The Researcher Ch. 02

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Please remember this is a copyrighted work and all legal disclaimers apply.

This is a work of Fiction and will have additional chapters. Chapter One error: Maris’s lover; Jon is his nickname and Serge is his given name.

Thank you for your comments.



I slept roughly that night. My dreams were filled with images of women and strap-on phallus and slick pussies. I had no way of settling what I should do or determining why Maris was with me after what I’d witnessed. I could see her in my dreams mumbling her desire for her Mistress to fuck her. I wondered if there was a fantasy she held for me.

Having had a restless sleep I’d overslept. When I awoke Maris was already gone. I made a coffee and saw her text.

‘called to the lab early’

So now I had to decide. Do I simply pack and leave? Or do I allow her to explain her new relationships? This wasn’t a casual sex romp. She had been having sex with her fellow workers, in the lab. Worse was how strongly the two Mistress’s seem to feel they could control her and their other lovers. I’d heard them speaking to two different women. I concluded this because I’d witness two sexual acts. I’d seen two women taken. More I’d seen Hannah fucking my girlfriend’s bottom.

Maris was the one I loved but could she be in love with me and still worship those two? Though we weren’t married we were a couple and her sexual adventure was at the least cheating. Could this be just a slight detour or would she abandon me and my love? She had not seemed to sense I was anxious nor aware; that I had a clue of her office sexual activities. I felt I still needed her in my life but could I share her, her love, her sex with those two strong women?

My heart wanted to find a way of passionately asking Maris why she’d fallen for these women but I saw no opening without exposing my voyeurism. And what of my staying here in her flat? I could get a room for a few nights, a hotel. Then maybe rent a small flat. My last paycheck was reasonable and I had my savings. Why had I used that damn passkey that first night?

I received a text from Maris :

‘tomorrow we need some time together to settle some things’

I was anxious and shouldn’t have responded but I did :

‘what things?’

The next message came in an instant “

‘your behavior must be revised’

After that I felt miserable. Could she have known I had been in the lab? Maybe there was a camera or someone monitored the passkey activity. She was my lover but I sensed something was going to change.

I decided to do some research about girls, I mean about lesbian sexuality.

Two hours later I was still reading of lesbians and their sexual intercourse. A large number of websites I visited discussed the lesbian lifestyle and their varied sexuality amazed me. The subtle subgroups and types of women calling themselves lesbian seemed infinite. Many women wanted only the simple love of another female. Others liked to munch on each other but still wanted penetration. I loved oral too but I had never had anal sex. I hadn’t heard mention of it in the locker room or from my male friends except as a derogatory put down. Yet I didn’t see it as out of bounds. I loved to look and play with Maris’s soft bottom therefore why hadn’t I suggested we try anal? She had seemed to truly love being taken by Hannah.

I entered a new search: ‘bossy girlfriend’ and I found a site that described Maris’s behavior. I considered whether my desire and the sexual behavior I’d seen reflected some insecurity and therefore imbalance in our relationship. I may have led her to those two women. She was the primary bread earner and owner of the home. These were just two of the things I’d relinquished. My accepting her lead was only partially due to my work. She had started long ago to be the initiator of our sex. My asking last night had become typical, only the denial was new. I considered whether I wanted to feel the power of Maris leading me with her sexuality. I had slowly become a man who waited for what he wants.

I considered sending the following text :

‘what do you want of me?’

I deleted it. One of the things about last night was the cheating. Wasn’t she cheating if penetration was involved? But I hadn’t interrupted her sex play. So wasn’t I just as guilty?

On another site I discovered I read about how different lesbians hate any form of penetration while another love using cock toys. The range of mindsets and some of the subtle characters surprised me. Many, but not all of lesbians wanted no men in their lives. I wondered if Maris was moving toward this. Others were into soft submission and some further explored the serious dominant-submission situations. I could see a hint of that from how Maris responded to the two women last night.

I was semi-hard as I looked at the imagery that was filed as ‘lesbian’. I started to understand the naked versus the ‘dressed’ visuals of some lesbian women. My head also saw that most males saw lesbians as bebek escort an arousal without being aware that these were women who wanted love, just not a guy. I read that there were some lesbians that used their dress, their lingerie to define their power over others including men. The fact that I was searching was a sign of my inherent submissiveness.

“Maris we’ll split the driving,” Hannah said as she turned toward the Holland Tunnel.

As she drove south Hannah spoke of her relationship with Kate, “When I met her Kate was twenty-six and James had been unfaithful. He was nine years older. She had been hurt and I was a few years younger. She seduced me. She claims I was her first female lover.”

“She asked me about you,” Maris turned with a look of surprise as Hannah continued, “oh maybe three weeks back when she came by the lab and saw you entering the restroom. She enjoyed looking at your butt. My Mistress Kate loves building her harem and she loves only femmes.”

Maris was quietly listening as Mistress Hannah spoke, “I wasn’t certain whether she could win your heart when I’d left to see my Mom.” Hannah glanced at Maris, “I see Kate hasn’t started to push you to dress appropriately Maris. She will. There will be additional funds gifted for that.”

Maris considered explaining the first attempt when she rebuffed Kate; quite an aggressive woman Maris thought. Somehow she had resisted Kate for a few days. Though what difference did it make now. Mistress Kate had been persistent. She had succumb to the beautiful woman. The details were unimportant.

“Have you thought of your boy? He will probably leave you when you explain the situation. Being a lesbian, living with women who, though not in a slave role.” Hannah paused, “You understand Maris that you are not owned? Controlled yes, but not owned. None of us are slaves to Mistress Kate but Jon may simply flee Maris when you tell him.”

Maris considered the statement. “I guess I’m still figuring this out still Mistress Hannah. The attraction and loving together with her will seems to be at the earliest stage. Mistress Kate has mentioned that she loves several others but their names are not known to me.”

Hannah drove but glanced again at Maris who was looking toward her. Their eyes met when Hannah looked back every few seconds, “Each of them is special and unique.”

Mistress Hannah reached for Maris stocking covered knee.

Smiling she said, “Mistress Kate has carefully selected each of you. Her demands are easily met Maris so I guess your non-answer regarding Jon fits. You’re the one who determines your sexuality. I have met through Kate several involved lesbians who still maintain a man, even a husband. These men are themselves unique for they share their world with a woman who needs the passion of other women. I’m not certain how they find such a man.”

They drove in silence for some minutes across the flat terrain.

“Maris, you do love Jon?”

Now Maris turned toward the landscape, “Yes”.

I tried to reach Maris on her cell. I hoped she wouldn’t answer because then I would have to start asking questions; no answer. Hanging-up I considered how I would initiate the discussion regarding what I’d seen last night and last week. Each scenario I made came back to my having violated her privacy, their privacy. I felt like a heel. The three text I’d sent weren’t responded to.

Last night’s vision was banging around still; Maris asking for a cock to open her bottom.

Finally just before Noon she called me back on the hardline. She was traveling with Hannah to Philly and would be staying overnight due to the follow-up with a professor at Penn. I said that we needed to talk but I’d resisted hinting of the subject of her text.

“Jon, I think we need more than a talk. My work is affecting my life and ,” I heard another voice, “Jon, I must hang-up.”

Now I had to consider her incomplete statement. Was she going to push me away or did she need my help prioritizing the work and her life with me? Was I the man who could pull her back from her sexual adventure or the guy who would still love a woman who would wander and love other women?

As Maris drove and approached Philly Hannah asked about how she saw her relationship being changed by the love of her mistress’s.

Maris sat considering her response, “Well Jon has filled my life in so many ways Mistress Hannah.”

She knew she was being oblique; the question remained. Could she be a loving partner and maintain the needs of her two demanding mistress’s?

Hannah sat quietly waiting for Maris to understand the conflict. Was it a matter of her submissiveness or sexuality? The deep love of another requires being dependent and one. Maris considered the question as they drove over the river and Hannah sat waiting. As they approached Penn Maris offered an answer.

“Jon needs me and therefore I may be capable of being more to him. He is not a dominant male but rather soft, yet not a istanbul escort true submissive. I feel I may be able to service Mistress Kate and yourself and yet hold Jon close.”

Hannah considered her answer, “That may be correct Maris. Just as I can love Kate I’m also fully submissive to her. Jon doesn’t come across as a cocksman.”

Maris considered and offered, “I don’t want a cuckold but I can’t see how he’ll handle you Mistress?”

Hannah suggested, “Is his sexual ability strong or typical? I mean to ask, what is the basis of your attraction?”

The question was left as they had arrived at Penn.

I had found a video on-line that had caused me pause. I watched the entire scene. A woman made her boyfriend sit by and watching her lesbian lover fuck her. She had loosely tied his hands behind his back and he sat in the chair beside the bed as the two females licked and fucked each other. I had a hard-on during the entire clip.

Hannah had run the meeting though Maris was the one whose work was presented. Maris enjoyed watching her new lover leading the discussion and answering most of the questions.

“Maris can fill in the details. She is capable of following my lead.” Hannah excused herself and Maris spoke for fifteen minutes then Hannah came back. The four Penn scientists, two men and two female post-grad assistants, brought Maris and Hannah to their lab to review the alternative layout of their experiment.

By the later afternoon it had been a long day. At five-thirty Hannah suggested they all get a drink. Maris quietly walked behind Hannah to the local bar her eyes on Hannah’s bottom and stocking covered legs. Her own heels sounded on the concrete. The other two women were wearing flats and pants. She wondered about how she would explain herself to Jon, to me.

Four weeks earlier Maris wasn’t even on Kate radar and therefore Hannah’s. Kate had met the woman who worked for her partner but Maris was Hannah’s best researcher and the lab was involved in serious work. One day Kate appeared at the lab around three in the afternoon but Hannah was away. Maris had her back to the door but heard the sound of heels clicking on the terrazzo floor.

As she turned she asked, “Hello?” to see the tall beauty wearing what had to be a vintage Dior dress.

“Oh hello Kate.”

Kate stepped to the adjacent desk, “Hannah told me you’d be alone this afternoon.”

Maris stopped what she was working on. Kate wasn’t her boss but she was a Partner with James in his studies. She looked so gracious in the knee-length dress and her four-inch pumps, “Is that a vintage?”

Kate moved a little closer and her dress opened at a partial slit to expose her leg and the clasp of one of her garters. “Why yes Maris. One doesn’t often meet a scientist, a researcher who knows women’s fashion.”

Kate generally did nothing to help run the place though she had an advanced degree in Microbiology. Maris was surprised to have Kate break-up the day.

“Is there something I can do for you Kate? I’m just running a backdate file.”

Kate moved so that her long legs were extended as her bottom rested on the desk edge, “I was coming by to just say hello Maris.”

Hannah normally worked in low heels with a lab coat over her dresses. Seeing Kate in an expensive dress, heels and nude hose’ shook Maris. The woman was like having a model speak with you but about cellular division. She hadn’t spent more than thirty minutes speaking with Kate during the previous eighteen months she’d been a paid research assistant at the lab. Now Kate was clearly hanging out but in Maris’s suite.

“Oh, thank you,” and Maris turned the screen of her laptop back on.

“Maris I do need something from you,” Kate stepped to stand near the desk as Maris glanced up to Kate’s eyes.


Kate reached to touch Maris, implying her desire for Maris to stand as well. “Come look at me Maris.”

The hand remained on Maris’s elbow as the two tall women stood, “You know I’ve been watching you for several weeks. I stayed clear as Hannah wanted you to accomplish the runs for James. But she suggested you’d have a moment this week.”

“A moment for what Kate?” Maris was now anxious.

Kate moved closer so that their hips were almost touching, “Without my heels I’d be just a bit taller,” and she slipped her pumps off. “See, I can adore your face without looking downward Maris.”

Now Maris realized that Kate was wasting her time. “Kate I’m going to have to cool you off.” She moved back a step.

“Though I appreciate your interest I have a boy in my live, and you have Hannah. Please don’t. Don’t push me okay?”

Kate also backed off a step and looked to her heels slipping one on as Maris sat back down. As her foot slipped the second heel on she sat her bottom on Maris’s desk.

“I’ve heard that but one can have many diversions Maris.” Her hand moved as she said this to again touch Maris.

Maris pulled her hand quickly beyoğlu escort away again, “Kate, I’m not into girls okay?”

Kate smiled and looked down to the face of the seated woman, “I’ve never read a girl wrong Maris. You can say whatever. We’ll see. My body longs to play with yours Maris. Give it some thought please,” and Kate stood and moved a step toward the door but she paused.

“I love that you’ve handled my pass so well for a girl who thinks she hetero.”

Maris huffed when she heard this, “I’ll be just fine without an additional lover in my life Kate.”

Maris was daydreaming about this event as Hannah kept the other scientist’s engaged at the pub. She looked at Hannah’s legs, near but the tablecloth covering them. She watched as her Mistress subtly pulled back the linen and Maris was startled to see Hannah’s nakedness. She closed her eyes and recalled Mistress Kate.

Maris recalled how she had awoken in the middle of the night. That first pass by Kate had stirred something. She slipped out of our bed trying not to waken me. She needed to pee but when she was alone her mind turned to Kate and she could feel her body moistening. She had never allowed such a thought to take hold but Kate’s seduction became something. Finished with her toilet she went back to bed but didn’t sleep immediately. Now she though of Hannah not of Kate.

“Maris has a complete flashdrive with the data,” it was Hannah speaking and Maris was caught off guard by the statement.

“Maris? Oh, she did the large part of the drive south. She is tried poor girl.” Hannah suggested they leave but the lead mentioned some history that included James.

“Do say hello for me. I won’t be at the lab for tomorrows discussions.” He was standing to leave.

Maris again recalled Kate’s seduction as the man spoke of the event seven years ago. She looked at Hannah. Looked at her Mistress. Last week she had wanted to have Hannah stop Kate but was worried that Hannah might act offended. Maris thought of quizzing Hannah about Kate but thought better of it. Now she remembered hearing Hannah later that day when she was leaving early, “I’ll see you tomorrow Hannah,” she said as the door to her suite swung closed.

Maris was remembering that afternoon. Ten minutes after Hannah had left Kate appeared. Maris had her earbuds in and didn’t hear the approach of the heels on the lab floor. Kate’s touch of her shoulder surprised Maris.

“Oh god what, oh it’s only you Kate. I didn’t hear you. Hannah left almost an hour ago.”

Her heart was racing from the surprise and it took Maris a moment to realize the seductress had returned.

“Maris, I’m here for you not Hannah,” she said while sitting on a tall stool. Kate remained across the suite just looking at Maris as she had stood with the fright.

“Even in your lab coat I can’t stop looking at your glorious body. Those tight jeans seem painted across that lovely derriere.”

Maris paused hearing the thought, “Nice,” she turned to look toward Kate, “but I’m into boys Kate”.

Kate moved off the stool and closed the distance between her and Maris’s desk. She stopped and twirled about on her heel, “I love your slightly puffy lips too. You do really have a boy in your life? At least Hannah says he’s beautiful.”

Kate moved a little closer, “Boys are okay but I like smooth vulvas and beautiful butts. I’ll bet yours would love my attention Maris.”

“Kate, I’ve never had a female look and say such things about me!”

She was near enough that Maris could smell her arousal, “Yeah, you’ve made me wet Maris and I’m without a thong today. There’s a bead of my sweet juice gliding down my leg to the top of my stocking.”

Maris grew a bit agitated, “Ah, Kate, Jon, Jon is my boyfriend. Please let’s not speak like this.”

Kate was now beside Maris and her thigh was touching Maris’s knee, “Oh a boy, not a man. Then you do love oral sex. Boys tend to be good at sucking off girls where as men can fuck.”

“Jon fucks me pretty damn well, Kate, please.”

Kate had shifted to straddle Maris’s thigh, “That bead of my sweet juice is getting nearer to my knee. I’d love to let you, I mean, I’ll allow you to taste it.”

Maris had no frame of reference for Kate’s statement. Maris slightly held her hand up, “You’re talking dirty to me?”

No one had ever come on to her like Kate was. She was truly beautiful and Maris had wondered about her and Hannah in bed together last night. Now this tall woman was near enough to kiss. Maris’s head was swimming in the aroma of Kate, her sexy silky hose’ against Maris’s pant leg. Kate’s perfume was in her head too.

In a blink Kate had pivoted and was a step away, “I guess my Princess is too much into cock. I’ve got a few of those if that’s necessary.”

She stopped and lifted the hem of her beautiful dress so Maris was looking at her nakedness, “Yes my body is bare. There’s no need to waste this drop of nectar,” she slipped her finger along her leg then up closer to her pussy.

Maris watched as Kate put her moist fingers into her own mouth. “So good.”

The memory of Kate just dropping her hem, smiling and sending Maris an air-kiss; she’d turned and left. Maris’s memory was distracting her again. Hannah saw the stare, “Let’s get showered and then grab a bit to eat.”

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