A Day in Life of a Bimbo

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Hello, everyone! My name is Nicole and you might remember me from the show Who Wanna Be a Bimbo. That experience took place nearly a year ago and had changed my life profoundly, if you want to know just how much, go and watch the first episode.

I had received many letters from people asking how my new life looks after all the transformations; now I finally decided to give you a glimpse into the details of one of my ordinary days.

When I woke up Tom was still sleeping by my side. Since our relationship evolved from a friendship to friends with benefits, he visited me more often. Last night was steamy as always, but unusual because Tom had decided that he wanted to fuck only my ass. I love anal, am capable of achieving anal orgasm and had one yesterday. My ass still felt a little sore today, but that was not the main issue. Tom wanted to tease me yesterday, so he did not touch my pussy at all and forbade me to do in myself. Because of that I woke up well fucked AND horny at the same time. My pussy ached for attention, but it would have to wait for that until I got to work.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do the makeup. When I returned Tom was already up and dressing, I did not put anything on apart from high heels, my friend liked to admire my nude body. We both went to the kitchen naked, that was our little morning ritual, as I prepared the breakfast he caressed my body. Sometimes it was difficult to focus on the task at hand, especially when he reached his hands around my body and began to play with my nipples, they got erect almost instantly. He stayed away from my pussy the entire time. The food was only for him though, I would eat mine later and there was a specific reason for that.

I laid the breakfast in front of Tom, but instead of joining him by the table I went under it. I knelt on a thick soft rug that was placed there for this very reason and took my man’s semi erect cock into my mouth as he took the food into his. He got hard almost instantly, after all the morning wood had gone away only few minutes ago. I did not hurry with making him cum though, since Tom liked to eat his breakfast in a leisurely manner; we had this timed pretty well.

I licked the shaft and the head, fondled the balls and sucked the cock gently. I used my blowjob and teasing skills and the thorough knowledge of Tom’s reactions to make him cum as he was cleaning up the plate. He shot his load into my mouth and I dutifully swallowed every drop, it was my first meal that day.

I got out from underneath the table and began to make the breakfast for myself, this time Tom sat down and admired my naked body as my heels clicked on the kitchen floor. When I finally sat down to eat, it was his turn to get underneath the table. He was nearly as skilled with his tongue as I was with my mouth. He teased me the entire time while I ate, but the bastard did not make my cum! He got up from underneath the table, winked at me and gave me his devious smile. Tom knew well how horny he had gotten me.

“You asshole! I need to cum. Get back down there!”

“Come on, baby. Dress up or you’ll be late for work.”

“Oh you!”

He was not exactly right, since my working hours were pretty flexible, but I knew that I could not persuade him to make my cum anyway. I had to rely on someone at work to do that for me.

Not only my working hours had changed, so did my responsibilities and dress code. I was obliged to wear tight blouses with enough buttons open to give a generous view of my cleavage, mini skirts that barely covered my buttocks, crotchless pantyhose or stockings and stiletto heels at least twelve centimeters tall, no lingerie. This went even beyond what the transformation urged me to wear, but I was not complaining. I could not bear it if my clothes were supposed to be prudish, but I cherished the slutty look. My today’s blouse and pantyhose were light purple, the skirt and heels were black.

Tom drove me to work and we kissed goodbye.

The first person upon which I stumbled inside was Natalie, she used to be my subordinate with whom the huge turn in casino şirketleri my career started.

“Nicole, I’m glad you’re here. I got a stressful meeting soon and I need to let off some steam. Be a sweetheart and give me a hand.”

I no longer was her superior and “giving a hand” in such circumstances was one of my duties, so she did not need to ask, but believe it or not, the atmosphere at our company was really friendly and people usually asked politely.

“The pleasure is all mine, Nat” I replied with a smile.

We went together to a small meeting room that had been designed for such purposes. Natalie hiked up her skirt (which was short but still significantly longer than mine) and took off her panties (she wore a sexy black lacy pair). Unlike with Tom I had to be quick, I used my lips tongue and the assistance of fingers to make Natalie cum within few minutes. She did not even try to keep it quiet, the room was sound proof, so that the other employees were protected from the distractions. When her short orgasm subsided, she put on her panties and fixed her skirt.

“Thanks, Nicole. You’re the best.”

She gave me a short kiss on the lips, checked herself in the full sized mirror and left.

I spent some more time fixing my makeup, then headed to my boss’ office to check for my assignments for the day. I hoped that he had something for the morning, since licking Natalie’s clit made me even hornier.

“Good morning, Nicole.”

“Good morning, Jack. Do I have a busy day ahead of me?”

My boss got up from his desk, shook my hand and headed towards a small couch that was in his office; this was another of my morning rituals. Jack sat comfortably on the couch and I knelt before him, here was another rug placed for my comfort. While I extracted my boss’ cock from his pants, he informed me of my scheduled tasks.

“You have only one assignment today. Take three clients to a lunch and entertain them with your presence. The deal is already signed, so there’s no need to be extra attentive, simple professional politeness should suffice. From my conversation with them I got a feeling that they’re not expecting you to do much more apart from accompanying them, so you might be off quickly today. You can go home after the lunch with them.”

Jack did not have anything else to say, so the rest of the blowjob was mostly silent, apart from my slurping and his occasional compliment of my skills. The duration was something in the middle between Tom and Natalie, not rushed but not prolonged either. In the end I was rewarded by another voluminous load which I swallowed as dutifully.

My day until the lunch was filled with basic errands intermixed with my main task – reducing the level of stress among other employees. Unfortunately it turned out that it was a terribly busy day for everyone and I was asked only to perform quick blowjobs. Of course I enjoy oral sex and was happy to make others cum, but I had my own needs too and all I managed to accomplish was becoming more horny with each blowjob.

“Hey slut! I need to put my cock someplace warm.”

That was Ted, one of the very few people who did not ask politely. He used to be my subordinate as well, but was too incompetent to be promoted. My transformation was the only way he could feel superior. What he did not know was that I enjoyed rough sex and simply ignored his trash talking, I played the game to give this fool the satisfaction he would not get anywhere else.

“I got something just for you, a place that’s warm, wet and waiting” I had gotten pretty convincing at playing the dumb bimbo.

“Stop talking and put that mouth to proper use” he said with an act of dominance as he lead me to the meeting room.

So it was going to be mouth once again…

“Strip bitch! I want to see your slutty body.”

I made a little show of taking my blouse and skirt off.

“That’s enough. I want to fuck your face.”

It was never a blowjob with Ted, it was facefucking. His cock was of average size, so deepthroating it was not even the slightest problem. To be honest to a certain degree casino firmaları I enjoyed being manhandled like that, so I would most likely leave the room more horny than when I walked in.

Ted was standing and I was kneeling in front of him (do I need to add that there was a thick soft carpet covering the entire floor?), he grabbed my head and began his favourite form of sexual intercourse. He had barely started, when someone else entered the room.

“Oh, sorry. You left the door open” it was Mike, a guy from marketing “I was looking for Nicole. Mind if I join you?”

“Feel free. I can fuck her face, while she’s on all fours too. “

So we adjusted the position. When I felt a lubricant being applied to my ass, I knew that my pussy was not going to get any relief soon. And Mike had a significantly larger cock than Ted, fortunately for me he was not a lover of rough sex, my ass has still not fully rested since Tom’s hard fucking yesterday.

Mike did not spare the lubricant and pushed his thick cock slowly and gently, then he gradually picked up the tempo. I would have been moaning if not for the cock invading my mouth.

Ted was the first to cum, he shoved his cock deep into my throat and shot his load there; I had to hold my breath and the gag reflex the entire time, fortunately I had enough experience with that.

“Thanks, slut. It wasn’t half bad” his fake macho persona was truly amusing.

As Ted “thanked” me he wiped out his cock on my face. I have been drooling during the facefucking, so now I looked like a complete mess.

When I eventually caught my breath and regained composure I could finally enjoy the anal pounding I was receiving. Mike spiced it with occasional slaps on my nylon covered buttocks, but they were playful. Unfortunately he came inside of my ass before I managed to reach an anal orgasm and he had not touched my pussy once.

“Thanks, Nicole. I love your tight ass.”

He spanked me for the last time, this time harder and left.

The meeting room had its own little bathroom, so I could clean myself up before returning to “work”.

This was the last such task before the lunch, there was still some groping happening now and then, but everyone was too busy to do anything more.

But the lunch time finally arrived and so did the clients. I had not done any “business” with them previously and they were mildly startled by my outfit, even though I am sure that Jack had explained to them what to expect and it was not purely professional politeness. Their eyes wandered from my deep cleavage to my long nylon clad legs; although the greeting managed to maintain some resemblance of professionalism. As we walked out of the building of the company I stayed ahead of the men to give them a good view of my firm booty in the tight mini skirt.

During the meal I was as flirtatious as possible and did not have to wait too long for the effects. The man sitting next to me placed his palm on my thigh and began to caress it. I returned the favor by placing my hand on his crotch, I performed the motion in such a way that his colleagues would be aware of what was happening. I had no intentions of going home early, after all the blowjobs and anal sex my pussy was desperate for attention.

Luckily for me right after the lunch the men took over the initiative and politely invited me to a hotel room. On our way there they were a lot more touchy and I was behaving invitingly to their advances.

Once we were in the hotel room I was tempted to jump into the bed and yell “Take me!”, but I wanted to make an overall better impression. Of course just plain sex would have left the customers with pleasant memories, but I could do better than that; call it professional ambition.

The men sat on the edge of the bed, I put on some music on my phone and began to dance. I did not have too many clothes to take off, but neither do most of the strippers. Since my transformation I acquired many new skills, erotic dancing and striptease were among them (so was pole dancing, but there was no pole). This was not the main point of the party, so güvenilir casino I did not dance too long after I got rid of the blouse and the skirt. I was left in just the crotchless pantyhose and high heels, I wiggled and bent just enough to give the men a good view and get them properly horny.

“Are you guys going to remain dressed?” I asked in a seductive voice as I slowly approached them.

Their reaction was mildly amusing as they rushed to remove their clothes. I danced for a short while longer right next to them as they chaotically stripped. When they were finally naked I knelt on the floor and they surrounded me; lucky me there was a soft carpet here as well, talk about serendipity. I took one of the cocks into my mouth and began to jerk the other two with my hands. This warm-up was short because we were all feeling quite hot already, so we soon moved onto the bed.

I laid on my back with my head hanging down from the edge and my legs spread wide. One of the guys dived between them and began to lick my clit, I have been waiting for that since yesterday. Another man approached my head and carefully slid his penis into my mouth. This was the best deepthroating position and I was an expert, but I appreciated the care. The third guy caressed, groped, kissed and licked my body.

I have been super horny already, so it did not take long to make me soaking wet. The man between my legs quickly made full use of that, I soon felt his thick cock entering my pussy. If not for the cock in my mouth I would have moaned loudly, that was exactly what I needed.

The men had decent stamina and the one who was left with just groping was patiently waiting for his turn. I guess that my body was entertaining enough for him. I was enjoying his caress as well, he might not have been the most attentive and sensual of men, but was not overly rough either.

I was the first to cum. When the guy with his cock in my mouth sensed my body tensing he withdrew to let me breath freely and enjoy the sound of my ecstatic cries. And I WAS loud, the arousal had been building inside of me through many blowjobs and few anal intercourses, when I was finally able to let off the steam, I cried out and moaned with all my might. As I clenched my vaginal muscles, it pushed that guy over the edge too, he shot his load deep in my womb.

It was time for the men to swap posts and me to change the position.

I got on all fours, the guy who had been using my mouth got behind me, the one who had been groping me – in the front. The one who just came would rest while caressing my body. To “give my pussy a rest” the man decided to fuck my ass. I had gotten enough anal recently, but since I just came and felt somewhat satisfied I was not going to complain. After the blowjob it did not take him long to cum and soon I had two guy groping my body and the last one fucking my pussy. He did not last long either and shot his load before I had a chance for a second orgasm.

The men were satisfied with my performance and planned to leave, but I was NOT satisfied. It did not take much to persuade them for another round, a simple “going out already?” in a seductive voice sufficed. I gave them another dance, this time in just my pantyhose and heels from the start. Their cum was oozing out of my holes and soaking into the nylons, but these perverts seemed to enjoy it.

The second round looked similar, but lasted longer, after all cumming for the second time takes more effort for the guys. This time I had two orgasms, these were not nearly as loud but not much less intense either; I ultimately left the hotel room satisfied. I went out with my legs bare, since the pantyhose were soaked in sweat and other fluids. One of the guys happily took them as a trophy, that pervert.

I went home to take a rest, then decided to hit the gym, one needs to stay in shape after all. I wore my favourite cock teasing outfit – glossy pantyhose and thong leotard. I really enjoy knowing that men ogle my sexy body, at the gym I always perform a serious workout, but I also try to give everyone who wants to watch a hot spectacle. But believe it or not, I did not fuck anyone at the gym, I simply returned home to prepare for another “date” with another one of my friends with benefits – Dave. I will not bore you with the details of that night, but it was not anal only and I ultimately fell asleep fully satisfied.

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