The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 08

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Our Tale continues. Martin is not sure of all the why’s. He is beginning to understand the realities though. The Tale continues to twist it’s way through logical answers to unreal questions and expectations.

Things are subtly changing…………Hmmm


Martin didn’t want Missy to leave. The realities of his situation were now too much. He reluctantly signed the papers and Missy promised to get back to him on the annulment as soon as she could. She led him back to the house reassuring him along the way.

“Mother……I don’t want to go back in that house,” he kept telling her as they walked up the sidewalk to the door. His dress swaying as he walked in the heels struggling to keep up.

“There’s got to be an easier way out of this. Take me with you, now!” he insisted. When they got the door, Missy adjusted the large bow on his sash, and then the one in his hair. He was still dressed all in white and dressed in such an innocent manner.

“Be strong Martin,” she said. “I promise you, we can get this all taken care of, and soon.” She then kissed him on the neck softly. Missy walked away leaving him standing there, alone. Martin looked back over his shoulder at her as she walked away. He turned as he heard the door open.

“Have a nice visit with your mother Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne asked as she took his elbow and led him back in the house. Leanne checked him over quickly pulling on the hem of his dress, smoothing the skirt of his dress and patting his hair with her palms.

“Yeah, it was fine,” he said. “I’m back in the house now. Take this stupid thing off my face,” he said in an even unemotional tone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the mask must stay on for now.” Martin turned his head in frustration.

“Did your mother comment on how pretty you looked today?” Leanne asked with a smile. “After all, she is the one that requested you wear a petticoat and have bows in your hair for your little garden get together today.” She smiled as Martin’s eyes met hers. “Did she like it?” she asked as she fluffed his sash bow.

“My mother asked you to do this?” he sounded surprised……and pissed “She asked you to put a bow in my hair?” he glared at her through the mask.

“And the petticoat. Yes ma’am,” she said as she stood back and admired his appearance now.

“That bitch. Does she have anymore plans for me that I should know about? Tell me Leanne. Why did she say she wanted me wearing a petticoat? Just so she could get a good laugh probably.” He turned away recalling how she had laughed at his appearance as he approached in the garden.

“I don’t know Mrs. Vargos. I didn’t ask her. I suppose she felt you would enjoy being in pretty petticoats and bows for the afternoon,” she said as she motioned for him to go ahead of her into the study. As they walked his mind raced with questions and contradictions. Why did Missy request he be dressed in such sissy things if she was really trying to help him get out of here? She had to know how humiliating it was for him to be dressed like this. Adding those bows and a petticoat just made it worse, even here in this place. He became even more concerned about those papers he had signed now. Was there a twist that he had missed in signing those papers? He didn’t trust her. Not at all. She had convinced him she was helping him, but now he knew she was just having fun at his expense.

As they entered the Drawing Room, Martin hesitated. Two of the security assistance were there waiting for him. One was the man Martin had dealt with earlier, and the other was a woman Martin recognized from his preparations before the wedding ceremony.

“What’s going on here Leanne?” he asked as she urged him forward. “What are these two goons doing here?” Martin now knew whenever he saw them around, that he wasn’t going to be real happy about what came next. The two took Martin by his arms and pulled him to one of the chairs in the room. Leanne patted him on the back and turned to leave without saying a word. Martin looked over his shoulder to her.

“Leanne! What’s going on?” Panic set in as he struggled. “What are they going to do?”

All kinds of things ran through Martin’s mind as he was handled firmly. Martin was bent over the back of the chair. His dressed flipped up in the back.

“What are you doing?” Martin yelled. “Let me up!”

Martin felt his stocking being detached from the garters and his open bottom girdle rolled up over his butt. His panties were pulled down.

“Stop it,” he growled, but the woman xhamster porno ignored his appeals and continued her work as the man held Martin over the chair.

She put on a surgical glove and lubricated a finger and slowly worked into Martin’s ass as he fought back. Were they preparing him for some kind of afternoon delight with the Baron? His mind was moving too fast, but all he could think of now was getting her finger out of his ass.

“What are you doing?” he hissed looking back at her. The woman said “OK, I’m ready.” and she took a rather large object from table. It was two foot in length with a rubber penis on the end of a two inch diameter chrome pole.

“Oh know you don’t,” Martin said as he kicked at the woman with his heels. She parted his cheeks and he soon felt the pressure of the rubber penis at his new love hole and was unable to resist it’s entry for very long. He felt his butthole began to expand to accept the lubricated device, though he desperately tried to squeeze tighter. As it entered Martin felt pain as it worked it’s way inside him widening the path as it intruded into his rectum.

“AGGGHHHHH!!!!” Martin grunted in disgust. Martin tried to stand up as the penetration continued, but the firm hand held him down.

“OOOWWW!!!!” Martin wailed again as the object slowly reached it’s final penetration of 7″ up his sore rectum. The rubber dildo had disappeared leaving the chrome pole now just at his cheeks. They stood Martin up now, the chrome pole dangling just behind his knees. He couldn’t stand quite all the way up straight, as the discomfort in his ass caused him to instinctively to want to squat.

“Take it out!” he whimpered as he was slowly turned. “Why are you doing this?”

They took his arms and led him slowly over to the door that led out to the Drawing Room deck that looked out over the back of the estate. His dress still was pinned up in back as he walked. They walked slowly, the pole swaying painfully hanging from his ass as he walked slightly squatted and bent forward. A metal pedestal was positioned by the rail of the deck, and it had a large metal plate with a another chrome pole projecting straight up.

“Oh no you don’t!” Martin shook his head realizing what they wanted to do to him.

“Don’t put me up there on that thing,” he yelled as he pulled against their grip. “Why?” he asked bewildered, as they prepared to have him step up on the small pedestal.

“Owwww!!!” Martin hissed as he was forced forward. Even though he balked and pushed against them, he found himself stepping up painfully onto the platform, the rubber penis causing great discomfort in his ass as he did. He was positioned on the pedestal and the poles were lined up. The bottom pole was slid up over the pole that now dangled above it. The thumb screws were tightened to create a single erect pole from the base to his ass.

“You are all PERVERTS!!!” Martin hissed as he just stood there, allowing them to finish their deed. His panties were pulled back up and his girdle pulled down over his thighs. Martin looked out over the back of the estate and noticed a few of the gardening staff had stopped what they were doing for a moment to see what all the commotion was, and watched as Martin was being placed on the second floor deck. When they realized it was Mrs. Vargos, they all immediately went back to work. After all Mrs. Vargos was now their boss and could fire them all if they were just standing around and not doing their jobs.

Martin’s dress was unpinned and lowered. The woman slowly pushed Martin to stand up straight, and there he stood. Very erect in posture now, as the pole would dictate. He couldn’t get off of the pole. He couldn’t raise up on his toes high enough to get it out of his ass. There was nothing around to grab hold of. He couldn’t tilt the base forward either as he was standing on the plate the pole was attached to. So Martin was now helpless, as he stood on the small pedestal, in is white dress, petticoats, and 6″ heels, looking out over the estate. The two attendants, there task having been completed, looked him over one last time and prepared to leave.

“I hope you two perverts are happy with yourselves.” he said as they began to walk away. “Oh you leaving now? You have to go jerk off now after your fun.” He looked back as best he could over his shoulder.

“Had enough of your little torture the guy in the dress game?” He jerked his hands and flipped them a finger. Martin’s hands were still cuffed yaşlı porno to the chains and he could move them every bit of 18″ when he tried.

Martin became more distressed as he stood there. His feet ached in the peep toe heels. He adjusted each foot trying to get some kind of relief. Shifting his weight slightly caused pain in his ass, so it was a matter of which was easier to endure, the large rubber penis, or the damn heels he was wearing. The mask was the most aggravating part of all. The frustration and just pure degradation of being told his face can’t be seen, and then having this mask forcibly put on him. He couldn’t get it off. He didn’t know how long he’d have to wear it, it was like he didn’t exist as a person anymore. Martin heard the door open, and the sound of high heels walking up behind him.

“How are we doing Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne said cheerfully. “Enjoying the view? It’s a lovely day to look out over this beautiful estate you have.”

“Get me the fuck down off this thing Leanne. Right now.” he hissed without looking at her. Leanne looked up at him as she unlocked his cuffs and took the chain from around his waist.

“There…………..Is that better Mrs. Vargos?” she put the shackles aside. Martin’s hands were now free. He had total movement for the first time.

“Yeah. Now get this thing out of my ass.” He reached for it, but even with full movement of his hands and arms he could do nothing to get off the pole. He started to pull up the skirt of his dress, but was stopped by Leanne.

“Mrs. Vargos! Do we need to put your jewelry back on?” she pointed to the shackles.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he growled at her. “This has no purpose other than to make me look foolish in front everybody. If you want me to stand here, OK, I’ll stand here on your little pedestal, just get me off this pole,” he insisted.

“Please Mrs. Vargos, try and relax. Enjoy the view. It is a wonderful day. The pole is a needed device so you can be left alone and have some nice quiet time. To reflect on all the wonderful things in your life, and I know you will be here when I come back. At least for now, you have to use the pole,” she mused.

“I said I’d stand here. I won’t go anywhere, just get me off it, Leanne.”

“Mrs. Vargos. You have a call from your mother. Would you like to take it?” Leanne asked ignoring his request. Martin looked at her through the mask.

“Oh, you’re asking me? I get a choice in something? How special is that?” he spat out with venom in his voice.

Leanne ignored his little tirade, not even looking his way.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to that sneaky bitch.”

Leanne stepped inside and brought the phone out to Martin. She smiled and handed it to him.

“I’ll step inside so you two can talk privately,” she said as she left him alone.

“Hello.” he said in a dead tone, taking a deep breath, trying to control his anger, and looking out over the estate. His toes were aching.

“Hi Martin. It’s mother calling. How’s it going sweetie?” she was her regular cheery and concerned self.

“Oh mother, it’s so lovely. I’m just standing on the deck here, wearing that pretty dress, and those painful, but cute, high heels with a large pole stuck up my ass, watching the gardeners working.” he mocked in a high falsetto voice. “Oh yes, and I was wondering why you might have asked Leanne to have me wear a petticoat and a bow in my hair today. You know how I like a pretty bows in my hair. It’s so wonderful being your son, YOU FUCKING LYING BITCH!!!!!” What are you trying to do to me? You’re suppose to be helping me,” he yelled in the phone turning a few heads in the garden.

Missy was laughing on the phone. “Oh Martin. You are truly an idiot aren’t you. Dressed as a girl or a man, you are the same idiot,” she kept her cool.

“Yeah an idiot for ever trusting you,” he spat back.

“No sweetie your an idiot for NOT trusting me! It’s time for you to shut up and listen. First of all, yes I did request for you to wear a petticoat and and that pretty bow. I talked with Leanne and told her you secretly liked dressing in women’s clothes and have been doing it for years.”

“What the………..”

“Shush Martin, I’m not done. I told her that was why one of your wives really divorced you, because she couldn’t deal with the fact you dressed as a woman at home.”

“Oh, you cunt! I’ll never believe another word you say again.” He wanted to strangle her, but strangled the phone aldatma porno instead.

“Martin! Shush!…Let mommy finish talking.” she was being condescending in her sweet tone now. “I told her all your reluctance to dress as a woman was the fact you were being dressed to entertain a man you had no feelings for and the whole thing is just overwhelming you emotionally right now,” she said. “I suggested a few sissy things might cheer you up, when you saw me since you’ve dressed up in women’s clothes around me before.” she paused.

“It’s all lies. You are a liar Missy!” He was beside himself now with anger. Who knows what else was being said behind his back. “You’ve been scheming behind my back. I never did those things and you know it.”

“You want out of this marriage with the Baron, Martin?”

“Damn right I do. And I will get out of it, no thanks to you just pushing me deeper and deeper into it. I hate you Missy. The next time I get a chance I’ll take down that bitch Leanne and take my chances on getting out of here on my own.”

“Just SHUT UP Martin! You will NOT try and run. A runaway bride will make things very difficult. You will do this the way I’m telling you. A sex change.” She was losing patience with him now.

“First of all, do you really think that you are going to be able to go in and convince everybody you want a sex change, without some explanation for your lack of cooperation in being dressed like a woman. Huh? Think about it Martin. The sex change? That’s the idea you have to place in their heads to get out of this mess the quickest and easiest. So I started it off for you. You are just so upset with the marriage. It’s not the dressing you hate. Leanne now thinks you secretly don’t mind dressing up like a woman, and even prefer it. At least in private, so calm down. ” Martin listened confused trying to follow her reasoning.

“You don’t have to like the marriage, after all that is what we want to change anyway, but you need to at least pretend you want to dress like a girl. Get everyone here thinking that way. Then when you reveal your desire to have a sex change and that you actually want to be a girl, it will be easier for them to believe. So flow with it Martin. It’s complicated and as I said before, you are an idiot. But I know that, don’t I sweetheart.” She had explained her reasons.

Martin was quiet for a moment. Her statement made sense in a weird kind of way, at least logically. But he just couldn’t find it in himself to accept this kind of thinking. “I can’t convince them of something I hate so much. I don’t want everybody to think I’m some sissy faggot that wants to be turned into a real girl,” he stated. She laughed and said,

“Oh Martin, honey, they already think that.”

“Stop this Missy! The story won’t work.” He was furious.

“Yes it will, but if you don’t get your head out of your ass you will end up spending a lot more time with the Baron’s dick in it. This could take awhile Martin. You signed the papers wrong and they have to be redone.”

“I signed where you told me to sign,” he grumbled.

“You signed them Martin Hastings. Sweetheart, that’s not your legal name anymore. Your name is now Marcia Vargos, and you have to sign the papers that way, or the papers are not legal,” she lectured him now.

“I don’t want my name changed and I never agreed to let it be changed.”

“I know you didn’t sweetie, but the fact is, your name was changed, and changed legally. You are now Marcia Vargos. I may have added to the confusion by still calling you Martin, but you are my son, and you will always be my little Martin,” she said lovingly.

“I don’t care. I’m not…..”

“Just shut it Martin. You are who you are, and you will do this properly.” she raised her voice irritated with his excuses. “So, I have to get you to sign these papers… again. You will sign them as Marcia Vargos, or you will have a long and not so happy marriage to the Baron I’m sure,” she lectured him.

“Once again Martin, this causes a delay in the process. I won’t see you again till the Coming Out Banquet. Just be prepared to do the right thing. OK honey? I have to go now. Remember, just put that male ego of yours aside. It would be even better if you could just try and act like a woman till this is resolved. Just for now. Once we get you out this, it can all be just a bad dream, and you can go back to your old self.”

“I need to get out of here now!” he yelled.

“Love you sweetie,” and she hung up the phone.

Martin threw the phone into the back yard from the terrace he was standing on.

A light breeze blew Martin’s skirt as he stood with his arms folded under his D-cup breast, staring off into the distance fuming. He wasn’t going anywhere. Leanne was right, he’d be right where she had left him.

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