01 Encounters with “M”

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1) The First Time…

I let a complete stranger into my house late last night. He walked in, took off his clothes, kissed me on the lips, squeezed my tits, massaged my clit with his thumb, then came on my stomach. Then he left.

He apologised for coming so quick and promised to make it up to me next time. I said he’d better! He said that all our texting back and forth during the day had had him so hard and hot that by the time he actually got to me, he was ready to explode. I knew exactly what he meant.

I met “M” a few weeks ago online. We chatted in a friendly manner back and forth for a few days, before things just clicked; and friendly soon turned to flirty. It didn’t take long for flirty to turn to filthy, then cyber sex, and inevitably sexting. He was fun, I liked him. He turned me on — I liked that more!

The night before we’d engaged in some pretty hot and steamy online chatting, talking back and forth till the inevitable occurred for at least one of us. I find it hard to type and touch myself, but I’m quite happy to help someone else along, and then finish myself off in bed a bit later, once the computer is turned off.

So when I woke that morning my thoughts went straight to him. I was instantly horny. I was imagining yet another way we could possibly meet and secretly fuck. I was thinking of somewhere else he could take me and fuck me up against a wall where no one would see. The car park at his work? The car park at my work? Could he pretend to follow me home from one night when I walked home from work and he could force me into the bushes and fuck me? Oh yes, that sounded fantastic! Or maybe I could give him a quick head job while he was on a break one day? What about at that secluded place I like at Markly’s beach? The possibilities were as limitless as our imaginations and I had a good one.

When we did finally meet it wasn’t exactly as I’d imagined, and we didn’t actually fuck, not this time anyway, bahis firmaları but it was still really sexy.

We’d been texting and flirting back and forth till he upped the anti the day before and sent me a picture of his erect cock. That was hot. When I opened up the text I felt the flood of wet between my thighs. He seemed big, it looked nice. I wasn’t to be disappointed. I stared at the picture of him for ages, imagining it inside me. I wanted him there and then. I wanted him to bring that lovely looking cock right to my door and fuck the hell out of me with it.

So until the time was right, until we did meet, i had to be satisfied with my fantasies. And now that I had something more, concrete, to visualise, the fantasies grew hotter. Instead of having him run his hands over my breasts, his lips kissing my thighs, his fingers exploring me; I had his dick in my mouth, his cock up my arse.

I could see him fucking me hard, his big throbbing cock sliding in and out of me while I lay helpless on my back and he pounded me, his shaft pulsing and pushing inside my pussy till I screamed out in ecstasy. “I’ve got a lot of cum saved up for you”, he’d say to me, then add, “Where do you want it?”

In between grunts and moans I’d gasp out, “Anywhere! All over me! Just cum!” As he thrust long and hard into me, each thrust filling me with his huge dick, he’d offer a suggestion:

“Belly?” thrust. “Face?” thrust. “Tits?” thrust thrust

“Yes! Oh yes!” I’d cry out.

“No,” he’d say, then thrust, thrust, thrust, “Your mouth” thrust. Then he’d withdraw, and I’d hear the slush as he’d slide out of my pussy and slide his dick back into my mouth. I’d gag at first at his size, the heat and the taste, but I’m so turned on that I love every minute. Soon we’d reach a rhythm where as he thrusts in and out of my mouth, I suck and lick his shaft. I take a hold of the base of his dick with one hand and squeeze his balls with the other. kaçak iddaa But he’s so huge already that he gasps and shudders inside me.

“Ohhh fuuuuck, you’re gunna make me cum!”

That’s the idea, I think, and suck a little harder. He grunts and groans above me then grabs a tuft of my hair and pulls it hard toward him.

“Fuuuuucccckkkkkk!!!” he yells and he cums in my mouth, throbbing, pulsing, ejaculating into me. He thrusts a little with each spurt and I feel his warm juice run down my throat. I’m a good girl and swallow it all for him.

He eventually slows and goes limp in my mouth before withdrawing. I lick my lips. I smile up at him and he smiles back.

But that’s all just the fantasy. What actually happened was different.

After he sent me the picture of his cock, the day preceded with several texting exchanges of ‘You horny?”


“Me too!”

“Let’s fuck!”

“Ha ha. Sure, how?”

This banter went on all day. Until 11pm that night, when he sent one that said, ‘I’m coming into town in ten minutes, want to fuck?”

I answered, “Yes.” Simple. Effective.

“Great. Your address?”

I replied with it, and added, “You have to be quiet, no talking, okay?”


Now I was really nervous. It was about to actually happen. All these weeks of texting and flirting and making him cum online, and now he was going to come to my house and hopefully cum in me! The butterflies grew monstrous. But the excitement level did too.

He turned up in less than ten minutes.

I opened my front door just as he got to it. I left the lights off so when he walked in, it was completely dark. I could only just make out his silhouette.

“Well hi.”


He leant in and kissed me. Good kisser. Great start. I took his hand and led him to the sofa bed already set up in the lounge. I sat first and pulled him to me. We kissed again, I pulled him closer.

I kaçak bahis laid back on the bed and he followed. We kissed briefly before his hands found my breast, and then my naked pussy beneath my night slip. I moaned with each touch, each as exhilarating as the one before. I was very aware of how hot and sexy this encounter was. This was after all, our first time. But most certainly not to be our last. This, our first encounter, in total darkness, with a guy I’d never met before, whose name I didn’t even know, wasn’t sure I even wanted to know — I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t scared, if anything, I was even more excited by the mysteriousness. It was hot. I was so wet.

He kissed me on the breasts and ran his hand down my body. He sat up then and took off his shirt, then his shorts, and his underwear. He was naked. He knelt before me and spread apart my legs, and then with gentle warm hands, spread apart the lips of my pussy. In the dark, with deft hands, he found my clitoris with his thumb and began to gently massage it.

He searched for my hand and took it to his cock. Oh yes, there it finally was. That beautiful big, hard and warm cock. It was dark, but I knew what I was handling. I’d committed that picture to my mind earlier that day.

I moved my hand along the shaft, made effortless by his pre cum oozing from the tip. Our hands clashing gently as I wanked him off, and him me.

He was doing a fantastic job of bringing me quickly to orgasm, but apparently I was doing an even better one on him and in no time he whispered that he was going to cum.

And he did! He gushed his warm, wet, sticky fluid onto my tummy as I lay there panting. If only he’d lasted a few more minutes, maybe less, we’d have cum together.

He apologised for being so quick, blamed it on the hot and sexy texting we’d been sending back and forth all day, and promised he would make it up to me.

We then introduced ourselves to each other in the dark.

“Well it’s very nice to meet you” I giggled, and he laughed softly back into the dark, ‘And you too” he smiled. I couldn’t see, but I could tell.

And then he left.

Till the next time…..

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