The Medical Exam Ch. 02

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He was having a typical day at work, seeing folks in the office for the usual stuff, diabetes, blood pressure, physicals, he was bored. He did not recognize the name of his last patient, a woman, about 7 years younger than him, the complaint on the schedule said “personal”. Making a mental note to talk with the nursing staff to remind them new patients were supposed to be seen in the morning because they took so much time.

The day dragged by, everyone seemed to take extra time or were coming in late. By the time the last patient was led to the room, most of the staff had left. “No Overtime Allowed” was the mandate from corporate. He knocked on the door and went in, apologizing for the late hour. She smiled and said that it was fine, she was glad that he was able to see her.

As always, he sat on the wheeled stool, she was sitting on the edge of the table. She was in a gown, the opening in the front. She had her legs crossed; he could not help noticing her legs. He loved looking at women’s legs. Getting all her history was routine, took some time to get it into the computer. He always tried to look at his patients when asking questions before looking back at his laptop screen to record the information. But, female patients distracted him, she really was attractive, he thought; noticing when she shifted her weight on the table that her breasts swayed freely under her gown. It gaped open a bit and he could see some of one breast, and he quickly looked down trying not to stare, he did not want to get caught again.

After he got the routine data entered, he put the computer down. “Tell me what brought you here today. You said it was personal”. She talked about her latest boyfriend telling her something was wrong. He said she “tasted funny” and would not give her oral sex. She blushed like crazy Bostancı Escort as she said this, as did the doctor. No one had ever told her that before, she was really upset by it because she loved oral sex. She became more animated as she talked, waving her arms around causing her gown to open more, exposing the nicest pair of breasts he had seen in some time.

It had been weeks since he had been with a woman. Often remembering the last time he had fucked a patient in an exam room and fantasizing about his medical student, he would masturbate in his office. Or when desperate, would go to the massage parlor for a quick hand job. The conversation and the sight of her long legs, and nice breasts were making him hard. The blood was leaving his big brain and flowing to his little brain.

He started the exam, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, trying to keep her draped, trying to stay professional, trying to ignore the lump in his pants. He went to find a nurse before starting the pelvic exam. Finding no one in the office, he returned to the exam room and told her the issue. “I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to complete the exam today. I need a nurse to chaperone the pelvic exam, but everyone has left for the day.”

“Doctor,” She asked him, “please just take a look, see if there is something wrong. I promise not to tell.”

Against his better judgment, he set up the table, pulled out the stirrups, help set her legs up, put on gloves, and sat on the wheeled stool. Her legs were wide apart, a beautifully trimmed pussy open to his gaze, he stifled a groan as his now ridged cock strained against his pants. “Everything looks great here,” he said, with a bit too much enthusiasm. She giggled, a funny sound coming from a 57-year-old woman.

He separated her labia, the lump in his Anadolu Yakası Escort pants growing even larger at seeing her pre-cum, everything looked normal and told her so. “Are you sure there is no odor or bad taste?” she asked. He leaned in a bit closer sniffing, trying to smell any odor. He felt her hand on his head, and her voice whispered, “You know you want to”. She guided his head in until his nose was against her. By reflex his tongue reached out, licking her, tasting her. Her whole body shook a little, as his tongue slipped into her, licking and teasing her clit, his mouth making love to her.

He knew that it was wrong, he had been caught before, but the very thought only made him harder. He was beyond caring. It was the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted, he loved the taste, the way she felt on his tongue, the flow of juices. She started to moan, low, like a train, getting closer and closer. FFFUUUUUUUUCK she cried, pushing against his face, her whole body shaking. As she came down from her orgasm, she held his head so he would have no choice but to continue licking her. He caught his breath, and chuckled, loving the way she felt and tasted, loving the fact that he had made her cum.

As he stood up, gazing down at her, the gown was thrown open, her nipples so hard, she smiled at him. “I guess I taste okay,” she said. He walked around to the side of the table. “You tell me,” and he kissed her, letting her taste her own juices while cupping a breast in one hand.

The door opened suddenly and Rita came in smiling. His medical student, a plump figure on her small frame. She was wearing scrubs and a white coat, the scrubs just a bit tight on her full bust and ass. Lots of dark hair, full red lips. He had to admit that he liked how she filled out her uniform, Pendik Escort he was only human.

“Excellent! Oh Doctor B, I knew you would enjoy Stella. I made sure she would be your last patient today it has been too long since we shared a patient,” said Rita. She walked over to the table, looking the woman over, and gently reached out touching Stella’s breast. Stella gasped and moaned as Rita leaned in and kissed her.

He stood back, watching the women kiss, watching as Stella slipped her hand under Rita’s scrub top, up to her breast, the two women began kissing more passionately. Rita stood straight, took off her top, her bra, her pants. As she slips her thong off, she says, “Doctor B, you look a bit overdressed”.

Once naked, he slowly stroked his cock while watching the women kiss and touch each other.

Positioning herself between Stella’s legs, Rita says, “Let’s see if I can do any better than the Doctor”, she begins to lick and suck Stella’s pussy. Encouraged by the soft moans, Rita knew she is doing something right and inserts a finger. Stella begins to move her hips faster and faster, Rita does not have any terrible keeping pace with her tongue and fingers. Rita had never had a woman before, the smooth skin on her face, the taste of another woman’s cum, she loved it.

Looking over her shoulder, she smiles at the doctor, “Don’t you want to fuck me, Doc?” asks Rita as she bends over Stella again, continuing to lick and suck and play. he moves behind Rita, rubbing his cock over her glisten pussy that is dripping with cum and on her ass. “Yes,” Rita said, “Fuck me!”.

He gently held onto her gorgeous big ass and slid his cock into her until he was balls deep. He began to stroke, a nice even rhythm. Rita pushed back into him, her face and tongue fucking Stella at the same pace as she was being fucked. Stella and Rita were moaning louder, louder until they climaxed together. It was too much for him, cumming, deep inside Rita, his legs shaking. As they pulled apart and kissed each other, they all knew that this would have to continue.

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