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WED JAN 5 – NEW YEAR SURPRISE!!!!Hi again,oh wow,my first day back at work after the holiday and I have a call early morning from Alana saying she wanted to come round tonight with Charlotte. Both Emma and Sue are suffering with flu the poor darlings,so they were out of the equation and I resisted the temptation to invite Jane and Vicky as I wanted my young girls to myself!. Well that was it,i could not settle all day,i was so excited,my panties were quite wet by 11 a.m. and luckily I had a spare pair in my bag. I confirmed in the afternoon that they would be coming but was not anticipating that they would have let themselves in before I got home. I was welcomed in the hall as I walked in by Alana,dressed in a tight black satin basque,gorgeously edged in lace and of open-bust design,revealing her bounteous breasts, partnered with sheer black ff seamed nylons encasing her long shapely legs and her 6” classic patent courts. As I have mentioned before,she is 19,6 feet tall,platinum blonde and drop dead gorgeous. Her face was fully made up,she had borrowed my estee lauder lipstick and had evidently fragranced herself with my dolce and gabanna. Charlotte,also 19 and a beautiful redhead,was concealing herself behind the kitchen door and she sprang forward excitedly and hugged me and kissed me full on the mouth as we tasted and savoured each other. She too was dressed similarly to Alana and the two of them led me into my lounge,each grasping an arm,and kocaeli escort pushed me onto my leather couch whereupon they began undressing me,first my white cotton blouse,then slipping me out of my tight black pencil skirt with such aplomb. .As it was a routine work day I was not in my stockings but had on my sheer black glossy pantyhose and within 2 minutes I was reduced to just these and my 4 inch strappy high heels. They obviously had a prepared strategy and Alana grabbed hold of my legs and pulled them apart and then using her sharp nails, ripped a hole in my,by now,moist expensive hose so she could push her face right into my soaking crotch while Charlotte positioned herself just above the arm of the couch and eased her shapely bum so it was right over my face and began to wriggle and gyrate as I pushed my tongue right up into her pussy,just sucking her thicker outer lips with my mouth as I did this. Alana was now tongueing me with such dexterity and my hips were already jerking and lifting,oh god I was so wet now and so so excited,this was pure bliss – I was licking Charlotte so deeply and in turn Alana was licking me. I could sense Alana release her mouth and could feel her fingers as she teased all around my clit,using her long lacquered nails to brush against it and she was giving me unbelievable sensations as I moaned and groaned with pleasure. Charlotte was also well on the way,she was grinding her crotch onto my face as escort kocaeli I lapped at her juices,she was holding onto the back of the couch for support and her whole body was vibrating as I held on to her quivering bum. This continued for at least 20 minutes,as we slowed and stopped then re-started again and so on,just keeping each other in that gorgeous zone of deliciousness that really only girls can know about. Just looking down briefly as Charlotte lifted herself from my face before plunging down again so her clit was inserted fully in my mouth,i could see Alana fingering herself feverishly between her legs and then my first orgasm hit me and I jerked so violently I knocked her off balance, but she quickly replaced her lips around my hotspot and proceeded to suck and tongue and rub so that I almost lost it completely and a glorious multiple overtook me as my whole body exploded and I gushed cum straight in her mouth.This spasm caused me to push in a reflex action up into Charlotte and she too erupted and correspondingly gushed copiously herself right down my throat. This was mayhem,i was cumming so hard and so was Charlotte and now Alana was frantically bringing herself off with her fingers,screaming as she did so. Charlotte slid off me and made for Alana,whose flaps were now gushing and wide open,and pushing her down on the L shape of the couch she produced one of her Christmas presents from us girls,a 10 inch black strap on which kocaeli escort bayan she fixed around herself. She then began thrusting this deep into Alana’s pussy with long drawn out strokes and in turn Alana reciprocated with vigorous upward thrusts of her own. Each stroke was accompanied by gorgeous wet,squelching,sucking sounds as the device was pulled out and then reinserted and Alana was bucking and bouncing in utter bliss. While this was going on,i managed to find her other large black dildo and proceeded to push this into Charlotte’s ass and the shrieks that she came out with nearly blew the roof off. You can imagine the volume,we were all moaning as our orgasms overtook us and the pleasure was so intense,there are no words to convey adequately how we felt. After a brief interlude,with refreshments,we continued with really deep sexy kissing,swapping and exchanging tongues as the three of us entwined our bodies in a mass of pure lust and pure sex . I was eating Alana who consequently was tongueing Charlotte and then we rotated and repeated and repeated and rotated for another hour until we just held on to each other,breathing so hard and loving every second. There was lipstick all over my areolae and around my thighs and crotch and the couch luckily had a protective barrier of shower curtains covering it and this was smeared with our cum and lipstick too. This was one wonderful evening and after ordering our chinese food in and satisfying our pangs of hunger,we retired upstairs to my bedroom where my sumptuous super king bed with memory foam was the platform for a continuation of our fun until well past midnight,whereupon we all crashed out,so completely satisfied. Love.Shirl.XXXX.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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