The Builder

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The BuilderIt was 1:30pm. There was a heavy knock on the door. I took a peek outside the window and noticed it was one of the builders from down the road, but what would he want? I rushed downstairs and unlocked and opened the door. He was beautiful. He was about 5’10” and must’ve weighed roughly 250 lbs. He was wearing the same sort of glasses I wore, thick frame on top and rounded lens. His glasses magnified his gorgeous blue eyes which I just couldn’t stop staring at. His high-visibility jacket was undone and he had an old, slightly torn batman t-shirt on, with his furry belly peaking below where it was just a bit small for him. His hands were large with chubby fingers that I wanted over my body and around my cock, but instead was around his flask. We introduced ourself and he asked if he could borrow my toilet and of course I said yes. I followed him kaçak iddaa up the stairs and his ass was just perfect, I wanted to rip his baggy trousers off so I could eat that hole. I showed him the bathroom and I waited outside. I wanted him so bad. He was perfect, do I risk it and tell him how much I desired him? I had no more time to think as he called ‘excuse me, umm Denton is it?’. He remembered my name from when I introduced myself at the front door. He then asked if I was busy or was going out for lunch. And I said no. He flushed the toilet and opened the door.Before I had the time to say what I wanted. He launched onto me and starting kissing me, his lips were warm and I felt some sweat dripping from his upper lip, probably from being out in the sun all day. He began taking my top off and pinched my nipples and rubbed the fur on my chest, his bets10 bulge in his trousers was growing as I felt it rubbing against mine. While kissing we hobbled over to my bedroom and I pushed him on my bed. I started undoing his belt and undone the buttons on his trousers. His cock was raging through his boxers and popped out the moment I pulled them down. He was possibly 4-5 inches, cut and had neat, trimmed pubic hair. I shoved his dick into my mouth and licked around his head, watching his facial expressions on his face as he demanded ‘MORE BOY MORE!’. He was quivering from the feeling and I could tell he liked it, his groans were getting heavier and heavier. He pushed me to the side and ripped down my trousers. He shoved his hard, thick shaft in my ass and boy did it hurt but it felt great. His dick was sensational, my legs were wrapped bets10 güvenilir mi around his neck,resting on his shoulders as he pounded me. I was edging, so close to cumming, in just 30 seconds more time I shot all over my furry belly and on my face. He then leaned forward and licked the warm cum from my belly and kissed it from my face, his were gazing into mine , looking just as beautiful as when I first saw them at the door. He then continued stroking his dick as fast as he could and aimed it in my mouth, he began to moan and was close to cumming. His dick shot warm, salty cum into my mouth and I savoured the taste as I swallowed and licked the remaining from his cock. We both laid there, hugged around each other as it was quite clearly the best time either of us has had. We looked into each others eyes and we were complete. He added ‘well this was a fun lunch break,again someday?’. I couldn’t agree more.He put his clothes back on and I sent him out with a hot flask of coffee, As he walked down the road I admired his body once again, hoping he will be back at work tomorrow.

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