The Morning After with Karen

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Early the next morning I got up from my lover’s bed and caressed her well fucked ass gently and gave her a gentle kiss on her asshole! “I love you so much my love but I have to go finish my new lover Karen off before the sheets get dry!!” I reached into her nightstand and removed our special 10-inch clear red strap-on dildo and snapped it into the red leather harness that I had already put on when I woke up this morning and put on a special pair of sheer red silk thigh highs! I also picked up the 22-inch cum covered double dildo that my lover and I had used on each other earlier that morning! Walking out the door of the bedroom my thoughts turned to what I was going to do to sweet & sexy Karen this morning before I took her home from our date! Pleasure! Pain! Maybe even a little of both! Opening my bedroom door the scent of Karen filled my nostrils! Looking over at her still asleep & tied spread eagle on my bed I could see that she had peed all over herself during the night because she was unable to hold it in until I allowed her to go to the bathroom! “What a little bitch — Can’t even hold it for an entire night!” I said to myself!

Walking over to the bed I untied your hands and feet from the bedposts leaving the silk stockings on your wrists and ankles. Roughly flipping your limp body over I slapped your ass with my double dildo hard enough that you woke up! “You little bitch you should be ashamed of yourself for peeing in my bed! I guess I will have to treat you like a cunt that cannot control herself!” And with that I grabbed a handful of your hair and rubbed your face in the wet spot caused by you peeing on my bed. What little make-up that you had left on is now smeared off your face! “Since you behaved like a little dog I guess you need to be fuck like one too!” Again I tied you spread eagle by your hands and feet to the posts of my bed and forced you to get on your hands and knees! “Since you are my little fucking bitch now Karen I do not want to hear çekmeköy escort one single moan out of your mouth when I fuck you now — I only want to hear you whimper like a little puppy when I pound your cunt with my strap-on dildo! If you moan even one time I am going to fuck your tight little brown asshole like nobody has ever butt fucked you before!” And with that I climbed on the bed and straddled your legs and lay my clear red dildo on the crack of your ass as I bent over your back and reached down and around to your perky 32A boobs I loosened the nylon rope that I had left tied around your boobs all night! You screamed in pain since your little boobs had turned purple from being bound tight all night! And you screamed even more when I slapped the 8-oz lead weights hanging from your nipples! “I hope you remember this pain for many days and nights to come my little bitch Karen whenever you think of me!”

Sitting back up I leaned back, poured some KY on my clear red dildo and inserted the head of it into your juicy cunt! I began to tease you by just gently putting a couple of inches of it inside your cunt and gyrated my hips round and round before pulling my strap-on nearly completely out of your nasty cunt! I continued teasing you in this manner for nearly fifteen minutes as you began to whimper for me as you were being satisfied by my clear red strap-on dildo! But things always change with you my little bitch Karen don’t they! What was that I heard coming from your mouth? Was that a moan of pleasure from my gentle fucking of your juicy cunt? Why yes it was my Dear! “So you liked that did you my little bitch Karen! Are you moaning in pleasure after I told you not to do that?” And with that I suddenly thrust my hips forward with all my might and drove the entire 10-inch clear red strap-on dildo inside your nasty dripping cunt! Thrusting the strap-on in and out of your nasty cunt as hard as I could I continued to fuck you for at least another cevizli escort fifteen minutes all the while the moans continued to come from your mouth and you even started to beg me to fuck your cunt faster and faster!

“Bitch what did I tell you about moaning? Are you just stupid or what?” Pulling my strap-on out of your nasty cunt I put the head of it against your tight little brown asshole and with one quick thrust I penetrated your tight asshole and drove my strap-on nearly eight inches inside of your ass! Once again you screamed out loud from the pain of me spreading your asshole wide open with my strap-on! “Stop screaming you fucking bitch and take it like a lady!” Unlike your nasty cunt which I had fucked hard and fast this time I developed a slow and steady rhythm of thrusting my hips back and forth and gyrated my hips round and round as I slowly butt fucked you! “Is my little bitch in heat yet? You can moan if you want to now my little Karen!” Not only did you start moaning but you were whimpering at the same time as I gently butt fucked your tight little ass! Seeing how you were enjoying this so much I continued to butt fuck you as the sweat began to drip off of your body and you began to thrust back into my hips with yours as I pounded my strap-on dildo deep into your tight brown asshole for nearly an hour!

I saw that you have almost had enough of my strap-on pounding inside of your ass and pulled out suddenly slapping your ass with the red dildo! Bending over I reached down and pulled the weighted nipple clamps off your throbbing boobs leaving you to bury your head into the bed and scream as loud as you could! “Thought you were going to get out of my clutches real easy didn’t you! It is time for you to go home my little bitch Karen! But I have one last thing for you to remember me by!” Once again I untied you and flipped you over on your back. “You had better lie still and do everything that I tell you my little bitch or I erenköy escort will shove my 22-inch double dildo so far up your cunt that you will never fuck another cock again!!” And saying that I got up and straddled your hips again! Looking down at you in only a pair of stained white silk thigh highs and smelling of your own piss from the night before I took one last drink of the glass of grape juice that I had been sipping during our morning after! Slowly I begin to pee all over your nasty throbbing cunt forcing my hot stream of golden liquid inside of it! Turning around I peed all over your feet and legs completely coating them! Next I turned around again and turned my attention to your chest and little heaving boobs!

I directed a steady stream of my pee onto your heaving 32A boobs! “Shit I thought to myself — I am going to run out pee just trying to cover this little bitch’s tits!” But I still had some left and straddling your face I let the last of my golden elixir flow out of my cunt and cover your face and hair completely! Noticing that you have opened your mouth to taste my pee I squatted down over your face and shoved my juicy wet cunt into your mouth! “Bitch Karen I want you to lick my cunt clean now and you had better do a good job at it!” Satisfied that you have cleaned my cunt up just fine I clipped a red leather leash to your dog collar and pulled you up from the bed! Tossing your clothes to you I instructed you to get dressed without showering! Satisfied that you are dressed properly for your new Mistress I lead you by the leash & collar to the front door! Opening the door I turned around and removed the collar from your throat! “You can ride the bus home my sweet little bitch Karen! And everyone can see what a nasty bitch you have been!”

Closing the door I turn around and went to the bathroom where my lady lover was showering! Stripping my red thigh highs off I get in the shower with her, get on my knees and looked up into her eyes I said — “My date with that little bitch Karen is over now. Did I please you and do everything to her that you desired me to do?” Smiling down at me she nodded and grabbed my long, wet blonde hair she forced my face into her pussy so that I could satisfy her even more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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