The Mile High Club Ch. 02

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Erynn had been planning to take a cab from the airport, but, since my car was in long-term parking, we decided to take it to her place. We picked up our luggage, headed out to my car and she directed me from the airport toward her apartment. Leaving my stuff in the car, I helped her get her bags up to her apartment. As soon as we were inside, we both dropped everything and were in each other’s arms, making out passionately. I pulled her shirt off while we made out and was immediately unfastening her bra. I backed up enough so she could let it slide down her arms, exposing her hard, dark nipples. Lowering my head, I licked and sucked her nipples while my hands slid down to squeeze her taut ass.

She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair while I started working her tight black pants and panties down. Once they hit her ankles, I straightened up and lifted her out of them, carrying her, naked, to the couch. After laying her down, I opened my own pants, whipped out my rigid tool and immediately slipped into her dripping pussy. We both moaned as I buried myself in her, supporting my weight above her on my elbows. We started making out again as I thrust myself in and out of her slippery pussy over and over. She felt so good – hot, wet and snug — and my cock couldn’t have been any harder. She was moaning continuously and pushing her hips up to meet each of my incoming thrusts while gripping my ass to pull me deeper into her.

Her pussy just continued to feel better and better the longer I fucked her until, suddenly, she let out a cry and began to shudder beneath me. I kept fucking her as she came and once she’d finished, she told me I needed to get undressed. While I stood with my rigid cock hanging out, pulling off my shirt and dropping my pants, she turned over and positioned Kurtköy Escort herself on all-fours. Once I was naked, I got behind her and slipped back into her succulent pussy, taking her by the hips and fucking her again. She moaned each time my hips slapped against her muscular ass and I noticed that she had slipped one of her hands down under her, presumably to play with her clit.

My orgasm resumed its approach and I fully intended to cum in her pussy while in this position. I leaned forward while I humped against her ass to play with her hard nipples and fondle the soft flesh of her tits. As my orgasm drew nearer, I straightened up and took her by the hips again, sliding the full length of my cock in and out of her pussy. She stopped me mid-stroke, however, when she asked me to please fuck her ass. I was only thrown for a second by this surprise request, quickly recovering and popping my cock from her pussy.

Since she was so juicy, I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy to collect some lubricant while tonguing her asshole and leaving an abundance of saliva behind. I mixed her juices with my saliva and slipped a finger into her ass, causing her to moan with pleasure. Once I figured she was pretty lubed up, I grasped my cock and guided the head into her anus. With an insistent shove and a push back from her, I slid right in and she moaned even louder. I had only thrust in and out of her tight opening a couple of times when she began to shudder as she came again.

I was long overdue for an orgasm and her tight ass had me quickly on the brink of cumming again. While she played with her pussy and clit with both hands under her, I held her hips and watched as my cock slid in and out of her most taboo of openings. Finally, my cock swelled even more before Maltepe Escort exploding in an intensely pleasurable orgasm. I spurted into her ass until I was completely spent, then pulled out and collapsed with her on the couch. As we recovered, Erynn murmured, “My ass is filled with your creamy cum.” She sounded very pleased.

After a brief rest, we agreed that a shower would be pretty refreshing after our long flight. We made it pretty quick, just long enough to get ourselves all worked up again with our soapy hands all over each other’s bodies. Once we’d dried off, she led me to her bedroom where she had me lie in the middle of her bed. My cock was fully rigid again by that point, standing straight up from my groin like a flagpole. Erynn started out kneeling between my spread legs, her tits swaying as she leaned down and took my cock in her fist. She pumped it gently while her tongue roamed over my balls and, finally, up the underside of my shaft.

Holding the base, she slid her lips over the head and down to her hand, her warm mouth fully engulfing me. I moaned once again at the pleasure she was providing and relaxed against her pillows to enjoy her oral attentions. She slid her lips up and down my tool, gently pumping the base, while her other hand massaged my balls. I lay there letting the feelings of pleasure wash over me and watching her do an outstanding job of sucking my cock. Gradually, she went from keeling to lying between my legs as she also paused to lick and suck my balls or roll her tongue around the head. I tried to stay relaxed even as my orgasm approached, but couldn’t help pushing my hips at her face each time her lips slid down my shaft.

As my cock swelled, she increased her pace, her head bobbing rapidly up and down on my tool. My breath Tuzla Escort was coming in short gasps as I was just about cumming until I finally moaned with relief and started spurting into her mouth. She continued sucking until my cock stopped twitching, letting it fall from her mouth as she got back up on her knees. I got up onto my knees as well and took her in my arms in the middle of the bed. After a few minutes of making out, I let her know that it was her turn to be taken care of and we switched positions.

I started out kneeling between her spread legs and leaning down to lick and suck her hard nipples. I kissed my way down over her flat stomach, then kissed around her pussy and up and down her inner thighs. Finally, I paused and admired her well-groomed pussy before running my tongue up her slit, collecting the juices that had accumulated there. Slipping first one, then a second finger easily into her, I focused my tonguing on her clit as she writhed and moaned. I started out pretty slowly, just pumping my fingers in and out of her slippery pussy and lapping at her clit. Gradually, I began finger-fucking her harder and faster while slurping and sucking her clit. She was practically bouncing off the bed as she forced her hips against my face and fingers.

Once I knew I’d gotten her right to the brink of cumming, without breaking stride, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and immediately pushed my middle finger between her ass cheeks. It was still slippery enough that it slipped easily into her puckered anus and she immediately started screaming with pleasure. She was practically convulsing on the bed as she came suddenly and violently as a result of my anal penetration. I kept fingering her ass and sucking her clit as long as she kept cumming, which ended up actually being pretty long. By the time she finally started to come down, she was completely spent.

I slipped my finger from her ass and crawled up next to her, but she barely moved. With my arms around her and our naked bodies pressed together, we fell asleep.

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