The Cherry Poppers Ch. 17

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They were pretty quiet on the walk to the girl’s room from the dorm parking lot. They passed several girls still partying late on Friday night. A few appeared drunk and one even yelled to Kira and Tessa, “Who’s the dish?”

Jason cut the tension by asking if they knew Jillian Jankowsky on the third floor. Neither did, and he explained how lonely she was, being from Kentucky and not having any friends here. Kira and Tessa volunteered to look her up as they entered their room.

“Would you like a drink or something?” Tessa asked.

“What do you have?” Jason replied.

Tessa opened the small refrigerator they had and answered, “Water, soda, or some vodka?” pointing to a bottle on a closet shelf.

“Soda’s good,” Jason answered.

Kira was lighting candles and putting on music. It was a soft tune that sounded almost like a symphony or something to Jason. Tessa brought him his soda just as Kira killed the overhead light in favor of the candles. Jason had taken a seat on Kira’s bed and both girls joined him there, one on either side. ‘They’re not messing around,’ Jason mused to himself.

“Where were we before that cop arrived?” Kira asked mischievously.

“I had just swallowed a load,” Tessa said with a giggle.

That cracked them all up and Jason nearly spilled his soda as they fell into him laughing. Kira took the soda from him and set it down on the nearest desk.

“Think you can get this monster back up again?” Kira said teasingly, as she climbed back on the bed and reached to Jason’s crotch.

Tessa’s hand quickly stole up his leg and helped Kira squeeze his package, “Yeah, let’s get him back out to play,” she said.

“First, I want to see both of you strip,” Jason stated, pushing their hands away teasingly.

The women looked shocked at first but soon giggled and stood. They looked at each other before turning back to Jason. They were not used to putting on sexual displays.

“Both together?” Kira asked, “Or one at a time?”

“Both together,” Jason replied, he too was still horny and couldn’t wait to see them both naked.

Jason watched as both women giggled and took their tops off. They tried to imitate strippers but obviously had little real knowledge of how to do it. Their bras were next, probably given the fact, he had already seen their tits, and they danced about. Jason appreciated the way their tits shook as they moved. Tessa’s looked incredible as her more cone-shaped tits quivered and jiggled provocatively. Kira’s smaller breasts bounced enough to show incredible firmness yet some softness. Jason could feel his cock recharging.

Next they stripped off they shorts, and even in the dim light, Jason could make out, in both of them, some wetness at the crotch of their panties as they moved. They both had cute, lacy undies on and Jason wondered if they had planned this all along. Before they removed their panties, both girls got around to removing their baseball caps that had made it back on during the ride home. Each undid the tie in their hair and suddenly Jason was enthralled by the effect. They went from girlish to womanly in one swift move.

“Good, god,” Jason groaned.

“You like?” Kira said, swishing her long blonde hair like a minx.

Tessa also shook her short brown hair, which caressed her shoulders, like a movie star. Jason’s cock was hurting in his shorts.

“You’re both beautiful,” Jason exclaimed.

“Thanks,” they answered in unison.

After a little more head tossing and hair flying around, they both got a little serious and lowered their panties. Tessa had a full dark brown bush while Kira’s was smaller, mostly above her sex, and blonde. Jason’s cock needed to be freed fast.

The women looked at him for some kind of response and he realized they might never have stood before a guy like this before. ‘Good, god,’ he thought.

“Beautiful … gorgeous,” Jason praised.

“You like what you see?” Kira asked, trying to sound worldly and sure of herself but the slight nervousness to her words betrayed her confidence.

“Oh, my god, you girls are magnificent,” Jason proclaimed as adamantly as he could.

“Thanks,” they again echoed.

“So much so I can’t stand it,” Jason said, standing and stripping off his clothes in seconds. His cock was like a steel girder trying to span the distance between them.

“He likes us,” Kira stated with a giggle and more boldness at seeing his massive erection.

“Looks that way,” Tessa agreed with a smile.

Jason flopped down on the bed on his back and waved them over. His cock was pointing at the ceiling and the girls came to him. Jason reached out, and grabbed Kira’s hands and pulled her slender body on top of him. She got the idea he wanted her to straddle his chest, so she did. Jason watched her nice body as she got into position over his chest. He especially liked looking at her cute blonde bush and pink pussy. He reached behind her ass and pulled her delectable looking pussy to his face.

Kira looked at him with worry. She seemed to be trying Anadolu Yakası Escort to comprehend what he wanted. When it became obvious, he wanted her pussy over his mouth, Kira held back a little.

“What’s the matter?” Jason asked, feeling her reluctance and restraint.

“Jason, I’m not ready for that,” Kira asked.

“You don’t want me to use my mouth and tongue on you?” Jason queried.

“I mean … it’s just that … I’m not clean. You got me so wet in the car, I …”

“Come here. I’m fine with the way you are,” Jason said tugging her closer until he finally felt her pussy graze his mouth.

Kira was right about smelling a little heady from her earlier wetness, but Jason didn’t care. He wanted to eat her and give her pleasure she had never felt before. He was pretty sure this would be her first time with someone using their mouth on her. In fact, he wanted very much to taste her.

Jason pulled Kira to his mouth until she was where he could kiss her labia, and lick the near hairless lips. Jason pushed the tuff of blonde hair above her pussy up a little and marveled in the candlelight at the delicate lips of her pink pussy. She had a tiny twat and even though she hadn’t shaved, the lips and below were nearly void of hair. Jason continued to kiss all over her pussy and licked the pungent flesh. His taste buds reveled at her flavor, and his tongue sought more moisture in the tight slit of her cunt.

He ran his tongue from the top to the bottom and back again through Kira’s gash. Her moans and fingers gripping his head told him all he needed to know. It didn’t hurt either when he felt a hot, wet mouth engulf half his cock. Tessa had decided to resume her marvelous sucking of his dick.

Jason used his hands to part Kira’s labia and feast on her inner charms. He licked around the inner lips and stuck his tongue into the furrow of her cunt. His tongue teased around and sought the cherry guarded entrance to her vagina. Kira began to buck against his mouth and pressed her cunt to him. For someone not wanting to do this, moments earlier, she was rocking on his mouth like a rodeo rider.

Jason could sense Kira’s mounting excitement. He worked his way up her pussy to push back the hood of her clit. The little nubbin he exposed looked like a baby pea. First, he licked all around it making Kira growl and press hard against his face. Breathing was becoming difficult as she tried to bury his head inside her cunt. Jason played with her, teasing around her little clit until Kira was groaning loudly and quivering against his face.

When Jason believed the timing was perfect, he sucked Kira’s clit between his lips abruptly. Kira wasn’t prepared for the delicious rush of pleasure and she grunted out her surprise and bliss. Jason held the little bud in his lips and teased it with his tongue.

“Oh, fuck … suck it, Jason! Please suck it harder!” Kira bellowed, not worried who heard her erotic words.

Jason followed her lead, and sucked the little nub harder and kept his tongue going. His fingers played with her pussy hole but didn’t try to invade the protected cavity.

Kira couldn’t take anymore and came like she never had before, “Oh, fuck! Oh, god!”

Kira bucked against Jason’s mouth as her juices flooded his face. He lapped away between her hole and her clit. He moved down to run his tongue all around her entrance. Kira continued to cum and grind her pussy into his face making breathing a chore.

Jason stayed with Kira until her climax waned. He thought about getting her off again, but he wanted her on edge, not sated, and curling up on the bed sleepily. He used his hands to help lift her off him.

Tessa had his cock pulsing with lust from her talented mouth. It was hard to believe this girl was new to cocksucking. Getting Tessa off his cock was another good reason to stop. He didn’t want to finish in her mouth again despite how wonderful it was.

Jason flipped up on his knees and pulled on Kira to get under him. She realized what he wanted and hesitated.

“Jason, Tessa first. You can have us both but Tessa first,” Kira said pleadingly.

“Why? What’s the difference …?”

“She’s open,” Kira said. “And you’re really big.”

“What?” Jason questioned, not realizing at first what she was saying or why it mattered.

“She means I’m lacking my hymen,” Tessa said filling in the blanks. “But you probably realized that anyway from before in the car.”

“I did notice,” Jason stated.

“She likes toys,” Kira said with a giggle.

“Kira!” Tessa shouted at her.

“Toys, huh?” Jason repeated, looking at Tessa and smiling.

“I’m going to kill you, Kira,” Tessa said angrily.

“She’s got a box full of them,” Kira added with a laugh.

“Kira! God, I hate you,” Tessa yelled, acting really mad now.

Jason grabbed her to calm her down. He held her two arms and tried to divert her attention from glaring at Kira.

“Come here, babe,” Jason said, pulling her close.

“She can be such a bitch,” Kartal Escort Tessa said, still trying to glare at Kira even though Jason was making her lie down.

“I’m sorry, Tessa. I was just having fun,” Kira explained.

“I suppose you haven’t tried one or two yourself,” Tessa stated as a knowing comeback.

“Maybe,” Kira replied with a giggle, “but nothing inside.”

“Tessa relax. Let me take your cares away. This will be better than toys I promise,” Jason implored.

“She’s still a bitch,” Tessa scolded Kira.

Jason had her down on the bed and leaned over to kiss her. They kissed for a few moments and then Jason worked down her neck to her interesting breasts. Despite being on her back, her cone-like breasts protruded up for easy sucking. Jason feasted between the two mounds. As he did he thought, ‘Tessa’s the more interesting of the two sexually so far anyway. Her tits are nicer and she sucks cock far better.’

After spending some time at her breasts, Jason kissed down her firm belly to her navel. He licked around her bellybutton, making Tessa squeal and giggle. He traveled further down until he was staring at her brown bush-covered pussy. He ran his nose through her hair, getting the smell of her into his nostrils. She was heady like Kira but he didn’t care. He worked down and kissed her lips. He used his hands to part her opening and Tessa groaned.

At that instance, Jason felt Kira on the bed behind him. Her hands caressed his cock and balls. Soon he felt a warm, wet mouth surround the head. She wasn’t Tessa but she was willing, different, and tried hard.

Jason went slowly at first but his own excitement was starting to get the best of him. He was close to scoring two more virgins and he couldn’t believe how much he was dying to fuck these two. Jason sucked Tessa’s cunt much as he’d done to Kira’s only a bit more rushed. His timing was good though and he built Tessa to a fevered pitch the same way he had Kira. By the time he pushed back her hood and located her larger clit, she was tight as a bowstring. Her clit was easily three times the size of Kira’s and Jason sucked the near tiny dick into his mouth.

Tessa had already been bucking up into Jason’s face and she exploded moments after he sucked her knob into his mouth. Her fluids ran from her soaked pussy coating Jason’s fingers at the entrance to her cunt. Jason flicked her clit with his tongue until Tessa tried to roll away from the attacking organ. Her clit was on fire with sensation. Jason shifted down and lapped at her juices in her pussy and also what was on his fingers.

Tessa was a quiet one. She hadn’t said anything but moaned repeatedly as he ate her. Unlike Kira, who pushed Jason’s head into her sex, Tessa’s hands were mauling her own breasts and nipples. He found it easier to eat her as he could breathe better.

With Tessa still breathing hard, Jason climbed up on top on her. He didn’t have to worry about hurting her as badly as previous virgins since she had already taken care of that with one of her toys. This would be his first virgin without a true cherry, but cherry still. He would be the first to enter this pussy.

“You ready?” Jason asked as his cockhead nudged up against her pussy lips.

“You’re so big,” Tessa fretted still catching her breath.

“I’ll be gentle,” Jason assured.

“Go slow,” Tessa implored.

Kira had moved to the side of the bed to watch and took her friend’s hand. Tessa looked at her with a weak smile. Kira rubbed her arm to say it would be alright. Despite their earlier angry words, they were still the best of friends, and there for each other when it counted. Losing their virginity together with Jason had been their plan since the last baseball game that he took them too.

Jason eased forward and with one hand guided his cockhead into her core. Tessa’s pussy was open and ready from her earlier orgasm and his probing fingers. She felt his cockhead find the entrance to her tunnel and push in. Jason’s big cockhead lodged tight into her opening, obviously bigger than all of her toys. With the resistance, Jason had to thrust once to push past her tight opening. He gave a little shove and felt his cockhead gain entrance.

“Oh, fuck,” Tessa gasped, speaking for the first time.

“You okay?” Jason and Kira asked almost simultaneously.

“Yeah … but he’s big, Kira,” Tessa informed her.

“Oh, god,” Kira groaned thinking about being next.

“Ready?” Jason asked.

Tessa just nodded so Jason pushed a little more. Once he was past her opening, her vaginal cavity opened a little easier. To him though, she felt incredibly tight and his cock relished in the wet warmth of Tessa’s fabulous virgin pussy. Jason went slow but managed to bury three-quarters of his cock inside her before deciding to stop for now.

“How you feel?” Jason asked.

“What’s it feel like?” Kira added.

“It feels like he’s in my stomach. He feels huge inside me,” Tessa said groaning.

Jason pulled back and Tessa’s hands held Maltepe Escort his arms for support. They shifted to his hips as he started fucking slowly into her with long easy strokes. She seemed to take it all without complain so he increased the pace a little and deepened his thrusts. A couple times Jason could feel her cervix rubbing the tip of his cock.

“How is it, Tessa?” Kira questioned with rapt interest.

“Good,” Tessa replied but still gritting her teeth. “He feels like he’s a mile inside me.”

“Hey, do I need to pull out before I …?” Jason asked.

“No! We both went to the infirmary one day before class, when we knew you wouldn’t be there, and got Dr. Jenny to give us pills,” Kira said. “We didn’t want you to know because we wanted to keep it a surprise.”

“What surprise?” Jason queried.

“That we both intended to give you our cherries,” Kira explained.

“Surprise,” Tessa added huskily as she felt another thrust from Jason.

“Great, thanks,” Jason claimed.

His rhythm was picking up and Tessa had stopped gritting her teeth. Her pussy was getting wetter and adapting to his girth and length. Jason and Kira watched her face as it went from concern, to encouragement, and then eagerness.

“Oh, fuck, Jason. You feel wonderful,” Tessa said.

“Is it good?” Kira requested.

“Incredible,” Tessa responded.

“Here we go,” Jason smiled and both girls looked at him questioningly.

They soon realized what he meant as he quickened the pace. Tessa was pulling him to her now and bucking up off the bed to meet his thrusts. No longer did there appear to be any concern for pain. For her, only pleasure radiating from the friction between them.

“Oh, my,” Tessa moaned.

Jason fucked her harder still. She was a good lay and fucked back with near equal ardor. Jason’s long cock was driving her crazy. Her toys had never felt anything like this. He was deeper and bigger than any of them and the feel of his cock as it stroked away inside her was the most incredible thing Tessa had ever felt. She matched him stroke for stroke, building to a crescendo she could feel coming and powerless to stop even if she wanted to, which she didn’t.

“Argh,” Tessa growled as her climax burst upon her like a giant tsunami.

She could feel nothing but blinding, white-hot pleasure erupting from her pussy with tremendous force. It spread across her body like electrical currents and sparked off every nerve ending possible. All Tessa could comprehend was the exquisite bliss coursing through her every pore. Her pussy gushed fluid around Jason’s still fucking cock.

“Ahh … fuck me,” Tessa gasped. “Oh, so good … so good.”

Tessa’s pussy muscles clamped down on Jason’s cock with tremendous force, trying to milk the cum from his balls. Jason fought the urge to just let go and pump her full of his sperm. He was trying to hold out if he could for Kira, but it was no use. Tessa’s pussy was just too wonderful. The incredible tightness and wetness took him over the edge too.

“Fuck,” Jason hollowed as he felt his damn burst.

His cock pulsed with each deposit of cum into Tessa’s quivering cunt. His hot cum pouring into her pussy prolonged Tessa’s orgasm a moment longer. She marveled at the feeling of his cock going off inside her.

Jason kept his dick buried in Tessa until he had finished cumming, and stopped panting hard for breath. His cock was already shrinking fast as he rolled to one side of her on the bed, extracting his cock from her as he went. Tessa felt his dick pulled out of deep inside her. She swore her pussy must be gapped open like a tunnel now. Seconds later, semen began to run from deep inside her to soak the bed below.

“Oh, fuck … let me get you some tissues,” Kira yelled upon seeing the sperm run from her friend’s gaping pussy onto her bed sheets.

Tessa took the tissues Kira handed her and held them to her pussy. Kira wiped the bed sheets and playfully gave a few cleaning swipes to Jason’s cock as he lay with his eyes closed beside Tessa. He opened them when he felt her touching him.

“Cleaning you up, boy,” Kira informed.

“Fine,” Jason replied.

“You going to be able to do me?” Kira asked as she wiped his cock some more.

“I don’t know … give me a minute,” Jason pleaded.

“You might have worn him out, Tessa,” Kira said with a giggle.

“I’m the one worn out,” Tessa said weakly smiling back.

“What time is it?” Jason groaned looking at his watch in the candlelight.

“One-thirty,” Kira said looking at a digital clock by her bed as Jason saw the same thing on his watch.

“Shit,” Jason groaned.

“What’s the matter?” Kira asked.

“I promised to take that Jillian Jankowsky, I told you about earlier, to the mall for a swimsuit,” Jason explained.

“Wow … a swimsuit?” Kira questioned jokingly. “You don’t even know this girl and you’re taking her swimsuit shopping?”

“It’s not like that,” Jason defended, “I’m just trying to help her lose weight.”

“Sure … sure,” Kira said mockingly and Tessa laughed with her.

“Listen to you two,” Jason chided and started tickling Tessa who was still lying next to him.

“Oh, no, please,” Tessa pleaded trying to fight off his hands and laughing at his tickles just the same.

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