A Fantasy . . . A Letter

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When I stroke myself, my love, I have many fantasies involving you. I imagine touching you and you me. I see us kissing all parts of our bodies, tasting each other’s skin, and fluids. I envision our fingers tracing each other’s bodies, exploring our hardness, slipping into most private areas.

I hear moans, and heavy breathing. Sometimes, I hear little squeals from your lips or from mine. I hear whispers of how wonderful it is to finally be together. I hear whispers of “I love you.”

I see me on my knees while you sit on a sofa.

I gently spread your legs apart and move in a little. Picking your right leg up, I run my fingers over your feet, ankles and along the underside of your calve. My mouth moves to your foot, and I begin kissing and licking the underside of your foot from the heel, up over the ball, and down under all of your toes.

As I suck each toe into my mouth, my eyes slide along your leg, I gaze at your penis in whatever state it is. They travel over your stomach, fixing on your chest and your nipples. My eyes close as I work on your toes, sucking each one into my mouth, rolling my tongue around them, between them. When my eyes open, I am staring into yours. I smile at you and playfully bite whichever toe is in my mouth.

I release your toes, to continue my exploration. My lips slide over your ankle and I kiss, lick, suck and bite my way up over your knee. I lower your foot, placing it gently on the floor, and continue up the inside of your thigh.

As I kiss and lick your brown skin, the left side of my face brushes against your pubic hair. My mouth finds its way to your hip. I love your hips; you know that, so you are not surprised when I turn my oral focus to your hipbones.

With my mouth working freely on your skin, kissing and licking up over the bottom of your belly, my chest brushing against your penis and your pubic hair, I glance at your face, and find you with your head back, eyes closed and enjoying my attention.

The underside of my tongue slides down from your navel, and into your pubic hair. My face lowers so my nose is buried in your scent. My mouth finds the bottom of your shaft and I raise my body to admire you.

I gently slide my hands up and down your thighs. With each stroke of your skin, my fingers inch closer to your balls, and soon my hands are stroking from your balls, pushing your penis up and sliding over its length.

I move closer, still on my knees, your legs are on either side of my shoulders. Your breathing begins to quicken as my fingers lift your hardening erection. I slide the thumb of my right hand over the underside of your shaft from the base, just above your balls, to the tip of your penis. Once at the tip, I slide my thumb over the head and around in circles, feeling the shape, the softness, and the fluid beginning to leak out.

With my left hand, I caress the outside of your right leg, from your ankle, up over your thigh, the side of your stomach, across to your left nipple. I trace circles over your nipple, as I glide my other hand over your now rigid erection.

While spreading your fluids over the head of your cock, and pinching your nipple, I take a moment to study the shape of your erection. The perfectly shaped head, shiny with the liquid I am using to get you slippery. The veins running canlı bahis along the sides and over the top of your shaft accentuates the size and shape. I love to look at your erection, the length and considerable girth makes my mouth water, makes me hard, and makes every opening in my body tingle.

My right hand slides from the head and down along the shaft. My hand is open, and gently stroking your skin with no pressure applied. I slide my left hand down your body, around the right side of your pubic hair, and then cupping your balls.

After I get your balls into my hand, I squeeze the base of your penis, and slide my right hand up along your shaft to the head. Once the head is in my fist, I squeeze harder, eliciting a quiet moan from your lips.

My attention is rewarded by a large bead of that clear fluid I love so much. My hand slides loosely back down your shaft, only to squeeze and come back up again. I slowly do this several times, milking you for my reward.

Once the slit at the tip of your cock is over flowing with your fluids, my head lowers, and I trace my lips with your erection. I feel the slippery fluids on my lips, and with the amount of pre come your produce, my lips are soon fully coated.

I release your erection and your balls so I can stand up. Pushing your legs back together, I spread my own legs and straddle your body. As our erections meet, and we both thrust our hips forward, I lean down and our lips meet.

I revel in your ability to know what I want. Your tongue eagerly slides over my lips, my tongue meets yours and we taste the pre come on my skin together. With this, I not only taste the clear fluid from your excited cock, but I also taste your mouth, and smell your scent. I grind harder against you, and now we are both leaking, mixing our juices of love and lust.

As we kiss, and grind our loins together, I am able to position my lower body in a fashion that allows me to slide my balls over your erection. Our chests pressed together, our mouths locked and tongues exploring. I lift your arms over your head and push them back around my neck and on top of my shoulders.

Our building desires evident in the movement of our bodies, I want you inside me. I break from your arms to raise my body, and lean back placing my hands on your knees. My balls are still rubbing the length of your cock, and I move my body forward further to grind against you with my ass.

As I work my body along the length of your hardness, your hands pull me open and I begin to feel your wetness against my opening. I push harder against you, and my movements quicken with lust. I watch you as your focus is on my erection, watching as it sways with my movements.

I rise, once again to my knees. Reaching back behind me, and under my body, my left hand finds your cock. Pulling it from between us, I feel it slap against my ass.

I lift my left leg, to place my foot next to you on the couch. I place the head of your penis at my opening, and begin to slide it around, spreading your pre come over my hole.

I lower my body and relax my muscles as the head of your cock enters me. I rotate my hips as I slowly lower my body onto your cock. My breath catches as you enter me and push past my sphincter muscle. My ass lowers onto your penis, and I feel my muscles stretch to accommodate bahis siteleri your size. I feel your hands pull my cheeks further apart, allowing you to slide inside me easier.

When I feel my body resting on top of your balls, I lower my leg to fully accept you into my body.

I can feel every inch of you, I feel as your cock jumps in anticipation. My arms slide around your neck and my body leans into you. Our lips and tongues meet once again, as I begin to push my hips closer to your body.

Your cock slides even further inside me. My erection is pressed against your belly; your hands are sliding up and down my back. My hips move away from your body, and your erection shifts.

I break our kiss to lean back with my hand on your knees. My penis is standing erect in front of your eyes. I lift my hips as far as possible, moaning as I begin to slide your hard shaft. I lower myself again, to meet your hips as you thrust upward.

Within seconds, our bodies are moving in unison. My cock is bouncing around for you to watch. Your penis is thrusting in and sliding out of my ass. My eyes are closed, my breath is ragged and I am completely lost in the feeling of you inside me.

Your hands alternate between squeezing my chest, pulling my nipples, and grasping my hips to move me as you want. However, I know that when you grab my hips to push me harder onto your erection, you are getting close.

I quickly lift my body off you; your cock slips out with a pop and slaps your stomach. I look into your eyes, and see that little pout of yours, I smile.

As I move to cuddle up beside you, I grasp the base of your cock and squeeze to keep you from exploding. I nuzzle my face against your neck, and we both calm down. Our breathing returns to “normal” and within a few minutes we are kissing again.

We have both gone soft, and we are just enjoying our tenderness. I release you penis, and slide back off the sofa to kneel between your legs once again.

My hands immediately go to your cock, I begin stroking it along with your balls, feeling you begin to get hard again. I love how you look when your penis is flaccid, I love to feel you grow hard in my mouth, so that is what I do.

My head lowers, and I gently suck you into my mouth. I look into your eyes, as I begin to roll my tongue around the head and along the shaft. As usual, my wet mouth brings you back to your lustful state.

As your cock hardens, I find it difficult to keep all of you in my mouth. I begin to concentrate on the head with my tongue and my lips. I open my mouth, and swirl my wet tongue around the head. As I begin to stroke your shaft, my lips close and I suck as hard as I can on the head, still working my tongue on it.

I hear you breath begin to quicken, your hips are slowly undulating with my concentrated efforts. I quicken my pace, sliding as much of you into my mouth as I can, and following my lips with my fist.

I stroke from the base of your shaft, and follow my lips up to the head with my hand. My mouth leaves your body as I rotate my fist over the tip and squeeze. Then it is back down along the length of your incredible hardness.

I take my mouth off your cock, and lower my face to take you balls. You feel my tongue rolling your balls around, sucking them inside me. My hand still bahis şirketleri gently stroking your cock, but I realize that the friction will become too great and know that I have to add something.

I reach for the bottle of lube on the coffee table, and slowly squirt a generous amount over your cock and balls. As I spread the lube over the length of your shaft, your balls go back into my mouth.

I enjoy the taste of the lube on your skin and the feeling of your slippery cock in my hand. I slowly slide my hand all the way down to the base of your shaft, pulling your skit tight, which makes your cock look even larger. Then my hand begins its assent back up to the head where I squeeze and rotate my fist.

I take my hand from your cock, and with both hands, I push your legs up. You know immediately what is to come, so you grasp both legs with your hands, opening yourself up to me.

The bottle of lube is back in my hand, and soon I am covering your entire crotch with the slippery fluid. I squirt it over your cock, your balls, the inside of your thighs, and the lower area of your stomach. With both hands, I spread the liquid over your body. Of course, I spend a great deal of time with your slippery erection and your balls.

I work my fingers down underneath your balls, and spread the lube over your hole. I know that you love this, and with my fingers, I make exaggerated movements, making sure you are ready for me.

My mouth goes to the shaft of your cock; I move my lips along its length as I slip one finger inside your body. You easily accept my finger, and as I slide my tongue along your cock, over the head and then slip your erect penis into my mouth, I add another finger.

I soon have three fingers inside you, slowly sawing them in and out of your ass. My mouth is still working on your sweet cock, and my own erection is building by the second.

My fingers slip out of your opening, your cock slides out of my mouth and I raise my body to move closer to you.

I watch as you pull your legs further apart, and you strain to watch as I position the tip of my penis at your hole. With my left hand, I begin to slowly caress your cock and balls; with my right hand, I move the head of my cock around your hole making sure that I am coated with the lube.

Since your body is used to mine, we both understand that working into you is not a problem, and when I slide my erection into your body, I can tell by the look in your eyes, you are enjoying every inch.

As our love for each other is released, I find that I am working my cock into and out of your body very quickly. I use my hands to push your legs up further to your chest, and within moments, my cock is slamming into your ass.

We both moan, and listen to our skin slaps; the scent of our sex is building with our lust. I watch as you reach for your cock and begin to feverishly masturbate yourself.

With the visual effects of watching you masturbate, and the warm tightness of your ass, I feel my orgasm building. I never have to tell you that I am going to come you always sense it.

My cock grows rigid, your hand moves faster, and as I release into your body, you rise up onto your elbows, your hand still pumping your own cock. The second you begin to come, our lips meet and we kiss lustfully as we both enjoy our orgasms.

These are the thoughts that my mind focuses on while I bring myself to orgasm. Even as I type, I grow hard and wet at the thought of us together. See, we do not have to be together to make love.

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