What to Do with a Full Nest Pt. 02

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Well here is my second offering for Literotica. It will contain once again incest and cuckolding although the cuckolding will not appear till later in the story and will not be as extreme as in last story. It involves two families and will change the way they both live. All of the characters are over 18 and there is no sex with anyone under the age of 18.

Joanna Edwards was a nervous wreck because of a phone call and text she had recently received. The combination of the two had rocked her normally unflappable self to the core. The call had been from one of the few friends she had here in Redding and it had left her speechless. What was even worse was the person had requested that she not call back but they would talk about it Tuesday.

She had arranged to have lunch with the person Donna Calloway, the mother of her daughter’s best friend. The subject of the phone call had been her own daughter Trish and then the text had left little doubt as to how authentic it was. Donna had hinted in the phone call that she had done something with both girls this weekend, something of a sexual nature. She had made sure to tell Joanna that the only thing she had done with Trish was on the following text.

Then she received it and it had made her most forbidden and wildest fantasies take over her mind. She had her current lover in the house and was all ready to continue w weekend of fucking and cuckolding her husband Steve when she received the text. She had been naked in her bed in between sessions with George her lover and had been lightly playing with herself. Steve her husband was sitting quietly in the chair they had designated his cuckold’s throne even going as far as having his name engraved on it.

After staring at the photo for a few seconds her fingers had started rubbing herself even more vigorously. She could care less that there was quite the sizable cock right next to her because all her focus was on her fantasy right now. A fantasy that Donna had hinted at could become a reality, the fantasy of having her daughter Trish naked in bed with her.

It had been a fantasy of hers for some time now after seeing her daughter in the shower one day. It had also been the cause of some distance between the two of them much to Joanna’s regret. She missed her daughter terribly but just didn’t trust herself to be alone with her. She had never been the most nurturing of parents and she realized that, she was much more focused on her career. That didn’t make the love she felt for her little girl any less it just wasn’t shown in the ways other mother’s did it.

She was never going to be Donna, the perfect mother who spent hours brushing her daughter’s hair. Instead she wanted to show her daughter an example of a strong willed woman who could make anything happen in her life. She wanted Trish to be strong like her and she knew that it might take years for her to realize what she was trying to show her.

Of course she could never really tell her daughter what she did for a living, well at least not all the details. Trish knew that she was a chief negotiator for the company she worked for. She was the one they would bring in when it looked like a little something extra was needed to get an agreement for their clients. She could never tell Trish that the little something extra was her mother’s pussy, mouth or ass anything needed to get the deal done.

She had been doing this job now for so long that it was hard for her to even remember when she was just a boring faithful wife. She wouldn’t trade anything in the world for all the excitement and nonstop sex that it brought with it. She had even subconsciously exposed it to her husband Steve more than five years ago. She had gotten careless and sloppy and he called her on her whereabouts and all the coming home late for the job.

She could have tried to lie her way out of it all but she just didn’t want to. She figured that if he was going to divorce her she might as well get it out of the way. She loved her husband completely but even the thought of losing him wasn’t enough for her to want to put a check on her runaway sex life. Thinking back there was only one thing that he could probably have threatened her with that might have made her stop, the loss of her daughter.

Of course it had never come to that because instead of flying into a rage and throwing her ass to the curb Steve had done the complete opposite; he got turned on by it. She remembers that first night watching him stroke himself as she relived a number of her encounters. She could see the hunger in his eyes while he pictured his wife fucking both men and women that she wasn’t married to. It was then that she learned what a cuckold was and it had changed their lives completely.

At first his cuckolding had been at the lightest levels, he would just want to hear details when she had a client to take care of. Then as time progressed and they both did research on what being a cuckold was they had each pushed it further. At first it was him Girne Escort hiding in her large walk in closet in the apartment her company maintained for overnight executive stays. Then it had eventually grown to him being in the same room with Joanna and her lovers.

From there the humiliation play had started with both Joanna and her lover ridiculing him about his cock size and abilities. Of course he knew that it was all play for him and his wife especially since some of the men who made fun of his cock were even smaller than him. It had been important that the only people he was in the room with were not clients but instead were just lovers Joanna had chosen. Yes some of them were other executives in the company but there was no risk from them as there might be from any outside party that had monetary interests involved.

Of course allowing himself to be cuckolded by her bosses and co-workers had created more than one sticky situation at company parties. The last three Christmas parties had been especially taxing on his ability to deal with their lifestyle. Joanna made a point of reserving a suite in whatever hotel the shindig was in. She would then disappear as the night went along accompanied at various times with different men and sometimes their wives too.

That had been hard enough to deal with especially the knowing smirks on the faces of the lovers as they returned with his wife. What was the hardest thing to deal with was that every time they returned Joanna would walk up to him with a goblet of Champagne. The Champagne was cloudy and murky because she had allowed her lover’s cum to drip out of her into the glass. He was then expected to toast the recent lover form across the room by raising his glass in salute to the lucky man or couple.

Of course the wildest and most extravagant night of their cuckold lifestyle had been the orgy. It seemed that some of those same couples and men from the company parties would arrange for Joanna to be the centerpiece of a huge gangbang once every three months. It usually evolved into a full blown orgy with the other wives jumping in and helping out too. By the end of it all any women that attended were taken on by every man and woman in attendance. It was also the night that had almost ended their marriage.

Joanna had asked Steve if he wanted to attend one recently, it was the first time she had invited him. It was also the excuse she used to take them to the latest level of their cuckold games, the cock cage. She told him that he could come but he could only watch, he couldn’t even play with himself. He had told her that it sounded wild but he wasn’t sure he could control himself when it came to touching himself. She had then produced the cage, a contraption made of metal and plexiglass that would encase his cock and keep it from getting erect.

They had tried it on that night and she made him wear it for a week before the party. By the time the night of the party had arrived they had purposely not had sex since he had put the cage on. Correction he hadn’t cum since then but he had been expected to service Joanna nightly with his tongue. They had long passed the cream pie level and Steve actually took to cleaning Joanna of another man’s cum like a hungry baby to a full tit. He would make a show of it and relished doing it for his wife often bringing her to even bigger orgasms then whoever’s cock had filled her that night had done.

So the night of the party arrived and they walked into the home of one of the highest executives in the company. There was one rule for the evening; all sex was to take place in the living room which was huge and spacious. There was no sneaking off into corners or anything everything was open and above board. There were five couples in attendance and five single men, and Joanna had to service every one of them before the orgy could start.

That night she had done something she had never done since the first night of her confession about her lifestyle. She sprung something on him by surprise with no warning at all. After they arrived he had endured all the back slapping and welcomes from everyone that would soon be fucking his wife she had told him. She told him that he wasn’t going to be just a passive observer tonight, that it was his job to be cleanup boy all night. That it would be his responsibility to clean her as she got filled all night with his tongue and mouth. That if a man shot his load on her face or her body he was to lick it all off.

Then she added the part that probably sent him over the edge, she told him that not only was he her cleanup boy but he was to perform the same service for all five of the other women there tonight too. The look on his face when she just bluntly told him was expected of him was one she had never seen before. It was pure rage and anger and it looked like he was going to hit her. It was exactly what she had expected the first night of her confession.

He looked her right in the eye and calmly Kıbrıs Escort told her “No, not only no but hell fucking no!”

She was totally shocked because she had come to believe that he would accept anything and everything she pushed on him. One of the bigger bosses with a robe on came over to ask what the problem was. He didn’t want anything fucking up their quarterly sex fest and he was looking forward to seeing Joanna’s pet cuckold perform.

“See here Steve, what seems to be the problem here. Joanna has told us how much you like cleaning up after us when she comes home so what’s the difference. It seems to me you should be overjoyed to get so much of what you seem to love, our tasty fucking cum!”

It was absolutely the wrong thing to say at the very worst possible moment for the big boss. Every ounce of rage and anger that Joanna had seen in Steve’s eyes came roaring out on her boss. He lashed out and with one punch broke the nose of the man who had spoken to him. As he fell to the floor his robe opened and he was about to start stomping the man’s balls. He felt the need to give back some of the humiliation he had accepted in recent years from these people.

Then he stopped because he realized that he had always willingly accepted it from them in fact it had even gotten him off later with Joanna. This tonight though was just too much, too over the top and he knew that Joanna must have known it too. That was why she had sprung it on him as a surprise because she wanted him in a place where he couldn’t refuse. Little did she know that not only would he refuse but he did so emphatically as evidenced by the man on the ground.

He noticed that every eye in the house was now on him and he just stood there. Then he felt the need to say something, not out of anger but out of a need to be understood.

“I see you all staring at me,” he started.

“I’m sorry for the sudden outburst but you all need to understand something. I am not a trained monkey, I don’t perform on demand and what me and my wife share is special between us. Most of you probably think I’m a wimp and less than a man for accepting the things my lovely Joanna does outside our marriage. I don’t really give a shit what you all think of me but I do give a shit about what my wife thinks about me. It seems that I’ve allowed her to think that I will do anything you people ask of her but it isn’t so. What we share in our bedroom is ours and ours alone, even if a lot of it comes after she has shared herself with you. In my eyes there isn’t a woman in this room or any other room that holds a candle to her. I was faced years ago with the choice to accept her insatiable hunger for sex or to turn her loose knowing I would never again meet someone like her. I chose to accept it and surprisingly to me and her it actually excited me. For years now I’ve allowed you all to have fun at my expense but it stops tonight. No more will I accept your disrespect over the gift that my wife gives to you of her body. If we are together after tonight there will be no more cum infused toasts at parties either. I am not going to tell her that she has to stop with any of you but as of this moment on if we meet outside of a bedroom I expect the same respect I give to all of you. So as of this moment on the trained monkey show that you think I am is closed.”

Joanna just stood there speechless over what her husband had said. She also for the first time since they had started playing these games together felt ashamed. She felt ashamed at how she was about to treat the man she loved tonight in front of all these people. She loved working with them all and yes she loved fucking them but no longer at the cost of her marriage. She had never taken the time to think about the weight or burden that was on Steve’s shoulders over what he had accepted. She had always thought he loved everything even the toasts at the parties. Of course she had gotten so caught up in it all that it wasn’t surprising to her that she missed it.

Much to everyone’s dismay and disappointment Joanna took Steve by the hand and they both turned around and left the party. As they stood on the porch outside the mansion she fell against his chest in tears and apologized over and over again for thinking so little of him. She was even more surprised when his arms came up and held her tight against his chest and he whispered in her ear it that everything would be okay.

They rode back home that night leaving behind a houseful of disappointed people and Joanna knew that she would hear about it at work on Monday. She didn’t give a shit right now because she loved Steve and did not want to lose him. He had said it so truthfully to all of them and it was what she needed to have in her heart when she walked in on Monday. She was giving them a gift of her body; it wasn’t a requirement of her job. Yes she loved sex so much more than other women but they needed to remember that and not treat it as if it was an obligation Magosa Escort on her part.

Taking care of the clients was one thing and she loved doing that but she was going to make sure she had his back on every word her husband said tonight. She chastised herself over and over again for assuming that Steve would want what was going to happen tonight. It had been planted in her head by one of her male coworkers after she was telling him how much Steve loved his cream pies. He had offhandedly joked that maybe Steve could play mop up boy at the quarterly gang bang/orgy.

She had allowed the seed of that suggestion germinate inside her head and after talking to others decided she would try and make it happen. The other women and wives that heard her mention it though it was hot and wanted to have Steve clean them up too so Joanna had agreed on that too.

Things were cool around the house that weekend but on Sunday Steve sat her down to talk. He explained to her that he had no desire for them to stop playing the games they did. He loved it all including the humiliation parts, but only here at home. It was something they shared in the privacy of their bedroom and it wasn’t something he wanted to do elsewhere.

She apologized over and over again for having such a sad assumption as she did that he would enjoy what was planned for him that night. She agreed with him that any humiliation play should stay at home and she offered to stop sleeping with co-workers.

Steve laughed at that notion because he knew that Joanna was such a sexual creature that she might promise that right now and have every intention of making it happen. He also knew that her urges would take over and then she would be forced into cheating and he didn’t want that. No he told her, he didn’t want anything to change except the outside humiliation and disrespect from her coworkers.

Then they talked about how it had all come to fruition including her talks with the other wives and woman coworkers. When he heard how hot it had made the other women he threw her a big bone, he offered to let Joanna have couples join them in the house. They could come for the night or even maybe some weekends during which he would maintain his cuckold personality. He would serve them all and perform cleanups whenever necessary as long as it was in the house and that all talk of it would stay in the house.

She had been shocked to hear his suggestion but at the same time extremely turned on because they had never had any of her lovers stay overnight. It had been impossible with Trish living at home but since she would be moving out in a few months for school it would change things. She could imagine how wild a weekend with another couple could be, the three of them fucking and sucking up a storm while her loving cuckold took care of them all. She even knew a few of the couples who would be perfect because the husbands were genuinely nice guys. Not the type to be in Steve’s face all weekend with macho bullshit.

So after Trish had moved out in September she had sat with Steve and asked if he really wanted a weekend like they had talked about. He had enthusiastically agreed and they had a wonderful time so much so that it had been repeated five times since then with three different couples.

Joanna loved the power that came from cuckolding her husband; it made her feel vibrant and alive. It made her feel even sexier than normal to know that she had a man who worshipped her enough to accept all of the humiliation that was put upon him. Oddly enough and most people would never understand this, it made her love him even more than the day they got married.

She had never stopped loving him and his ability to allow her to meet the needs of her insatiable sexual desires had made him love her even more. The whole humiliation thing had grown out of his desire to have it done to him. He seemed to feed off of her cuckolding him in front of other people and it always led to the most amazing sex for him when they finally would be alone. He had no doubts in his mind that his wife loved his cock because she just couldn’t fake the level of her orgasms she had with him.

She actually always confided in the woman that she told of her lifestyle or the woman that they played with as couples how great Steve was in bed. It wasn’t a lie and the other women always wanted to sample him since she crowed about his ability. Unfortunately for them Steve was a freak amongst men, he was completely a one woman man. It was another reason she loved him so dearly.

So after that potentially disastrous situation Joanna thought she had learned a very valuable lesson, complete communication was essential in this kind of relationship. No surprises, no ultimatums would be accepted and nor should they be because they obviously had a great line of understanding already.

That’s why as she was pacing the room she was kicking herself repeatedly right now. She had repeated the same mistake she had made some time ago; she sprung a surprise and an ultimatum at the same time on her husband. It had unfortunately been while right in the middle of their cuckold play and she had told him as her cuckold not as her husband. In her defense the information she had received had made any rational thinking hard to do at the moment.

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