A Girlfriend To Remember

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A Girlfriend To RememberIn the early 1970’s I met a really attractive girl named Judy. We became friends instantly and of course as a horny young guy I wanted to get to know her much better. As it turns out, Judy was younger than me by a few years and recently divorced after a very short marriage. She had a little girl and lived with her parents at home. Judy was a dishwater blonde, maybe 5’6″ and 120LBS, with a killer smile and outstanding tits and ass. Our first date proved to be a huge sex education class for me, I honestly never knew girls like this existed. I was probably 25 and she was maybe 20, and I had been with a few memorable women but absolutely nothing like Judy. We were going out for dinner and she immediately slid over in the car and became very friendly, teasingly nibbling on my ear and playing with my mustache. (this was the 70’s) She briefly adjusted her clothing and when she returned to my mustache I immediately got the distinct scent of pussy from her fingers and she wanted to make sure I got it. It smelled wonderful, like the first erotic fragrance of young pussy found your nose. It was heavenly and I immediately realized she had fingered herself to bring me the scent. Of course neither of us mentioned her ‘scenting’ my mustache during dinner, but Judy seemed slightly distracted and eager to leave. Once back in the car she slid over and kissed me very passionately with a warm and open mouth. It wasn’t overly aggressive or off-putting, it was very sensual and we stayed locked together for a long time. She was an exceptional kisser and seemed to enjoy turning me on. She wanted to leave and directed me to a park near her parent’s home that was totally deserted. She immediately jumped in the backseat and we were off to the races. Up bursa escort to this point I had been pleasantly surprised at her horniness and anticipated great things. What I got was beyond great … I got taken to school.Of course her top came off first thing, and her tits were amazing. So young and perky, not huge but a really full ‘B’ cup and shaped perfectly. Her nipples were jewelry just begging to be sucked. She moaned and held my head while I tasted each one, gently rolling her nipple with my tongue. I reached down to unfasten her slacks and she helped me slide them off leaving only her panties. Like an idiot, I unfastened my pants and was ready to slide my throbbing cock inside her when she stopped me cold. She slowly slid her panties off and said: “me first … make me cum first, please”. It took me a second to comprehend what she wanted, I’d never been asked so directly to perform oral sex on a female. She guided my head between her legs with her hands and lifted her legs to give me total access. As my face got close that unmistakable scent of heavenly pussy filled my nose and my tongue found her pussy lips. She held my head and said: “stick your tongue out flat against my pussy and let me do the work”. I did what she asked and she immediately began to gently rub her soaking wet pussy against my tongue. I was licking her from her asshole to her clit each time she slowly humped my face. I held her asscheeks with both hands and let her dictate the pace, and it didn’t take too long before she sped up the tempo. Her breathing was deep and she let out low moans saying: “oh fuck yes … eat my pussy good and make me cum”. I lost track of time and don’t really know how much time had passed, but eventually I became aware that my face was soaking wet and escort bursa she was riding my tongue like a woman possessed. Finally she ground my head into her pussy and I felt her shudder and grunt an earth shattering orgasm. “Oh fuck … oh god yes I’m cumming”. It’s hard to describe how strong Judy came or how wet she was … my face looked like a glazed doughnut. After her orgasm subsided she pulled me up to her face and began kissing me tasting her own pussy. “Do you like my pussy … do you want to fuck it and fill it with cum?” My cock was so hard I could cut diamonds with it. Judy was so wet I went balls-deep the instant it went in. She wrapped her legs around me and began slowly milking my cock and gently humping me. She kissed me and said: “I want your baby-batter in my pussy … give me all you can and make my pussy happy”. It sure didn’t take long, I felt myself explode over and over again. She felt it too. Judy grabbed her panties and put them between her legs to soak up the cum I had deposited. After a few minutes I noticed Judy playing with herself, and she asked me to lay on my back. She got on top of me and slid my semi-hard dick back into her pussy and began fingering herself as she rode me. At first I didn’t have the urge to ejaculate a second time, but watching her perfect tits heave up and down and listening to her horny dialog my dick found a new interest in cumming again. She was enjoying my dick and rubbing her clit, and I felt myself on the edge of shooting inside her again. I told her: “If you don’t slow down I’m going to cum in your pussy again”. Judy became more verbal and was obviously close to orgasm herself … I couldn’t hold it and pumped her full again. As I finished squirting she pulled off my dick and slid up my chest görükle escort and planted her pussy on my mouth saying: “I’m ready to cum, eat my pussy, eat my pussy”. I stuck out my tongue and a gush of my own cum found my mouth as Judy humped my face and fingered her clit to another roaring orgasm. She kept saying: “Oh god yes, take my cum, lick me good”. My face was a fucking mess … I had her cum and my cum from ear to ear and from my chin to my forehead. She gently humped my face and said: “That was so good, I haven’t cum that hard for a long time. Are you okay? I hope I wasn’t too hard on you”. Holy fuck. The back seat of my car was soaked, her panties were soaked, my face was soaked, and Judy was kissing me and licking my face. My car was going to smell like pussy for a week. Really nice pussy. When I dropped her at her parent’s house, we sat and talked in the driveway for a while. It was about 3AM and I assured her I was very interested in seeing her again tomorrow. She smiled and kissed me, squeezing my dick inside my pants. “Do you like my pussy” she asked? Before I could answer she unzipped my fly and was sucking on my very spent dick. I ended up letting her jerk it off and we made plans to go out the next night. When I picked her up the following evening, we were driving and Judy asked me if I had missed her. “Of course, I have thought about you all damn day”. She was wearing a dress and moved to the corner of the front seat with her back against the door and seat. She threw one leg up on the seat and one on the dash of the car and began to finger her pussy for me. It was very distracting trying to drive and watch her play with herself. Judy was very in touch with her pussy … she was extremely aware of her sexuality and had no problems sharing or instructing what she wanted. There wasn’t much off limits to Judy … if it involved her pussy or my dick even playing in a public restaurant under the table was okay. She wanted to cum all the damn time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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