Val Smyth And The Young Waiter

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Valerie Smyth was a fifty-seven-year-old divorcee who owned and ran a medium-sized restaurant and she was hands-on in as much as she spent almost every night working on the premises.She owned a smart cottage, in which she lived alone, on the edge of town but also had a flat above the restaurant and that was where she spent her nights more often than not.She was busy one night and had just taken some empty glasses back to the bar, she helped out with most things, when a female friend of hers, Christine Illingworth said to her, “He is new, where did you get him?” as she nodded towards a young and handsome waiter.”Um, oh he only started this week, his name is Seb Connors,” replied Val who was anxious to get on with some more glass collecting.”Very nice,” persisted Christine, “How old is he?””Oh I don’t know, nineteen I think,” said Valerie who then moved away leaving her friend with her big arse perched on a barstool.When Val returned with another tray of glasses Christine said, “You know he fancies you don’t you?””Don’t be ridiculous, I am old enough to be his mother, grandmother even,” snorted Val.”His eyes followed you all around the room, I think he likes your big arse,” laughed the slightly drunk Christine.”Yeah well, I will have to tell him that you have got a bigger one,” responded Valerie before disappearing again.That was Val’s last trip to the bar for a while but Christine, who was a similar age to Val, continued to watch the new young waiter as she consumed more alcohol.When Val next appeared at the bar about twenty minutes later the even more tipsy Christine said, “Did you put him in those tight trousers on purpose?””Are his trousers tight?” responded Valerie.”Yeah, look at that bulge at the front and he has got a cute arse,” giggled Christine.Now although both almost exclusively heterosexual neither Valerie nor Christine had a man in their lives at the moment, Val mostly because she was too busy and Christine because she had trouble keeping a man for more than a night or two.Valerie did not respond to Christine’s remark about what was inside Seb’s trousers and was soon off again leaving Christine thinking of how she could go about bedding this young man.Christine’s hopes of bedding him that night, at least, were dashed when the taxi that she had ordered to take her bahis şirketleri home arrived but she did tell the barman to say ‘Goodnight’ to Valerie for her.The next morning Christine, with a headache, phoned Valerie, “Well, have you fucked him yet?” she asked.”Fucked who?” replied Valerie, although she knew very well who her friend was talking about.”The boy in the tight trousers that has got the hots for you of course,” said Christine.”No I have not and he has not got the hots for me anyway,”  replied Val who was usually too busy to even think about sex but her friends questioning had put thoughts into her head.The telephone conversation between the two women went on to other things but as the chat was winding down Christine asked, “When did you last have a good shag, Val?””What, oh I don’t know, when did you?” replied Valerie who was actually blushing on the other end of the phone.”Shit, I suppose about two months ago,” responded Christine.”I think I must be closer to two years,” replied Val somewhat wistfully.”There you are then, bed the hunky waiter,” said her friend although Christine knew that she would be jealous if Val actually did.After the conversation was over Valerie thought for a while about the possibilities but then pushed the thoughts out of her head not least because she did not approve of sexual relationships between staff members so there was no way that she would involve herself with an employee.A little later sexual thoughts again came back into Valerie’s head and she thought that Christine was right, she probably did need a good shag. She had a selection of sex toys that she used on herself from time to time if she was not too exhausted after another day and night in the restaurant but the idea of an actual hard throbbing penis appealed to her all of a sudden.She was then disgusted and annoyed with herself for even thinking about a boy who was literally one-third of her age in that way.Despite her disgust and annoyance, she found herself looking at young Mister Connors during his shift that day and Christine was right on all counts because his trousers were tight, he did have a bulge at the front and he did have a cute arse. She was also right that Val had a big arse, although Christine’s was bigger, but she very much doubted that Christine was right bahis firmaları about the young waiter having the hots for her.Actually, during Seb’s shift, Val did once inadvertently make eye contact with him and they held it for longer than was ‘natural’ and she found herself smiling at him and he nervously smiled back.That night she put a vibrating dildo in her cunt and came harder than she had for a long time as thoughts of Seb Connors filled her head. Not too far away the nineteen-year-old waiter masturbated thinking of his boss that was way out of his league.The next morning Valerie phoned the woman that had been a friend for the best part of forty years although she suspected that Christine would take the piss out of what she was going to say, “Chris, I can’t get that boy out of my head, what am I to do?”Christine surprised her by not taking the piss but answered rather sensibly, well for Christine anyway, “It seems to me you have two choices, Val, either fuck him or sack him.””I can’t sack him, I have got nothing to sack him for, ” replied Valerie.”Well then, you have got your answer haven’t you?” was her friend’s response before Christine added, “But can I have him after you?”Valerie laughed and then said, “Maybe he can have us both at the same time?” and although they both laughed they both thought of the possibilities.The two women had actually seen each other naked a time or two over the years and once when they were both pretty drunk, they had had sex together.Seb Connors currently had an on-off relationship with a girl of his age and had been to bed with a couple more of similar age. He had found that he was fancying older women more and more although the only time that he could claim to have been with an older woman was when he had a quickie with the sister of a mate of his at a party, although she was only two years his senior.He was due at work mid-afternoon this day and would be working until closing time but what he did not know when he parked in the restaurant car park was that his boss was thinking in terms of him being there well beyond closing. Val had decided that tonight she was going to give the boy the chance to bed her although she had not yet decided on a strategy. She was also not convinced that Christine was correct in believing that the youth actually kaçak bahis siteleri fancied her.She was a very attractive woman and although her backside was big it was still quite firm and her tits, although large, did not sag. She prided herself in the fact that she did not look her fifty-seven years and could no doubt have had more males in her life if she had not put almost all of her thoughts and efforts into the restaurant since her divorce almost a decade previously.That evening the restaurant was busy but not exceptionally so and Val was not rushing around quite as much as she normally did. There was a slack moment and, although she had had second thoughts, Val decided to make her move.”Seb, could I see you in my office for a moment please?” she said to the startled looking young man but she quickly added, “You have done nothing wrong.”Seb followed her towards her office with his eyes on the tight black skirt that hugged her plentiful arse although he had no idea why she wanted to see him in her office.On reaching the office Val instructed him to shut the door and she put her backside down on her desk rather than sitting in the chair behind it.For a moment there was silence and Seb became aware of the intoxicating smell of the expensive perfume that Val was wearing.Val became aware of the bulge in the boy’s trousers that he was mentally fighting to control.”Well Seb, you have been here about two weeks, how are you enjoying it?” she said, at last breaking the silence.”Um, I am enjoying it very much thank you, Mrs Smyth,” he replied a bit self-consciously.”That is good to hear,” responded Val who, for a moment, thought of leaving it there and abandoning all ideas of sex with this boy but another glance at his crotch persuaded her otherwise.There was then a period of silence before she added, “We like having you here.””Thank you, Mrs Smyth,” he replied because there did not seem to be anything else to say.”You are a very good looking young man,” Val heard herself saying before she had really meant to say it.”Thank you, Mrs Smyth,” he again said because there did not seem to be anything else to say although now he was blushing.Val’s lips were again working ahead of her brain when she found herself saying, “My friend Christine says that she thinks that you have the hots for me Seb, is she correct?””Um, well I ….” the flustered young man started as he hoped that his cock would not spunk in his trousers.”Do you find me attractive Seb?” asked Val who wriggled her big arse on the desk a little bit. 

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