the floor and said. “Cuckold. Its always the ultimate pleasure for a servant to see his mistresses belly swell up with the c***d of his Master.”Leslie continued to say. “Cuckold. If you remember back to the first time, you saw these two beautiful people making love and how excited it made you feel and you always had that secret desire to see your wife knocked up by this fabulous black stallion. And now your going to see all of your wishes fulfilled and not every man can experience the pleasures that you will experience.”Leslie than said. “Later tonight you will get the opportunity to watch them screw again and you will be asked to encourage them as we stand here and watch them mate. But, right now we have many more things I want to cover before we get onto the pleasure part of it tonight.”Leslie motioned for Diana to get back on the bed next to Tony and told Joe to get another chair from the kitchen and when he returned he found Leslie was also naked sitting in the other chair.Joe waited until Leslie continued her speech. “I wanted to bring my own cuckold and husband here tonight but I didn’t feel it was necessary with the three of you here tonight.”Leslie seemed to be starring at something on Diana and Joe finally found out what it was when she asked Diana. “I noticed you are wearing an engagement ring and a wedding band on your right hand.” Diana replied. “Yes. Those are my rings from my marriage with the cuckold that I’m wearing on that hand”Leslie shook her finger at her and said. “That’s not acceptable in our club to wear any symbolic semble from your marriage with your cuckold. You will belong to your new husband now and it shows a complete disrespect of his love for you. You must remove those rings from your finger at this very moment and give them to your cuckold right now.”Joe watched as Diana carefully removed the rings from her finger and hesitated a second before she held out her hand for Joe to take the rings.Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “You can keep those rings in a safe place for now but let me make a suggestion to your Master.” Leslie turned her head and said. “Tony. You may want to have these melted down in the future and use them as studs that you could put on your cuckold.” Leslie continued saying. “ For insistence, several couple in our group had studs made from their rings that they had pierced along the length of their cuckolds cocks.”Tony just shook his head in agreement as Leslie opened her book and turned toward Joe and said. “Cuckold. I have many things I need to cover tonight as to following our rules in the club. I have a complete guide and give copies to the three of you tonight to keep for further reference and I will go over the most important rules here tonight.”Leslie said. “Cuckold. You will use polite manors whenever you are around your Mistress and your Master. You must knock on the door before entering their house and if their bedroom door is closed, you are never allowed to disturb them by knocking on that door or by trying to look inside that room. They will decide if you should join them for their entertainment o for many other reasons they may want you in that room.”Leslie’s pointed her finger at Joe and said. “Never enter this bedroom without their permission for any circumstances from this time on.” Leslie kept looking at Joe and said. “You must understand that when a husband and wife are being intimate with each other that they should not ever be disturbed.”Leslie continued lecturing to Joe saying. “When you are finally invited into this room, you will never be allowed to speak unless they give you permission. For example, they may want to hear encouragement from you concerning their love making or may want to hear your positive comments on the way you enjoyed their performance for you. If your inside this room than they have made a decision to include you in whatever it maybe and they expect to hear those things from you.”Leslie than said. “Do not make any sounds while you’re in here because its very distracting to a loving couple who are trying to be intimate and they will ask you to leave if you let it become a problem.”Leslie smiled at Joe and said. “Of coarse you must know that your never allowed to touch your Mistress until you are asked and even if she does give it, you must first ask your Master’s permission if its alright. An example would be if your Mistress asks you to lick her pussy for her than you must ask Master Tony for permission before you precede any further.”Leslie went on and said. “Your Mistress will be married to Master Tony now and it would show total disrespect to him if you didn’t get his permission first.”Leslie took a hold of Joe’s arm and leaned over and spoke very low and said. “Relax. Everything you have experienced these past twenty-four hours has been shocking and I understand what your mind is thinking right now but remember that what your going to experience will be the ultimate pleasure far any man that wishes to be a cuckold.”Leslie than gave out copies of the hand book to everyone and said. “Each one of you should take the time to read over this book very carefully. There is a very thin line we are dealing with here and I want to explain to all of you what that thin line is all about.”Leslie paused for a few seconds and continued her lecture and said. “We must all agree here that what we have been discussing in this room tonight may sound very cruel to some of those that don’t understand the needs of a cuckold and the needs of others that are involved here. We must all agree here that everything we will discuss here tonight will bring some sort of pleasure to each and everyone of you in its own way.”Leslie continued. “Let me give you a few examples, if Master Tony gives an order for cuckold to like his Mistresses pussy, than it actually brings pleasure to all three of you. The Master gets his pleasure telling the cuckold to lick her pussy. The Mistress will get her pleasure buy having her pussy licked by her cuckold. And last but not least, the cuckold will get the pleasure of licking his Mistresses pussy and being told he must obey his Master.”Leslie than said. “The thin line that I was referring to is that you should never cause any physical pain to anyone in this relationship. This group is not a bondage group by any means and you will always remember that nobody will ever inflect any physical force on anyone in this group. I understand that there will be some emotional pain from the very beginning and through the entire relationship and that’s why I’m here taking the time with you people here tonight.”Joe sat listening to Leslie and considering he was still in shock and the last twenty-four hours have been very painful for him that he had to agree with many of the things she was telling them.Joe’s mind drifted off for a minute as he thought back at the unusual request he gave his wife many months ago that he wanted to see her fuck another man and thought about the disappointment she must have felt at that time with him and the months of stress she must have gone through during that period in her life.Joe continued to think that during that period of her life he was experiencing pleasure from seeing her fuck Tony when in fact she had agreed at the beginning out of love for him. Joe thought that his wife must have fallen in love with Tony and still loved him and she must have spent days’ Tring to figure out a way to please everyone.Joe snapped out of his thoughts and saw Tony and Diana kissing on the bed when Leslie said. “You two will have plenty of time for love later tonight, I want you to pay attention to me now.”Leslie continued her lecture and said. “This relationship will deal with ver emotional issues and one I would like to address first tonight is a c***d. You will all be required to enter a parenting class. c***dren are not objects that we can place aside and bring out when we want to play with them. They are living soles that will require proper care and complete devotion from the three of you in this relationship.”Leslie than said. “We will meet in the near future on this issue and hopefully I can meet with you before I get a call from her saying she is pregnant because I have many things to speak to you about.”Leslie looked at Diana and said. “My dear, tell me when was the last time you took birth control and the last day of your period?” Diana hesitated and said. “I just finished my period five days ago and stopped taking the pill completely three weeks ago.” Diana laughed and said. “I always forgot to take them anyway.”Leslie replied. “You have a very potent black Stallion sitting next to you and I’m sure it won’t be long before we succeed in planting his seed inside you.” Joe watched as Diana put her hand on Tony’s thigh and kept listening to the lecture that was being given.Leslie turned to Joe and said. “Cuckold. The subject of your Mistress having a c***d by your Master may be an emotional shock to you at this time but you will feel a different excitement. In addition you will experience more enhancement of being a cuckold when it reaches that stage in your lives.”Leslie continued on and said. “Your booklet also has a copy of the contract that everyone here will be required to sign tonight confirming not only your agreement with the club and membership but it is also a big step because it contains the actual marriage certificate that will be a legal binding contract between the three of you here tonight.”Leslie went on to explain more and said. “I understand that the marriage ceremony will take place in one month from today but from this day on you will be obligated to this contract by our group and you must obey our rules. Although this marriage may not be recognized outside of our group, there are certain pages that are indeed legal documents that you must uphold. I need everyone to read over the contract and I’ll have each one of you sign a copy to keep for your own.”Joe looked over the contract and everything Leslie had explained so far was written in the contract and was very easy to understand. Joe kept reading when he came to a part in the contract that was underlined and said. “The cuckold must agree to give up any legal rights to his current legal wife and this contract overrides their previous marriage certificate and that this contract is issuing a legal divorce which will give the right for his current wife to remarry and he will agree to turn over all rights to his wife to his new Master and must acknowledge his Master as his wife’s new husband from the moment this document is signed and witnessed by a legal member of the club.”Joe was the first one to finish reading the contract and when he looked over at Tony and Diana, he could see they were holding hands as they read over the contract. Once they finished and looked up at Leslie and said to her. “Does this mean that Tony and I will be considered legally married and my cuckold and I will be considered divorced from this time on?”Leslie replied. “Yes. As soon as your Signatures are on these documents than you and your cuckold will be divorced and you and your new husband Tony will be married. Your wedding ceremony will take place one month from today and will only be a symbol ceremony to include our group to participate in this joyous event that has taken place here tonight.”Leslie waited for Diana to reply but the only response she gave was to tighten her grip on Tony’s hand as she shook her head in agreement.Leslie continued and said. “OK. Lets start getting these signed so we can get on to the next phase of the evening and that is to consummate the marriage which I know you are looking forward to begin.”Leslie gave out pins and pads and copies of the contract to sign and Joe got busy signing each copy that was passed to him and when the last copy was signed and given to Leslie, she looked over each document and looked up at Tony and Diana and said. “Congratulation, you’re now officially husband and wife and you may kiss the bride.”Joe gulped as he watched Diana and Tony kissing for several minutes until they finally stopped and looked at Leslie but seemed as if they were afraid to look at Joe. Leslie patted Joe on the arm and whispered to him. “I think they need some encouragement from you and you should congratulate them on their marriage and wish them a happy future together.”Leslie continued saying. “Remember how you should address them when you go over there and speak to them and don’t try to give them a hand shack, let them lead the way if they decide to shake your hand.”Joe got up from his chair and walked over to the side of the bed and said. “Congratulations on your new marriage, I hope both of you will be happy together.” Tony extended his hand out to Joe and shook his hand and said. “Thank you very much. I really appreciate it very much.” Joe stood still for a few seconds looking over at Diana who was speechless at the moment and said to her. “Mistress. I hope you’ll be happy with your new husband.” Diana gave him a smile holding back her emotions as she faintly responded back and said. “Thank you.”Leslie cleared her voice and Joe knew that she wanted him to continue on as Joe stepped back close to the bed and looked at Tony and said. “Master.” Than he looked over at Diana and their eyes meet as he said. “Mistress.” He cleared his throat and said. “I’m here as your servant should you require any assistance tonight or in the future.”Joe looked back at Tony before returning to his chair while Leslie was fumbling the documents around in her case as she said. “I have one more document that will have to be signed tonight by all of us in this room tonight. It’s a simple statement that Cuckold and I will be here tonight to witness both of you consummate your marriage. We will than sign a statement saying that we witnessed the two of you in the act of love and we’ll give you the rest of the evening to yourselves on your first night as husband and wife.”Leslie started to pack her brief case and moved her chair back further away from the bed and said to Joe. “Bring your chair back here with me so we can give them as much privacy as we can. Oh, after you finish doing that run out in my car and get a small cooler that is sitting on the front seat.”Joe ran out to the car and was surely glad it was dark outside because he was naked and ran back into the house and remembered to knock on the bedroom door first and did just that. The reply came from Diana and Joe said. “Mistress. May I come back into the bedroom please?” Diana replied. “Yes. You may come in.”Joe entered the room and Leslie said. “That was very good, I’m so glad you remembered to ask for permission before you barged back in here.”Leslie opened the cooler and pulled out a bottle of champagne with two glasses and gave the glasses to Diana and Tony and the bottle to Joe and said. “Open the bottle and pour them their first drink as husband and wife and we’ll leave them along.”Joe popped open the bottle and reached over and poured the champagne and walked back where Leslie was sitting and sat down in his chair and looked back at Tony and Diana.They were still sipping the champagne with their arms wrapped around each other’s as they drank from the other’s glass and Joe watched as they lovingly kissed and than took one final sip of the champagne and placed them over on the night stand.Joe watched as they both scooted down on the bed until they were laying together starring in each others eye’s as Tony circled his arm around Diana and pulled her close to him until they were locked in a passionate open mouth kiss.Tony stopped kissing her for a second and looked over at Leslie and asked. “May I place the wedding band on my new wife now?” Leslie smiled and said. “I don’t see why not.”Joe watched as Tony reached over on the floor and picked up a small box and pulled out the ring. He positioned himself close to Diana as he held her left hand and was whispering to her as Leslie and Joe looked on but couldn’t hear what he said.Joe saw the ring slip on her left ring finger to join the engagement ring Tony hand put on her hand the night before.When Tony had finished, Diana put her arm around Tony and began kissing him in the same passionate manor in which they began a few minutes before. Joe could hear the slurping sounds as they stayed locked in the kiss.Leslie nudged Joe on the shoulder and said. “We must remain absolutely quit while they are making love.”Joe sat and watched his Mistress as she continued to kiss Master Tony as he watched her stroking his face with the palm of her hand as they continued to kiss. It was a very erotic scene as Joe watched Tony’s skilled hands as the big guy rolled onto his back taking Diana’s little body with him. She was now laying on top of Tony as the passionate kiss continued.Leslie whispered to Joe and said. “Look at the ripples in that man’s arms and the meaty muscular legs this man has. Oh. His chest and his shoulders dwarf your mistress.”Joe listened to Leslie as she described Tony’s body and knew she was right about his muscles. Tony was a very large man and spent time at the gym almost every day and from his toes to the top of his head, everything seemed double in size of the normal man.Leslie continued and said. “Look at the massive cock between his legs and its head reminds me of a large doorknob.”Joe could see Tony’s cock sticking straight out from between Diana’s legs as she lay on top of him as she squirmed on top of him with her tits rubbing his large chest. Joe watched ad Diana slid down a few inches giving enabling her to nibble around Tony’s neck and upper chest.Leslie said. “Look at your Mistress how she is lovingly using her tongue around his chest and neck. She is very skilled in the process of stimulating her man because she understands that her man will give back much more love and devote every second of their love making to make sure she is satisfied. Diana told me a few days ago how your Master brings their sex life to the ultimate experience. Watch your mistress as she uses her skills on her man and we will see how your Master responds to her.”Joe watched as Diana moved herself downward as she continued to nibble and lick Tony’s chest which took more effort on her part because his chest was big and she had to move her entire body from each side to lick his nipples.Diana was a very petite woman and the site of her laying on Tony reminded Joe of a little girl on her fathers chest asking for candy. Diana was taking her time as she licked and gently nibbled on his nipples and Joe watched how Diana would encircle the area she was concentrating on with her mouth to bring more stimulation to Tony.Joe watched as Diana worked down to Tony’s stomach with her mouth as she licked a trail of saliva along the way. Tony’s cock which was rock hard was next to her face and the only attention his cock was getting was a gentle touch of her blonde hair as it swished around with each move she made with her head.Diana worked all the way down to his feet as she licked little trails along his big legs. Joe never really thought about it but Tony had muscles on ever inch of his body as he continued to watch Diana. She kept this up for several more minutes until she took his legs and bent his knees up until his massive cock and balls were exposed and slid herself down into position and began to stick her tongue out touching each testicle with the tip of her tongue.Tony was moving around above her as if in pain but Joe knew that the big man was doing his best to hold off from grabbing hold of Diana and fucking the shit out of her.Diana than took each testicle in her mouth and started to gently suck it into her mouth while her hands finally wrapped around his cock. Tony seemed more pleased once he felt Diana’s hands on his cock as he moaned and looked down at her and stroked Diana’s hair.Joe watched as Diana began to work on Tony’s cock as she kissed and licked every square inch of its length than began to suck the head into her mouth which was so large that Diana could barely get it in her mouth. Tony’s cock head seemed as if it were swollen more than normal as he watched Diana work the head in and out of her mouth.Leslie leaned over and said. “Notice how she moves her fingers on your Masters ball sack and works her mouth on his beautiful black cock. Do you also see her looking up into his eye’s looking for signs of approval that she is doing well? Notice how he looks at her with passion as if to say. That black cock belongs to you and your soon going to feel how much pleasure it can give you in return.”Leslie was right because Joe watched as Tony pulled her tiny frame up to the pillows of the bed and gave her a passionate kiss as he moved his hand onto her tits and massaged her nipples. He moved his large body down until his head was in position to lick her thighs while the palm of his had rubbed her bare pussy.Diana was bucking her hips up into Tony’s hand to encourage him to touch her pussy as Tony took his time and teased around her legs. Diana had to stretch her arm out to run her fingers in his hair as he began to move closer to her pussy mound with his mouth.Joe watched Diana spread her legs and lifted her legs back invitingly for her new husband to have complete access to her pussy. Joe could hear Tony kissing Diana’s ass and gentile area in preparation to mount her.Joe was watching the expression on Diana’s face as she moaned when Tony dipped hi tongue into her pussy without much warning and said. “That’s it darling. Take your time and enjoy me.”Leslie had stood up from her chair and was bending down in front of Joe and to his surprise, she was unlocking the cock cage he was wearing. Leslie said. “Your Mistress gave me the key to this tonight so I could unlock you once her new husband was close to mounting her tonight. This is a very special occasion when the cuckold will show his respect to the newlywed couple by playing with himself while watching his Mistress and Master consummate their marriage. This is the only night that the cuckold is allowed to orgasm on his own without being confined to a chastity device.”Leslie went on to say. “You will be allowed to stand next to the bed and watch as long as you don’t try and touch them or make any sounds that may disturb them.” Leslie gave Joe a small jar that she pulled out of the cooler and said. “If you have an orgasm, than I’ll need to have you cum inside this jar so we can show them you were excited for them tonight.”Leslie went on to say. “If the cuckold does not fill this jar tonight than it will show complete disrespect for them and it will show that you do not approve of their marriage.”Joe and Leslie watched as Tony kept licking Diana’s pussy and they could see her whole body quivering as Tony worked his tongue inside her pussy. Diana’s hands were stretched out toward her legs with her fingers spread apart like a cat being placed in the water as she moaned and grunted from the extreme stimulation she was receiving from Tony’s tongue.Joe was stroking his cock and it felt good to be able to play with himself after having been confined for so long a time. Joe was standing about five feet from the end of the bed as Leslie stood directly behind him as Tony continued licking Diana’s pussy.Diana’s started shake and quiver as she hollered out. “Oh Yes. That’s it. Lick me. Oh Yeah.” Diana was moving her hands up near her tits as she screamed. “Oh Yeah. Baby. You’re so good.” She than had her first orgasm of the evening as her hips bucked up against Tony’s face and her body stiffened than relaxed only to have a second orgasm as Joe watched her belly as it expanded each time she gasped for air.Joe watched as Tony started to move up into position to mount his new wife as Leslie moved next to Joe and grabbed his arm and said. “Look at that massive shaft between that gorgeous man’s legs. Can you see the long stream of pre cum dripping from the head?” Joe looked and saw that Leslie wasn’t k**ding about the stream of pre cum which looked like a dog’s drew as it hung down from the head of Tony’s cock.They watched as Diana opened her legs and bent her knee’s back as Tony crawled up between them and laid his shaft on her belly and began to rub it along her skin as Diana reached up and started to run her fingers along Tony’s waist digging her finger nails into his skin like a kitten.Joe moved a couple feet around the corner of the end of the bed and could see the couple as they looked. In each others eyes’ as Tony worked his shaft closer to its target. Each time he rubbed his cock back and forth, he would move himself lower until the head slipped down between her slit.Tony bent down to kiss Diana’s lips as he held his cock up against her pussy slit as Diana reached down with both her hands and placed her fingers on the side of his cock. The sound of their kiss was all that Joe and Leslie could hear besides Diana’s hard breathing as they watched Tony prepare himself to enter his new bride.Diana was arching her back trying to lift her pussy giving her new husband better access so he could enter her more easily. Joe and Leslie watched as the large mushroom head slipped between her vulva as Tony bent down to kiss her again.Leslie made comment to Joe and said. “He’s about to enter his new bride for the first time as husband and wife.” They watched as Tony pushed forward and watched as the big head plopped inside her tiny opening as he stopped to give her time to adjust.Diana was rocking her hips up and down trying to lodge more of her husband’s cock inside of her as another inch went inside. Diana wiggled her ass and arched up again as more of his cock disappeared inside her pussy. Tony pulled back out just long enough to push himself forward again sending more of his thick cock inside her belly. Diana groaned in pleasure and said. “That’s it. It’s all yours now. Fuck me.”Tony withdrew again than plunged back inside his wife as she moaned as more of his cock slid inside her belly. Leslie grabbed a hold of Joe’s arm and said. “He’ll be hitting her cervix on the next stroke and he will be fully embedded inside her.”Leslie was right as Tony pulled back out than slid himself back inside until they saw Diana’s fingers stiffen straight out as Tony hit bottom. Leslie said. “Look at how Diana’s pussy is stretched out around that massive cock. Your Master is experiencing much pleasure right now as she grips his big cock.”Tony started to fuck her with long slow strokes as Diana bucked her hips up each time he withdrew from her pussy. Diana has moved her hands up to Tony’s shoulders and Joe and Leslie could see she was leaving marks on his back with her nails.Joe was stroking his cock as he watched Diana getting fucked when Leslie said. “You see. Your experiencing as much pleasure watching them making love as you would from fucking her yourself.”Leslie continued to say. “You must be very happy knowing that your ex-wife has found someone so compatible to satisfy her sexual needs. This man will spoil her and make her forget about any previous sexual experience she had with other lovers including yourself.”Leslie went on to say. “Look at your Mistress how her pussy fits around her husband’s cock and how she is kissing his chest while being so throughly fucked by this man.” Joe stood stroking his cock a little faster as he watched them fuck and knew it wouldn’t be a long wait until Tony pumped his wife full of hot seed.Joe listened to the sounds that were now filling the room that was coming from Diana’s pussy with each stroke of Tony’s thick cock. Several minutes went by as Tony started to quiver himself as he drove his hard cock inside Diana with more force but kept his speed as slow as he could to enjoy the warmth of her tight pussy.Tony was trying to hold back from spewing his load into her pussy as he strained and started to moan indicating he was near his orgasm. Joe watched Tony’s buttocks as he started to jerk as he listened to Diana say. “That’s it. Darling. Cum inside me and give me your baby.”Leslie leaned over and whispered to Joe and said. “This is it, your Mistress is going to get her belly filled with her husband’s potent seed.” They listened as Tony grunted out and pushed inside Diana one last time and held himself deep inside her pussy as he filled her belly with his black seed.Joe grunted out loud himself as he shot his load of cum into the jar as Leslie helped him hold the jar to keep his cum from spewing out. Joe finished cuming and Leslie took the bottle from him and placed a lid on it and put it inside the cooler and said. “I’m keeping the sperm in a safe place for now and I’ll show it to your Master and Mistress later.”Joe didn’t understand why she put the sperm in the cooler but he didn’t really care because he was able to orgasm for the first time in months tonight and it felt good. Tony and Diana were still laying still on the bed kissing as Diana as Leslie said. “We were lucky enough to stay and see the first breeding attempt between your Mistress and her Master and now we will leave them alone to enjoy the rest of the evening which will give your Master several more chances to plant his seed in his wife’s belly tonight.”Leslie and Joe picked up their things as quietly as they could and started to walk out the bedroom door when Tony yelled out and said. “Cuckold. Your Mistress would like to speak to you before you leave tonight.”Joe looked at Leslie waiting for her approval as she said. “Go and see what she wants from you.” Joe walked toward the bed and stood less than two feet from his former wife and Mistress and said. “Yes Mistress.” Tony was still laying on top of her with his cock plugging up his seed inside her pussy as Diana rubbed his ass as Joe waited for her to speak. “Do you have my old wedding rings?” Joe had them in his pants pocket and hand to fumble through them to get them out and placed his hand near hers so she could reach them.Diana took the rings from Joe’s hands without looking at him and said. “I have plans for these rings.” She than looked over at Joe and said. “We no longer require your presence tonight. You may leave now.” Joe turned and walked away from the bed when Diana shouted out. “Make sure you have Leslie place your cock cage back on you tonight.”Joe spent the next two days by himself unlocking his cock cage with his own key while Diana and Tony spent most of the time in the bedroom trying to make a baby.Joe spent the next four weeks thinking about the marriage ceremony until that day came and there was a very large group of people that had been invited. They were all interracial couples with their cuckolds and every one of the white guys had to wear matching tuxes’ and serve the party after the marriage ceremony.Diana announced that she was pregnant exactly six weeks from their wedding and showed off the little swelling in her tummy. Joe, spent the next few weeks wondering if Diana was going to do what Leslie had suggested with her wedding rings and have them melted down into studs to Peirce his cock.Joe spent the next few weeks in his bedroom enjoying himself on days that his Mistress and Master didn’t require his assistance in their games. Joe was milked on a monthly basis but it didn’t matter to him that much since he still had his own key. Each month he would be taking into their room and hand cuffed to their bed and milked while Tony teased Joe by rubbing Diana’s growing belly each month.Diana had an ultrasound done at six weeks months that indicated that she was pregnant with twins and at that same time Diana started parenting classes and on the second visit to her class, she told Joe that he had to go in place of his Master because he would have to learn how to take care of the babies when she and her husband would be out or having sex making more babies.Joe spent the next several weeks going to the parenting classes with Diana and Joe felt a little weird when the other couples would ask them questions about their pregnancy and marriage. Joe thought to himself. If they ever knew the truth what was really going on in their life.Diana was getting very big at three days before her due date when she went into labor and Tony drove her to the hospital. They were in a rush getting out to the car and Joe watched as they drove off without asking him if he wanted to go and be there with Diana. Joe figured it wasn’t important anyway because she wasn’t having his babies anyway.Joe walked into the bedroom and got the key out and unlocked himself from the cage and enjoyed the afternoon by himself wondering if Diana had given birth to their babies yet when there was a knock at the front door.Joe through the cock cage under the bed because there wasn’t anytime to get it back on and walked out and opened the door. It was Lisa and David standing at the door and Lisa said. “We need you to come to the hospital right away.” Joe looked a little startled thinking something must be wrong with Diana or the babies and followed them out to the car.Joe asked what was wrong on the way to the hospital but neither would say anything other than they didn’t know. They were on their way up the elevator and when the door opened, Tony was standing in the hall and said. “Come on in here right away.”Joe followed them into a room and when he entered the room he saw Leslie standing by the window and Diana was in bed and she seemed fine. Joe slowly walked near the bed but stopped short of walking over to the side where Diana was laying. Tony walked up to him and said. “Go on over there. She has something to tell you.”Joe walked over to the side of the bed and said. “Yes Mistress.” Diana looked at him and said. “Get over here and sit on the bed next to me before the nurses get out here with the babies.” Joe felt strange wondering why Tony wasn’t sitting here when two nurses walked through the door holding the babies who were wrapped in blankets. Joe couldn’t see the babies yet as the two ladies walked closer and one of them said. “You must be the lucky father. Congratulations.”Joe was in shock as they gave one baby to Diana to hold and the other was given to him. They were white and as Joe smiled and looked really close he said. “They have my nose!” Diana smiled and said. “They should have, they belong to you. Daddy.”Leslie walked over and said. Do you remember the night we watched them having sex? “We put your sperm in a bottle and I had in frozen that night and tow days later Diana was inseminated with your sperm”Joe said. “What about all the times Tony planted his seed in Diana?” Tony shouted from the other side of the room and said. “I’m shooting blanks old body so there is no way those could be mine.”Joe looked around at everyone wondering what was going on when Leslie tugged on his shirt and said. “I’m Dr. Leslie Robbins and I’m with a support group for wives whose husbands have crazy idea’s to spice up their marriages like you had of wanting to be a cuckold.” She poked him in the arm and said. “You didn’t really believe that cuckold club stuff. Did you?”Joe looked around still confused and said. “What does all these mean?” Leslie said. “It means you are still married to your lovely wife.” Joe looked over at Diana who was waving her lift hand in the air and showing him their wedding rings.Leslie said. “It means that your wife loves you with all her heart and always will love you just like she said. Tony helped her from the very beginning and contacted me soon after they had met at that hotel last year”Leslie continued. “We all felt that you had to be taught a real lesson and you would have to live the life of a cuckold for yourself before you would see that you made a very bad mistake. We gave you a chance to live out your fantasy and your wife got her fantasy of having sex with another man who she very well liked and admired but that man couldn’t replace the love she felt for you.” Joe listened as Leslie continued to say. “We all worked together teaching you a lesson so your wife wouldn’t have to live the rest of her life out in stress trying to please you by having sex with another man and so forth.”Leslie starred straight into his eye’s and said. “Did you learn your lesson and are you happy that you have your wife back and two beautiful daughters to raise?”Joe hesitated a few seconds and looked around the room than starred back at Leslie and said. “Yes Mistress.” Everyone laughed at Joe’s response as they all left the room to Diana and Joe and their two daughters.Joe was glad that he had his wife back with two brand-new daughters, he and Diana talked for hours and things were explained on what had taken place the past year.That night when Joe returned home, he had found all of Diana’s things had been moved back to their house including a new nursery setup in the adjoining bedroom for the babies when they arrived home in a couple days.Joe reached under the bed and found the cock cage and through it into the garbage and noticed a set of rings on the dress with a note. The note was from Tony and it read. “Dear Joe. Congratulations on your new daughters. I wish you and your wife many years of happiness. Good Luck. Tony.”The End

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