The Adventures of Penny Ch. 10

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The Car

I had had a bump in the car. It wasn’t my fault and Hubby said it was all right, but I noticed he still pulled his face when he thought I wasn’t looking! Anyhow he got the car down to a local garage for the minor repairs that were needed.

A few days later Hubby phoned me from work and told me to go down and collect the car. A.S.A.P! I hoped it was his way of showing that he could still trust me in the car. This was a bit inconvenient for me because I was just about to go out and meet Vicky for lunch. I pulled my face and looked into the mirror. I had got myself all dolled up for a nice day out. I had wanted to show off my new, tight, black mini dress to Vicky. It showed my body off brilliantly!

“I can hardly go to a garage looking like this! The lads there will think it’s Christmas!” I said and looked at my shoes, “And I don’t think I will be able to drive the car in these stilettos either!”

I was about to take off my shoes when the phone rang, it was Vicky, I explained about the car, “Why don’t I come with you and we can both pick up the car. We could drop it off at your house and go to that fantastic Italian restaurant up the road with the nice waiters!” she said.

I explained about my dress but Vicky told me to stop being soft and to get out. She said she was dressed up and she was not going to miss the opportunity of showing herself off to some men.

“I guess your right! Why not!” I said, “I’ll meet you in ten minutes.” I put on my jacket and went out.

In next to no time I met Vicky on the back street to the garage. She looked stunning in her red leather mini and jacket. “Wow! Vicky you look fantastic.” I smiled.

“Your looking pretty good yourself.” She said, “Let’s get the car and get something to eat.” And with that we walked towards the garage.

The garage was a pokey looking place, it looked like a run down version of the garage at home, maybe a bit bigger though. As we walked towards it a man come out rubbing his hands on a oily cloth.

“Yes ladies what can I do for you?” he said as he eyed us up and down.

“I have come to collect my car. My husband brought it in. The name is Goodfellow.” I replied.

“Ah yes, it’s in here.” He said and walked into the garage. Vicky and I followed him.

The inside smelt of oil, all around us were tools, yalova escort and bits of cars.

“You only needed a bit of work on the front. Your husband said to give the engine a look over while I was repairing the damage.” The mechanic said.

As the mechanic was talking about the car I watched Vicky go to the front of the car. She looked at the repaired front then bent over to take a closer look. Her backside was sticking right out towards the mechanic and I. The poor man had stopped talking and was looking at Vicki’s behind screaming to escape her short skirt!

“Come and have a look at this. He’s done a very good job.” Vicky said.

I walked over to her, and thinking of the mechanic, bent over as Vicky had done. I knew my dress had lifted slightly giving the man just a glimpse of my black panties. Vicki’s turned to me with a smirk on her face. We both then began to talk about the work done on the front of the car, all the time our rears sticking out to the mechanic.

Vicky then winked at me, stood up straight, and then turned to me and said, “Penny! You’re showing your knickers! Stand up immediately!”

I turned my head and noticed the mechanics face had gone red. As I stood up Vicky carried on, ” This is disgraceful behaviour! You need to be taught a lesson! Letting this poor man get embarrassed by showing yourself off. It’s disgraceful! Bend over that car for punishment!”

A “game” was on so I quickly bent over the car bonnet, instantly Vicki’s hand began to slap my behind. Slap! Slap! Slap! I rested my head on the car and wallowed in Vicki’s trusty hand!

“I don’t think this is working. I will have to be a bit more severe with you my girl!” I heard Vicky say.

I felt Vicki’s hands lift up my black dress over my waist exposing my black underwear to the mechanic. My panties were quite see through and I knew I was leaving nothing to his imagination.

Her hand began to slap my behind harder. Slap! Slap! Slap! As I stretched my arms over the bonnet I turned my head towards the mechanic, his eyes were on stalks and he had a huge smile on his face!

Vicky noticed me looking behind myself. SLAP! “Face the other way!” She commanded. Slap! Slap! Slap! My bottom was lovely and warm. I knew that it must be a scarlet colour by edirne escort now.

I heard Vicky talking to the mechanic, “Go and shut those doors, then come to my side immediately!”

I heard the mechanic run over to the garage doors and close them, I thought I may have heard him lock them. In less than a minute he was by Vicki’s side.

Vicky then gave my rump a minutes worth of spanking, when she had finished she turned to the mechanic, “Right my man! My arm is beginning to tire so I want you to carry on with this punishment. Understand?” I imagined that the mechanic had nodded to her, because I sensed Vicky stand back and the man take her place. I went to turn my head but a hand slapped my behind, so I faced forward.

For a minute all was quiet then I heard him say, “Right!” Then he began. Slap! Slap! Slap! I closed my eyes and groaned as his hand crashed against my behind.

“Look! You’re getting her clean, black drawers dirty with those oily hands! Tug them off!” I heard Vicky say.

I felt his hands grasp the sides of my panties and tug them down my legs. I heard a slight gasp from him as my bum was exposed; his hand then carried on with the punishment. Slap! Slap! Slap!

In my mind I could see his hand beating my backside leaving oily handprints on my bum cheeks. As he did this Vicky watched his handy work with approval.

Vicki’s voice awoke me from my thoughts, “Give that arse the punishment it deserves! I want that to be flaming red when you have finished!”

At her command his hand slapped my cheeks with increased vigour. I called out, “Please harder!” His hand began to speed up and I bit my lip to stop me screaming out in ecstasy.

“Enough!” I heard Vicky shout, “Penny stand up, go to the corner, and face the wall.”

I bent down, making sure my bum stuck right out at the mechanic, and picked up my knickers that were in a heap on the dirty floor.

I heard him whisper, “Jesus!”

I then went over to the corner she was pointing at with my dress still around my waist.

“Right my man. Let’s see what you can do for me!” I heard Vicky say. I turned my head to watch Vicky bend over the car. The mechanic lifted his hand, then paused. He then dropped his hand to his side and said to Vicky, “Get that skirt up! erzurum escort I want to see your tight knickered arse!” Vicky immediately lifted her skirt, revealing her red, lacy panties to our view. The mechanic then lifted his hand and began to pound that gorgeous backside of hers! “I’m going to give this arse of yours double what she got!” the mechanic croaked and pointed over to me. Slap! Slap! Slap! The noise echoed around the garage. Vicki’s head turned and she looked at me with an enormous smile, “Beat my arse senseless!” she screamed.

His hand went into frenzy as it beat her backside. Slap! Slap! Slap! Vicky screwed her eyes up and screamed out in pleasure.

The mechanic stopped and I thought he may have tired but how wrong I was! His fingers hooked into her little knickers and yanked them down with some force. For the second time today he stared at a willing behind for his punishment. He began again. Slap! Slap! Slap! Vicki’s bum was now scarlet red, and I was beginning to feel a bit left out.

The mechanic stopped licked his lips then looked over at me, “Come over here. Give Miss Bossyboots what she gave you.”

I slowly walked over to Vicky and the mechanic. Vicki’s bum had black smudged handprints on it, I imagined mine looked similar. When I got to her side the mechanic pointed at her behind, I lifted my hand and smacked her arse cheeks. Slap! Slap! Slap! The mechanic now stood back and grinned, “Go on! Tan that peach! Make the madam suffer.”

I could tell that Vicky was getting very excited as I spanked her rear I said, “Yes you saucy cow! You’ve had this coming to you for a long time!”

Vicky was sobbing in ecstasy, “Please I’ve been naughty! I must be punished!”

“And so your pretty arse will!” shouted the mechanic as my hand beat away. Slap! Slap! Slap!

It was to much for her she screamed for me to stop, then turned to the man with lust in her eyes, “Take me! Now!” she ordered.

The mechanic didn’t need telling twice! He pulled off his dirty overalls in a flash then dived in behind her. She squealed in pleasure as he entered her. I couldn’t believe that Vicky could be so wanton! I’ve got to admit I didn’t know where to look!

We never got to our Italian meal; Vicky and I went immediately back to my house, Vicky kept reliving the episode, “God I don’t believe what I just did! But I tell you. I really enjoyed that. I can’t believe I’ve been so naughty.”

“Well we had both better have a wash.” I said.

“Why?” Vicky said puzzled. I turned and raised my dress showing the oily handprints on my bottom. Vicky turned and lifted her skirt, “Snap!” she laughed.

The End

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