420 First Fucks Pt. 01-10

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** Advisory — contains both hetero and same sex acts. You might want to bail out now if that offends you. All sex depicted is between story characters who are 18 or older.**


The first girl I ever fucked was during my freshman year in college, shortly after I turned 18. I had no game whatsoever, and thought I’d be a virgin forever, but at a party in one of the women’s dorms, my horde of wingmen (who felt personally offended if any guy in the dorm remained a virgin and thus sullied the honor of our dorm) spotted a girl who was giving me the eye. I said, “Nah, she’s not interested.”

They rolled their eyes at my naivete and gave me a hard shove in her direction.

She insisted I remember her name – Julie. It was really important to her that she not be a nameless fuck – apparently guys forgetting her name happened a lot. She was almost as drunk as I was, and a year older. Soon we meandered back to my dorm room and I clumsily fucked her, no emotion or meaning to it. I felt really empty after, like, this is all there is to that? The fuck?

She left with my neighbor across the hall, since he had a car and I didn’t. He was a long haired druggy musician with the stage name Jay Rapp, who fucked her in his car on the drive back to her place.

The next day my arsehole dormie “friends” treated me like a hero in the dorm cafeteria, while I smiled at their celebration and kept feeling empty and used.


My French-Vietnamese GF had, the first time she was alone in my apartment, secretly bugged my computer so she could read every key stroke I typed. This was a hard fail for a drama free life, but she was literally a Drama major at the college she attended and lived for that shite, so about once a month she’d smoke a lot more weed than usual and cut off sex for several days of weeping and recriminations. Then we’d have angry, emotionally scarred make up sex.

Once I fucked her pussy so hard and often that it got sore, so in desperation I switched holes. I flung her on her hands and knees and shoved her face down, her sexy big booty and thighs sticking up in the air, looking over her shoulder with this horny Fuck Me look in her tear filled eyes. I rubbed lube on her butthole and slid my cockhead up and down her crack until I couldn’t hold off any longer. I started pushing at her tight hole, slowly shoving inside.

“No,” she said. “Please don’t.”

I was pretty sure she was feigning reluctance, but I didn’t fucking care considering all she’d put me through. Plus she was making these amazing squeaky high Asian pornstar sounding ‘OMFG that feels so hot keep fucking me’ noises that undercut the verbal narrative. I slapped her sexy phat ass hard, punishing her, as I came so fucking hard, shooting pent up cum into her asshole.


I’d been chatting online with a married guy who lived nearby, exchanging dirty talk, thinking we’d never act on any it. He invited me over one day when both our wives were out for hours. After a couple of beers we were standing around talking about whether fucking a guy’s ass would feel any different than fucking a woman’s hole. Suddenly he dropped his shorts and bent over the back of his couch, silently looking at me.

I wasn’t sure I could go through with it, but my heart was pounding like mad and my cock got really hard.

“You can try,” he said. “If you want.”

As if in a dream, I found myself taking off my shorts and lining my cock up against his hole. It was already slick with lube, and I realized he had readied for me before I arrived. He reached behind and spread his cheeks open. I pushed so hard at his tight entrance my cock started to bend, as he grunted in pain.

“Fuuuuck,” he said. “You’re so big.”

When I paused, he told me to keep going, so I pushed forward as he pushed back, and my cockhead broke through his ring. He was moaning in pain but still backing his hips up to help get fucked. I grabbed and yanked his hair and slapped his ass as I slid balls deep inside.

He spread his legs wider apart for me and told me to fuck him rough, do whatever I wanted, whatever got me off cause he’d love to take it.

I fucked his ass harder and faster until I said I was gonna cum .

“Take me,” he said. “Make me your bitch.”

I spurted inside him until I’d drained my balls. Then I put on bahis firmaları my clothes while he looked at me with my cum dripping out of his ass, like he maybe wanted more. But I’d gotten off, so I left.

I saw him once after that, sitting next to what appeared to be his wife, in the bleachers on the other side of the gym at a basketball game that both our girls were playing in. Our eyes briefly met, then flickered away like nothing had happened.


I answered an ad online from a guy who said a cocksucker was coming over in a bit and would I like to join him. I started to get hard at the thought and said yes, but when I arrived it was just him waiting outside.

After a while when no one else showed up he said, “Hey, let’s go up to my apartment and wait there.”

But when we got there, no one else showed. He finally took my hand and placed it on the outside of his shorts so I could feel his stiffening cock, and asked me to just rub it a bit. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but he lightly brushed his fingers against the outline of my cock. I was feeling really horny, and it felt kinda hot touching him like that and watching it get hard.

Soon he unzipped his shorts and his erect cock sprang free. I gripped and squeezed it and rubbed my thumb over the precum oozing out of his mushroom head. It felt surreal, how the hell did this happen, especially after he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed down.

He whispered, “Get on your knees.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this as I sank down and let him rub his cock coated with precum across my lips.

“You can do it,” he said, “you’re the cocksucker I asked for in the ad.”

“No, that’s not me.”

He just grinned and gently put his hand on the back of my head and slowly slid the tip into my mouth. He whispered, “Suck it, cocksucker.”

I was turned on by how dirty that sounded. I let him push the head inside, and he told me how to lick and suck and tease him. I gave in and did everything he asked for.

He told me, “Look him in the eyes, I wanna watch while I cum in your mouth.”

My eyes went wide, and I gave him this pleading look. “Don’t do that. Please.”

He grabbed my head and grunted and said, “Here it cums. Take it, bitch.”

He shot what must have been a week’s load in my mouth, salty and and thick.

“Be a good cocksucker and swallow.”

… and god help me I did, on my knees with a stranger’s softening prick in my mouth, his hands gently stroking my hair as I sucked the last bit of cum out.


The best lap dance I ever had was back when they only cost $5 a song. I was nursing a beer at a strip club near my seedy apartment in Ballard, in what was at the time one of the dodgier neighborhoods in Seattle, before it gentrified and became nosebleed expensive. I kept saying no to the girls trying to get me to do more than just go up to the stage and have breasts rubbed into my face and whatnot for a buck tip. But then a young black girl with Afro Puffs, super cute, just sat down in my lap without asking, assuming the sale.

She whispered in my ear, “You’re such a sexy guy. So tall and handsome.”

“I’m not doing lap dances.”

“That’s OK. You smell soo good. I just want to look into your sexy eyes.” Her pupils were wide open. She put my hand on her panties, then said to pull them aside and feel how wet I made her. Her pussy lips were soaking wet, and she straddled my hips and started giving me a lap dance. She told me, “Give my nipples a lick. Do you like my nipples?”

“Fuck yeah. I love your dark skin.” Her skin was musky and smelled oh so good.

“You can suck them,” she murmured.

I looked nervously around the dark club. Guys were staring at us, this interracial pair doing forbidden things. Fuck it, I thought, and started sucking as she moaned softly.

“Yes,” she said. “Oh god, yes.”

I felt her nipple harden as I sucked. The song ended and I said, “I don’t wanna stop, but I don’t have much money.”

“I shouldn’t do this, but I’m really into you. For twenty you can do naughty things for as long as you want. Just don’t tell anyone or I could get fired.”

I couldn’t stop, her dark brown breasts soft against my face, and her pussy lips so wet. So I nodded yes and she leaned down and softly kissed my lips, which no kaçak iddaa stripper ever was supposed to do, because that was way too intimate. But she kissed me again and told me to stick my finger inside her. She gasped as I slid it inside her.

“Oh yes,” she said. “Deeper.”

And this went on dance after dance, until I was almost ready to cum in my pants. And like a fool I didn’t get her number after, thinking it was just business. Even though, in retrospect, I’m pretty sure she wanted me as a boyfriend given the intimacies she’d allowed. I went home alone and jacked off, remembering her, the first of many such times over decades.

And being entirely fucking clueless, I waited several more decades, got married and divorced, before I started dating black women and rediscovered the fireworks and passion that had been waiting for me all along.


The first time I fucked a black girl, a really sexy and thick girl, we were talking and kissing. Finally she stood up and took my hand, leading me to the bedroom. I laid her on her back and licked her pussy a while. Her pussy smelled and tasted so good.

Eventually, with a sexy smoky voice like a fallen angel, she said, “That’s enough. Fuck me. I’m ready.”

So I rolled her over and spread her ginormous booty cheeks apart and gave her dark musky pussy lips a few more licks. Then I grabbed hold of her astonishingly wide phat hips, her skin a light caramel color verging on vanilla. She was so fucking sexy despite me being told all my life that a big girl couldn’t be hot. Who knew?

I fucked her moist tight young pussy while she moaned and urged me to cum inside her, which I did, spurting while grabbing her soft padded hips and thrusting as deep inside her as I could. Not wanting or even able to stop — heedless raw primal attraction, no cerebral cortex needed.


The first time I fucked Jan happened at her apartment. I grabbed her tiny skinny Japanese body and hoisted her up onto the countertop in her kitchen. I licked her pussy while she moaned insatiably, cumming over and over. The phone kept ringing, her best friend trying to get her to stop, to stop fooling around with a married man. Like anyone could tell Jan what to do.

I picked her up with her legs wrapped around my hips and her arms around my neck and staggered into her bedroom, damn near whacking her head on the overhead air duct. I tossed her on the bed, literally flung her through the air, her eyes lighting up with wicked pleasure at being manhandled. I tried to flip her over into doggy style, my favorite position.

“No,” she said. “I only do missionary.”

I looked at her, puzzled. What is she, a secret Mormon? Since when is she vanilla about anything?

She must have read my expression. “My butt. It’s so flat and skinny. I’d be self-conscious about you looking at it.”

“I love your butt. And everything else about you.”

She gave me her patented ‘Nobody Fucks With Jan Unless It’s Actual Fucking’ stare.

I got her warmed up by licking her pussy while she came nonstop like a string of firecrackers, her usual sexual voracity, then climbed between her muscular thighs and fucked her like a jackhammer while she moaned with delight at the roughness, until I came too. I thought I was done, but after I’d given her another string of nonstop orgasms from licking, she gave me the most skilled blowjob in my life, got me hard again and told me to pull out and cum on her face. And she kneeled and took the spurts all over her face and black short silky hair. Three marathon hours later and innumerable orgasms on her part, to my surprise I came for the fourth time that day, just a little bump of an orgasm because she’d wrung virtually all the cum out of me the previous three times.

I finally had to beg off from servicing her insatiable appetite for orgasms, since my lips and tongue were abraded and sore. So we smoked some weed and cuddled, while I wondered what the fuck was wrong with her husband that she’d left – the husband who slept with his secretary, half Jan’s age. Did he completely misread her personality, or just not believe her when she repeatedly told him she had a ‘One Strike And You’re Out’ rule about cheating on her?

I mentally shrugged. Can’t fix stupid.


The first time I sucked a cock, a married Asian guy invited kaçak bahis me over to his townhouse. We met downstairs in his dimly lit garage, his wife allegedly inside, so we had to be quiet. I was a bit scared because I had never done this, but he whispered sexy things in my ear until he convinced me to get on my knees and he took out his small penis.

He talked dirty about how good it would feel if I let him fuck my mouth, and so I reluctantly let him, then not so reluctantly. To my surprise, in under a minute he grunted softly, his face contorted with trying to be quiet and not alert his wife, and hot warm cum filled my mouth.

It was salty and a bit bitter, but before I could spit it out he told me to swallow in this sexy growly voice, and I was so turned on I complied. I milked the last of the cum out of his cock,, then he hustled me out of his garage and I drove away.

I naively thought we might get together again, too inexperienced to recognize a sexual thrill junky, always chasing that first time high.


The first time I got fucked in the ass was by this divorced Latino guy who was living with a male lover who was out for the afternoon. He invited me over and we sat on his couch talking about what turned us on, then he took me by the hand into his bedroom and I role played I was a cheerleader begging him not to fuck my pussy because I was a virgin.

So he roughly shoved me to my knees and told me to suck his cock instead, and when he got really hard he told me to get in position doggystyle and he would fuck my pussy. I made him put on a condom and then pleaded with him, “Don’t fuck my pussy, fuck my ass instead so I can remain a virgin.”

He fucked me. It hurt at first and it felt weirdly full with his dick shoving into my ass, and I thought of asking him to stop. But I was turned on by how aroused he was.

“Are you a lil slutty cheerleader who likes taking it up the ass?”

“Yeah. Fuck me hard.”

“Take my hard dick, bitch.”

Finally he grunted and came, then lay on my back panting for breath.

A bit later he had me lay on my back, and he straddled my face and facefucked me roughly until he came again.

I was laying there thinking how hot it felt being fucked like a women, and wanted to stay a bit longer.

“Get out,” he said.


“My roommate will be back soon. You gotta go. Like, now.”


The first time I fucked Racist Rachel’s mom, we met on a blind date at a dive bar, on the second floor of a rundown building on Airport road in Austin. Barflys – that was the name. Rachel wasn’t actually racist, she was just the only blond girl — hell, only white girl — in her entire grade at school. And she was absurdly, over the top smoking hot, and had this boyfriend, also model handsome, who she would verbally fight with. And break up with. And get back together again the same day, sometimes more than once in a single day.


Racist Rachel’s mom had snuck out in the dead of night with her daughter and a suitcase apiece and fled her abusive husband in Maine, no forwarding address. Just fucking abandoned everything to get away from him.

After Racist Rachel’s mom invited me back to her apartment on that first date, we made out on the thrift store couch in their really dodgy rundown apartment right by all the traffic tearing by on the I35 freeway. Then we went into her bedroom and smoked a lot of weed.

I ran my hand over her skin. “Feels like teeny lightning bolts shooting from my body to yours.”

“Mmm. Yeah. Keep stroking me like that.”

She put my hand under her skirt to feel her soaking wet pussy, and confessed that she hadn’t had sex since she left her husband months ago, and that he was only the second man she’d ever had sex with. She said she was nervous and feeling awkward, but so fucking horny.

After I’d gone down on her a bit she told me she really liked me and was ready, but I had to be gentle. I had to not be her husband in any way. So I got on top, missionary style, and fucked her until she rolled me over and got on top and rode me cowgirl style, rubbing her clit, until I came super hard. Then she came, too.

I sleepily cuddled her as she cried a bit and then laughed with tears in her eyes, relieved that sex could be good again — instead of pretty much just being raped by her husband. We groggily told each other the thumbnail versions of our life stories as we drifted off to sleep, two not quite strangers finding solace in a warm, non empty bed.

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