The Promotion: A Night to Remember

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Author’s note: This story is a sequel to the original The Promotion story. It is actually two parts combined. The first being The Promotion: A Night To Remember and the second, The Promotion: The Morning After. This is only the second story I have posted so questions or comments are greatly appreciated. Depending on how it is received I will post two more parts entitled, The Promotion Prequel and The Promotion: The Dick Sucking Contest. So I’m counting on the readers to let me know if I should continue to post. Thanks and enjoy!


“Steve what the hell is wrong with you tonight, you’re drunk” Marie sequels as she tries desperately to get her husband’s hairy sweaty hands off of her. She hates when he get like this, he reeked of beer and cigarettes. He only wanted to fuck Marie for two minutes, and then roll over to fall asleep. Not exactly the night that she was looking for at all. She lay there wondering how she could have married this man. She knew she did it mostly for the security and for her daughter. Steve had a very good job and with both their salaries they were able to afford the white picket house in the affluent community she always dreamed about. But that was so long ago, and Steve was so different then, not the shell of a man she looked upon tonight. “Jesus, how long has he owned that undershirt,” Marie asks herself. The yellow stains were certainly not turning her on but the thought of her young lover James upstairs certainly did.

“Come on baby, it’s been so long… your wet pussy is telling me your getting turned on,” Steve slurs, still drunk, as he has manages to wrestle away Marie’s hand and get inside her silk panties. Little did he know the wetness he was feeling had nothing to do with him and all to do with his much younger and good-looking replacement. The closeness of Steve is enough to make her want to vomit as she pushes him away and storms off the bathroom.

Marie slams the door and locks it behind her. “Of all nights he could try and pull something like this,” Marie thinks to herself, frustrated and enraged. Steve hasn’t wanted to fuck her in months, and now on this night, he was unknowingly keeping her from a hard young fat cock she desperately wanted in every orifice. Taking a deep breath she looks in the mirror, her red silk robe is wrapped very nice around her full figure. She was very pleased she bought it a week earlier and hoped James would like it. The low cut robe showed off her luscious 36 D sized tits wonderfully along with that special Victoria’s secret push up bra that made them pop and jiggle as she walked. It tied along her mid section leaving a clear distinction where her waist ended and where her wide hips began. Marie turns around to check out the back and thinks to herself, “Oh yes this will certainly do.” The end of the robe just barely covered Marie’s big fat ass and as she stands on her pippy toes one can clearly see the very bottoms of her round cheeks. Then there was her freshly shaven, silky olive skinned legs that were smooth to the touch. Marie completed the little outfit with a toe ring she stole from Jessica earlier that day.

There was no doubt about it, the forty-three year old brunette, Marie Ligouri, was looking hot as fuck for her man but had no way to get to him yet. She knew she needed to wait for that bastard of a husband to go bed before she could make her move. She figured he would eventually get tired of waiting for her, jerk off and fall asleep. Once he was asleep not even an earthquake could wake the man up. So she sat on the toilet and started to wait but time could not move fast enough. Marie starts to slowly rub her legs with lotion making sure they would be perfect for her James. She gets more and more excited as she rubs her inner thighs. She thinks back to the first time she sucked James’ beautiful prick. How hard and smooth it was, and how good his young cum felt hitting the back of her throat like a waterfall of hot lava. Before she knows it, her hands are inside her panties and she finger fucks her aching cunt. She remembers the dildo she left in the cabinet above and quickly reaches up to get it. She props the dildo up against the side of the sick with the suction at the end of it. Now with fingers in pussy and dildo in mouth she readies herself for her first orgasm of the night. But then Marie hears a familiar sound, a sound she’s never been so happy to hear in her life. Steve was outside snoring as loud as a rhinoceros. “Thank God,” Marie exclaims as she impulsively throws the dildo on the floor and her wet panties in the hamper. Her hot episode has let Marie a bit sweaty and a wet mist left on her cleavage makes Marie look even more like a woman who is built for rough and passionate sex. She gradually opens the door to the bathroom as Steve’s snores fill the room. She proceeds to quietly leave the bedroom making sure to lock Steve inside. “Whew, I finally made it,” Marie softly whispers to herself.

Meanwhile in the guest room…

And there he was, James, in nothing but his boxers lying in bed looking at an eighteen and nineteen year old in his room in the urfa escort middle of the night. One was Jessica Ligouri, the eighteen year old Marie clone, in a spaghetti strap white tank top with little pink flowers all over it. It was extremely tight over her huge tits which he had earlier found out to be even bigger than her mothers. She wore plain cotton white panties on the bottom which made her tight butt look really sexy. Jessica did not have nearly the ass her mom did, but that was probably because she was still young and hadn’t quite filled out all the way. She was clearly the more daring of the two as she already had one knee propped up on the side of the bed while Jenny was still a couple of feet behind. James could tell Jenny was a little shy as she was wearing an oversized black t-shirt that went half way down her thigh. She was petite, at only 5’2 and slightly on the thin side. She had jet black, thin long hair that went down her whole back when she didn’t have it in a pony tail. Her round face and puffy cheeks went very well with her best feature, which were her big dick-sucking lips.

Jessica had that devious grin on her face; she knew she had him right where she wanted. She was young but very brazen for her age and knew how to seduce a man. She was tired of all the young boys at school not knowing what to do with her and cumming within a few minutes of a hand job. She knew what she wanted, and wanted to share it with her best friend whom she had always experimented with since they were young. James knew this was stupid and knew they shouldn’t be there but he was powerless to do anything about it. Jessica walked back to the door and made sure it was locked.

“So James, Jenny and I were kinda having this sleep-over thing ya know,” Jessica asks while she takes the liberty to plop herself on to the bed.

“Umm… yeah… okay,” is all James can manage to say, still in shock the two are in his room and getting more and more excited by the moment.

“Yeah so… okay… we were like watching this movie right and….. well its like, well it was sorta a porno okay,” as Jessica stumbles and giggles while trying to get the words out.

“Oh my God, Jess I can’t believe you’re telling him this, you are so bad,” Jenny finally breaks her silence while she giggles uncontrollably along with Jessica. Slowly she moves towards the bed and kneels next to Jessica.

Jessica with her legs spread and huge smile whispers, “So we were watching this porn right, and this guy… he’s got like a HUGE dick right, and jenny’s like no way that’s real.”

“Shut up Jess,” Jenny screams as she slaps Jessica’s arm, “you weren’t supposed to tell him that.’

“Oh whatever, James is mad cool… and next time if you’re gonna slap something slap my ass,” Jessica teases as she gets on all fours and playfully shakes her butt in Jenny’s face.

“Oh you little bitch, but I’d rather slap those big ole titties you got there instead,” Jenny playfully jokes as she slaps Jessica left tit from the side.

“Ah, you mean these big ole titties,” Jessica asks audaciously as she turns away from James and pulls down the front of her tank and attempts to shove her massive chest in Jenny’s face. The two end up falling on each other giggling from there attempts at tickling each other.

“So let me get this strait, you guys were watching a porno together,” James asks still in disbelief at what he is seeing, “And it seems you guys are pretty friendly there, may I ask what else you guys do in that room.”

“You really wanna know James,” Jessica asks already knowing the answer.

“UM YEAH,” James yells as he tosses his arms to both sides.

“Okay James, I’ll show you,” Jessica murmurs back still on top of Jenny with her head resting on her chest. Jessica lets out a slight moan as she moves her head up and kisses Jenny’s fat puckered lips. The first kiss is sweet, gentle and almost innocent. Jessica positions her herself so she is straddling Jenny and pins her arms down. Jessica then kisses Jenny’s arm and then sucks her neck which makes her moan and her toes curl. The young girls kiss again and again, each time getting louder and tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Jenny manages to break her hands free and rubs Jessica big tasty tits through her shirt. “Let me help you with that,” Jessica whispers as she pulls her shirt over her head to reveal her hard nipples to Jenny. As she takes the shirt to throw it at James she realizes what their little show has done to him.

“Look I told you baby,” Jessica whispers in Jenny’s ear as she tugs on her earlobe with her teeth. She points to James, whose seven inch fat cock is raging hard and poking through the hole of his boxers. “You see James, I love my best friend and she’s never sucked a cock before and I want to give her a first time to remember,” Jessica seductively whispers still grinding on top of Jenny.

“I think you girls need to come over here for all of that now,” James manages to squeak out as he is barely audible. Jessica grins and crawls over to James balıkesir escort on all fours, her huge breasts hang down to the delight of James. Jenny scampers along side and sits to the right of James at the head of the bed. Jessica, on the left, sits up on her knees and proudly sticks out her chest for James and Jenny to admire. Jenny feeling more and more daring sheds her black tee and James notices she elected to forgo putting on a bra and panties this night. He notices she has very perky medium sized tits with dark areola. Jessica leans down to kiss James and he rubs her left tit in his huge hand. Jenny gets so turned on because she realizes they are re-enacting a scene from the porn she and her best friend were watching only twenty minutes ago. She loved to kiss Jess but since James had the honor she went for the next best thing and begins to kiss and suck on her right breast. James realizes that the timid girl was coming out of her shell when he saw Jenny nibble and working over Jessica’s round globe. When he looked down he was even more surprised to see Jenny rub his now fully exposed cock very slowly. James decides it’s a good time to work over Jessica left titty which needed some much deserved attention. Jessica is in ecstasy as her best friend and mom’s big dicked hunk of a co-worker sucks her sensitive nipples. After a quick pause of titty loving James meets Jenny in the middle of her chest for a sensuous kiss. James loves her fat lips and slick tongue on his and wonders what else she could do with them.

“Oh my God, you two look so hot kissing,” Jessica says at last breaking the silence. Jessica leans in and whispers once again to her friend, “I wanna see you suck his cock, do it for me Jen, I wanna see you suck your first dick.”

Jenny breaks away from her hot make out session with James and replies, “Oh hell yeah jess, I take keep my hands off this fat thing, you were so right about him and I really want this cock in my mouth.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear and you’re gonna suck this dick now,” Jessica demands. She pushes James down on the bed and directs Jenny’s huge lips to the side of his cock. “Now I want you kiss the side of his cock… that’s it… now lick up and down the sides making sure you pay attention to his balls,” Jessica spits out order after order, “Okay now grab the base and suck it like a lollipop, and jerk the base as you go up and down.” Jessica is so turned on by the sight of her best friend Jenny with a dick in her mouth for the first time she begins to rub her swollen clit under her panties.

“Oh shit… this girl learns fast Jess,” James grunts loudly as he tenderly runs his fingers through Jenny’s long black hair. Jenny loves the feeling of James’ cock in her mouth and wishes she never has to let it go. She wonders why in the world she never sucked dick before; she had no idea what she was missing. “Shit this girl is gonna make me cum soon if she doesn’t slow down,” James warns his two lovers.

“Not yet,” Jessica abruptly says as she pushes Jenny’s head off his cock, “She needs to learn how to make it last… and besides I’m so fucking horny and I need some dick right now.” Jessica rips her white panties off and climbs on top of James. Her pussy is so wet James is able to slide inside of her with relative ease. Jessica’s pussy has never felt as full before as she grinds James’ dick while making sure to smother James with her big titties. James feels something on his balls, when he looks down he sees Jenny has moved in between his legs and is sucking his balls while her friend wildly fucks his cock. “Guys… I’m gonna bust soon,” James pants to Jessica who is sweaty from her wild grinding.

“Come on jess, this is supposed to be my blowjob, get off I want to taste some cum,” Jenny frustrated that Jessica was hogging all the cock.

“Okay, okay… ya big baby,” Jessica finally gives in and jumps off James’ cock and turns around where Jenny was already sucking his cock for all its worth. Jessica helps her friend pump James’ cock while Jenny sucks his big mushroom head.

“Oh shit girls… I’m gonna fucking blow I swear ta’ God,” James grunts as he holds his head in his arms. Jessica pulls his cock from Jenny’s mouth just before James lets off the first eruption of his thick cum hitting both girls’ tongues hovered over it. The second and third shots cover Jessica’s right titty and the last shots Jenny takes in her mouth as she engulfs James’ cock for the last time. It is at this moment there is a knock at the door.

“Oh fuck,” James realizing that it must be Marie looking for some cock herself, ” Um… okay… girls go hide while I go check on this.” The two girls scamper around the room while James urgently tries to find something to cover himself amongst the pile of clothes on the bed. There is another knock, this one louder, followed by someone trying to open the door. The girls find harbor underneath the bed while James gets desperate and decides to just open the door hoping it wasn’t someone he didn’t need to see at the moment. trabzon escort He unlocks the door and slowly opens it to find Marie standing there looking as sexy as he has ever seen her look. Before she could say a word he steps out in the hallway and closes the door behind him, he doesn’t want Jessica to hear the conversation he was about to have with her mom.

“Well hello there big boy, I was wondering what was taking you so long to come out,” Marie staring at James’ still hard cock.

“Yeah, well… I kinda usually sleep naked and I couldn’t find something to cover up,” James staggers to find answers as he eyes the mature goddess’ chest and sexy outfit.

“Oh I’m not complaining my dear, it’s just your making me want to take your cock in my mouth right here in the hallway,” Marie silently whispers as she strokes James’ cock not realizing it was in her daughter’s pussy moments earlier. “But its too risky here… meet me in the attic in like ten minutes okay,” Marie orders her young lover.

“Yeah, of course… that sounds great,” James replies. With that Marie walks away giving James a great look at her little outfit. As she moves her robe creeps up her butt cheeks revealing just a little of the plump ass James now desires. James realizes he needs to get rid of the two young girls inside before he can run upstairs to Marie. He slowly opens the door and is greeted with moans coming from under the bed. He leans down and looks under to find Jessica and Jenny in an embrace kissing and licking James’ fresh cum from each other’s mouths and chest.

“Care to join us Jamesy,” Jessica asks in her cutest voice. At any other time and any other night James would have ripped the two girl’s pussies apart at this point. But tonight was different, his Marie was waiting upstairs in the attic for him and playtime with the young ones was over.

“I would love to, but I think your mom is walking around the hall and she’ll kill me if she finds you in here,” James says trying badly to fake some urgency in his voice.

“Really,” Jessica asks with disappointment in her voice, “Alright, come on Jenny let’s go, but we’ll be back later once she goes back to bed James… you can count on that.” The girls grab their clothes; quietly and cautiously they make their way back to Jessica’s adjacent room.

As soon as James hears the girls’ door close he prepares for his exit. He realizes he has no idea how to get to the attic and on top of that he needs to do it in the dark no less. He opens his door and starts his journey. He looks to the right but the hallway ends with a wall and no apparent way to any attic. To the left was Jessica’s room followed by the spare bathroom. James smiles to himself as he remembers how he fucked Marie in that very bathroom less than twenty four hours ago. The only other option is the stairs leading down to the living room and first floor of the house. James heads down the stairs as quietly as he can until he reaches the Ligouri living room. It is dark and James wanders around and knocks in to some furniture until he comes to the end of the house where hears a familiar voice.

“James… up here,” Marie whispers down from the long staircase with excitement in her voice. Marie stands atop the balcony adjacent to the stairs. James was relived to finally find Marie makes his way up to her where she greets him with a long kiss. It is just then James realizes he never put on any clothes and he is still in the nude. “James are you crazy, walking around like that… what if my daughter woke up and saw you like this,” Marie scolds James even though she’s just happy he’s finally with her, “Not like I intended on you having those clothes on for long but…” Suddenly the two are shocked by a light coming from the kitchen and the sound of giggling which could only come from one place. As the girls are about to walk past them, Marie pushes James down to his knees to hide him behind the balcony barrier.

“Oh hey Mom, you scared us… what are you doing up there… is everything okay,” Jessica asks shocked to see her mom on the balcony. Meanwhile, James on his knees and behind the lovely Marie is literally face to face with her round ass. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore and James starts by touching Marie’s silky smooth legs. He licks her calves, back of her knee and then upper thigh. It smells like vanilla lotion mixed with Marie’s pussy juice. He pulls up Marie’s red silk robe just enough so he can kiss and lick her plump ass cheeks. Marie tries to fight him off but is powerless again him. She loves how much James likes her ass and if he wants it he can have it.

“Uhhh… yeah… honey, I’m okay… I just… you know how Steve snoressss… and I… just came… up here… to get some rest is all,” Marie struggling to get out a full sentence as James is relentless with his tongue lashing on Marie’s ass. He buries his face inside her cheeks and Marie grabs his hair and pulls his face even further into her asshole. James grabs both round cheeks and squeezes them in his big soft hands as Marie’s pussy juice drips from her lips, some drops to the floor and some running down her leg for James to lick up. He continues as he hears Marie and her daughter talk but cannot make out clearly what is being said because Marie swats slightly down on his face. Finally Jessica leaves and Marie lets go of the tight grip she has on James’ hair and pulls him up to her.

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