The Feared ’57’ Ch. 03

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Although this story may be read by itself, it will gain from your reading the preceding chapters first. All characters are 18 or over, as that is the minimum age for girls to be appointed as school prefects.


Janet Sanders wondered what she had done wrong to find herself in what she had to admit was a very embarrassing position for the 35-year-old English teacher at Oakhurst. Janet was bent over a large chair in the office of the principal, Irene Crawford; Janet’s trendy midi skirt was thrust up over her waist, and her full-sized white panties at her knees exposed her quite broad bottom.

“I’m sorry this has become necessary,” the young but highly assertive petite blonde principal told the new English teacher, who was hardly in a position to argue with her, “but it’s probably for the better that this streak of impetuosity you appear to possess is dealt with at this early point before you get yourself and the school into more trouble.”

Holding her favorite thin cane, Irene strode behind Janet and merely allowed the tip of the cane to touch Janet’s white and well-formed bottom. She could hardly ignore the pouched visibility of Janet’s pudendum staring out from between the 30ish teacher’s lithe legs. Barely putting the cane tip at the pink center of Janet’s pooching vulva, Irene watched the flesh involuntarily flinch and then she brought the tip to her face and smelled Janet’s obvious excitement on the cane tip.

“Miss Crawford, with all due respect,” Janet said, speaking from between her legs, “I was only seeking to carry out what I thought were your wishes—” But before she could say more, Irene delivered a harsh stroke of the cane to Janet’s alabaster bottom with a slight flick of her small hand

“You will desist from attempting to shift the blame for your situation onto your superiors,” Irene said very plainly, as if argument were ridiculous. “I merely acquainted you with the options here, little expecting you would be so rash as to employ the most serious as a first step.

“Luckily for all of us, I managed to recognize the danger of the situation over the weekend and thus spared you as well as the rest of the school from major embarrassment,” Irene went on.


Since Irene had purposely left the inner and outer doors to her office open so as to enable passing teachers especially to witness Janet’s ignominious baptism into the ritual of Oakhurst, she was not surprised when the day’s Duty Mistress, Valerie Warren, the Latin teacher, entered and broke into a broad smile when she saw Janet bent over with panties down.

“So what have we here, Irene?” Valerie asked without needing an answer.

“I will bypass formal introductions under the circumstances, Valerie,” Irene responded with a smile. “But I have been forced to discipline our new senior English teacher for her premature effort to invoke the severe 57 punishment for what appears to be a first offense during her inaugural week here.”

“Well, well,” Valerie smiled some more. “I do look forward to meeting you under … better circumstances…”

“Janet,” the bearer of that name filled in the obvious gap in Valerie’s knowledge that Irene had omitted to provide.

“So how was your session today as Duty Mistress, Valerie?” Irene asked, as if Janet were not even present.

“Quite normal, Irene,” Valerie said. “I did have a senior whom I believe was referred by your…misbehaving instructor there and I confess to having imposed more than the usual punishment because mersin escort I do believe seniors should know better.”

“Oh?” Irene answered with a question, “what did you add?”

“Well, first I upped the cane strokes from four to six…and I had her figged,” Valerie said with a grin, knowing that Irene cherished details of feminine punishment.

There was a knock on the door. Irene saw it was a student but she still bade her enter with a nod. This visitor was none other than Dorine Kaufman, the junior prefect who had assisted Valerie Warren with the disciplining of Marcie Williams.

“I’m sorry….to interrupt you, Principal and Miss Warren,” Dorine managed to say without too much fear, “but when I left the girls’ locker room, I found that Marcie Williams had left her purse so I brought it here.”

“Thank you so much, Dorine,” Principal Crawford responded with even more apparent pleasure in her voice than doubtless was justified. “I am so delighted to see how some of our girls who have been trusted with the high responsibility of serving as prefects go beyond their assigned duties to carry out their charge.”

Valerie Warren smiled in agreement with the principal’s praise. Then she said rather calmly to her superior, “Principal, those were very kind words you used to compliment Dorine, who of course deserves such praise. I wonder if you would feel it appropriate under the circumstances to reward her by permitting her to remain here with me to witness this imposition of discipline. I appreciate all the assistance that the prefects provide and feel that Dorine will benefit from the experience and I am sure we may rely on her discretion in keeping what she observes to herself.”

Irene Crawford’s face burst into a wide smile at Valerie’s proposal and she only affected a more serious look when she turned to Dorine and asked, “I hope that what Miss Warren says is true about my being able to rely on your absolute discretion in not discussing anything about this with anyone else?”

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school’s principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, “Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that.”

“That is what I hoped to hear, Dorine,” the principal responded. With that, she motioned to the dark-haired Dorine to stand over to the right side of the room out of Janet’s upside-down view but still quite able to see the proceedings to come.


Now Janet found herself beset by torment. She began to wonder why she had accepted the position as English teacher—senior honors English, no less—at this school where it was clear she was going to be subjected by the principal to embarrassing punishment on her bare bottom and extreme humiliation at receiving a caning in front of another teacher and a pupil. What made matters far worse, she also realized with increasing horror, was that she was now badly in need of an opportunity to empty her bladder. She had used the toilet before leaving for Irene Crawford’s office but it must have been the negative excitement, and, yes, arousal, that stimulated her system to refill that organ so quickly.

Janet, from her shameful position over the chair, managed to ask for a break.

“Miss Crawford, please,” kocaeli escort she said in what now was a strained voice, “I’m terribly sorry but this appears to have made me need to use the ladies’ room. May I please do that before you…discipline me?”

Irene Crawford smiled inwardly and assumed the strict demeanor of her office as she answered quite brusquely, “Miss Sanders, I am not in the habit of allowing such privileges in advance of punishment. You will have to hold it and await the completion of your disciplining.”

Both Valerie Warren and Dorine Kaufman tried mightily to suppress their surprise and then their enjoyment of Irene Crawford’s denial of toilet use to Janet Sanders. Valerie decided to play the supportive role she knew Irene relished.

“Oh, yes, principal,” Valerie gushed, “Dorine can tell you that so many of the girls we see during Duty Mistress discipline tell us that they need to use the girls’ room. It is a common delaying tactic and I’m pleased to see you recognize it as such.”

Janet Sanders made a promise to herself that she would somehow get back at Valerie Warren for making Irene Crawford feel good about the torture she was imposing on the senior English teacher. Meanwhile, her need to urinate grew even more pressing but she decided she would do whatever she could to retain.


Now, as the two witnesses observed the scene in the still-open principal’s office, Irene Crawford took her thin cane and stood behind Janet. She lay the cane on the English teacher’s broad bottom and slowly drew it back. With the practiced flick of an experienced caner, the petite principal employed the classic lady’s weapon, the cane, to its utmost service as her stroke hit the white bottom and after a moment or two, left a prominent bright red stripe and elicited a yowl from the subject, Janet.

Janet cringed and could not help letting out a cry when the cane struck her the first time. She braced herself for more and soon it followed. Irene flicked her small wrist and a stripe appeared on Janet’s rear toward the top and then one almost in the tender crease between thigh and leg.

Dorine Kaufman knew better than to say anything but she realized that the principal was using the time honored practice of “gating,” which was applying the cane strokes to create a gate pattern of stripes on Janet Sanders’s bottom.

Somehow Janet had managed to keep her bladder’s contents from flowing out into her urethra and then disgracing her by the appearance of pee from her pudendum. But now Irene surprised her by administering two quick successive strong strokes diagonally across her bottom, cutting across the previous strokes and exponentially increasing the pain Janet felt while diminishing her fading ability to suppress her overwhelming need for urinary relief.

Janet let out a little cry at the surprise of the two hard strokes, but even worse, was unable to keep from releasing a small jet of pee onto the principal’s beige-toned carpet. Much to her dismay, her lapse of control was immediately observed by all present. Dorine somehow managed to keep from bursting out in laughter at the incredible sight of the rather staid Janet’s being so totally humiliated. Dorine had seen girls lose control during Duty Mistress canings or strappings, but the Duty Mistress treated this as almost normal and merely commented to the prefects and without even saying anything, made the remaining strokes harder ones.

Irene samsun escort affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, “I’m quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions.” Valerie merely smiled at the principal’s somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

“I had intended that those two strokes would serve as the culmination and completion of your punishment, Janet,” the principal said with feigned sympathy, “but under the circumstances, I must require you to undergo some further discipline.”

Janet blanched at hearing this, as she still was feeling urgent pressure on her bladder to expel, even after the almost involuntary release of urine that had occurred when Irene surprisingly struck twice on her bottom with the little thin cane.

“You will at least be pleased to learn, Miss Sanders,” Irene continued, in a very bossy tone even as she addressed Janet formally, “that your castigation will not be extended with the extra strokes you have earned as a result of your…indiscretion. However, we will permit you to relieve yourself now.

“You must, though, perform this function in our presence,” Irene added, as she handed Janet a large clear glass bowl and in a firm tone that brooked no challenge, ordered, “You will squat over this bowl right here and do your business.”

Janet was stupefied but relieved to be able to rise from the awkward position in which she had been bent over the chair for her caning. She now was passing beyond the stage where she could feel any embarrassment and only desired to relieve her painfully-stretched bladder.

“Yes, Principal,” she responded, as she took the bowl, calmly squatted, keeping her dress up out of the way and incidentally providing the three women with a clear view of her pee streaming into the bowl as it emerged speedily and hit the glass with a loud ping. Being watched while she peed, Janet thought, was the least of her humiliations although she detested Valerie and Dorine all the more for watching as she managed to almost fill the glass bowl with her steaming very pale yellow brew.

Irene decided to impose two final humiliations on the new teacher. First, she asked Dorine to take some tissue and come over and wipe Janet’s vulva when the teacher had finished urinating into the glass bowl. Dorine was amazed at how clever the principal was at imposing such supreme yet seemingly incidental humiliations and she hoped she could use some of these when serving the Duty Mistresses.

Dorine walked over to where Janet was still squatting and had placed the bowl away from her. The sandy-haired prefect was wearing a classic high-school-style plaid skirt and took the tissue, bent down from behind Janet, and ran the tissue between the senior English teacher’s squatting legs. She looked at the paper to see that it was slightly stained with the indicia of Janet’s pee that had remained on the latter’s pubic hairs and lips of her vulva.

Now the petite blonde principal walked over to her closet and returned with possibly the most humiliating item in her arsenal of punishments.

“Janet, because you could not control your need to urinate properly,” Irene intoned with an air of official imposition, “you will be required to wear this adult-sized diaper for now and you may not remove it until tomorrow morning when you will report back to my office.”

Janet cringed—and even Valerie and Dorine each immediately blushed as they realized that this meant that the teacher would undoubtedly be forced to use the diaper that night for its intended purpose. Irene Crawford would no doubt expect to face a full diaper when Janet appeared the following morning to be changed.


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