The Object Of My Affection

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A friend who asked that I write a story about his feelings for his friend’s mom approached me. I hope that I did him justice and that whoever reads this story can think back to a time when you held special feelings for someone, no matter how wrong the situation was, but how right you felt at that moment for that person. Here’s to you Jeff!

~ ~ ~

I am a 27 years old male, in great shape and pretty damn good-looking if I do say so myself. I have a great job with a large advertising agency in New York City; an office on the 29th floor with a breathtaking view of Manhattan, and my life is going pretty good right now. I am on top of the world so to speak, single and loving it.

“Do I?” I stop shaving and look at myself in the mirror. I have dated a number of girls in the past young, hot, wild. “Mmm.mmm.mmm” I shake my head thinking about the last girl Candy, who was really wild. A dancer at one of the local strip clubs with a body that didn’t quit and neither did her mouth.

She was a tall drink of water about 5’10”, blond hair that was long and wavy, full pouty lips, gorgeous green eyes, oh yeah and triple D’s baby! Fuckin’ hot body! Hips that weren’t small, just perfect to grab from behind and fuck her good. I did every night, but she didn’t stop talking even during sex. I even tried gagging her with panties hoping that would shut her up. No such luck! Shaking my head at the memory. I rinse out my razor and start the shower, testing the water for the perfect temperature.

“Panties.” As I say this word aloud, I feel the blood rush to my cock, look down and there it is looking up at me with that one eye accusingly.

“Yeah, Yeah!” I say out loud, stepping into the hot shower. These are not ordinary panties. I stole them a couple of weeks before from my friend John’s mom, Valerie.

Valerie is a total M.I.L.F. even though she is 23 years older than I am; she doesn’t look it at all. I close my eyes, picturing her, and I feel my body especially my cock get excited. I take my hand and rub it up and down the shaft of my cock, imaging her mouth doing that to me. I picture John’s mom kneeling before me, her brown straight hair falling to her feminine shoulders, blue/green eyes with long black lashes, full lips that are always smiling. Her body is in great condition since she is a Pilate’s instructor, long and lean.

I have seen her in her workout clothes and not one part of her jiggles, it’s tight and Lord, from behind she has an ass that would make a 20-year-old jealous.

Stroking my cock faster I think of the first time I stole a pair of her panties. John and I were in his basement playing pool and his mom asked if we could grab a bottle of soda for her. I volunteered and while walking past the washer and dryer, I noticed a pair of panties lying on the floor. At first I just glanced at them, they were black, lacy, and silky. They were beckoning me to come closer, to smell the sweetness of what they had to offer for fragrance; of the unique scent of her pussy.

I resisted that temptation by slowly walking away from them. My mouth went dry and my heart pounded, wondering if I would get caught if I just bent down real quick and picked them up.

I didn’t take the chance, knowing full well that my body was getting excited at the thought of doing that. When I gave her the soda she smiled at me, our fingers touching in the exchange of passing the bottle. I swear I felt a tingling sensation run through my body. I know for sure since my cock had betrayed me. I felt it starting to get hard straining against my jeans, and turned around before she could see it.

After that, I played pool like shit that night. Rather than concentrating on my playing technique I would position myself so I could glance at the panties on the floor. All I did was think about those panties, wanting to feel them on my face, bring them up to my nose so I could sniff them like I have done so many times since.

Now my cock is on fire as I jerk myself off. I watch as the cum falls from the head, mixing with the shower water, and then disappearing down the drain. I rinse myself, shut off the water, and then I am able to hear the phone ringing.

“Shit!” I say, running to the living room to answer the phone.


“Hey Dude, its John!” My friend John is a guy that seems to be stuck in the 60’s even though he was born in the 70’s. His vocabulary, for an incredibly smart guy consists of “Dude, Gov, Man, Radical, Totally, and Righteous” to name a few.

“What’s going on John?” As I ask that question I realize that I’m standing butt naked in my living room. Watching the water drip from my body onto the floor, making a puddle at my feet. I also realize that my living room window face John’s house and my shades are pulled up. I hear John laughing on the other end of the phone.

“Heehee, nice ass, man!”

“Fuck off!” I say, and turn so I could fully face him, point to my dick and say, “Eat Me” into the phone. Only stopping short when I notice his mom in the background. John gaziantep escort is immediately thrown into hysterics, and all I can do is stand there naked. I watched as Valerie’s eyes travel from my cock to my face slowly.

Now listen, I am not bragging a bit here when I say that I am in awesome shape. I workout every night at the local gym, and the days I cannot make it John and I jog in Central Park. I am not embarrassed to be naked in front of anyone. My cock is a good size too. It’s thick, a healthy 8 inches when hard, and right now with his mom checking me out it was beginning to grow again. When Valerie’s eyes reach my face, she smiles, saying something to John, and then disappear.

“I am going to fuckin’ kick your ass when I see you!” I say, getting ready to hang up.

“Wait! Wait!” John says, still laughing but trying hard to compose himself.

“My mom wants to know if she can bum a ride with us down the beach? She’s meeting a friend down there tonight and she doesn’t want to drive in case she drinks, ” John says, and I can see him shrug his shoulders. “She’ll come home with us on Sunday, is that alright?”

“Sure.” I respond, half listening to John, yet still thinking about his mom seeing me naked. I picture her eyes traveling up my body and then I am quite sure her gaze lingered when it reached my cock. Of course then there was her smile. There was definitely something in that smile.

“So what time do you want to get going?” I realized that John is still talking to me as I shake my head.

“Ah, I don’t know. Let me get dressed and I’ll call you.”

“Okay! Oh, and by the way, my mom said ‘Nice ass’,” John says and then I hear him laughing as he hangs up the phone.

“Fucker!” I say, and hang up the phone.

Walking into my bedroom, I glance at the clock on my nightstand. 10:00 a.m. I knew that if we wanted to get a head start on the shore traffic I would have to start getting dressed. My glance travels to the top drawer and I open it. There they are a pair of red, lacy thong panties peeking out from under some papers. My heart starts to race and my breath becomes labored as I reach for the panties.

I hold them up, barely noticing how my hands are shaking as I rub the fabric between my fingers. I turn them around from front to back, and then bring them to my nose. I breathe in smelling her body on the panties. I inhale deeply so that my nostrils are filled with the scent from her pussy. I hold the panties close to my nose and think about how I have never wanted to fuck someone so much in my life. I am obsessed with the thoughts of fucking her, tasting her, and then drinking that juice from her.

I take the thong in hand rubbing it up against my cock. Taking full pleasure in the way the lace feels on my skin. I slide them along my balls while I lay back on my bed closing my eyes. “She will be with me one night this weekend. One night.” I think out loud, I begin to wonder if she will bring a change of clothes. Would she miss a pair of panties? Would I be able to see her in her underwear? Touch her?

As I start to fantasize about seeing her naked, her skin glistening in the sun; the phone rings again.

“God dammit!” I pick up the phone and basically yell, “Hello!” into it.

“Jeff? I’m sorry, it’s John’s mom Valerie.”

I couldn’t believe it! I felt as if I was caught in the act of stealing her panties. My heart pounded wildly in my chest and I threw the panties in the drawer, and then slammed it shut.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mrs., Valerie. I thought you were a telemarketer,” I say, trying to cover up my nervousness and anxiety. “I hate those guys!”

“Hahaha…. me too. I’m sorry to bother you, it’s just that John was jumping into the shower and he said to call you to find out the time we were leaving for the beach. I need to call my girlfriend and well, to find out if your mom changed her mind about coming with us.” Valerie said her voice light and happy.

Valerie has a great voice it’s not high or low. It’s just perfect, sexy, and even though we live in New York City she doesn’t have an accent. It’s a beautiful voice, one I would love to hear whispering in my ear.

“Well, it’s ten-thirty. I guess in about a half-hour? Does that sound okay?”

“Perfect, what about your mom?”

“No. She’s still sick and sleeping. So my guess is that she’s down for the count.”

“Okay Jeff, we’ll meet you outside and thanks again, you’re a doll.”

A doll? I don’t want to be a doll; I want to be her lover. I want to fuck her. I rub my forehead and get dressed.

When I walk out the door John, his sister Kathy and Valerie are all waiting for me. John’s mom is wearing light blue shorts and a white tight tank top. I am so glad that I am wearing sunglasses because I can’t stop looking at her ass, as she bends down to pick up her overnight bag and bring it to the car. The shorts rise up and I can see her ass cheeks peeking out. I am looking for a panty line and escort gaziantep see none. “Yes!” I think to myself, she’s probably wearing another thong? I could only hope I was right.

I walk over and tell her that I’ll get the bag for her, and as I lift it up my hand brushes against her thigh, but she doesn’t move away. She stands right there and when I stand up all the way up, I feel her breast against my arm.

“Thanks Jeff.” She says softly, her hand reaching out touching my arm, and then Valerie moves away to the side of the car opening up the backdoor of my Tahoe.

John yelled, “Shotgun!” and he was sitting in the passenger seat blasting the Aerosmith CD even as his mom begged him to lower it a bit.

“Hi Jeff!” Kathy says, with a smile and I turn around a bit startled in my mind concentrating more on Kathy’s mom, than who was around me.

Now I tell you, Kathy is cute, she’s 23 years old and has that girl next door look. She is not quite the spitting image of her mom, but close. Still, she has the brown hair and blue/green eyes like her mom, but her nose and face shape are that from her dad.

I’ve also taken a pair of her panties as well. Such a cute pair of blue boy shorts with daisies on them, they rest in my dresser at home. She smells good too, and I have never found a hair on them. I am guessing she is fully shaven. I like her but have never wanted to fuck her. I think of her, more like a sister than anything else. She has even offered herself to me more than I care to remember, but the interest was never there for me.

“Hi Kath!” I give her a brotherly punch on the shoulder. “You coming down with us?”

“No, Dad and his girlfriend want to take me to look at a new car. So I am stuck with them.”

Paul and Valerie Phillips have been divorced for about two years. He was cheating on her left and right. God knows why, but she is better off without him. At least that’s what she says, and of course that is what most of us believe anyway. Valerie always seemed to be the perfect wife and mother, around for her children at every sports game or school event. Usually without Paul whom Valerie claimed was working.

I jump in my truck, positioning the rearview mirror to give me a better view of Valerie, and of course the road as well, and then take off for the beach.

Within three hours we arrive at the Jersey shore, and I pull into the drive of the beach house which has been in my mom’s family for as long as I can remember. My mother’s aunt owned it previously. When she passed away she left it to my mom.

It’s a small Cape Cod style house, in Ortley Beach. The house is slightly set back, just off the beach. The house has a great view of the ocean, and it is perfect to watch the scantily clothed beauties walk on by. Oh, this summer was going to be great! Well at least right now, this weekend was going to be.

John and I set about airing out the beach house and taking inventory of things we might need during our stay. I watch as Valerie brings her duffel bag into one of the guestrooms. My eyes taking in every inch of her body, her curves. I am brought back into reality when she turns to shut the door and catches me watching her. I feel my face flush, but she just looks at me and smiles. It wasn’t a smile of “Ah ha! I caught you!” but a mutual attraction type smile. I shake my head trying to make some sense of what I was feeling.

“Dude?” John interrupts my thoughts and asks, “we need to hit the liquor store as soon as possible and get some food.”

John goes and knocks on Valerie’s door, “Yo, Val, when are you leaving?”

“Gee thanks John, I have to call Nancy, and then I’ll be out of you boys’ way. What do you have dates or something?” Valerie comes out of her bedroom laughing while dialing her cell phone and walks outside onto the deck.

I can’t help but watch as she walks slowly outside, her hips swaying slightly. My need to have her was growing with each minute she was in my presence. I took a deep breath and went to look at the clock.

“John, it’s 4:30 p.m., whadda ya say we head out for dinner and then stock up at the liquor store later on?”

“Okay. Let me take a piss and we will be on our way.”

I roll my eyes at John’s brashness and shake my head. I turn quickly when I hear Valerie come back in cursing under her breath.


“What’s up?”

“Well, my plans just fell through. Nancy decided to leave me high and dry for some guy she has been waiting, and hoping to ask her out. I really don’t blame her.”


She looks at me and nods her head in agreement, but we continue to look at each other eyes, my gaze shifts to her lips. As John steps out the bathroom he looks at both of us and lifts an eyebrow.

“What’s going on?”

“Well, you’re stuck with me this weekend,” Valerie says and sits down on the couch, staring at her cell phone.

“Ah. Really?” John starts. “No problem, Mom. How about we all go out and get something gaziantep escort bayan to eat?”

~ ~ ~

We decided to try a lobster shanty, which recently opened, and from the looks of it, it was going to be a big hit this summer. The place was packed and the food was fantastic. It was set up with a large section for the restaurant and the bar off towards the back. Huge glass windows had the ocean as a backdrop and with sun setting it made for a really nice ambiance.

There were many locals there, and it seemed like the warm weather brought down many “shoebies,” just like us. We decided to go into the bar area and continue this “party” since the night was still young. There were plenty of young girls in this area, but none were as beautiful or sexy as Valerie. There was just something about her age and the way she held herself that made her stand out. Trust me, it wasn’t lost on any man in this area. When she walked by heads turned, but she seemed oblivious to their gazes.

When we bellied up to the bar the bartender ignored both John and me and began to chat with Valerie. Who being the friendly person she is, took up the conversation and had him laughing almost immediately. He was hooked as well. He gave us a round of drinks on the house and didn’t take his eyes off of her for most of the night, which started to piss me off.

John decided to take a “look-see” around the bar. Saying something like that he wanted to see what this summer was going to be like and made a beeline for two very lovely girls. I stayed by his mom not wanting to leave her alone with the bartender, and enjoyed the smell of her perfume, and along with the lovely sound of her laughter.

I saw John motioning to me to come over to the two girls he had been engaged in conversation with. I looked over at his mom, who gave me the “go ahead” nod, and smiled.

“I’ll be right back.” I said, not really wanting to leave her side, but not wanting John to get the slightest hint that I was attracted to his mother either.

“Okay Jeff, but honestly hurry back. I don’t want to be left here with this bartender.” Valerie whispered in my ear. The soft sound of her voice and her warm hand on my arm that held me close to her as she spoke sent a shiver through my body. I was definitely going to hurry back!

When I approached the three some, John introduced the girls as Lori and Gayle. I politely started a conversation with the girls, not really being interested in what they had to say, and at the same time keeping myself in a position so that I was able to view Valerie.

“Lori and Gayle are on their way to a party practically down the block from the house.” John was saying, “They invited us to join them. What do you say?”

Both girls looked at me and were nodding their heads. Stating how much fun the party would be, and it would be really great to get to know one another since we will be neighbors for the summer. I smiled at the girls, and then whispered to John about his mom, and how was she supposed to get home? John just shrugged his shoulders in response.

Overhearing our conversation, Lori suggested that they drive John to the party, and then I come afterwards. Not wanting to sound too enthusiastic about the prospect of being alone with Valerie, I took my time thinking about it, and then told them that that was probably the best idea. After taking down the address and Lori’s cell phone number, I told John that I would see him in a bit.

When I returned to the bar the bartender was still talking to Valerie, who at this point looked thoroughly annoyed and was downing her drink. Upon seeing me she smiled and had a look of relief on her face.

“Hi, you’re back!”

“Yeah, John and those two girls are off to a party.”

“Oh Jeff, I am sorry. Look, just drop me off at the house, and then go. Please, I’m sorry this turned out to be an awful night. Imagine babysitting, me?”

“Don’t worry about it. I really didn’t feel like going to the party right now anyway. I have the address so…,” I said shrugging my shoulders and showing her the scrap paper that I scribbled on.

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Whenever you are?”

It was pretty packed in this area by now. When she got off the barstool our bodies touched and she looked up at me licking her lips, unconsciously. My gaze fell to her lips and I wished that it was my tongue licking them. When I returned my gaze to her eyes for just an instant, I noticed she was looking at my lips as well, but she quickly turned and started to walk for the door.

The ride in the car was quiet, neither one of us saying much more than simple comments on the weather and the fact that the low thunder and lightning in the distance indicated rain. When we arrived back at the house Valerie got out of the car and when she bent over to talk through the car window. I caught a glimpse of her breasts, and of course only half listened as she told me told me to go to the party.

A crackle of thunder made her stand straight up, and then she said that she was going to take a short walk on the beach and clear her head. She thanked me for the dinner and the ride, blew me a kiss, and then turned around heading toward the beach. I watched as she walked, making her way to the small boardwalk. I breathed deeply as I caught sight of her ass cheeks when she bent over to take off her sandals.

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