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#00 – my life-journal – prologueDear reader let me welcome you to my life-journal!preludeI plan to write down some of the events of my life that I think are maybe important to know my true self better or I just worth sharing. You can write me questions or suggestions in the comments as well as in my inbox but I decide what and when I want to share with you! (And what not!)ATTENTION! Please be warned!I’ll tell from my life and my experiences and maybe ruin your chance to imagine myself as you want!So please stop reading unless you like to know my true self.There will be no particular order even I’ll number this journal consecutively! There will also be no regular date of appearance!In this prologue of my journal I want try to answer a lot of general questions about my (sex)life and my person. It would be very fond of you if you’re able to accept my privacy in terms of my person assuming that I share as much as I want to share with you in (this) public. Thank you!an overall introductionI was born very, very late in the last millennium. Born and raised in Europe. Still living (t)here. I had quite a nice c***dhood, loving parents and friends. I guess the normal trouble during my teenage years but quite unwound compared to my friends.I passed school with little to less difficulty and earned myself the honor of valedictorian.I would describe myself as a determined perfectionist. These characteristics are likewise helpful and disruptive at the same level.I guess the sexual awakening of my body began with my first cycle approximately half a year prior to the awakening of my true sexual curiosity at the age 13. I started to explore myself and to care more and more about my body. I also started to touch myself and masturbated frequently.Sexuality was never a theme of a conversation in my family. My father a busy man missed to noticed me growing up. I guess that I’m still that little sweet girl to him he couldn’t imagine being sexual at all. My mother talked to me a few times as I started to bled, and we both went to the doctor together. She told me some thinks I should remember when dating boys but dating boys wasn’t in my head at this time. So I think she accepted me taking my time and maybe expected me to come and talk to her when my interest would wake. As I was finally dating boys I didn’t remember much my mother told me but to be careful not to get pregnant and not to give my virginity to the first guy who wants it.At this time I was part of a pretty wild girl-group which was very intimidating for boys of our age but also made us very desirable. I learned illegal bahis a lot about the power I wield. So I started to play with the boys while I pleased my growing curiosity by sticking my finger very deep into my vagina. That was all before my 16th birthday. A little while after that I had my first ‘serious’ relationship containing acts of sexuality. I liked the attention I received and the arousal my body provided for my boyfriends. In my place it was common practice to be together before getting any closer. Even kissing was seen as a statement of being in a relationship with the guy. I didn’t count all my boyfriends I’ve had. At the beginning there were more about the boys. I liked the way they acted or how they looked like or shared an interest with them. But realizing that a relationship didn’t mean for me to be together for all eternity I started dating boys of lesser interest to me. Mostly because I was curious. I liked the attention and the feeling of a new ‘romantic’ relationship. The way 2 people explore each other bodies for the first time. Every time I couldn’t await the first time I would see, feel, smell and taste a new cock. Very often the excitement build up to this point flew away in the following weeks sometimes days and my relationship ended.As I turned 18 years old, only 3 dicks really had tried to enter me. All the other came on my small growing breasts, my body or mostly over my face and into my mouth ass well as through my hands. One of the three came as he entered me. Another didn’t fit really inside me. And if asked I answered pretty pure that I only had sex once.For me it felt more like a game or a test if you will. Would I get the boy to unload his balls without fucking my pussy. Despite talking within our girls-group and sharing a lot of intimate details I didn’t share my true nature, my cock hungry self with them. In the eyes of my girlfriends I was the one to pity since I only got boys who would shoot there load as soon as they saw a naked girl.For my 18th birthday they gave me a vibrator which was the first object I put inside of me for sexual pleasure.Between my final school exam and the start of my university studies I went to a lot of parties and clubs. I made first sexual experience with guys not my age and discovered the straightforwardness of one-night-stands along the way. At the beginning of such a night getting to his cock felt still like a game to me. When he was finally out, it turned more like a test to me to make him cum so good that he was too exhausted to fuck my tight pussy. Every time I failed and illegal bahis siteleri felt the pain of a thick cock stretching my teen-pussy I felt defeated and humiliated … and I guess I started to like this particular feeling in a strange way.In the eyes of my friends as well as in public appearance I was still a very good girl. Despite the fact that I had a different cock sometimes twice a week to cum for me. The fact that even my closest friends had no idea of how cock and cum hungry I was turned me on and made me even more hungry. I would say I pushed the boundaries of my secret life. It nearly spun out of control prior to me moving out in the short period I used an app to find cocks with cum but also new challenges for me.With the start of my life as student I turned my focus back to learning, socializing and to cultivate my appearance in the public life. I like it to be seen as an intelligence, independent and well behaving young female. I’m well aware that my determined and somewhat strong appearing attitude is likewise discouraging as attractive for men. But only very few would really know how to handle me.I masturbate still on a regular basis. For a starter I sometimes read a manga/comic, fan-fiction or story or look at some nice pictures. I really like animated GIFs because they tell a bit more than just a picture but leave enough room for my own fantasies around it. Nonetheless, I like videos too because they have sound that’s why I let them sometimes play in the background. When masturbating I like to take a short break and take a deep breath when I feel the tension of a coming orgasm over and over again. Like waves building up on a shore I do it until the final wave rolls over me and grasps my whole body. Due to the fact that I didn’t and don’t live alone I’m usually very quiet. Or at least I try to be while breathing very deep and heavily. Depending on my mood I go for another round shortly after the previous one died away. I don’t know exactly how many orgasms I had this way during one masturbation because they culminate more and more into one giant orgasm. But if I had to guess I would say 5 times at least. How long this take is equal difficult for me to say but I would guess just about 1 hour/1 hour and a half… When starting without pre-excitement it takes me about 15 minutes to come for the first time. That’s why I assume that I could come at least 4 times in 1 hour. I’ve got never caught masturbating and masturbated only twice while watched. The first time with one of my boyfriends at the age of 16. And the second time canlı bahis siteleri around the same age with two of the girls from my clique.The most orgasm I had during a sexual encounter are 3 or 4 times. Since one was a multiple orgasm it is hard to count for me exactly. It was the same sexual encounter I came very intensely without getting touched or touching myself between my legs. My orgasm during sexual encounter are normally not so intense like the one I have while masturbating. That’s why I refer to them as pre-orgasm or small orgasm. Usually touching myself or getting touched while aroused by such a pre-orgasm led very fast to an intense climax on my part. I’ve been licked by a man quite a number of times by now with various feelings and outcomes.I like cocks and love to kneel while the man towers over me with his shaved or well-groomed dick and balls right over my face. I like to see how my actions make him hard and horny. I need to wear glasses in order to see proper and like to wear them during sexual encounters as well. I like cocks and I love cum. When given a chance I’ll lick, slurp, eat and swallow all I can get. My mouth and throat are trained by over 2 years of blow-jobs and deep-throats. But I like to get covered with the warm and silky white cream all over my body too. I don’t like condoms and besides the suggestions of my early boyfriend I talked out of it I only met one man who wanted to use a condom (but never got to the point of fucking me). Feeling the semen of a man who defeated me dripping out of me drags the feeling of humiliation. When given the chance I masturbate and press all of the cum out of my body to collect it afterwards with my fingers and lick it all up with my tongue.I like my face and especially my mouth/lips. I also like my teen pussy as well as my overall body-shape and my firm ass. I wish I had bigger tits to attract and please more men. I’ve no piercings or tattoos. I shave myself wet at least 2-3 times a week.My sleeping garment consist of a top, thong and shorts. During cold nights I wear small sock liners in addition. During hot nights I leaf the shorts out.When in public I dress myself appropriate to my nice girl appearance. At the beach or public bath I wear bikinis. When in a mixed sauna, I’ll slackly cover my private parts with a towel.That should cover the frequently asked questions I’ve received and seen asked elsewhere. As I mentioned feel free to comment and ask what you want to know about me (but please keep in mind that I’m maybe not willing to answer or at least not in public).previewIssue #1 will contain a further introduction about the boundaries of my fantasies so far, because I found an online test with a lot of questions surrounding ‘BDSM’ and I like to share my thoughts with you.I wish you all a jolly good time! Till next time. 😉

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