The Accident…

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Just a small note, everyone in this story is over 18.


The quote about how, “On some days nothing seems to happen or everything seems to happen,” would really apply today, the second part, not the first.

I had just moved to a new town, a fresh start after a particularly nasty divorce, a new job, a new house, and I was excited; however, today everything seemed to be going wrong.

I needed to be in six places all at the same time; I had things to sign, approvals to be given, and connections to be made. I was getting them all done, but it was hectic and I was sure that I had forgotten a few things.

I was finally on my way back to my new house, or the house that was new to me, it was in a nice quiet neighborhood.

Stuck in traffic, I realized that I needed to find a washroom, I was okay for the moment, but I had been so busy that I hadn’t bothered to stop anywhere and now the 2 or 3 coffees I had drunk during the day were pressuring my bladder to escape.

Trying to think about something else, I considered how all of this happened. I had come home early one day, unexpected, and noticed my husband’s car in the driveway. Thinking that I could surprise him, I crept into the house, not seeing him immediately, I heard some noises coming from the kitchen, and walked in and surprised him alright, him and my 48-year-old mother fucking, her bent naked over the table and him pounding her from behind.

So, almost a year later, at age 29, I was finally starting over. The was divorce settled, so I pulled up stakes, and left the two of them behind. My sister said they were going to get married now the divorce was finalized; how fucked up was that, my former husband was going to be my step father – no thank you. I moved 1500 miles away and didn’t care if I heard from them either of them again.

I am an auditor with a large retail chain so transferring was not an issue, I took a month’s holidays to move and get everything organized. I was on the second week and over the next few days, I would finish unpacking and start get started on a new life.

Thinking about them just made me angry, but it did temporarily take my mind off my bladder … until now.

Traffic was not moving, I could see flashing lights in the distance, “Great, an accident, I hope it doesn’t cause me to have an accident,” I said out of frustration to myself.

Sitting there, I considered ways to get my social life active again after 9 years of marriage and more than a year “on the bench.”

I had kept in good shape, mainly through aerobics, and figured I wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to date. I was short, barely 5′ 2″ and 100 lbs, but I have been told I am very pretty and sexy in a miniature kind of way, with sexy legs, a nice ass, nice long blonde hair, and attractive in a “girl next door” kind of way with big green eyes.

“God, I wish I had taken a minute at the bank and asked to use their washroom,” I said to the steering wheel as the pressure in my bladder forced my attention back to my most pressing problem.

Squirming in the seat to find a better position, I felt a few drops of pee escape into my panties.

“This isn’t going to be pretty, if I don’t find a washroom soon,” I thought.

“This would be so much easier if I was a guy, they can just pee in a bottle, for a woman that isn’t really an option,” I thought out loud, as a few more drops squeezed out of me.

A small dark circle, appeared on my light blue jeans, just below the impression of my pussy in my jeans, suddenly the drops become a trickle. Like a little kid, I grabbed my crotch, thinking I could hold the pee inside.

Traffic was starting to move and preoccupied with not wetting my pants, I hadn’t pulled ahead fast enough and the car behind me honked and startled me. The trickle burst through the dam and became a flood I couldn’t stop.

I could feel the wetness spreading between my thighs and running under my ass. I tried to stop the flow, but the dam was broken and I surprisingly found that the feeling was kind of nice, in a quite unexpected way.

I supposed it was because it was because, “adults shouldn’t have accidents,” but I actually enjoyed the warmness and the wetness between my legs, like some rebellious kid. It was then I noticed that my nipples were actually protruding from my tank top in arousal.

I took my fingers and gently rubbed my hard nipples through my top and bra and felt a strong urge to play with myself.

Cars were all stopped again all around me and drivers and passengers were looking bored and gawking at everything, so I had to be discreet.

I reached behind myself and managed to undo my bra, releasing my boobs. Leaving my bra in place, I put my hands up under the cups and held my tits between my fingers.

I had to close my eyes for a second as I pinched and pulled on my nipples. Surprisingly, that little bit of self attention combined with the fact I had just peed my pants; caused a tiny tremor of a small orgasm in my body and urfa escort a soft moan escaped my lips.

My panties were soaked, my jeans were soaked, my car seat was a puddle of my warm pee and I was totally embarrassed. But I just had an orgasm because of it, how cool was that?

I was approaching the accident scene and I fumbled and managed to re-attach my bra and was grateful that I didn’t have to stop when I passed the policeman directing traffic.

When I arrived at home, I was happy that no one was on the street as I got out of my car with my wet butt. I grabbed some papers and went into the house. Going directly to my washing machine, I stripped naked and put my pee-soaked clothes into the wash.

Standing naked in my laundry room, I leaned back against the washer and played lightly with my nipples and slipped one finger into my pussy. Moving my fingers in and around my folds and tickling my clit, I imagined myself again peeing my pants and was surprised again by another orgasm.

“How weird is that?” I said to myself and smiled.

I walked naked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower, the hot water felt wonderful after a long day and as I toweled myself off, I heard the door knock.

“Shit,” I wrapped myself in a towel and ran to the door.

My new neighbor, Rachel, was at the door, a divorced mom with two small boys, she was nice and had come to see me at least three times a day since I arrived. She looked like an attractive “soccer mom,” very friendly, but always a little nervous around me.

Opening the door, I said “Hello Rachel,” and smiled.

“I just wanted to see you,” she said.

“You just about got to see all of me,” I laughed standing at the door wearing only a towel. She blushed a little and I noticed her eyes lingered on my body for a few extra seconds.

“I can come back later, when you have some clothes on,” she said nervously.

I told it was okay and she came in. I invited to sit on the couch and I sat across from her.

“I was wondering, if you wanted to go to the movies on Saturday night, I have a sitter for the boys and I thought I could show you around a little, if you weren’t busy or had a date,” she said.

“Sure, it sounds like fun, you pick the movie,” I said, “And as far as a boyfriend goes, I am not with anyone.”

She smiled, “Let’s go to the early show, do you want to come to my place for 7 pm, and we’ll take my car.”

Then she added, “I’ll let you get dressed and I’ll see you later.”

As I closed the door, I decided to hold off getting dressed because I wanted to check on-line for something.

A few minutes later, I was sitting on my couch, with my laptop open, reading stories about men and women, who get off on peeing, I had no idea it was a “thing.” There were lots of stores and pictures of young and old people, all engaged in what was called, “watersports.”

Looking at stories, images, and then some videos on a soft porn site for women, I was being educated on watersports. I unwrapped the towel and was sitting on it naked all the while I was on the computer, I played with myself, getting more and more turned on by the stories and the pictures.

One story, in particular about a woman who liked to go for walks in her neighborhood and secretly wet herself was particularly hot. I then read one about a woman my age who liked to wear adult size diapers and then I read a dozen stories about ABDL’s, I had no idea about this either. I guess I wasn’t too weird after all.

I looked outside and it was dark and I realized I had consumed 3 hours reading about these things. I had been playing with myself the entire time and my pussy was almost dripping.

“Could I do that?”

“Could I purposely go outside and pee in public?”

“How about secretly wearing a diaper and peeing in it without anyone noticing?”

“What if I got caught, what would people think about me?”

The number of pictures, stories, and home movies absolutely floored me. While I had been doing this “research”, I had finished off a bottle of nice red wine as well, and I was more than a little “buzzed.”

I decided to do a little experiment. I went to my bedroom and put on a loose pair of shorts, a hoodie with nothing else underneath, my baseball cap, and my old sneakers. I decided to walk around the block and try to pee.

Walking onto the sidewalk, there were some lights on, but it was after 11 and most people were in bed. I approached the first corner and turned left. I wanted to pee but I couldn’t pee walking for some reason and when I tried, I found I couldn’t pee standing still either. Conditioning maybe?

Walking around the next corner and seeing the street was empty; I tried to relax and that was a little better. I slid one hand into my shorts and felt my pussy, it was soaking wet, but not from pee, but with my own juices. I sucked on my fingers and enjoyed my scent and my taste. Just then I felt a few drops of pee escape and then stop balıkesir escort again. Putting my fingers back into me, I licked them again, this time tasting a little bit of salty pee too.

As I did this, more pee escaped in a trickle, soaking my shorts a little, but mostly running down my leg and dripping on the sidewalk. I put my hands under my hoodie and massaged my titties and the flood released, forming a small puddle on the ground between my legs. I slipped my fingers between my legs again and rubbed myself hard, the outer lips, the inner lips, and my little clitty.

I came hard and almost had to sit down. Suddenly the headlights of a car appeared a couple of blocks away and I forced myself to start walking again and rounded the corner before the car passed. My breathing was still ragged and I couldn’t believe I had done this.

I almost ran to the last corner and then back to my house, worried that someone might see me; but no one appeared.

Exhausted and more than a little drunk, I had another shower and slipped into bed, wearing only a tee-shirt that barely covered my ass. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning, I got up, felt hung over and started hunting for some Tylenol. I didn’t have any. After having a little breakfast and doing my exercise routine with my head pounding, I decided that a trip to the drug store was necessary.

I dragged my sorry body up and down the aisles looking for the pain relief, found a big bottle and started towards the checkout when I happened to notice a sale on adult size diapers.

I had never thought about adult diapers before, but after last night, and reading all of the stories and then doing my little experiment. I decided that it might be safer for me for me to wear diapers. I would be less stressed, I thought, about getting caught, if I was going to continue to experiment with “watersports”, to actually wear a diaper rather then leaving little puddles all over my neighborhood.

They seemed to come in three sizes, just as I was looking, a clerk approached.

“Do you need any help with the diapers?”

Suddenly very self conscious. I was embarrassed and couldn’t say anything.

The older woman clerk, didn’t seem to mind and said, “They come in three sizes based on your weight, how much do you weigh?

“97 pounds.” I said very quietly, I supposed I could have said they were for someone else, but I didn’t.

“97 pounds, the small size might even be too big for you sweetie, but you can try these Depends, they have tabs and they should be small enough that people won’t know you are wearing them, do you want to try them?”

I nodded, and she handed me a package that contained 22 of small diapers.

She added before leaving to help another customer, “I would suggest that you get some baby wipes too, they work really well.”

Still embarrassed, I took her advice and with my bag of depends and some wipes, and I headed to the checkout. The young woman on the cash, smiled when she scanned my items, and said to, “Have fun with my purchase.” I avoided eye contact and paid for my items and almost ran to the car.

Returning home, I decided on having a shower before trying a diaper out.

Looking down at myself in the shower, not having dated for quite a while, I realized I had kind of become overgrown a little.

Using some scissors, I trimmed myself and then lathering up what was left, I shaved myself bare. Using my full-length mirror, I shaved the little hard to reach bits too. I had always liked being smooth before and I ran my fingers over my bare skin and shivered a little.

Opening the package, I took one diaper out and unfolded it. I took a little baby powder and sprinkled it on myself and then sat on the diaper. Having never diapered anything in my life, it took a little trial and error.

It felt weird but kind of neat, I decided not to put on a bra, but just a short tee shirt and some white socks. My tee stopped about an inch above my diaper and despite the bulkiness, it more or less fit like a big pair of panties. My nipples stuck out and were very noticeable through my tee and I played with them while I imagined peeing in my diaper.

I could have done that all day, but I needed to get things organized.

I started unpacking and before long I could feel the warmth between my legs and I realized I was peeing without even trying to. I slipped my hand into the diaper and could feel myself peeing. I had an orgasm on the spot and a very loud moan escaped from my mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

Just then the door knocked.

Grabbing my robe, I rushed to the door, it was Rachel again.

She laughed when I opened the door, “Don’t you ever wear any clothes?”

I smiled and hoped my robe covered my diaper; I could feel a little more pee escaping as I spoke to her.

Before I could respond, she asked me, “How would you like to grab some dinner before we go to the trabzon escort movie, my sitter can come earlier, let’s say at 5, that should give us lots of time before the movie?”

“Sure, I’m really looking forward to going out, it’s been a long time,” I said, excited at the prospect of getting out of the house with another person.

“Me too, I haven’t had a night out in more than a year. I am really looking forward to talking to someone, like a normal person,” she smiled as she said this, her eyes unconsciously checking me out.

“Poor girl, I’ll make sure you have a good time,” I said, feeling a little flash of excitement.

“Okay, I’ll see you for dinner, thanks a lot, it’s going to be fun having you live here, bye,” and she was gone.

Once, she left, I did more unpacking and organizing. I left the wet diaper on until lunch and wet it several more times, mostly without even thinking about it.

I stopped before lunch and wondered just how much liquid the diaper would hold. I couldn’t pee anymore, so I took a glass of water and poured it down the front of the diaper.

I jumped, the water was cold, no leaks though. I did it again, but with a warm glass of water. I did it about 4 more times before the diaper was saturated.

Taking it off, I washed myself up and put on a fresh diaper. I dressed, wearing my denim coveralls which were a little baggy, socks, a t-shirt, and put my hair in a pony tail. I thought I looked very cute and knowing I had a diaper on, only made me feel that much more excited.

I ate some lunch and then went out and did my errands all over town. I worried that the diaper was too crinkly, but no one seemed noticed. No one noticed as I peed all over town either: at the book store checkout, at the gas station pumping gas, at the hardware store, and at Walmart. I also stopped to masturbate twice and each time had to stifle my moans while I made myself orgasm in remote parts of the parking lots of the hardware store and at Walmart.

That night, I was into my fourth diaper while I watched TV and went to bed, this time wearing nothing but a diaper.

“I could really get used to this,” I thought as I laid on the bed. I fell asleep wondering if I should wear a diaper to go out tomorrow night with Rachel.

In the morning, I woke up and realized I had peed several times during the night and my diaper was quite soggy. I worried a little that I might lose my ability to control my bladder if I kept wearing a diaper, but checking on-line, I saw that I was probably okay.

I got up, changed into a fresh diaper and had some breakfast before doing my aerobic routine, wearing only the diaper.

Afterwards, I showered, put on another diaper, my bra, some makeup, a loose pair of slacks, a nice blouse, and my 2-inch heels and drove to where my new job was going to be.

Before leaving I stood in front the mirror, searching for the tell-tale puffiness that would reveal I was wearing a diaper but I could not see anything unusual, although I felt like everyone who looked at my ass would know that something was wrong with my butt.

This morning I was supposed to go and do the paperwork for my new position. I was told that it would take about two hours. I had purposely not gone to the washroom that morning and by the time I got to the store, I was starting to notice the pressure building.

I had a brief meeting my new boss, an older man who I had previously met during the transfer interviews, and then was taken to HR for all of the paperwork.

Sitting filling out the forms, I felt a dribble of pee leak into the diaper. Concentrating on how that felt, more leaked out until eventually my bladder fully emptied. I couldn’t believe how incredible and naughty it felt.

I finished the paperwork shortly before lunch and went and did groceries, I could feel the diaper sagging a little under the weight of all of the pee, so I slipped into the washroom and replaced it will a dry one I had brought just for that reason. Because I was so small, I considered climbing onto the change table and changing myself, but decided to leave that thrill for another day.

After getting home and putting the groceries away, I went and laid on my bed and played with myself some more, thinking about whether I should wear a diaper tonight or not. The orgasm I had thinking about wearing a diaper to the movies with Rachel clinched the deal, I would.

Showering, and getting ready, I felt my excitement building, not only because of my experiments, but at the thought of going out with her. I wore a nice light summer dress, a necklace, my sandals, and my diaper. With a little makeup I thought I was ready.

I walked over to Rachel’s house and knocked on the door. Her sitter, turned out to be her mother and she was full of questions about me, my new job, and really was quite nice.

When Rachel appeared, I almost didn’t recognize her. Instead of the typical “soccer mom” look, she looked amazingly beautiful. Wearing nice tight blue jeans, I could see that she took care of herself, she was wearing a white t-shirt, nice boots and a scarf to accent her dark hair and soft features.

She took my breath away and for the first time in a long time, I felt a little sexual tension, and surprisingly getting a little wet; the first time I had ever felt that way for a woman.

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