The First Purge

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Author’s Note: This story contains an attempt at some primal play between three very horny individuals (MMF). All characters are well beyond the age of 18, and none were harmed in the writing of this piece. The title is admittedly dumb, yes. ©WednesdaysCoffin 2019. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides without prior authorization in writing from the author.


Her lover stood before her, all tall, lean lines and sexual glory, and she wanted to tear off his clothing and lick his smooth chest. She thought Chris knew this already, because he was smirking. “When I tell you to run, I want you to move as fast as you can and disappear into the woods.” He gestured around the sprawling estate that he had rented for the entire month so that they could engage in the utmost of primal play outdoors. The naughty smirk that pressed across his beautiful face widened when he spoke further. “But always remember that you have your safe words, okay? What are they? Tell your Master.”

“Red to stop the entire scene,” she blushed softly and lowered her gaze down the length of his body. From his short jet black fade cut, to his prominent nose, to his perfect pale pink lips, she admired every single inch of his over six-foot body. Her brown eyes eventually stopped on the obvious bulge in his nylon shorts, practically a long arrow pointed straight between her legs. “Yellow if I want you to slow down or change the position.”

“Good girl,” he cooed as he stroked her hair softly. “And what if you have something in your mouth?”

She opened her mouth slightly, shook her head three times and offered up three distinct “uh, uh, uh” sounds, as though she might be tsk-ing him for his actions. “If for any reason this does not work or I cannot verbally communicate, then I am to tap your thigh three times.”

He bent forward and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “Perfect, babydoll. Now, like I told you earlier, I might have invited a friend to join us, and he might be lurking in those woods. If he finds you, he knows your safe words and he will respect them if you use them. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head. “Yes, Master.”

“Fuck,” he growled like a hungry beast. “That word makes me so fucking hard.”

“You’re already so fucking hard,” she taunted him.

“Touche,” he grinned as he lewdly gripped a handful of his shorts and his hard length, biting his bottom lip as he displayed his wares. “I cannot wait to fucking own you. My beast is primed and ready.”

She dug her heels into the grass then, knowing that at any minute he could give the signal for her to run. Her body tensed because she wanted to put in an actual effort to escape; the game didn’t work if she just dropped to the ground all compliancy and rabid lust. She had to actually want to escape and, okay, some small part of her did, but the bigger part did not. Either way, the faster she ran, the sooner she got caught and roughly taken.

He raised one of his extremely long, muscular and tattooed arms into the air and grinned. “Are you ready, baby?” After she had nodded and blown him a kiss, he raised his normally soft voice to a loud bellow and called, “3, 2, 1, GO!” At this, he dropped his arm and watched her race straight into the thick forest that dotted the property.

He had rented this gorgeous estate, an expansive 75 acres in a state forest located at the gentle slope of a mountain, for this very purpose: they would be able to roam and run freely, without prying, judgmental eyes or the fear of disturbing their neighbors. The idea that he could now freely tap into his most primal urges was exhilarating, and clearly his body was already responding with delight at the thought. Hell, he was so excited he couldn’t even be bothered to wear his usual jeans, instead he had simply tugged on nylon mesh shorts; quicker on, and much quicker off.

He and Blue had only recently discovered what the BDSM community termed “primal play,” but from their first experience he had been hooked. The idea that he could crawl around on all fours, biting and marking his gorgeous girlfriend, and growling like an animal? Yeah, that fucking did it for him. Not even having to speak or possess the mental fortitude to formulate words was a release in and of itself, and one that he was ready to embrace fully. Although, he would freely admit that this was probably just an extension of his innate love of all things doggy-style and having his sexy girlfriend on all fours.

His cock throbbing, he turned back toward the trees and listened carefully. One of his best friends was lurking in the shadows out there, waiting to pounce on his somewhat unsuspecting little girl. Sure, she knew that he had invited another man to play—and yes, she had in not so many ways pre-approved that man unwittingly. It had been late one weeknight, he had caught her writing on her laptop, sitting in their bed and looking flushed.

Goading her, he asked what she was writing and she mersin escort had allowed him permission to read over her shoulder. What he discovered was a very graphic, wonderfully naughty piece of that involved two men and one woman. He hadn’t known that she shared this fantasy, and he remembered his body responding to her written words. When he asked her if she was depicting her own fantasies or merely authoring a generalized fantasy, she had assured him that she only wrote from her heart—and her genitals.

And so he had thus been informed that his curious little lover, who was all sweetness and innocence outside the bedroom, wanted two hard and domineering cocks. When she fell asleep that evening, he had removed the laptop from her stomach and decided to read through some of her latest works. He was most shocked not by the descriptive, wanton and graphic nature of her words, but by one particular story that seemed to detail one of his best friends in some exceptionally graphic terms. Her imaginings of the other man’s body were, how should he say, very, very developed. That naughty little vixen!

When he approached this friend with his idea, the other man had been hesitant at first. Zack had conceded that, yes, he found Blue immensely attractive and sure, he would love to sink his hard cock into her tight little body. But the idea of doing so with another man—one of his best friends of many, many years—he wasn’t certain that this idea exactly floated his boat, so to speak. But Chris had somehow managed to convince Zack that if he gave the fantasy a chance, there would be no turning back.

Snapping back to the present, Chris cocked his head and listened closely. He had directed the other man to growl loudly when he found Blue and pounced on her, giving him a signal where to find them and join them. He could hardly contain himself as he waited and listened, listened and waited. A deep hunger was permeating the marrow of his bones, and while he considered tearing his shorts off and roaming the property completely naked, he tried to behave. Everything good would come, or cum, with time; and he definitely intended to cum—all over that dirty little girl!

In the woods, Blue jogged carefully, watching where she placed her bare feet. She was wearing tiny black yoga shorts and a red halter top, but sneakers seemed like a terrible waste. They would no doubt be torn off with her other clothing, tossed aside, and she wanted to be able to entirely lose herself in the moment and not have her brain nagging about losing the $200 trainers. Which, okay, was insane, but that was the way her brain worked: overly analytical always, no matter the ridiculousness of the situation.

She paused to glance around her location, noticing a tulip tree in bloom beside a tall pine. She didn’t know trees for shit, she had wanted to know more and had tried to teach herself their identification, but other than the obvious (tulip trees and pines being two of that short list), she didn’t know shit. Still imbibing her surroundings, she glanced to the ground where the lush forest floor was alive with dried pine needles, fallen yellow and orange blossoms, and enough sticks to thrill a legion of 10,000 dogs.

Out of breath but pausing to appreciate the landscape, she heard a noise—a snap. Her head spun 90-degrees to her right, but she saw nothing. She strained to listen closely and began to nervously tighten the elastic around her long black hair. She heard a rustling sound now, somewhere just to her right and slightly behind her.

Without warning and before she could even manage to spin herself around, she was knocked to the ground and a large body was pressed over her. He cupped a hand over her mouth and growled loudly. It was a primal thing, a loudly possessive and animalistic sound that made something in the pit of her stomach begin to do cartwheels. Just the volume of it was overwhelming, like he was a lion summoning his pride. “Don’t fucking move,” the familiar male voice growled. “I got you and now you’re mine! I can do whatever the fuck I want with you.”

She realized two things as she stared down into the earth. The first was that she knew this man and he was someone that she had been secretly desiring for some time now. Of course, you can’t exactly tell your lover that you are secretly desiring the cock of his best friend, so she had kept her mouth shut, just like she was doing right now. Her second realization was that he was shirtless, and where his upper body was pressed against the exposed pieces of her own flesh, fireflies were dancing a jig of joy.

“I’m taking my hand away now,” he instructed her in a bestial baritone. “Don’t scream!”

“Isn’t that the point of being out here in the middle of the woods—that I can scream?” She snickered as her nose pressed into the dirt and she smelled that delicious scent of ozone and decay, everything that was the forest. Some people might hate that, might flip at the kocaeli escort idea of rolling around on the ground, but she loved the erotic nature of, well, nature.

He made a noise in his chest as he jostled her. “Always such a smartass, Blue!”

She shrugged as best as she could in her current position. “I speak only the truth.”

“Well, let’s put that pretty little mouth of yours to better use then,” he grinned, and she could feel it as he pressed his bearded face into her neck and bare shoulder. “I’m going to let you up now and you’re going to show me what you’ve got.”

“Was that a Squanchy-ism?” She laughed as his weight was lifted off her much smaller frame, and she could now glance over her shoulder at him. Sure enough, there stood Zack: all 5’10” of his very male body. He wore baggy black jeans, sneakers, but no shirt, and she could see a patch of dark hair dotting his chest and nipples. Strangely, she liked this: Chris was completely hairless here, and while she loved that about him she adored that Zack had a traditionally masculine physique. Coupled with his deep, resonating timbre, she kind of wanted to rub herself all over his body while purring.

He gestured for her to stand and then took one step towards her. His smirk widened as he placed his large, calloused hands onto her exposed shoulders and then shoved downward. He growled as she fell to her knees with a weighty impact and winced. Before she could collect herself, his denim-clad crotch was being shoved into her face and her nose was rubbing against his zipper. She peered up at him as he gazed down at her hungrily. “You know what to do! Quit wasting time.”

Within seconds she had simply grabbed the sagging waist of his jeans along with the waistband of his boxers and tugged them both down to his ankles. His length sprang free and slapped her in the face, hungry for her attention. She was elated to see that her fantasies were all so very correct, and he was a good length with an impressive girth. She was no size queen—and yes, it is about how a man can use it—but let’s be honest: sometimes it’s just not enough, no matter how you work it. Zack was more than enough, and she struggled to wrap her lips around his bulbous head.

He smirked. “Has the little slut never sucked a fat cock before?” The words emanating from his deep baritone were like sexual jelly eking down her body and pooling between her thighs. She mumbled around him as she set to coating his length in her saliva, working down one side of his shaft toward his balls, then doing the same on the other side. She worked passionately, wetting his length to make it easier to take. When she leaned down and began to lick up the underside of his shaft with his cock balancing on her pretty little face, he again roared like a beast. She took this to mean that she was doing a good job at her work, so she continued to coat him in a heavy film of spit.

When she was content that she hadn’t missed a single speck of flesh, she began to slowly take him into her mouth. First, her lips wrapped around the large mushroom-shaped head of him, then she was sinking an inch of his shaft into her warm, wet mouth. What she didn’t yet have inside her, she lavished with the attention of her right hand as she balanced herself with her left against his hip. When he gazed up at the forest canopy and let out yet another noise that was pure animal, she felt a sense of accomplishment and managed to take in another inch.

He gazed down at her through heavy-lidded, lustful brown eyes and groaned. “Shit, you’re almost halfway there. Keep going. Shit. That feels amazing!”

She took his words as encouragement and began to work up and down on his length: first taking nearly four inches into her mouth, backing off for air, and then taking them back plus some extra. In this way, she was able to take nearly five inches of his length into her throat, slowly but surely. The more she took, the more her saliva overflowed and now she was dripping down onto her breasts and soaking through her halter top. Her right hand was a mess of her juices and his pre-cum, and his cock was glistening in the sunshine.

He focused himself then and clutched at the base of his shaft as he met her lust-filled eyes. “Can I skull-fuck you?”

“You’re not supposed to ask, you’re just supposed to take,” the all-too-familiar, smooth and deep voice of her lover offered. She hadn’t heard him approach but, by the sound of it, he was somewhere just behind her. “She has her safe words.”

Zack’s eyes were so heavy with primal lust, he looked like he was barely maintaining his ability to speak coherently. He reached behind her, grabbing a handful of her raven ponytail and tugging her roughly forward. “If you can’t breathe, if you can’t do it, just tap my thigh, okay?” She nodded, and he reared back and smirked. “Open wide!”

She did as he directed and he placed his cock on the surface of her tongue. He used samsun escort his hips to force four inches down her throat immediately, then reared back and began a steady yet punishing rhythm. He was controlling himself, however, and not trying to cram his entire length down into her windpipe. Which part of her appreciated, though a second, much more primal urge wanted to see if she could handle the full, uh, pickle. Would it even be possible to deepthroat his entire length?

She mumbled this around his cock, and his eyes rolled back into his head. “Fuck, that feels amazing when you try to talk with my dick shoved down your throat.”

Behind her, she heard some rustling, but Chris had yet to touch her or assert his presence. Down on her knees with Zack’s hard length pumping in and out of her throat, she began to feel restlessly horny, and she moved her hips in such a way as to present her backside to her lover. Maybe her movements would entice him to come over here and fuck her good.

Zack gripped her hair harder and moaned. “I’m going to try more, okay?”

She nodded, and he sunk five hard inches into her mouth, and then began to move slowly. She did her best to breathe through her nose as his hardness slid across her tongue and down, down, down. She knew he would eventually meet with some resistance, but if he shoved hard enough, he could get more inside. Despite knowing this, despite having the experience, when he did just this and she took seven massive inches into her throat, her eyes teared up and she began to drip more saliva all over herself.

In turn, Zack’s brown eyes were wider than they had ever been. “Holy fucking shit, you can take the entire thing,” he gasped as he plunged roughly in and out of her face. “Shit, Blue. What a little whore you are!”

“She was trained well by a very thorough master,” she heard Chris state with pride. Still, all she could deduce was that he was somewhere behind her. That is, until she felt his arms wrap around her from behind, and clutch two handfuls of the thin material of her shirt. “You don’t need this anymore, it’s just getting wet.” He ripped his hands apart and tore the halter straight down the middle, exposing her perky breasts.

He then untied the neck strap that kept the ruined garment attached to her body, tossing it into the leaves. “Shit! Look at you! You’re absolutely covered in spit from face-fucking that gigantic cock.” At this, he began smearing the gooey fluids all over her chest with his massive hands, coating her nipples and causing a delicious shudder to run down her spine.

Zack continued his rhythm, shoving his entire length down into her throat until she felt that familiar, gravely feel that came with a good, proper skull-fuck. Her jaw was aching too, and she knew that in a matter of hours her voice would be hoarse from their fun. But she lost focus on these thoughts when her lover began to clutch her breasts tightly, squeezing until it was almost painful. She moaned and intentionally gagged around the hard length in her mouth, and her vocalization made Zack jump. “Holy shit!” he rasped. “I’m going to fucking cum down your throat, little slut. Jesus Christ, you’re good at this shit!”

When his cock jerked in that telltale forewarning, she did her best to allow him to sink balls deep into her throat. With her nose pressed into his pubic hair, he let out an unbridled roar as he coated her tonsils with his release. She sputtered and struggled to keep breathing through her nose and to not choke on his warm load. Thankfully, he showed her some leniency and he pulled back immediately, allowing her to take a huge breath. His cum mixed with her copious amounts of saliva and trailed down her chin to her breasts, leaving a glistening sheen down her body.

Zack fell against a nearby tree growling and panting, just as her lover shoved her down onto all fours. “Fuck that was hot,” he growled as he grabbed the center seam of her little shorts and tore them right from her body, lifting her off the ground momentarily in the process. She waited for a reaction to the surprise she knew she was hiding, and when he was silent for a moment, she knew he’d discovered it.

As if in response to her thoughts, he smacked her ass as he hungrily eyed her little black tail. Attached to a plug that was embedded inside her body, the fuzzy black fox-tail made his already hard cock swell. “Shit, Blue, what’s this?” he purred. He then tugged gently on the toy, causing her to jump.

“That’s my tail, sir.” She shook her ass and the tail wiggled suggestively as she crawled on all fours. “Don’t you like it?”

“Fuck,” he groaned, “I love it!”

She glanced over her shoulder and found her boyfriend completely nude, kneeling and stroking his hard length. He was equal in size to his friend, if not slightly longer; a truly gorgeous and impressive cock if ever she’d seen one. Attached to his body, anything would be perfection and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was very skilled in how he used it. She watched him as he was eyeing her hungrily and she knew that he would be quick to pounce. She also knew that he had developed a bit of a secret kink for tails, and so she had purchased her foxy accoutrement without his knowledge. By the look in his brown eyes, he very much approved of her surprise.

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