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I was working for the Colorado Attorney Generals office as an investigator when a new executive secretary was hired. Shelley was in her late twenties, a mix of Korean and Mexican blood, and absolutely stunning. She was 5’3″ tall with olive skin, brown eyes and black hair down to her shoulders. She had an athletic body with 34 D tits, a flat stomach, perfectly shaped ass and beautiful toned legs. One more thing that stood out were the perfectly manicured nails on her hand and feet. And if this wasn’t enough, she was a confident, super-intelligent woman that exuded sex appeal.I met her at the coffee pot and as soon as we introduced ourselves to each other, we immediately hit it off. She was well-spoken and funny and had a way of talking that just pulled you in. Over the next year we started meeting for breaks, then started going to lunch.Shelley was married. I eventually met her husband Jim, who was almost twenty years older than her and seemed to treat her like a queen. I would have loved to try and get intimate with Shelley, but I made sure to keep our relationship platonic as I enjoyed her company and didn’t want to ruin it. She never told me directly but I could detect something was missing in her marriage. I also thought I was lucky because Jim didn’t appear to be the jealous type that would stop my friendship with his wife.One day at lunch Shelley asked, “You never tell me about the girls you date. Are you serious with anyone?”I replied, “I date, but didn’t think you’d want to hear about them.”Shelley asked, “What’s the perfect girl for you?”I replied, without thinking, “Someone like you: funny, thoughtful, super attractive and sexy.”Shelley, after a few awkward moments of silence, asked, “Why haven’t you made any passes at me?””1. You’re a co-worker. 2. I don’t want to ruin our time together. 3. HR. 4. You’re Ümraniye Escort married…do you want me to go on?””You’re a good guy. I’m usually hit on all the time and wanted to know why you’re not attracted to me.”“You ARE crazy if you think I’m not attracted to you. But I don’t want to mess up our friendship.”That ended the conversation, but now more than ever I suspected she wasn’t happy at home.We continued to have lunch together several times a month and now part of our get-togethers included a greeting and parting hug and a kiss (away from work) and a more flirting.I had started dating a girl named Becky, but we were both taking it slow. Shelley had learned about Becky and had even met her once when she picked me up from work. I couldn’t be sure, but I think they were both jealous of one another, but I hadn’t done anything to cause this that I knew of.New Year’s Day was fast approaching and I got a call on my cellphone from Shelley.“Do you and Becky have plans for New Year’s Eve?””We haven’t really talked about it. What’s up?””We just bought a new hot tub and were wondering if you and Becky want to come over for dinner, drinks and hot tubbing on New Year’s Eve?””That sounds great. Let me get back to you.”When I called and approached Becky with the idea she immediately was pissed off. Becky said, “You just want to be around Shelley because you’ve got a crush on her. Fuck you! Go spend it with her yourself!”I wasn’t expecting this outburst, so I hung up. I didn’t know what had prompted this reaction, so I went to bed a little pissed and confused.The next day at work Shelley stepped into my office and asked, “Did you talk to Becky about New Year’s Eve?”I didn’t know what to say, so I just told her the truth.”Becky got pissed because of your offer. She told me to go Ümraniye Escort Bayan spend it with you and without her. I think she’s jealous of you.”Shelley was surprised at her reaction, especially because we had truly only gotten to be friends.”I’m sorry if I had anything to do with screwing up your plans with Becky. But you should still come over and spend it with me. I mean, us, if you don’t have plans.”As far as I was concerned, spending time in a hot tub with Shelley (and her husband) or spending a ton of money to go clubbing on New Year’s Eve was no contest. I accepted her invitation.The next evening I was at home when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and there was Becky. I invited her in. Becky proceeded to apologize for her little outburst.”The way you and Shelley act around each other obviously shows you like her and she’s into you. I got jealous and lost my cool.”I asked Becky, “Did I do something inappropriate in front of you with her? Holy shit, you’ve only met her once!”“No, but you never look at me the way you look at her.”Then she started crying. I didn’t know what to do, so I took her in my arms and held her. She leaned into me and quickly we were kissing while her hand slipped into the sweat pants I was wearing and found my quickly swelling cock. Becky bent down and started licking my cock before moving down my lap to get on her knees. She looked up at me as she swallowed my seven inches of hard dick.As Becky sucked me off, she was fondling my balls. She paused long enough to take my balls into her mouth and then was taking my hard cock throat deep. At the same time she drooled on to her hand and then slipped her middle finger into my asshole. I exploded in a massive orgasm and blew a pent-up load of cum into her mouth. Without missing a beat she Escort Ümraniye swallowed it all.She looked at me while licking her lips and said, “I’ll bet Shelley wouldn’t do that.”I was amazed. In an instant Becky had brought up Shelley after giving me a world-class blowjob. I was pissed that Becky had done it thinking about how I’d react about Shelley.“That was incredible, but you had to ruin it by being fucking jealous of someone that’s only my friend. Get the fuck out of my house! I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with you.”By the time I had told Becky this, I had put my cock back into my sweats, lifted her off her knees and ushered out my front door. Becky resisted briefly and then left. I was glad for the blowjob and upset she had done it because she was jealous.The next day at work, as usual before starting to jump into case filed, I saw Shelley at the coffee pot. We were both buried in work and quickly arranged to go to lunch.Just before lunch, a fire drill happened. We had to exit the building and stand around until everyone was accounted for. As soon as that happened, Shelley and I left for lunch.Shelley could tell something was on my mind, so I told her what had happened with Becky the night before – without leaving out any details. Shelley didn’t say anything for a few minutes.Then Shelley said, “Well, at least you got your nut off.” I looked at her, then we both burst out laughing.”I’m sorry I got between you and your girlfriend. But I don’t know why she’d be jealous of me.””I think she knows I have a crush on a married woman.””Then we’re even, I have a crush on you, too.”We finished lunch without saying much more.As we were nearly back to work, Shelley asked, “Are you still coming over for New Year’s Eve?””I want to, is it really ok with Jim?”“Don’t let that stop you, we’ll have a few neighbors over too. So it’s not going to be just you. And I want you there.”I agreed, again, to be at her house on NYE and asked what I could bring. Shelley thought for just a few seconds and said, “A pair of swim trunks and a toothbrush. You probably shouldn’t plan on driving. I’ll have the guest room ready.”

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