The Suggestible Roommate Ch. 05

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Matt’s face cracked with dry cum when he awoke. His ass was sore from the use the previous day. He groaned when he rolled and sat on the edge of the bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked across the room.

John, his master, was still asleep. Matt’s morning wood pressed against his belly. Normally, Matt would go to the bathroom and take care of the morning situation. Not today, not anymore. His master hadn’t permitted him.

His master, his master, Matt’s master; he repeated it in his mind, it was in tune with the beat. It was the beat that never seemed to stop in their dorm since he met John. The song on repeat it seemed yet Matt never got tired of it. It had words, maybe, sometimes, not always.

“Obey John. John is Master. Matt is submissive. Obey John.” He repeated along with the song. Matt hoped it wouldn’t wake his Master. He wanted his master pleased, and rested. Headphones. His master had given him headphones and earbuds so he could keep listening to the song without disturbing his master.

Matt grinned. His master was smart. His master was amazing. His master was his world. Matt’s body shuddered at the thought. His cock bobbed. Matt looked down at the pearl of pre-cum oozing from the slit.

Matt’s index finger swiped at it. Matt stuck it in his mouth and suckled on it. Cum. His mouth was where cum went. It made his master happen when Matt had cum in his mouth. Matt was happy when his Master was happy.

There was a small voice in the back of Matt’s mind that told him it was wrong. Wanting cum was wrong. It was bad. He wasn’t gay. Only gay guys wanted cum. Matt wasn’t gay. His master wanted him to have cum in his mouth, and Matt obeyed his master. That didn’t make him gay. That made him a good boy. Matt used the logic to silence that voice.

Matt grabbed his shower caddy. He checked the contents: shampoo, soap, shaving lotion, washcloth, and razor. He frowned. It was an old razor. He needed a new razor. Master didn’t like body hair. Matt needed to rid himself of body hair to please his master.

Taking two brand new razors with him, Matt went to the bathroom to take care of things. It took longer than expected. He had to really stretch to ensure he got between his ass cheeks and under his sack. All the while, the waterproof earbuds kept playing the song over and over. Matt kept mumbling along.

“Obey John. John is Master. Matt is submissive. Matt obeys John. Matt submits to John. John’s pleasure is Matt’s pleasure. Matt obeys John. Obey John. John is Master. Matt is submissive. Matt obeys John.”

When Matt returned to the room, the only hair on his body was on his head. John was awake and sitting at his desk. He turned when Matt entered the room. John eyed him, or well he eyed the towel around Matt’s waist.

Matt looked down. How foolish of him! Matt immediately dropped the towel and stood with his full-on erection pointing out from his now bald pelvis.

John stood and approached Matt. Matt held his breath. He knew his master was inspecting him. He knew his master would tell if he did a good job. He needed John’s approval. He needed his Master to enjoy his body. That was Matt’s purpose, to bring pleasure to John.

John ran his hand over Matt’s chest. Matt’s nipples spiked into hard pebbles. John smiled and grazed them. He took them between his fingers and pinched. Matt let out a squeak and lifted up on his toes. Matt’s cock bobbed.

John chuckled. “They are sensitive?”

“Yes, Master.” It got easier to say, Matt realized. John was his Master. He needed to say it. It felt good to say it. It was right to say it.

“Good boy.” John cooed. Matt shuddered as the wave of praise ripple through him.

John’s hands left Matt’s nipples and circled to his back. John walked behind him and gripped the rounded cheeks. Matt had a nice bubbled butt which John was pulling the cheeks apart now. “Bend a bit,” John instructed.

“Yes, Master,” Matt responded as he leaned and spread his legs. He felt exposed. Cool air on his anal pucker sent a shiver through him. It was wrong, that small voice cried. Stop that! The voice said. “I obey Master,” Matt whispered.

John gave him two affectionate swats to his cheeks. Matt’s butt bounced in response. “You obey you, Master?” John taunted.

Matt’s face grew hot, and he knew he blushed. “Yes, Master.” He admitted, and it felt so good to say. “I obey Master.” He announced and his cock bobbled.

“That’s a good boy,” John said as his hand slid between Matt’s cheeks, down to his sack.

John gripped Matt’s balls. Matt let out another squeal as the sensation spiraled around his cock. It felt amazing to have his master’s hands on him. His balls were sensitive now that they were hairless. “MMMM” Matt moaned as John squeezed Matt’s testicles.

“Are they full?” John asked teasingly.

“Yesssssss, Masssster.” Matt closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling. It was as if John pulsed his squeezes in time with the beat in Matt’s earbuds.

“You haven’t released them today?” John pressed.

“No, urfa escort Master.” Matt was quick respond. His master did not permit him. He was a good boy. Good boys didn’t cum without permission. Matt desperately needed to be a good boy.

Four slight pats from John’s hand to Matt’s balls sent Matt up on his toes. “Ahhh!” Matt cried with each pat. He felt it up in his gut. They were gentle, but still, it was a sensitive area. An area made more sensitive by the fact that they were indeed full of cum.

“You really are a good boy,” John whispered in Matt’s ear.

Matt again shook with the hot breath and closeness of his master. John’s hand slid around Matt’s hips. Matt humped immediately. One of John’s hand gripped Matt’s balls again and tugged them roughly away from his body. The skin connecting the orbs to Matt’s pelvis pulled tight.

“Uggghhh.” Matt groaned as his head fell back onto John’s shoulder.

John’s other hand slowly stroked the smooth erection. “You are hairless,” John observed.

“To please my Master,” Matt responded breathlessly.

“Why do you want to please your master?” John queried in Matt’s ear while he pinched the tip of Matt’s cock.

Matt lifted one leg as if this would alleviate the pain. It did not so he continued to wince. “Because I am a good boy Master.” He pleaded with red cheeks.

Why was it so important to him to please John? He just met the guy. They barely knew one another. How degrading was this to be naked, bald from the neck down, and to not only have his roommate jerking him off but Matt was enjoying it. He wasn’t gay. He told himself. He wasn’t gay.

“You are a good boy.” John stroked Matt with long slow strokes.

Matt whimpered as his cock strained in John’s hand. He couldn’t cum. He didn’t have permission. Though he throbbed each time, John touched the mushroomed end of his dick.

Matt pushed his ass back against John. He felt it. He felt that erection behind John’s sweatpants pressed between Matt’s naked ass cheeks.

How he wanted it. Matt’s eyes opened wide. Did he want it? The thought was foreign to him. Did he want John’s cock? How could he? He wasn’t gay.

Matt shook his head. No. No, he didn’t. He didn’t want cock. The thought of cock turned his stomach. Didn’t it? It should. It used to. Why didn’t it then?

“Oooohhhh.” Matt let out another moan as John picked up the pace of his stroking of Matt’s cock. Matt humped into his hand and thus thrust his ass into John’s pelvis, against John’s cock. It was just like in the field.

Matt’s mind drifted to the field. The way he was jerked off by a stranger. He was high on ecstasy. He had poppers. He wasn’t in control of his own faculties.

Now though, now Matt was in control. Matt thrust his cock into John’s hand harder. Matt knew what he was doing. Matt wasn’t gay. He gritted his teeth. He just, he was, he was obeying. He obeyed his Master.

As the word “obey” hit his brain he shuddered and groaned louder than before. It felt good to obey. It felt like an orgasm to obey.

“Maattttt,” John whispered in his ear waking Matt from his thoughts.

“Yes? Yes. Yes, Master?” Matt repeated panting.

“Can you cum?” John pinched Matt’s cockhead again.

“No, Master,” Matt whined. “Please Master,” Matt added. “I need to Master. Please, Master.”

John’s hand stopped stroking. The other kept pulling at his nuts. Matt kept pumping his hips. He needed it. John’s hand, however, was planted at Matt’s pelvis. He got no further stimulation.

“You are not permitted to cum Matt.” John reminded him. “You are in training aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” Matt felt dejected. His cock was surely purple. Matt’s hips stopped. He stood breathing heavily with John at his back.

“You want to cum?” John brought his other hand down and cupped Matt’s heavy balls.

“Yes, please Master, I will be a good boy Master,” Matt begged. “I will do anything you say. Please, Master.”

John chuckled knowingly. “You already obey me, Matt. What is in it for me if you I let you shoot this load?”

Matt whimpered. “I-I-I.” Matt’s mind went blank. He had nothing to offer his Master. He had nothing to barter. He already obeyed his Master.

“That’s right Matt.” John released him.

Matt immediately felt the loss. It pained him. He wanted his Master near him. He wanted to touch him. Matt turned to face John. Matt’s erection grazed John’s pants. A streak of pre-cum stained John’s pants from Matt’s movement.

John looked down and frowned. He looked up at Matt with a glare.

Matt looked, and his eyes went wide. “Master!” He fell to his knees immediately. Matt proceeded to lick at his master’s pants. He sucked at the fabric. He desperately tried to get every bit of his own pre-cum off his Master. “I’m sorry Master. I am so sorry.”

John crossed his arms over his chest. “You can’t control that thing can you?” John growled.

Matt looked up pathetically. “No, Master.”

“It’s balıkesir escort a distraction isn’t it?” John asked.

“Yes, Master.” Matt hung his head defeated by his own cock. The thick member strained, purple, and veiny as it begged for attention.

“Do you want your master to take the distraction away?” John offered. “So you can focus on your true purpose?”

Matt looked up hopeful: “Yes, Master!” Matt cried immediately.

Though his brain sounded the alarm. Wait a minute Matt! That little voice returned. Take it away? What is he going to do? Stop Matt! Matt, you aren’t gay! Matt! The little voice was merely a whisper. Matt needed to please his master. That was Matt’s true purpose.

“What is your true purpose, Matt?” John asked stroking Matt’s cheek.

“To obey and please my Master,” Matt said confidently. But not be gay. The voice added. Matt wasn’t gay.

John smiled down at Matt while he ran his knuckles across Matt’s cheekbone. “Good boy Matt. There’s an adult bookstore a few blocks away. We can go there and get some supplies to fix our little distraction problem.”

“Yes, Master.” Matt agreed eagerly. He wanted to please his master. He had never been to an adult bookstore before. He had no idea what was in store for him.

“You know those lycra shorts you use for when you go the gym?” John ran his fingers through Matt’s hair.

Matt got goosebumps. His cock bounced again. John wasn’t even touching him anywhere sexy, and Matt was horny. “Yes, Master.” He remembered them.

“You will put those on, with no boxers or anything,” John instructed. “You will wear a T-shirt and some flip-flops. That will please me, Matt.”

Matt shuddered. “Yes, Master. I want to please you.” Matt admitted.

“Good boy. I know you do.” John stopped touching Matt, and Matt pouted. “Go get dressed.”

Matt scrambled to his feet. He sprinted the few steps to his dresser. He yanked open the drawers and tossed the clothing around. He pulled out the navy, lycra shorts he used for working out.

Matt stepped into them and tugged them up his body. His smooth skin seemed more sensitive to the slick fabric. His erection pinned down his leg as he positioned himself inside. He stifled the moan as he adjusted himself within the fabric.

He was on the verge of orgasm. If something breathed on him the right way, he would shoot within his pants. That wouldn’t please his master. Matt tried to think of anything that would lower his erection as he tugged on a tight white shirt.

He tried to think of hairy man ass. His cock pulsed. He paused. That was confusing. He wasn’t gay. However, his go-to for erection dismissal just made him tingle. He closed his eyes and envisioned the dirtiest biker-looking, beer belly, unshaven, slob he could think of naked.

That had to do it. Nope. Matt’s cock raged on. If anything, it made Matt salivate at the thought of eating his ass. Matt blushed. What the fuck had happened to him. He wasn’t fucking gay!

Matt turned to John; he had slipped on a pair of jeans and polo shirt. John grinned. “Oh, that is lovely.” He said with his attention on the outline of Matt’s erection.

“Master, it won’t go down,” Matt admitted shamefully.

John feigned sympathy, “Have you tried thinking of ugly men?”

Matt gaped at his master. How had he known? “Yes, Master.” He said sheepishly.

“And you’re still hard?” John asked in faux shock.

Matt hung his head. “Yes, Master.” He replied even though the condition was obvious.

“You’re gay man.” John snickered.

Matt’s head shot up. “No, Master!” Matt objected. “I’m not gay. I’m straight.”

John closed the distance between them and gripped Matt’s cock through the lycra. Matt moaned immediately and thrust his hips forward. “You’re fucking hard Matt,” John growled.

“Yes, Master.” Matt whimpered as John proceeded to stroke him.

“You thought of a man, and you still are hard.” John pointed out while squeezing Matt’s cock head.

Matt whined and danced from foot to foot. “Yes, Master.”

“You’re fucking gay Matt.” John declared.

“Master,” Matt pleaded with open eyes. “Please Master. I’m straight.” He protested weakly.

John relented. He patted Matt’s cock. “Of course you are.” He snickered.

Matt hung his head in shame and followed John out the door.

Thought the drive John alternated between stroking Matt through his shorts and letting Matt touch himself. Each time Matt would get close, John would stop him.

Matt was on the edge of orgasm. His brain fogged with submission. He was driven by the need to release. The recorded messages that looped in his ears from the earbuds, which he had forgotten existed, kept feeding Matt suggestions about submission and obeying. Matt was putty in John’s hands.

They entered the store and Matt was slick was sweat. He was a step behind John and followed him with a bowed head. He didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone there. trabzon escort He clasped his hands over his crotch in an attempt to hide his erection.

John stopped at the counter. He turned and looked at Matt. He tsk’ed. “Matt!” He scolded. “What are you doing?”

Matt looked up at John red-faced. In his peripheral vision, he saw the older man behind the counter. Matt whimpered.

“Matt?” John crossed his arms and lifted a brow.

“Master?” Matt trembled as the word crossed his lips. How embarrassing! He had just called his roommate Master in front of this pervert. It was one thing to play in the privacy of their own room. What was Matt thinking?

John pointed to Matt’s hands which covered his crotch. He didn’t say anything else.

Matt whined and looked up at the older gentleman who had gotten up from his stool. He was balding. He had liver spots. He had a gut and flabby arms. Matt was mortified. The man seemed very interested as his steely eyes swept over Matt appreciatively.

Slowly, Matt’s hands fell to his sides. His raging hard-on, secured to his leg by the tight stretchy material, proudly bulged forth. Matt could have crawled into a hole and died. How did he get here?

John smiled. “Good boy.” He praised.

Matt’s cock twitched, and Matt covered his face. How did this happen? What was happening to him?

“Seems ya’ got an out a’ control Willie.” The old man observed pointing to Matt.

“Yeah,” John agreed and leaned on the counter. “I was wondering what you had in stock to sort of corral that. You see my boy here,” he thumbed toward Matt who had let his hands fall and now stood gaping at the two of them talking about him. “he can’t control the thing. It’s getting in my way. See, we aren’t gay.” John mocked.

Matt cowered. He felt utterly helpless. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t stop anything. He just stood there with an erection that just wouldn’t go down while he his master and some old guy mocked him. He had sunk extremely low. Why was it making him so goddamn horny?

The old man nodded. “I see, quite a pickle.” He stroked his chin. “Have ya tried poppers?”

“Yes!” John exclaimed. “The horndog went through like two bottles last night and still shot his load with a plug right up his ass.”

Matt gaped as John recalled their evening activities. His face was a deep shade of scarlet. The heat radiate throughout his body.

Please, John. Do what John says. Matt is John’s boy. Matt is John’s toy. Obey John. Please, John. Do what John says. Matt is John’s boy. Matt is John’s toy. The words had changed the beat remained. It repeated in Matt’s brain.

The old man clucked his tongue. “Seems to me you need yourself a cage.”

Matt awoke from his trance-like focus on the music in his head. He blinked. “A cage?” he found his voice.

John chuckled. “You think he would fit in one?” John turned his attention to Matt. “Show the nice man what we are working with Matt.”

Matt hesitated. He looked at the man. He looked back at John. “Master?” He said a bit louder than before. John raised a brow. Matt quickly pulled down his waistband so that his cock and his very full balls sprung free. “Yes, Master.”

“Good boy.” John praised and stepped to place his hand on the stiffness.

Matt closed his eyes and moaned. “Maasssttterrr.”

John laughed as his hand slowly worked down the shaft and back up. “I feel like he might be a bit big for a cage.”

“Nah,” The old man came down from the counter. “May I?” He asked.

John nodded and took his hand away. Matt pumped his hips and opened his eyes.

He gasped when the old man’s hand gripped him at the root and yanked Matt toward him. Matt shuffled as the tight shorts limited his movements. Matt looked at John for reassurance as the old man assessed Matt’s prick.

John stepped behind Matt. He lifted Matt’s shirt and pulled Matt against him. John’s hands moved up Matt’s chest and found his nipples. He tweaked and pulled on them gently. “It pleases me, Matt, to see you so eager to let anyone touch you.” He whispered in Matt’s ear.

Matt melted immediately. He pleased his master. Matt closed his eyes while the old man’s hand pumped his prick and pinched his mushroomed end.

The zing of each tweak to Matt’s nipples was felt in his cock. Each stroke of his cock threatened his explosion. He didn’t have permission to release.

The old man once again clucked his tongue. “Yeah, you gotta empty ’em good before you lock ’em up.” The old man assessed as he cupped Matt’s very full testicles. Matt groaned and shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“I want to train him on anal ejaculation,” John stated. Matt shuddered.

The old man chuckled. “Milk ’em eh?” He resumed pinched Matt’s cock head.

It did nothing to stop the erection. If anything Matt only pulsed harder. Matt breathed heavily. He squirmed against John’s chest.

“That would be lovely. One of those ruined orgasms. I don’t want him to have pleasure.” John sinisterly stated as he pulled harder on Matt’s nipples.

Matt’s eyes opened wide. No pleasure? No pleasure? He whined. John shushed him. Matt silenced and closed his eyes again. He tried to focus on all the touching and hands on him. God, he was horny. He needed a release.

“We could ice him down and cram him in.” The old man suggested.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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